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Kats in the Pride Lands

By Trey Tackett | Added November 22, 2016

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,108 Words

The “Lion King” crossover. While testing the Hyper Jets in the middle of a storm, the Swat Kats are once more stuck by lighning and sent spiraling into an alternate dimension. The TurboKat crash lands and the Kats find themselves in the most unlikely of places. The Pride Lands. Poachers are on the loose.

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Twice the Godzilla’s, Twice the Destruction

By Trey Tackett | Added November 22, 2016

  • 2 Chapters
  • 10,045 Words

Part one of two-When one of Viper’s experiments go horribly wrong, the dimensional fabric is ripped open and 4 creatures are pulled in. The Japanese Godzilla (90’s version), his offspring (90’s version), the American Godzilla, and a familiar face (RT from Harley Quinn’s series). Monsters duke it out in the city.

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