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Title: (“Untitled” is acceptable, but please realize that it’s hardly likely to grab readers’ attention.)

Author(s): (You may use your real name or an original nickname. The only stipulation on names is that they fall within an E rating, have no vulgar or indecent insinations, and that you do not borrow a name directly from the show. We tend to get a lot of “Clawson” and “Furlong” names, so we would like to ask that you use something else to limit confusion for us and readers as well.)

E-mail address: (Optional. But, remember that e-mail is the only way Archive readers have to contact you and tell you what they thought of your story. If you’re afraid of spam or viruses coming to your master account, why not get a free account just for feedback from Google or Hotmail or one of the many other free webmail systems?)

Date: (This is optional on single part stories, but preferred on multiple part/chapter stories so that readers can determine when you last added to the story.)

Rating: (Please consult the ratings listed on the Guidelines page for rating definitions.)

Warnings: (Not required for E rated stories. This is where you post the reason for your story’s rating and list anything that you think could potentially offend or disturb readers – violence, implied sex, strong language, etc. Please be polite and honest. Please do not neglect warnings for content that you know is considered offensive by some people even if you personally find it wholly acceptable. And, additionally, please realize that warnings will only turn away those readers that would be offended into either not finishing the story and/or e-mailing you to complain about its content.)

Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.” (This is just a rough model of the shortest possible disclaimer. You may phrase it as you wish, but please do note that the series is copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, not to the Tremblay brothers or any of the series’ writers. Though the Tremblays did create the idea (and you may certainly credit them for their great idea!), the credits specifically state that the show itself is copyright to Hanna-Barbera.)

Summary: (A one to three line teaser/summary for the story.  Remember that this is a teaser – you’re enticing readers to read your story.  Don’t tell them the whole plot and its ending in the summary! Also, please note that we will not post a summary comprised of: “I can’t write summaries. Just read it” or other author comments. Those belong at the start of the story, not in the summary. Should you not include a summary, we will provide one. You may ask that it be removed and replaced with one of your own at any time, and the new summary will be included the next update after your request. Host summaries will never deliberately degrade a fanfic or give away any crucial plotpoints.)

Author Comments/Notes: (Optional. You can choose not to comment, place comments within your story, place them at the end of the story, and so forth.)

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