Original SWAT Kats Story

The War

By Xanadu

  • 7 Chapters
  • 41,574 Words

On a relatively quiet day in Megakat City, Dark Kat and some friends decide to liven things up a bit, ending in a battle of revenge…

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Chapter 7

It was a beautiful night in Megakat City.

It was finally a nightfor people to relax, including the Swat Kats.

Since Jake and Chancehad retired, things seemed almost like half the criminals were goingto double their efforts, but nothing had happened yet and a fewindividuals were planning on using the calm night to end someproblems.

Tabby and Jonathan were in his apartment, probably planningon burning dinner into an unrecognizable crisp while the two of themrested after a long week.

Tail Gunner had gotten Bruno out to thepool hall, ready to have a ball wiping out any sharks.

Klanbite haddecided to take Rorschach out to her place in Faroe Lake.

As forJulia, she took Ken out to dinner.

And Bob was taking AJ out toKatsas City for some bizarre ritual to restore her to something moreclosely resembling life.

Don’t ask, it’s a long story.

Oh yeah, I’m James Jonathan, but you can call me Jim.

I tookJake’s place in the Swat Kats when he retired, just like Scott tookover for Chance.

He’s probably taking Abi out to a movie now.

Yeah,he’s a lucky guy.

Anyways, there were a few people who weredetermined to let that night be used for less romantic purposes.

Mefor instance.

I had planned on staying home and reminiscing aboutAnne while I planned my revenge on Dark Kat.

Like most of my nights.Freedan had about the same plans, just without the reminiscing.

Hewould have been fine too, if it weren’t for a certain she-kat.

Yeah, Josie had planned on trying to get him to drop his”vengeance” on old DK’s family and settle down with her.

After shetold me that, I just wished her luck and went up into my lab to workon my latest weapon.

I figured that she’d have as much luck as usual,and I wasn’t about to get caught up in the romantic problems of ayoung half-vampire and her immortal friend.

The thing that frustratesme the most about those two is that Freedan loves Josie more than sheloves him.

Granted, he doesn’t know her secret, but I don’t thinkit’d matter much.

I suppose that, if you’re reading this, you’re wondering about me.Not that I can think of any reason why someone would want to knowabout me.

So, let’s get on with it.

Most of my early life is prettyboring.

My father was an Enforcer who was killed in one of thosemissions that Feral wouldn’t listen to McCloud about.

I never reallyliked Feral all that much since then, but I couldn’t do anything aboutit.

My mother was a professional shootist though, and she reamedFeral (and the rest of the Enforcers) out for the next year or so.She just couldn’t have forgiven them for that screw up, especiallywhen another option was there.

I was only 12 then, and not too muchelse happened until I was 15.

That was when I met Anne.

Everyone who knew the two of us thoughtthat it would never work out.

Everyone except my mother, whopractically started planning the wedding then.

I proposed when I wastwenty two, and the wedding was wonderful.

Everything worked outwonderfully until my mother got out of the chapel.

That was when oneof my mother’s competitors managed to get a shot with a rifle at her.By the time she’d fired her first shot (every living member of thefamily had a gun on them then, except Anne), she was hitting theground, and my gun was just coming out.

Two quick shots later, thegunman was falling to the ground off of the roof he was on.

TheEnforcers later found that he was connected to Dark Kat.

My motherwas buried in the family crypt.

It was after that when Anne really started trying to convince meto get out of the professional shooting.

It took her a month toconvince me that my mother wouldn’t want me doing the thing that hadgotten her killed.

About a month after that I was back in it, after adream in which my mother reamed me out for quitting.

Feel thankfulthat you’ve never had to be the victim of one of my mother’schastisings.

Anyway, not much else happened for about a year…

Then came the most fateful night of my life.

I had used the winning from some of the more recent competitionsto purchase Anne and I a small place near the beach, far away fromMegakat City.

A few weeks earlier, I was contacted by the Swat Katsabout joining as an extra weapons master.

I was going to let Annedecide for me, and she had told me that she had two things to tell methat night.

While the two of us were out on the beach, she told methat she didn’t want me joining the Swat Kats unless I really had agood reason.

I didn’t have a problem with it.

Then she dropped thenext piece of information.

She had just been at the hospital thatnight, and found out that the test results were positive.

I was alittle confused, since I had no idea what tests she was referring to.Then she explained that I was going to be a father.

The full impact of the statement sunk in at the same moment thatthe importance of those people in stealth suits coming out of the treeline with guns did.

I yelled for Anne to get out of the way and firedmy gun.

One of the attackers fell and the rest of them scattered.

Icouldn’t keep track of all of them, so I watched the main group.Making certain that Anne was out of the way, I emptied my 9mm Browninginto the group, missing with about half of my shots.

Crud, my aimsoff tonight…

I slammed another clip into the gun, and fired a bitmore accurately.

Then I heard the sound of a rifle bolt being pulledback from behind me.

I turned and aimed, but then I heard Anne yellat me to run and she jumped in…

The shot went off…

And nothingelse mattered after she and the gunman fell…

A few months passed as a blur in my mind.

I was living off of therest of my winnings.

Everything about this period of my life was toldto me later on by Scott.

First off, let me explain the relationship between Scott Fold andJames Jonathan.

Scott and I had been friends since the fifth grade,and rivals in almost everything there was to be rivals about since thefourth.

It seemed bizarre to people that two fellows who were suchbitter rivals over everything, sports, girls, grades, et. al., couldbe friends at the same time.

Anyway, Scott has told me that I spent those months drunk.Fortunately, I would still take the advice of a friend about gettinginto the AA about nine months later.

The reason I was getting thatadvice was because things had gone so far that Scott wasn’t going tolet me dig myself into the dirt any further.

When he came over to myplace to have a “discussion” with me, he saw me ready to blow the backof my head out.

He stopped me and carried me into the nearest AAchapter.

A few months after that, I was signing on for the Swat Kats.No, Anne hadn’t wanted me to join, but I had to.

I couldn’t letwhoever had authorized that hit go unpunished.

I found later that itwas Dark Kat.

I’ve been hunting him ever since, even with Anya tryingto get me tied down.

So, I guess that’s all there is to know aboutJames Jonathan, Razor 2.

Josie’s Story

J. Leisemann

Hi, I’m Josie Amese, and I guess that you’re reading this to learnabout lovable little me.

There’s not that much to learn though, forthe first sixteen years of my life, the only thing that interestingwas that I knew Freedan’s secret, and I was the kid sister to avigilante.

When I was sixteen, my brother (now retired) left forFaroe Lake, where he earned a living off of his book deals and hisinheritance from my parents.

Freedan took care of me, until the trustwas released and I got my own place (free of rent) and some money.That was when I was eighteen.

When I was twenty three I had an,interesting, birthday party.

Now, you should know that I’ve beendeeply in love with Freedan Katsylyan since I was eighteen.

I justwish he’d reciprocate, but he’s not sure if being friends will workout that well, so I’m out of luck.

Anyway, at my twenty-third birthday, I met a handsome young he-katin a black suit.

While the party ended at midnight, he stayed untilabout three in the morning.

Nothing happened except for one thingthat would change my life forever.

I woke up the next morning with ahangover and two small bumps on my neck.

When I stumbled out afterthe afternoon paper (being a home-maker can be useful, you make yourown hours), the sun singed my arm.

I changed into a more concealingoutfit, one that covered almost all of my body, and got the mail.When I started thinking about what must’ve happened, it occurred to methat a certain kat must have been a vampire.

And so, when Freedancame over to check on me, I explained what had happened.

He was alittle shocked, especially when the vampire side of me came up.

Ihadn’t eaten all day, and I guess that my body was a little hungry.What happened follows.

“SNARL!!!” I leapt at him with savage ferocity.

“Josie, wait!!!” Freedan countered the only way he could, bylaunching a counter-attack with his sword.

“Gahr!!!” If you haven’t noticed, my Vampire side isn’t veryarticulate.

After this, Freedan managed to tie me up so that Iwouldn’t be as dangerous.

Once I’d calmed down, the two of us came upwith a plan.

I could easily stay in during the day.

He had access tothe blood bank, and could probably make a withdrawal easily enough.In order to keep me from flipping out, I’d actually use thosemeditation techniques I’d learned.

And things were okay until mytwenty-fourth birthday.

That’s when I met Jack Kincaid.

Yeah, he was Laura Kincaid’sbrother, and Anya Fortunati’s fiancee.

I didn’t know either at thetime.

It was a whirlwind romance, and I was married by my nextbirthday (I found out later that he’d left Anya Fortunati at thealtar).

The first night he told me about his family’s, history.

TheSOB was proud of being related to Dark Kat.

I told him that Iwouldn’t be married to a person like that.

He told me that I’d diebefore I got a divorce.

Then he attacked.

Three guesses what camenext.

“Snarl!” And one very dead Jack Kincaid.

I told the police thathe’d attacked me (true enough) and that I’d grabbed a fireplace pokerwhen he swung the knife (also true).

I neglected to mention the factthat I had turned into a ferocious vampire when he attacked, but theydidn’t need that kind of stress.

They explained it as adrenaline whenthe guy from Forensics said that no kat had hit him, unless that katwas strong enough to bend iron bars (like the poker).

Anyway, theyhad a security film showing what’d happened.

The rest of my life was pretty boring until I became Night Bird(Freedan’s partner, sort of).

Freedan had gotten himself into troublewith his refusal to use modern technology.

I pulled on a mask andflew the jet for him.

I saved his rear that night, though he deniesit to this day.

He still doesn’t know who I am and refuses toacknowledge Night Bird as his partner.

Oh well.

I guess that’s allthere is to know about me (well, all that I can print).


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