Original SWAT Kats Story

The War

By Xanadu

  • 7 Chapters
  • 41,574 Words

On a relatively quiet day in Megakat City, Dark Kat and some friends decide to liven things up a bit, ending in a battle of revenge…

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Chapter 1

A glossary of things players may not know, but characters would, about the world of Kearth.

Kearth: Kat Earth, an alternate Earth with many Earth-esque characters (best example from the series, David Litterman).

Calico Clawson: Deputy mayor of Megakat City. IMPORTANT NOTE: Callie isn’t Jake Clawson’s sister in this setting. She is his wife. My brother screwed that one up. His brother had to hastily explain a major social fumble to a PO’ed Swat Kat. No one knows why the Swat Kat was so upset.

SK: Swat Kat

Many English words will be changed to fit Kearth. Example: Katlantic Ocean.

KaTastrophes: Most vicious and high-tech of the Megakat City gangs.

Underdawgs: A biker gang consisting mainly of dawgs. Lead by two kats. Not to be confused with Underdog.

Black Bishops: Not really a biker gang, but a dangerous “chess gang” consisting of sixteen “piece” members and four “players”.

Dawgs: Humanoid dogs. Second class citizens/minority group.

Kats: Humanoid cats. Normal citizens. Situation similar to that of African-Americans -vs- Whites in the mid-’60’s.

Koon: Humanoid raccoon. Same social standing as dawgs.

Pumadyne Industries: Major technology corporation. No real leader. Have major Enforcer connections. Some of their technology has fallen into the KaTastrophes’ paws. Have recently lost several top men to attacks by Mind Kat and Dark Kat.

KinCorp: Laura Kincaid’s mega-corporation. Second only to Pumadyne. Incredibly powerful. No connections to the Pumadyne Murders.

Faroe Lake Incident: Incident in which a gang known as “Black Squad” killed sixteen Enforcers, six civilians. Group was apprehended.

Swat Kats: If you don’t know, you shouldn’t be playing. However, they are the first major vigilante group. Went from two members in the early `90’s to vast numbers that I can’t remember at the moment. “Megakat’s Most Popular” three years in a row.

Nomad: Deceased vigilante, Enforcer in life. Second member of Project: Blade. Feral-Steele Compromise: Agreement between Feral and Alderman Steele stating that, if the Enforcers served as Megakat City’s only police force, vigilantism would be outlawed. Unless the perpetrator was backed by the Enforcers.

Project: Blade: Project to produce super-kats in amounts capable of defeating the super-villains now showing up. They’d operate as vigilantes supported by the Enforcers. Only two subjects made it through combat training.

Organization: A government organization similar to the Centre of “Pretender” fame. Rumored only. Existence highly unlikely. Generally considered to be nothing more than a creation of various konspiracy theorists.

Mayor Manx: Current mayor of Megakat City. A coward. Descendant of the Blue Manx.

Blue Manx: Megakat War hero.

Red Lynx: Villain in the Megakat Wars. Destroyed by Mayor Manx.

Original Two: The first two Swat Kats, Razor and T-Bone.

The First Five: Razor, T-Bone, Strike, Slice, and Rorshach.

Mystique: A vigilante believed by most to be no more than an urban myth. Supposedly has killed several urban predators. However, no evidence has linked these killings. Several were performed with knives, others with bare paws, more with various weapons of opportunity. The total lack of evidence has led most to believe that “Mystique” is just that- a hallucination thought up by a crazed witness to some of the crimes.

Any other vigilante’s, unless members of the Swat Kats, are probably more-or-less unknown if not mentioned here.

Mayor Elayn Aldebran: Mayor of Faroe Lake. Hero from the “Faroe Lake Incident”. Rode her fame into office. Has since been seen with Luke Sh’bryne, a major stockholder in Pumadyne Pharmaceuticals.

Deputy Mayor Aaron Erichson: Deputy Mayor of Faroe Lake. Cousin of a Kat Vegas security expert. Little else known.

Faroe Lake: A town roughly two hundred clicks north of Megakat City.

Megakat City is roughly where New York is on our Earth. Kat Vegas is Las Vegas. Faroe Lake is brand new. Most other cities are identical to their Earthly counterparts. Biggest kitty-state.

Underdog: Unofficial Swat Kat. Draws flak from Enforcers for not being a kat. As do most Dawgs and Koons. It should be remembered that what is in my stories isn’t necessarily in my games. And most kats have superiority complexes racially. While the split isn’t official, most Dawgs and all Koons live in an area known as the Ghetto, along with a lot of Katly scum.

The Kid: A hero amongst the Dawgs, much like Underdog is. He seems to be the master of Geometric Magic, though appearing weak on the outside. A member of the Underdawgs.

Calamity Jane: Female leader of the Underdawgs. Fights with Enforcer issue Blast Rifle, a Force Sword (like a Light Sabre) and a Force Shield. Hunted by Enforcers who are trying to obtain those last two pieces of technology.

Arcstrike: Hero and protector of the Koons. Resents Enforcers strongly (as they pointedly ignore almost all crime in the Ghetto, especially if perpetrated by the KaTastrophes). Views Calamity Jane and The Kid as the best hopes for racial equality in Megakat City.

Katrina Appleby: Action-adventure actress. Has adopted a koon as her younger brother. Also seen with an unknown kat, obviously of a lower status. Wealthy with a capital $$$.

Strike’s Death: Incident in New Orleans where Swat Kat died in bomb blast.

Dreadnought’s Bomb: Bomb that destroyed much of Megakat City Hall and Phantom Kat.

Phantom Kat: Hero of Megakat City. Died in attempt to defuse Dreadnought’s Bomb.

CalCorp: Mega-Corp run by the eccentric Lady MacGuyver. Bought from Calamity Jane.

Lady MacGuyver: Eccentric billionaire. Owns CalCorp. Dates a biker. Arrives at board meetings in street attire. Known to have problems with Pumadyne and KinCorp. Seems to have Underdawgs pretty much at her beck-and-call.

Fates, Furies, and Muses: The three sides of the Wikkat Triad, the three aspects of reality. Destiny, Evil Passions, and Good Luxuries. Comments of “By the Fates” usually refer to destiny, “By the Furies” is usually evil or strong emotions, “By the Muses” is usually thinking over an answer or question, or references to good and light.

“Kats Alive”: Exclamation, usually either of dismay (tends to be the Enforcer motto) or extreme delight (as in when Mack found Hackle’s stash of weaponry).

Sheba: Leader of the Bay Titans.

Dark Kat: The most powerful criminal mastermind on known Kearth. Remains shrouded in mystery and deceit. Once thought killed, now believed immortal by some after his return in 1999. Though he looked a little different, there was no doubt when he ordered his second lieutenant executed for failing to mobilize the creeplings in time to prevent the tower from being invaded.

Hard Drive: Major technology thief.

Dr. Viper: Former scientist, now maniac with dreams of turning Megakat City into MegaSwamp City.

Mind Kat: Psychic villainess, apparently related to Dark Kat. One eye.

Metallikats: Robotic gangsters.

Past Master: AKA: Pasty. Time wizard with obsession about returning to his Dark Ages home of Megalith City.

Warden Steele: Son of Alderman Steele. Ex-Enforcer.

Commander Ulysses S. Feral: The Feral of the Feral-Steele Compromise. Leads the Enforcers. Hates most vigilante’s, viewing them as being as dangerous as the criminals they stop.

Lieutenant-Commander Felina Feral: Second-in-Command of the Enforcers. Prefers street work to desk work. Speedy Cerviche’s ex-wife. Has three kittens, all of whom are in their father’s custody. Has been seen with a security expert from Kat Vegas.

Speedy Cerviche: Part time owner of the Little Tokyo Pizza Place. Former Samurai Pizza Kat. When he moved to Megakat City, he hung up the armor and married Felina Feral. After a year, they split up, the differences between his personality and Commander Feral’s (he being care-free, Feral being stern) being too much for them to stay together. Loves her, and the kittens, and hates the fact that they split up, but is encouraging her to get on with her love life, and has been seen with a younger Enforcer of unknown identity.

Dr. Alan Roberts: Distant cousin of Nick Roberts of the Scrapyard Gang. Renowned trauma surgeon and oncologist. Famous for his groundbreaking work in Bio-Mechanics, and holding the patent on six pieces of bionic technology and three cancer treatments utilizing bio-mechanical treatment probes. Has recently caused some minor uproar in the medical community by offering free treatment to any dawgs, koons, or kats with a net income of under $35,000 a year. Has refused multiple offers from Pumadyne and KinCorp to purchase his designs. Has actually given them to CalCorp, for a mere 1% of the profits. Known to have an eye for younger kats. Thought to be involved with a young she-kat about half his age. Lives out at the Scrapyard, with his cousin’s partners. Blade: Ex-Partner of Nomad. Enforcer backed vig’.

Vig’: Abbreviation of vigilante.

The Scrapyard Gang: Popular band consisting of James Jonathan (lead male vocalist), Rory Jonathan (bass), Nate Clark (guitar), Princess Slater (drums), Ken Clark (clarinet), Jess Michaels (saxophone), Nick Roberts (synthesist), and Melissa Monroe (lead female vocalist). Have a reputation for trying to promote racial equality. Even so, are a Megakat City favorite for charity concerts and the like. They play softer songs than many newer bands, taking a lead from such personalities as Barry Katilow and Gordon Pussyfoot1.

Kat-In-Black: A rumored personality, much like the Men In Black of Earth. Generally believed to be little more than Mystique is. An urban legend cooked up to explain certain coincidences.

The Cult of Kanin: A group of religious fanatics amongst the Dawgs and Koons. The group was simply a minor, easy to ignore annoyance until the mysterious dawg Kanin showed up. Since then, he has shown up several times in terrorist attacks quoting the “Book of Kanin”, supposedly written in ancient times. He seems to be incredibly charismatic and totally dedicated to “The liberation of the oppressed while the guilty burn in their own wickedness. So it is written, in the Book of Kanin…” In other words, he is totally insane, and not to be negotiated with. He seems to have a new “Armageddon” scheme every alternate Tuesday. As the Swat Kats said after one of their rare confrontations with him. “Kanin is entirely insane. However, he seems to have the power to back up his claims of being the reincarnation of a forgotten prophet. Most dangerous is his ability to destroy mental defenses. The crud managed to bring down the mental shields of The Kid, who has since been liberated, and Rorshach wound up being immersed in The Kid’s mind.” Rorshach was being carried out on a stretcher, having fallen unconscious while caught in the maze of The Kid’s mind. As the Enforcers state… “The Cult of Kanin is all the more evidence of a need to utilize the Ghetto, in order to separate these lunatics from the rest of our culture. There are certain Dawgs, and Koons, who are free to leave the Ghetto whenever they want. Take Selina Karin, for instance, or Jonathan Weisman. Or Aiki Tama. At any rate, Ann, the Cult of Kanin has proven that not all dawgs and koons are capable of handling the responsibilities of being good citizens of this city. If they wanted to disband their groups, and join mainstream civilization, they would be more than welcome. However, until they do that, it won’t happen. And do you think any group without the Triad would be reasonable?”

Ice: Leader of a deadly group of Koon Ninja. Clan also includes kats and dawgs. Well known vigilante, whose business dealings seem to be mostly legal (industrial espionage, that sort of thing). Koon.

Aiki Tama: CEO of Cold Corps. Koon.

Derek McLeod: Previous Lt. Commander of the Enforcers, before Steele. Lost an eye and part of an ear in a fight with Commander Feral before being dishonorably discharged.

Francois Montgomery Kattenburg: Incredibly rich, playboy. Most recently seen trying to woo the Enforcer, Linna Scratchlin. His major-domo, Soren Katson, refused to comment. Speaks with fake accent.

The Prophet: Villain obsessed with apotheosis (attaining divine status). Killed dozens in latest scheme.


Razor 2: Current gunner on the Turbo2, the second Turbokat.

Turbokat: The Swat Kat’s first jet. Destroyed in “Katastrophe”.

T-Bone 2: Current pilot of the Turbo2. He and Razor 2 replaced the retired Original Two.

Razor and T-Bone: The original two. The first major vigilante team in Megakat City.

Strike: Former leader of the Swat Kats, killed in action. Member of the Original Five. Was slightly psychic.

Bruno: Member of the Swat Kats, now much more effective than he used to be (fights like Felina Feral).

Starr: Sixth member of the Swat Kats. Apparently Katanese. Seems to have a serious “Dirty Harry Complex”.

Doc: The Swat Kats main doctor.

Rorschach: Member of the Original Five and proud of it. Name is very appropriate (psi-based hallucinatory abilities). Psychic.

Slice: Semi-retired. Member of the Original Five.

Dancer: Unofficial. Holographic expert.

Growl: Dawg war hero. Not a member, but married to Dancer.

Catspaw: Member of the Swat Kats. (This statement shows that little else is known, for future reference).

Phantom Kat: Deceased. Formerly the Second-In-Command of the Swat Kats.

Klanbite: Wild Swat Kat, seventh member to join. Rorschach’s partner.

Tabby: Swat Kat missing the left paw. Vicious in battle. Flies via VR linkup that simulates her left paw.

The Frenchman: Annoying vigilante. Occasionally serves as Starr’s partner (has permission to call her Lynn).

Ronin: Current “miracle pilot” of the Swat Kats. Psychic.

Tsunami: Ground-bound Swat Kat. Diablo (his car) has a plant launcher in it.

Lady Midnight: Vicious Swat Kat, pilot, seems perfectly willing and able to tear apart Enforcer vehicles with her bare paws.

McCloud: Previously involved in a vendetta against Commander Feral. Tried to kill him once. Recently straightened out. One eye.

Tail Gunner: Claustrophobic Swat Kat, flies a chopper. Leader after Strike’s Death.

I pointed this mainly towards Megakat City because I figured most of the game would take place there. Most towns mentioned are known as “kitty-states”, and the KSA (Konfederate States of America) have declared that they will help other cities if they want, but that the mayors hold what we would consider to be governor rank. Information about relationships (bare-bones as it is) is provided to avoid problems like those my brother had while play-testing (see the entry on Callie Clawson). BY THE WAY! Anyone who has read my stories and uses that information to their advantage whose character wouldn’t know it can look forward to a starring role in my next story: He who Looks Death in the Eye- And Blinks… And that story will reflect the game. In other words, don’t do it. Limit your used knowledge to the knowledge that your characters would have… 1 Barry Manilow and Gordon Lightfoot. Have no idea that they are used as personalities in the games and/or stories. Any of their songs I use will have credit given, as will any other songs I use that I don’t write. Okay. That’s over with. Moving on…

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