Original SWAT Kats Story

Death Saga

By Wildwolf

  • 1 Chapter
  • 19,936 Words

(Unfinished) Commander Furson is a kat of mysteries. He has no memories prior to meeting Jake & Chance. However, as commander he has a duty, to find the identities of the Swat Kats. And in doing so, he finds his past. A past that could destory him and the Swat Kats.

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Author's Notes:

One more time. Greetings. This happens to be my first attempt at this, and to be honest, I’m not much of a writer. So, please bare with me. I would like to thank all those who have Swat Kat web sites, as well as those who have submitted stories & art to those web sites. It is because of ‘Hero’s Home’ and others that have inspired me to write this one.

Fair warning – This story is about a character known as Commander Geo Furson (not an RPG character) and his involvement with the kat world. Also there will be reference to duplicate Swat Kats towards the end. But I do believe you will not be confused, despite my using just T-Bone or Razor.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Swat Kats. I also do not own the Transformers (Hot Rod). They belong to their respective creators. I do not make any profit from this, nor do I want to. I did not ask permission to use them. If I knew who to ask I would. So I’m sorry. Any of my characters names used in this story are completely made up. Any similarities to real or fictional people living or dead is completely coincidental.

The characters – These are my creations, if you wish to use any of them please ask. Commander Geo Furson, Sam Lynx, Jim Trigger, Tina Pennyworth, Josephine Pennyworth, Ronnie McKnight, Stacy King, Susan, Tim Cross, Tina Cross, Officer Nick, Sheriff Thompson, Jim Hampton, Officer Brown, Enforcer Jackson, Enforcer Shivers, Kathy, Mrs. Bell.

Send e-mail to my starship: USSWOLF@aol.com

Notice to all writers. If you have stories concerning the Swat Kats, Biker Mice From Mars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Spider-man and Transformers, could you please send a copy my way. It doesn’t matter what kind of content it has, be it bondage, s&m, gay, lesbian, murder, blood, gore, or even the strangest thing you could imagine. I just like to read what others like to write. And no I do not have a web site. Yet.

Notes: * * – indicates thought.


“There are more things in heaven and earth, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” ~Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5 Memories By Wildwolf

The scenery was a magnificent one, as the pilot looked down scanning the desert below. He was looking forward to this expedition into the desert. A lightning flash in the distance reminded him of the approaching storm. *Looks like I’ll have to wait the storm out before going on the expedition.* he thought to himself, as he continuing his descent.

“Explorer to Base, ETA nine minutes to exploration camp.”

“Acknowledged Explorer. Beware! The storm has increased in intensity. It has been updated to a class three electrical storm. Be careful.”

“Acknowledged, Base. Explorer out.”

Still five minutes from exploration camp, the storm continued its approach, a blinding flash followed by a loud ‘BANG’ shook the craft, startling the pilot as his computer monitors went blank. Quickly he begins to activate the back up controls, but receives an electric shock as the control panels produced electrical arcs. Red warning lights flashed and claxons sounded, indicating the failure of the crafts systems. Knowing the situation was severe, he immediately calls the base for help.

“Mayday! Mayday! Explorer to Base. My craft has been struck by lightning. Systems are failing. My co-ordinates are one three five by six seven, sector Alpha. Mayday! Mayday! My craft has been hit . . . OH DA…” he yelled as lightning hit his craft again, giving the pilot a shock that threw him back into his seat, shorting out what functioning systems still remained. The pilot tried desperately to shake off the effects of the electrical shock and to regain control but to no avail. He looks out of the cockpit only to see the ground and realizes it’s too late.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!” came a piercing scream from the dark. The he kat bolts upright gasping for air as his dark gray fur matted with sweat.

“DANG! I don’t how much more of this I can take. This dream, why has it returned to haunt me? Ever since the shooting three months ago, I haven’t had a decent nights sleep.” He turns to look at the clock on the night stand. “4:26 AM. Crud.” *I doubt that I’ll get any more sleep tonight.* he thought shaking his head. Standing he heads for the bathroom to get cleaned up for work.

Upon entering the kitchen, he proceeds to the refrigerator, grabbing orange juice, eggs, and fruit. As he sits down, he noticed the briefcase sitting on the table, he stares at it, scared of its contents. He reluctantly opens the briefcase, staring at the contents for a few moments. Removing six files with large red lettering on the front stating: ‘Enforcer Property’, the names on the file’s label tabs read, ‘Razor’, ‘T-Bone’, ‘Lynx, Sam S.’, ‘Trigger, Jim R.’, ‘‘Clawson, Jake F.’ and ‘Furlong, Chance C.’. He sighs heavily knowing today is going to be a rotten day.

Finishing his breakfast, he puts the folders back into his briefcase, locking it, and proceeds to clear off the table. “I’m glad it’s Friday. I can start my vacation tonight.” he said straightening his Enforcer’s uniform. Picking up his briefcase and walks out the front door.

7:23 AM, Friday June 12

“Chance try starting it now.” asked Jake, moving his arms and tools from the engine compartment.

Chance turns the ignition switch to start, cranking the motor over. The engine misfires, causing several loud backfires, followed by an explosion, breaking one of the cylinder heads from the motor.

“Crud. The blasted engine’s shot, we’ll have ta get another motor for our truck.” yelled Jake kicking the truck’s bumper. “Calm down will ya Jake, we’ll get it fixed. And besides I’m the hot head around here remember!” said Chance, getting out of the truck.

“Yea, WHEN? Look at all the cars waiting to be fixed! I mean we are back logged for at least a week. Not to mention we don’t even have the money to rebuild this motor, and we’re getting low on ammunition, the Turbokat is overdue for an overhaul.” snapped Jake kicking the truck’s bumper again.

“But look on the bright side, we won’t have to go out on any tows till it’s fixed. Giving us a chance to catch up on this work. Not to mention, we won’t have to listen to them complain about waiting so long. Especially that old lady who refuses to put a new battery in her car.” Chance said in a calm voice, putting a paw on Jake’s shoulder.

“Yea.” Jake chuckled, remembering the old lady’s car zooming off. “You’re right. I’ll call Triple M and tell them we’re out of commission for at least the next 24 hours.”

“Good! I’ll go look….”

Both kats jump as the phone starts to ring in rapid succession. Chance proceeded quickly to the office phone closing the door. As he grabbed the receiver he presses a flashing red button. “Yes, Miss Briggs!”

“T-Bone! It’s the Pastmaster. He’s creating one of his portals near City Hall.” replied Callie.

“We’re on our way.” returned Chance, motioning for his partner to get moving.

7:45 AM, Friday June 12

“Com’ on Sureshot nail this monster so we can kick Pastmaster’s butt.” snapped T-Bone.

“Don’t cough up a hair ball T-Bone! I’m on it.” returned Razor. “Launching Bolo Missiles.” continued Razor.

The Pterodactyl moved too slow to avoid the bolo missiles, wrapping it’s wings up tightly.

“BINGO!” cried Razor. As the Pterodactyl fell to the ground with a sickening ‘thud’!

“ALRIGHT! The Enforcers seem to be handling the rest of them. Now let’s get the Pastmaster, once and for all.” said T-Bone with anticipation.

T-Bone makes a hard right bank and engages full thrust, returning to the location of the Pastmaster at City Hall. As they approach, Razor attempts to get a target lock on the Pastmaster.

“I’ve got that little troll in my sights T-Bone. Steady. Lock. Octopus missile deploy!”


The Pastmaster watches as the Swat Kats, once again, destroyed his plans. Angered he creates a vortex to escape through before the Swat Kats can catch him.

“Curse you Swat Kats!!” yelled the Pastmaster. “Someday, Swat Kats! I’ll get my dark ages back. And you won’t be able to stop me!” continued the Pastmaster, raising his watch in a final attempt to destroy them.


On a nearby roof an Enforcer is watching this fight, with concern and extreme interest. Noticing the Pastmaster’s intention, he reaches for his sidearm, aims, and fires two shots, within the blink of an eye.

*No way, Pastmaster! I’m never going to let you or anyone else harm them. Or at least die trying.* thought the Enforcer.


The Pastmaster raised his watch, wanting anxiously to destroy the Swat Kats. His facial expression changes to that of horror as his watch flies out of his hand, shattering to pieces, as does the watch chain holding the watch. However, before he can recover from this horror, the octopus missile captures him, forcing him into the vortex without his watch.


“Crud, Razor! That missile shot him into the vortex. I wanted to capture that pest.”

“I know. I know. But the good news is, he’s gone. But, should he show his ugly mug around again. We’ll be ready!” returned Razor. “Now let’s head for home. We still have a truck to fix.”

“Roger that buddy.” replied T-Bone, banking the Turbokat to the east towards the mountains.

“Hey, Razor.”

“What is it, T-Bone?”

“Do you get the feeling that we’re being watched?”

“Of course we’re being watched, T-Bone. There’s the Kats Eye News helicopter, six enforcer helicopters in the air, and no doubt hundreds of citizens watching from the ground.” replied Razor, as he looked at his scope, then out of the plane’s canopy.

“No. I mean… I dunno, I just feel like… someone has been watching us doing our thing for the past two months, more intently then the others. I know it sounds crazy…. Oh never mind.” T-Bone said shaking the feeling from his head.


The Enforcer on the nearby roof returns his gun to its holster, smiles and watches the Pastmaster disappear through the vortex, without his watch. Stepping from the shadows he turns his head and smiles watching the Turbokat turn towards the east.

Adjusting the small earphone in his right ear, “Don’t you worry guys. The Pastmaster will not be making any appearance for a long time to come. With luck, he will never return. But as for someone watching you for the past three months. Yea! Me!”

Turning his attention back to the roof tops, he walks across two buildings and recovers the remains of the Pastmaster’s watch. He grabs an evidence bag, from a large case with large white lettering ‘WITS’ (Weapons, Investigation, Tactical, Specialist). He makes sure every piece is picked up and placed into the bag. As he packs the evidence away he turns and proceeds to the roof entrance making notes in his notepad. Stopping he looks up towards city hall, he notices Callie Briggs watching him from her office. *You sure are one lucky she kat Miss Briggs to have such good friends. May you never lose them.*

He moves back towards the roof stairway entrance heading down for the elevator.

As the elevator door closed, he turned his special key in the lock then pressed the Lobby button. The elevator descended with no difficulties until he heard a strange, but mechanical, voice from behind.

“Wildwolf! Where are you?” said the mechanical voice, stressed with urgency.

Startled by the voice the enforcer quickly turned around drawing his gun and was frightened out of his wits. Standing behind him was a giant robot, approximately seven feet tall, red in color, with an odd symbol on her left arm, a tire/shield rested on her right arm and another tire/shield was on its back. It’s legs had the words ‘Ninja’ on them. As he starred in disbelief, the robot gave the appearance of being a motorcycle.

She had a gun drawn and looked like she was about to shoot something to his left. He looked to his left, but saw nothing. He returned his gaze to the robot, but she was gone. “Wha? Where? Boy, do I need this vacation.” uttered the enforcer, returning the gun to its holster and putting a paw to his head.

Upon exiting the building, he turns and looks back and up at the building and shivers for a second. “Something big is going to happen. And soon.” He turns his attention back to ground level and approaches his personal patrol car, climbs in and grabs the radio.

“Headquarters this is Commander Geo Furson. All’s quiet now in the 3200 block. Over.”

“Acknowledged.” came the reply over the radio.


Enforcer Headquarters – 4:35 PM

“Hello Commander Furson.” said Feral’s secretary.

“Hello Tina.” he replied, with a smile.

“How’s Kathy? She seems to be interested in becoming an Enforcer.” she said with a grin.

“She’s doing very well, but becoming an enforcer? We’ll see.” he chuckled

“Have you heard from the adoption committee yet?” asked Tina with hope.

“Yes I have. They refused my application because of my risk factor and the lost of Stacy.” with a hint of sadness.

“I’m sorry Commander. She deserves to have you as a father.”

“I won’t argue with that Tina. But they did say I could be her, of sorts, a foster father. She can stay with me on the weekends and I can visit her at the orphanage during the weekdays after school.”

“At least they didn’t remove her completely from your life.”

“Yea, for which I’m grateful. So how’s Josephine doing?” asked Commander Furson, as he leaned on the secretaries desk.

“She’s feeling a lot better. The doctor said she can come home tomorrow morning.” Tina replied.

“Good!” he said with a smile. “I’m glad she’ll be coming home. I miss her. The temp. secretary is starting to get on my nerves.” stated Furson.

“She misses being here. If she could, she wants to come back to work tomorrow. And she wants to thank you personally for the fresh flowers you keep sending.” returned Tina.

“Why am I not surprised by this. And as for the flowers, she deserved everyone of them.”

“So is Commander Feral mad, ticked, or is he ready to kill someone yet, after today’s little escapade.”

“He hasn’t returned from the meeting with Miss Briggs yet. He was very upset this morning with the Swat Kats. He did complain about several of those flying creatures, how they made a mess, and blocked traffic. And so on, and so on. If you like, I’ll let you into his office.”

“Thanks Tina.”

Tina opened the door for Furson, allowing him to enter. “Would you like something to drink while you wait.” asked Tina.

“No thanks, Tina. I’m fine.”

Saying nothing further Tina closed the doors, before returning to her desk.

Commander Furson sat down, in one of the chairs in front of Feral’s desk, putting his briefcase next to his chair and waited. His wait was not very long.

“Commander.” said Feral entering his office.

“Commander.” said Furson standing up.

As soon as Commander Feral sat down, Feral motioned for the Commander to sit. “Alright Furson. What do we have this week on the Swat Kats?”

Opening his briefcase he pulls out a folder and hands it to Commander Feral. Feral takes the folder, opening it, and scans through the contents quickly.

“I see you have it nailed down to four people now. What happened to the other two?” Feral inquired.

“I’ve been able to rule them out. Two weeks ago, they were involved in a car accident, the driver, Byron (who resembles T-bone), lost his legs. So unless he can fly without the use of legs, they couldn’t be the Swat Kats.” answered Furson.

“What about Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong? Why those two hotshots?” Feral inquired.

“Jake and Chance happen to be the same height and appearance as the Swat Kats. Both are pilots. Jake is an excellent marksman, much like Razor. He still holds the enforcer record for best marksman. They do have access to the materials to build such a plane and weapons. They also seem to like the enforcers, but have a strong dislike for you. I thought this due to authority, but ruled it out for the fact they appear to like Deputy Mayor Miss. Briggs and Mayor Manx. stated Furson.

“What about fuel?” stated Feral, looking at Jake and Chances Enforcer photographs.

“As for the fuel that still is a mystery, there are no reports of stolen or missing jet fuel. We do know they are not buying the stuff from anyone around here. So that either leaves them making it themselves, which is highly unlikely, or they have a different kind of power source.” responded Furson.

“What about the other two, Sam Lynx and Jim Trigger?” asked Feral.

“Sam Lynx and Jim Trigger have the same height and appearance of the Swat Kats. Both are pilots, Jim is an excellent marksman and holds fourth place for best marksman. They have access to the necessary parts and materials to build such a plane. Their family owns the airport north of Megakat City where the Turbokat has been seen landing for a short time before taking off again. The airport is used for private charters and for storage of private jets owned by many of the successful business kats of Megakat City. A search of the airport gave no clues of the Turbokat or of its whereabouts. Sam and Jim both were Enforcers but were thrown off the force by you after their plane crashed into Enforcer Headquarters which killed three people and injuring seventeen others. This event occurred eight months before Jake and Chance’s incident. These two appreciate the enforcers and has a dislike for you.”

“All four claim you were responsible for the crash when they made an attempt to capture Dark Kat.”

Commander Feral stood up, his ears moved back as his face was turning red with anger. “Don’t you dare to presume that I was the one resp….”

“I’m not saying you were responsible, sir. Each of them have a personal vendetta against you, for one reason or another. I’m just repeating their statements, for the report.” said Furson, in a calm voice. *At least no evidence that I’ve been able to find. YET.* Furson thought to himself.

Feral just stood staring at Furson for a moment, “I’m sorry! Please continue.”

“Sam and Jim both come from wealthy families, they do have enough funds to buy what they need. According to records they purchased an experimental jet aircraft called the F-14 Tomcat, which happens to been abandoned for cost over runs. It has the same appearance as the Turbokat. However, four months before the Swat Kats first appeared, their jet vanished. They claimed it was stolen.” Furson finished.

“How convenient. What about voice analysis?”

“No luck there, they seem to be using some kind of voice synthesizer. Every test we’ve run has come up negative.”

“Well then, let’s bring all of them in for questioning.” ordered Feral.

“No! We can’t do that sir, we do not have any physical evidence to hold them. If they suspect we are onto them, this could either cause them to run, or destroy any evidence of them being the Swat Kats.”countered Furson.

Feral was annoyed at Furson for refusing his order. But because Furson was of equal rank, and this was officially his case, Feral knew the ball was in Furson’s court.

“Maybe, but could it be you are holding back something. I mean you are friends with Jake and Chance.” Feral stated.

“True. Jake and Chance are my friends. But if they are the Swat Kats, I’ll bring them in like any other criminal!” returned Furson.

“I’m sure you will commander. But I believe you have overlooked something else.”

“I’m sorry Commander. What have I forgotten.”

“If Chance and Jake are the Swat Kats….” started Feral looking at Furson.

“Where do they hide the plane?” finished Furson, “With all due respect Commander, if I knew that, Jake and Chance would be sitting in jail right now!” Furson said with a hint of sarcasm.

“What about surveillance?” said Feral, annoyed.

“I’m currently having both places under surveillance. I will know more after I get back to the office. Anything else?”

“No, Commander. That’s all.” Feral took one last look at the folders before returning it to Commander Furson.

“Goodnight, Commander.” said Furson, taking the folder and placing it back into the briefcase.


5:04 PM, Friday June 12

Upon entering his office the Commander Furson sits behind his desk discouraged and picks up two pictures mounted in wooden frames. The first picture was a group photo of Jake, Chance, Ronnie, and himself. “Ronnie … what can I do to protect Jake and Chance?”

Silence was the only reply Furson received. Standing he puts the group photo back on the desk and walks to the window with the other photo. He looks at the photo for only a few seconds, his tail sagging, before tears well up in his eyes. “Stacy, I miss you ever so much, I could use, no, need your help on this one my love.” He raised his head to look out over the city. “It was my fault, I failed to protect you, the citizens, from incompetence. But no more.”

Furson spun on his heel and sat back down putting Stacy’s picture into his briefcase along with a small black box, which he pulled from the top right draw of his desk. Looking at the contents of the briefcase satisfyed he had everything, closed it and locked it. He reached for the phone proceeding to make a phone call.

“Megakat Salvage & Repair, Jake speaking.”

“Hi, Jake.”

“Geo! Long time no see.” Jake says with surprise.

“Yea. I know it’s been awhile. But how are you and Chance?”

There was no response except for Jake yelling, “Chance turn off the TV and come to the phone ….”

“Com’ on Jake there’s a Scardy Kat marathon on.”

“Never mind that Geo is on the phone.”

“‘Geo!’ Chance exclaimed, picking up the extension “Geo how are you doing?”

“Better. I’ve been back on full active duty for two weeks now.”

“Hey that’s great! How’s Josephine? Feral’s been a pain every time he comes around here to collect our weekly intake. I hope she gets better soon.” said Jake.

“Geo! How are you about Stacy.” said Chance.

“Chance!” scowled Jake.

“It’s ok, Jake. I’m done mourning her lost. Which brings me to my call.”

“What’s wrong?” Jake inquired.

“I really need to talk to you two, but not over the phone. Are you two free for dinner tonight?”


“Good.” Furson looks at his watch, “It’s now 5:25 can you meet me at my home around seven. And if you don’t mind, I’ll order pizza.”

“That’ll be fine. However, our motor in our truck blew up this morning.”

“Hey no problem, I’ll have Nick pick you up tonight. If that’s alright.”

“Great. It would be nice to see him again. See you at seven then.”

“Thanks. See you at seven.” Finished Furson hanging up the phone.

A sudden knock at the door slightly startled Furson from his thoughts.


“Commander Furson, it’s five thirty is there anything you need before I leave?”

“No, Susan that’ll be all. Have a pleasant weekend. Oh Susan.”


“While I’m on vacation, my second will be using this office, under no circumstances are you to allow anyone else in there. Not even Commander Feral. Especially if it’s for the Swat Kat files. You understand!” he said with authority.

“Y-y-yes, sir.” said Susan cringing a little.

“I’m sorry, Susan, I didn’t mean to frighten you. It’s just this whole mess. Goodnight, Susan.”

“Goodnight, sir.” she sighed, with relief.

6:45 PM, Friday June 12

Furson enters his home putting the pizza boxes and root beer on the dinning table along with his briefcase. He turns and heads for his bedroom stopping only to stare at his shaking hands. “Man, I wish there was another way around this.” Closing his eyes he wills his hands to stopped shaking, after a few seconds his hands stopped. He opened the closet doors and removes a box from the upper shelf. He carries it back to the dining room and puts it on a small cart next to the head of the table. Upon opening it he takes three folders and lays them on the table and then opens his briefcase.

A few minutes later the door bell chimed. Standing he moves towards the door, his ears moved back and his tail sagged only moving slightly. *I’m committed to doing this now.*

Opening the door, Jake and Chance look at Bob noticing something is very wrong. “Geo?”

“Hi Jake, Chance.” Bob said with sorrow looking down. Realizing his lack of enthusiasm he suddenly shakes his head trying to clear his thoughts. “What the heck is wrong with me! Jake. Chance. Come in. Come in. It’s been so long.” he said with joy, giving each a big hug and a pat on the back.

“Where is Kathy?” asked Jake, looking around for her.

“She is at the neighbors right now. She’s staying there, with her friend Jessica for the weekend, so we can talk and so I can check something out.”

“Well Commander Geo Furson. I still like the sound of that.” said Jake.

“Come on Jake, I’ve been a commander for two years now.”

“Yea, Geo! It’s just we…” Chance put in.

“I know, Chance. But I wish you both were there. It’s just not the same without you guys. I mean after all, if it wasn’t for you two, I wouldn’t be here today.”

“Don’t thank us. You got where you are by yourself. You’ve earned this position. Us, we’re just mechanics.”

“Please guys, don’t sell yourselves short. In my book you are more a ‘hero’ than Commander Feral ever will be.”

Jake and Chance smile at the complement. “Thanks Geo.”

“Your welcome. Please come this way, dinner is on the table.”

Jake and Chance walk through the large living room and notices the room is almost completely empty, with the exception of three captains chairs, a wall screen tv on the far wall and on the side wall a shield with a strange bird (Eagle) on it. Jake looked at it for a moment then back at Chance, who just shrugged. They followed Furson to the dining room and was surprised to find an eighteenth century dining table with five chairs down each side and one chair down on each end of the table. With the exception of a small table next to the head seat and a shield on the far wall, no other furniture or decorations could be found. The shield had the same strange bird as the shield in the living room. Jake took a closer look at the shield this time. He couldn’t identify the creature.

“Chance I don’t recognize this bird.”

“Me neither. I wonder why it’s wings are spread out like that and what’s with the arrows and olive branch in its claws?”

“Good questions! I just wish I had answers. That image came to me while I was in the hospital and I just felt it’s very important to me somehow.” said Furson walking up to the two he kats staring at the shield.

“You’re having the dreams again Geo?” Jake inquired.

“Yes, Yes I am. But with more detail now, and every night.” responded Furson.

“Geo! You now have me concerned. What’s wrong?” Inquired Chance.

Furson’s phone starts to ring. “Pardon me. Please, have a seat. I’ll be right back.” Jake walks around to one side of the table and sits down opening a box of pizza. “Mmmm extra anchovies.”

Chance walks around the table and notices the open briefcase before sitting. Inside he saw a picture of Stacy, a small black box, and six folders clearly marked. He frowned, looking at Jake with wide eyes and nodded toward the briefcase, as he sat down. Jake just looked at Chance puzzled.

“What’s the matter Chance?” asked Jake taking a bite of his pizza.

Chance glances towards the kitchen then back to Jake. “Jake! I think we got some trouble here!” grabbing a slice of pizza with anchovies.

“What makes you say that?”

Chance points to the briefcase. “In the briefcase are some folders, they’re marked Swat Kats Final Report and our names are on two of them. I can understand a folder on the Swat Kats. But why does he have files on us?”

“Yea, that is a good question.” Said Jake, eye’s growing with speculation. “You don’t suppose he knows!”

“Suppose to know what?” Geo said entering the dining room.

“Oh, nothing!” said Chance, chomping on a piece of pizza and starring back at Jake.

Furson just looked at Chance for a moment. “Alright! I wish we could talk under better circumstances, considering the past three months. There are three things I need to discuss. First, the night of the shooting. Second, the nightmares and the drawings that I’ve done ever since you two found me in the desert. Third, deals with the Swat Kats.”

Jake closed his eyes afraid of what will be said. Chance just took another bite of his pizza.

“Are you ready for this guys, because I’m not.”

“Remember the oath we made during training, Geo. It still applies. We’re here for you through good times and bad times.” Said Jake.

“Through thick and thin.” Chance inserted.

“Yea, through life and death.” Geo reaches into his briefcase and removes the picture of Stacy (golden fur, green eyes, long flowing light brown hair, a body and soul that was perfect in every way.).

Jake looks at the picture for a moment before handing it to Chance.

“It was to be a very special night, no one knew just how important that night was to me. I had finally gathered up enough courage…” he reached back into the case and brought out the small black box. He opened it and handed it to Jake. “… to ask her to marry me.”

Jake shows it to Chance. Chance whistled.

“Look at the size of that rock.” said Chance.

“Yea, it must have set you back a hefty penny!” Jake put in.

“The price doesn’t matter. She was worth every penny.”

Chance slammed his fists on the table, as he stood up. “When I get my hands on Steele, he’s going to pay for this BIG TIME!”

“He already has Chance. He already has.” said Geo sadly.

“WHAT?! Being sent to prison will never be enough for what he did, for what happened, to you, to her!” Chance said, as his face turned red with anger.

“Chance we all make mistakes. Steele more than his share. But I also made mistakes that night, such as, I should have known that Steele would not sit still.”

“But Steele had no right in being in there. You were, and you had things under control.” said Jake.

“Yea, if he had followed orders, Stacy would be alive today.” Chance added.

“True. But as I said Steele has paid the price.”

“What? What are you talking about!” inquired Chance.

“I received a phone call this morning from Megakat Maximum Security Prison. The warden informed me, that last night Steele had committed suicide.”

Chance and Jake just starred at Geo with surprise and shock in their eyes.

“I guess the disgrace was more than he could bare.” said Furson. There was a moment of silence, before Geo continued his story. “Stacy and I went to the Golden KATZ Point Restaurant, where I was going to propose to her. Shortly after ordering our dinner. I happened to notice a young kat about 26 years of age, he looked vaguely familiar, but I just couldn’t place the face. It was what he did next that started the dreadful night. He stood in the middle of the room, a few tables away from our location…”

“This is a holdup, put all your valuables, wallets, purses, jewelry, etc. into the bag!” yelled the young kat, tossing the bag at an elderly couple then pointing the gun at them nervously. “If you do as I say, nobody will get hurt.”

*Oh, crud. This kat is scared, no terrified by what he’s doing. He doesn’t want to be doing this.* Furson thought to himself, *I can’t jump him. He’s too far away. I don’t see any kitchen personnel out here. So it is most likely the enforcers will arrive very soon, and in his current state of mind, someone could very well be killed.*

The bag was passed from person to person as they dropped their wallets, purses, and other valuables into the bag. In the distance the sound of sirens could be heard, increasing in volume as they approached. The young kat started to look left, right then all around the dining area in an attempt to figure a way out of here.


*(&*$%@^$&@^ STEELE you know damn well this has just turned into a hostage situation, you idiot.* thought Furson, as his face turned to slight anger. Furson immediately closed his eyes to calm himself before things became worse.

Furson looks up at Stacy, who nods, acknowledging that he has work to do.

“Oh sh–, oh sh–, oh sh–, what am I going to do!” said the young kat in an audible whisper, as the gun in his paw started to shake as he pointed it at the front doors.

*Crud, he starting to lose it.* Slowly standing with arms raised Furson said “Excuse me.”

They young kat turned and pointed the shaking gun at Furson. His eyes darted from left to right, his ears laid back against his head, and his tail fluffed up with fear. “WHAT DO YOU WANT?” he said, practically yelling.

“Calm down. You know things are starting to get very serious. I can help, so we all can get out of here without anyone getting hurt.”


“Don’t panic. That will not help any….”


*Shut up Steele. Or so help me I’ll punch your lights out myself!”

The young kat cursed and points the gun towards Furson’s face with a steadier hand.

“Please don’t panic. If you shoot and kill me you will have lost your best hope of getting out of here in one piece. I assure you, I can get you out of this without harm.”

“Oh yea! How can you make such a promise! Are you an enforcer or something?”

“Yes, I am. If you’ll let me get my I.D….” Furson opens his coat and reaches into it’s inside pocket and takes out his badge showing his identification, “I’m Commander Geo Furson of ‘WITS.’ I can hold them back for a while, if you left me help you.”

“WHY should I trust you?”

“I believe you don’t want to be doing this. Something drastic has happened, giving you the feeling there was no other course of action. That and I’ll let you keep the gun trained on me. If anything goes wrong you’ll be able to shoot me first.”

“Alright! What do I do now?” he said with hesitation.

“First give me the bag so the items can be returned.”

The young kat looks at the bag for a few moments, then hands it to Furson.

*Whew! Good he’s made the first step. Now comes the hard part.* “What’s your name?”

“Tim …”

“Okay Tim. Will you let me help?”

“Okay.” slightly lowering his gun.

The silence could be heard quite clearly, but the tension was ever so tight. The silence was broken by the phone ringing.

“Alright Tim, that will be the enforcers. Let me deal with them. Okay!” Furson starts to put his arms down. Tim nodded, keeping the gun trained towards Furson.

Furson walked over to the phone, turning so Tim could see what he was doing, picked up the receiver. “Hello, this is Commander Furson speaking. Let me speak with the officer in charge.”

“Commander Furson! This is Lt. Commander Steele, I’m currently in charge. Don’t you worry we’ll get you out.” said Steele, with a slight grin *Oh boy, save the commander, I’ll certainly get that promotion to Commander for sure.*

“Listen Steele things have quieted down, but the situation is still critical. Please tell everyone to stay out. I’ll deal with this. Call every ten minutes to get an update of any progress.”

“Don’t you worry, sir!”

Furson hangs up the phone. “Alright Tim, we have some time. Are you willing to talk?”

Tim replied “Yes!”

“Alright! Do you want to tell me why you are doing this then.”

“Its … Well …. I don’t want to hurt anybody. Shoot, like you said, I didn’t even want to do this. I’ve been studying to be a doctor. I have only had two years left before I got my doctorate. I was a very promising doctor, Megakat Memorial was looking forward to have me as a resident. But all that went down the tubes, when my mother became very ill seven months ago. So I took a leave of absence from school when mom got sick. The leave of absence turned into a permanent leave. She has a very rare disease, it’s not contagious, there’s even a cure. But the cost is far too expensive for me to get and the insurance won’t cover it. Everything I had including my tuition went to pay for the medical bills. It’s bad enough that the cost of the hospitals, medicine, and the constant nursing care has taken everything we had. We don’t even have a house to live in anymore.”

“Now I remember where I’ve seen your face. Your the son of Tina Cross.”

Tim looked at Furson with wide eyes. “How’d you know that.”

“She was in the hospital bed next to mine, after I was injured by Mad Kat. I try to visit her every chance I get, it’s the least I can do for her. She kept me laughing for the few days I was there. Tina spoke highly of you.”

Tim hung his head, as tears began to fill his eyes.

“What do you say Tim. Do you want to end this now?”

Tim just nods as tears ran across his cheeks.

“Good! How about giving me the gun Tim so this can end. I’ll even take you to see your mother.”

Tim looked up into Furson’s eyes and could see he was speaking the truth. He raised his hand with the gun in it, just as Steele burst through the kitchen doors.

“Freeze or I’ll blow a hole clean through you.”

Tim and Furson both jumped, by the sudden interruption. Tim, terrified at the sight of Steele, accidently fired the gun. The bullet just barely missed me and embedded into the floor.

“STEELE! STOP!!” yelled Furson, stepping in front of Tim.

Losing all common sense, Tim raised his gun shoving it into Furson’s back. “You lied to me.”

“Tim! No! I …”

Furson’s sentence was cut short as Steele opened fire on Tim. Steele’s first shot ripped through Furson’s right shoulder blade, forcing Furson backward hitting Tim. The sudden force of Furson caused Tim’s muscles to contract, firing Tim’s next round into Furson’s lower back. Steele, with his adrenaline rush fired a third & fourth shot. The third bullet flew wild embedding itself into the wall behind them. Furson collapsed to the ground from Tim’s shot, Steele’s fourth bullet found it’s mark hitting Tim in the face. Tim dropped the gun as his head snapped back landing him on a table where the elderly couple were sitting. Tim’s gun hit the ground discharging its third bullet.

It felt like an eternity, everything moved in slow motion. Tim’s gun fired, the bullet’s trajectory heading straight for Stacy, it entered through her right eye and exited from the skull. The bullet exited spraying the wall and plants behind her.

Steele walked over to Furson.

“Steele! I swear you’re finished if it’s the last thing I do….” said Furson through clench teeth, as the blackness engulfed him.


Jake watched Furson for a moment before breaking the silence. “You gonna be alright Geo?”

“Yea. I feel better, now that it’s off my chest.”

Another moment of silence came over the three as Geo put the picture and the ring back into the case. “Jake. Chance. I’ve talked with Callie Briggs and she has accepted the ring to be sold at auction. The proceeds from that sale will be used to reduce your bill.”

“No. Don’t use it on us Geo.” Jake jumped in.

“Please Jake. Stacy would have wanted you guys to have it. She knows you two got a bum rap by Commander Feral.”

There was only silence as Furson watched Jake and Chance just sit.

“Please guys, I did say it was going to be an unpleasant evening.”

“You did say that.” stated Chance.

“What was the second thing you wanted to talk about? Oh, yea. The drawings you did when we tried to piece together your lost memories.” Jake said, as he shivered.

“I take it, you remember them.”

“How could we forget. They even gave me nightmares.” replied Chance.

“Well shortly after coming home from the hospital the nightmares began again but different.” Geo opens the cardboard file box siting on the cart and removes several folders.

“How so?” Jake inquired.

Opening the first folder and handing it to Jake, “Like before the nightmare consists of me flying over the desert north of the city. I think I was on an expedition of some kind. It took place just before a storm knocked out my controls, causing me to crash.”

“Hey, we went to investigate something that crashed into the mountain, in the desert, but that was just before we found you.” stated Chance.

“Yea that’s right. The next day, we went back to find the object that crashed. What we discovered was of very little help. Nothing bigger than an aluminum can could be found, and the debris was scattered over, at least one mile. It was a miracle you came out of it alive.” put in Jake.

“I’m not sure about that Jake. It’s this dang amnesia that I have that prevents me from remembering who I am. And the memory flashes don’t help. The last one took place this morning while I was in an elevator. I was just finishing up with the Pastmaster’s mess from this morning. I heard a female voice yell ‘Wildwolf, look out.’ As I turned around I received a shock. Standing not more then three feet away was a robot, it’s appearance was that of a motorcycle with arms and legs. She held a gun to her right, pointing at something. As I turned in that direction, seeing nothing, I returned my gaze back to her. But she was nowhere in sight.” said Furson as he continued, “I also had another flash session, just after getting out of the hospital. This time I was working on some kind of circuitry that just happens to belong to an aircraft, unlike anything I’ve seen.” Furson handed Jake a folder marked ‘Computer’.

“Aren’t these … Wait! Your saying that these pages with all the squiggles on them are actually schematics?” Jake said with surprise.

“Yes. Once I saw the circuitry, I knew exactly what these lines were. So I built it. And it’s completed.”

“It’s done!” said Chance “Where is it?”

“It’s in the computer room of course. Come. I’ll show it to you.”

As the three got up Chance was surprised as Furson stopped in the middle of the hallway at a door with no knob. “The computer is in here.”

“How do we get in? There’s no knob.” inquired Chance

“Don’t need one.” As Furson walked up to the door it quickly opened.

Inside Jake and Chance eyes almost popped out of their sockets at the sight of the room. One corner had Furson’s personal enforcer computer, turning to their left was a wall with conduits running from a computer no bigger then three feet by three feet by three feet.

“So what can it do?” asked Chance.

“The question is what it can’t do?” replied Furson.

“What?” asked Jake puzzled.

“The system seems to have voice recognition capabilities. A very high memory storage capacity. To give you an idea, I’ve down loaded the entire enforcer data banks, social security data banks, Masa’s data banks, Pumadyne’s data banks, and the city’s leading newspaper ‘Megakat Chronicle’s’ entire morgue of over one hundred forty years of history. According to the computer I’ve used less than five percent of memory space.

“THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!” yelped Jake.

“That’s what I thought, too. So far, according to the computer. It can do more than seven hundred trillion computations a second.”

“Wait! If it’s going to do all that it must use a great deal of electricity.” inquired Jake.

“Nope. It uses the same amount of power required to run my current computer.” answered Furson, as he pointed to the other computer.

“I turned this system on three days ago, since then something strange has been happening around here, in more ways than one. The first day I noticed a new vehicle parked on the road across the street, it was a red Lamborghini. Something you do not leave outside on the street. By eleven that night the Lamborghini was gone, but another vehicle was parked in its place. This time it was yellow Volkswagen beetle. Again I just waved it off, but I couldn’t get the feeling of something strange about them. It seems a new vehicle gets parked every six hours.”

“Geo, it sounds like you have too much stress….” Chance started to say but was cut off.

“Again, THAT is what I first thought too, but no. Take a look out the window.”said Furson drawing the blind up.

Jake and Chance walked up to the window and looked down at the street. A very unique vehicle, red with a yellow arrow on the hood that split leaving two yellow stripes down each side of the car. Chrome dominated the engine and exhaust. “I have never seen anything like that in my life.” said Chance looking at Jake. “What about you Jake?”


“Well tonight, I intend to follow that vehicle and find out what is going on.”stated Furson. “But please let us return to the dining room, so we can finish with the last of the unpleasantries. With some luck even get to catch up on events.” Furson stepped back so Jake and Chance could lead back to the table.

Jake and Chance both took their previous seats and sat in silence looking at each other then to Furson. Furson sat down and just starred at the open briefcase, then to the two tom kats.

“Jake. Chance. What do you know about the Swat Kats?” inquired Furson handing each one a photo of T-Bone and Razor.

“Why, they are the good guys. It seems that they do what Commander FERAL and the enforcers can’t do.” said Chance with a slight grin.

“Yea, but why are you asking us, Geo?” inquired Jake, with a mock appearance of puzzlement.

“For two months now, I have been doing an assignment issued by Mayor Manx to find the identities of the Swat Kats. Commander Feral pushed the mayor to issue the assignment to find the Swat Kats identities. It was his hope of being the one to lead the investigation. But Feral’s attempt backfired when Manx issued the assignment to me instead. However, I have to meet with Feral once a month to show, I am making progress. Should I fail to make progress, then Feral will have control of the assignment.”

“Then, do you know who they are?” inquired Jake, attempting to keep his cool.

“Yes, I know who they are. I have all that information back in my office under special lock and key. As far as Feral is concerned, he knows of four possible suspects of being the Swat Kats. Two of them were planted to create confusion for Feral and to give me time. This..” he said, holding up a file with the name ‘Swat Kats Final Report’ “this file is the final report that will be filed in less then two weeks. I’ve done everything I can to delay this final report. Unless I come up with some kind of miracle in that time. The Swat Kats identities will be revealed.

“Why in two weeks. Why not just turn it in next week or now?”

“Because I’m on vacation. During this time I hope to figure out a way to save the Swat Kats identities and to find out who or what has been watching me.”

“Don’t leave us in suspense, who do you think, are the Swat Kats?” asked Jake acting up a storm.

Geo stood up and looked at Jake, “Very well. Razor is the smaller of the two. He is very intelligent, shy, an excellent marksman, favors his left hand, and stands approximately five-foot six-inches tall. He is about twenty-five, twenty six years old. His fur is copper tone. Wears size nine, nine and a half shoe. Creator of the Turbokat and its systems, including weaponry. Very familiarized with enforcer procedures, most likely an ex-enforcer. Favorite expression ‘Bingo’. And he likes Callie Briggs.”

Geo turns his attention to Chance. “T-Bone is larger then Razor. He is well formed and defined. Works out a great deal, out going, excellent pilot, most likely one of the top ten best pilots of the world, favors right hand, prefers to settle his differences with his fists. He stands approximately six-feet tall, gold color fur with tiger stripes on arms. Wears size twelve shoe, weights two hundred forty pounds. Pilot of the Turbokat, not very familiar with weapons console. Very familiarized with enforcer procedures, most likely an ex-enforcer. Favorite expression ‘Crud’ and likes Scaredy Kat cartoons. Also has a flame for Callie Briggs.”

Jake and Chance look at Geo. “Well, who are they?”

Geo gave a heavy sigh and shook his head. “You want me to say it don’t you?”

Jake and Chance nodded.

“Alright then, their names are, T-Bone a.k.a. Chance Furlong and Razor a.k.a. Jake Clawson.”

Geo looks at Jake and Chance. They just looked down and shook their heads. “So what are we going to do?” asked Chance, looking up at Jake.

“Keep doing what you have been doing. I intend to stand by you, as you two have stood by me. If no other option comes to me, and I turn in that report. Shortly before I will inform you to leave with the Turbokat as fast as you can. I can still hold them back, for a time. Oh, which reminds me, you don’t have to worry about the Pastmaster anymore.”

“Why?” they said in unison.

Geo takes out a small bag and drops the broken watch onto the table.

“I knew we were being watched.” said Chance, with a I told you so attitude, toward Jake.

“Yes, Chance I have been observing you two and making sure Feral doesn’t find the truth about you two. I tried to have you two reinstated . But the Mayor can be such a stubborn kat.”

Jake looks at his watch. “Kats alive it’s ten thirty three. We’ve got to get back to the garage Chance, the truck still is not ready for duty yet.”

“I’m sorry Jake, Chance. I didn’t mean to keep you. Thanks for coming over.” stated Furson opening the door for Jake and Chance. He quickly grabbed his car keys and handed them to Jake. “Here please take my car, there is nothing wrong with it. You can use it to get home. I’ve already have another. And don’t worry about your identities being revealed, I’ll think of something.”

“Don’t worry about us, Geo. I hope we can get together before you return to work.” said Chance.

“Will next Saturday be alright?”

“Next Saturday it is.”


8:37 p.m., Saturday June 13

As a blue Pontiac Firebird pulled up to an intersection and stopped, the owner looked left, then right, then forward trying to find something.

“CRUD! I’ve lost it.” yelled Furson, angered

“Where in the blue blazes could it have gone?” inquired Furson. Quickly he grabs the road atlas from the passenger seat. *Dang, the road straight ahead is a fire road. The one to the left leads north towards a small mining company where it apparently ends. The road heading south leads to ‘Dover’, were one can cross the mountain range.*

Furson still angered gets out and walks up to the fire road, looking at the branches and ground. “Hmm! It went this way. Dang, I can’t go up there in this.” Turning around he heads back to the car, starts it, then makes his way to the south to Dover.

9:28 a.m., Sunday June 14

“Jim, do you know anyone who owns a custom red hot rod with a yellow arrow on its hood with yellow stripe down the sides. And a very powerful engine, a Chevy V-8 dual carburetor air forced induction with turbo, protruding from its hood.?”

“No! But I have seen it many a time.”

“Where have you seen it?”

“I’ve usually see it out on two-twenty-four heading north towards the mines.”

“Can you tell me what’s out beyond the fire road?”

“Mr. Furson … You do not want to go out there! It’s too dangerous. People say the place is haunted. Cursed if you will. I’ve had three friends that have gone out there disappear for two weeks and come back as if nothing has happened.”

“What about the mines to the north?”

“I would suggest staying away from there as well. Strange things have been happening out there. Recently someone bought the property and has been trying to reopen the mines. Only to have unusual system failures. Machines that refuse to start, or start on there own. Ghostly and many terrifying sounds that coming from deep inside the mines. No one is willing to work there. Those who have worked the mines quit within a few hours.”

“Thanks Jim.” said Furson taking the keys from the counter. “But my concern lies with finding the hot rod. Not ghost stories. Now I will return with the blazer tomorrow afternoon. If I fail to show up by Tuesday morning, I need you to call this person…” he takes a card from his wallet and hands it to Jim, as he continued. “Her name is Deputy Mayer, Miss Callico Briggs. Tell her I’m in trouble. She’ll know what to do.”

Climbing into the four wheel drive blazer, Furson heads north to the fire road in hopes of finding out where the hot rod went. He followed the trail for approximately forty two minutes into the wilderness, until he came up to the mountains base. The road continued north along the mountain base for another fifteen minutes. Where it met with a cave.

Grabbing a flashlight from the blazer, he looked around the cave entrance finding tire tracks that led right into the cave. Cautiously he entered the cave, turning on the flash light. He followed the tire tracks deeper into the cave for about two hundred feet, when he heard movement up ahead.

“Who goes there?” he said shining the flashlight up ahead. There was no response. He took a few steps forward, drawing his gun from its holster. As two images appeared in the flashlights beam, both figures had blue flight suits with red harnesses, an upside-down red triangle on the sleeves and on the helmets. He raise the flashlight to reveal the masked faces of these two kats.

His eyes practically jumped out of their sockets. “T-BONE! RAZOR! WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE?” said Furson practically yelling.

Neither of them said anything, nor did they just sit there. Both of them raised their glove- a-Trix aiming at Furson. Before Furson could move to defend himself, two darts flew out of the gloves and struck dead center in Furson’s chest. “Why?” he said, as he collapsed falling to the floor. Quickly and quietly the two kats picked up Furson and dragged him to the rear of the cave. The flashlight beam shone brightly on the three as they approached and disappeared through the rear wall.


12:01 noon, Tuesday June 15

“Megakat City Hall, information.”

“Hello! My name is Jim Hampton of Hampton’s auto rental, and I need to speak with Deputy Mayer Callico Briggs, on behalf of Commander Geo Furson.”

“One moment please.”

As Callie listened to Jim, she knew something was wrong. After hanging up the phone she immediately retrieved her communication box for the Swat Kats and activates it.


“Man Jake, this truck has never run better or as quiet since we installed the new motor.”

“Just be glad we found it in Saturday’s special shipment of damaged enforcer vehicles that Burk and Murray brought.”

“Yea considering there wasn’t one salvageable truck motor in the entire yard, we were very lucky.”

A soft beeping and flashing light from the special phone mounted under the dash drew Jake’s attention. He quickly picked up the phone pressing the flashing light. “Razor here. What’s the problem Ms. Briggs.”

“Razor! I just received a call that Commander Geo Furson has disappeared in a town called Dover due south of Megakat City about three hundred miles. He’s been missing officially for thirty six hours now, according to the caller.”

Jake looks at Chance with concerned eyes. “Geo’s missing. Due south in a town called Dover.”

“Well what are we waiting for? Let’s roll!”

“Don’t worry Ms. Briggs. We’ll help find Commander Furson. We’ll be in Dover in just over an hour.”

“I know you will. Because I’m getting some of Furson’s team and myself down then ASAP.”

“In that case we’ll see you there. Razor out!”

“What are you waiting for Chance. Let’s move.”

“Roger that.” said Chance stomping on the accelerator. The truck’s motor immediately roared with power as both rear wheels let out a loud squeal.


1:13 p.m., Tuesday June 15 Dover City

The mayor’s private jet parked next to the Turbokat at the small private airport. The door swings down to allow the passengers off. The Swat Kats run over to the jet to get Callie. They both did a double take as a female kat wearing glasses, blue tight fitting jeans, black motorcyle boots, long sleeve blue jean shirt and blue jean jacket.

“Miss. Briggs?” inquired both T-Bone and Razor.

“T-Bone, Razor, I’m so glad you guys are here. Is there any news?” Callie asked relieved.

“Yes, Ms. Briggs! The local sheriff has found the blazer Furson had rented. It’s located on an old fire trail in a section of woods the locals fear.” Chance stopped, looked at the kats that got off the plane and counted them. “With these eight, you, the sheriff, his team of seven, Razor and myself. Nineteen people is all we have to find Furson.”

“WHAT? None of the locals or other police officers will help.”

“No. Ms. Briggs. People believe the land up there is cursed. People have mysteriously vanished never to be heard from again. My brother was one of them who vanished. Nearly twenty years ago.” stated the sheriff.

One of the Enforcer’s walked up to Callie. “Everything is loaded on the truck, Ms. Briggs. Now may I suggest we get moving.”

“Yes by all means Feral.” replied Callie.

T-Bone and Razor turned at the mention of the enforcer’s name. “FERAL” they both said at the same time.

The enforcer lifted the visor on her helmet. “Yes, Lieutenant Commander Felina Feral of ‘WITS’.” giving the Swat Kats a brief smile. “You two don’t need any introductions T-Bone, Razor. So what’s the plan sheriff?” said Felina, turning her attention to the sheriff.

Leading the group over to his car, his deputy produces a map laying it flat on the hood. “We’ll break teams into three groups of six. Felina, three of my officers, you and two of your team will take the north section from the mines and work back to the fire road. Callie, Swat Kats, two member of WITS and two of my officers will start here at the blazer and work your way up the fire road. The rest will be with me in the southern section. And we’ll need to be quick about this.”

“Yes! We’ll need to be quick, a cold front is closing in fast. The temperature is expecting to drop to twenty seven degrees, not to mention we have less then eight hours of daylight left.” stated Felina.

“Good! Everyone keep your radios turned to channel forty three. And report in on your situation with home base, in Dover, every fifteen minutes. OK, LET’S MOVE!” yelled Sheriff Thompson.

Everyone scattered, Sheriff Thompson and group went south. Felina and her group went north, while the Swat Kats and the remainder headed for the fire road.

“Alright everyone, despite the sheriffs orders we are going straight to the location of Commander Furson’s disappearance.” Razor stated.

“I agree, if Commander Furson location is to be found we must start from where he was last known to be.” put in an enforcer.

The others nodded in agreement. As they loaded up the last vehicle, they approached Furson’s rented blazer with caution. The two enforcers began searching the grounds for foot prints, size, direction of travel, and age or print. “Deputy! The sheriff said he was up here correct?” inquired one enforcer

“Yes, why?”

“Was anyone here with him?”


“Has anyone reported finding this vehicle?”

“No! Only Jim from the rental company, who was told that Furson would be coming up here.”

“How often do people/tourists walk up here?”

“No one from these parts would walk around this place. At least those that are in their right minds. As for tourist we have signs posted to keep out of the area.”

“Hmm.” the enforcer thinks to himself as the other enforcer walks slowly into the cave observing the ground.

“That’s odd?” said the second enforcer from the cave.

“What? What did you find?” inquired Callie and the others, walking into the cave.

“I’m not certain? We found Commander Furson’s foot prints and they leave directly into the cave. However they do not come out. These…” an enforcer points to a second set of tracks. “belong to the sheriff.”

“So he went into the cave in hopes of finding Commander Furson.”

“Oh I’m sure he did. But that is not what I’m talking about it’s these tire marks and the lack of prints on the ground in here and outside!”

“What??? Now I’m really confused!” stated Callie.

“No. It’s not that unusual. It’s a cave, sometimes poachers will park in the caves around here to avoid detection.”

“True, but there ARE NO other prints of any kind. Not bird, bear, rabbit, deer, elk, kat or any other foot print. Meaning not only are the citizens of Dover not coming here, neither are the animals. Something around here is scaring every ‘THING’ away.”

“What’s this?” inquired Razor holding up a flashlight. “Batteries are dead.”

“DON’T MOVE!” yelled the two enforcers, as they carefully kept their foot prints to the wall area. “You could have disturbed some valuable evidence.” They carefully observe the area with their flashlights. One walks back to the rear of the cave, turning the flashlight left, then right.

Razor looks down and realizes his error. “There’s been a struggle here.”

“Yea, but with whom? A Ghost? There are no other foot prints in here but his and the sheriff’s. And the sheriff’s foot prints show he did not carry anyone out.”

“What about the tire tracks. Maybe he was hoisted into the back of a truck and taken out.” put in the officer.

“Possible but not likely, the tire tracks show no sign of the vehicle stopping in the cave. They almost go up to the rear wall and vanish. There’s no way it could have gone through the wall, no joints even the dirt on the floor, up to four feet from the wall has not been disturbed. The dirt floor also shows no sign of a tire moving towards the front of the cave, only to the rear.”

“Then where is he?” said the officer.

“He is in there!” came a metallic voice from the cave entrance.

Everyone turned around to see a custom red hot rod, with a yellow arrow on the hood trailing into two stripes one on each side of the car, and the powerful chrome engine protruding from the hood. The two enforcers and the officer grabbed their pistols aiming them at the car. T- Bone and Razor raised their glove-of-trix, preparing for a fight. “Who are you?”

The hot rod stood still for a moment before slowly moving forward into the cave.

“Halt or we will open fire.” shouted the two enforcers.

The hot rod stopped, only to turn on its headlight. “Please, put your weapons down and no one will get hurt.” came the metallic voice.

“NO!! Who are you? And what have you done with Commander Furson?” shouted T- Bone.

“You’ll find out someday, but not right now.” replied the voice from the hot rod, as it’s headlights turned off.

Callie screamed when she noticed Razor and the two enforcers collapsed for no apparent reason, that was until she noticed the three dark images standing behind the group.

“RAZOR!” shouted T-Bone turning to his partner.

“They will be alright. They have only been stunned. In a half hour they’ll wake up with a slight headache.” said one of blurry shadows. “Captain the Swat Kats are here along with Deputy Mayer Callico Briggs, Officer Jackson, Officer Shivers from ‘WITS’ and Officer Brown & Officer Tiggs from Dover.”

The shadow stood there for a moment.

“Yes sir. The two enforcers and the Swat Kat, Razor, have been stunned.”

Another moment the shadow stood still.

“Yes sir. I understand.” The shadow turned toward the other two shadows only to nod. “Stun them.”

Callie stared in shock as the officers and T-Bone fell to the ground unconscious.

“Ensign! You missed.” said the commanding shadow raising his own weapon and fired.

Callie saw a blue light strike her and then darkness as she fell to the ground.


“Base to Sheriff Thompson!” came the urgent request over the radio.

“Go ahead Base.” he replied

“Sheriff! Officer Brown and his team are ten minutes overdue and they have not answered my calls. Their last report stated that they were at the blazer beginning their search. One moment please Felina’s team is reporting in.”

“Oh GREAT! What else could go wrong?” he yelled to no one.

“Sheriff! Felina and her team are in trouble they were reporting, that something was chasing them. then all I got was static.”

“Thanks, now I don’t care if the others are afraid of this area. I want every available officer off and on duty up here NOW!”

“Yes, sir.”


Time Unknown

Callie was the first to open her eyes, “Oh, my aching head.” she grabbed her head as if to stop her head from spinning. She shook her head a moment later to bring herself back to reality. “What? Where am I?”

“Ow, please don’t scream. I’ve got a whopper of a headache.” moaned Razor, as he tried to sit up.

Callie looked around, finding herself in the back seat with Razor, of the four wheel drive Durango blazer. Behind the wheel was T-Bone just starting to come around. Officer Brown was still unconscious in the front passenger seat. The two enforcers and the other officer where behind Callie and Razor who were also slowly regaining consciousness.

T-Bone shook his head in an attempt to revive himself fully. “Anybody got an aspirin for this horrible rumbling in my head.”

Callie heard the rumble then looked out her window of the Durango. With wide eyes she started to yell at T-Bone. “T-BONE!!! Get this thing moving. We’re in the path of a rock slide.”

T-Bone immediately became alert as tiny pebbles started to hit the truck. Immediately the truck started and spun its wheels in an attempt to out drive the rock slide. Razor looked back in time to see the blazer Furson had rented get crushed by a large bolder before the vehicle exploded. T-Bone drove like he had never driven before, within seconds the truck was out of danger from the rock slide. He did not slow down until he reached the main road where he hit the brakes. He looked out of his window towards the mountains. Shivering at the thought of almost being crushed by a rock slide, he hit the accelerator traveling as fast as he could south on two- twenty-four in hopes of finding safety in Dover.

T-Bone was startled, as another truck traveling faster then his one hundred twenty miles per hour. It came roaring by, it’s engine on the verge of exploding apart by the sheer strain. He became even more surprised as he realized that the driver of the truck was none other then Lieutenant Commander Felina Feral, and her expression was unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was as if she had seen the devil itself.

********** 11:41 p.m., Tuesday June 15 Sheriff’s Station, Dover.

Night had set in, with a few of the kats had passed out in their seats. Felina and T-Bone knew they weren’t going to make it to the hospital. They themselves were starting to get very weak, as they pulled into the sheriff’s station. A few kats that had enough strength climbed out of the trucks and collapsed to the ground. Razor was the only one to make it into the station before collapsing in front of the officer on duty.


9:33 a.m., Wednesday June 16 Dover Memorial Hospital

“Razor? Kathryn get Doctor Mantiz, one of the group is waking up.” called a female voice.

“Wha? Where am I?” inquired Razor, shielding his eyes from the bright light of the room.

“Your in Dover Memorial Hospital. You and a group of others passed out last night.” came the reply.

“Who are you?” said Razor, checking his head for his mask.

“I am Nurse Bell. Don’t worry Razor your mask along with T-Bone’s have not been removed, per doctor’s orders.”

Razor sighed with relief at the feeling of fabric on his head. “How are the others?”

“Everyone is well, as far as we can tell, but you are the first to wake up.”

“How long have I been asleep?”

“You and the others were brought in around midnight last night, so it’s been about nine or ten hours.”

“Crud! I can’t stay here. I must find Commander Furson. I promised ….”

“Commander Furson was found last night in the back of one of the rescue trucks the teams were using. He is in stable condition.”

“I can’t remember last night, nothing but a blur.”

“Well hopefully someone better remember. You and the others disappeared yesterday. Felina called in saying something was chasing them. When my team arrived at the cave, we found no one just the trucks. Another rescue team reported finding no one belonging to Felina’s rescue team in the north section either. For six hours we couldn’t find any trace of any of you. Then out of the blue all of you show up at my station sprawled out in the parking lot. You..” said the sheriff, pointing at Razor. “scared the devil out of the officer on duty, he thought all of you were dead.” stated the sheriff walking through the open door. “Now what in heavens name happened out there?!”

“I don’t know sheriff! The last thing I remember was arriving at the cave. We started searching the area and the cave. The next thing I remember was waking up with a pounding headache then Callie’s scream and shouting something about a rock slide coming down on us. T- Bone drove us out of there as fast as the truck could. From there on is a total blank. I don’t even remember getting to the station.”

The doctor came running in. “Thank the Lord! The others are also awakening, I was afraid that everyone was going into a coma.”

“What happened to them Doctor?” asked the sheriff.

“I don’t know. I couldn’t find one thing wrong with any of them. There was some indication of exhaustion/fatigue but beyond that, your guess is as good as mine.”

“What about Commander Furson?” asked Razor.

“Nothing yet, I’ve yet to check up on him. I was on my way to see him, when all of you started to wake up.”

“Doctor, may I please join you. I need to see him.” pleaded Razor.

The doctor just looked at Razor for a moment, “Alright, but we’re getting you a wheel chair, and no arguing. If you do, I won’t let you out of that bed. Got it.”

Razor nodded.

“Good. Nurse, please get us a wheel chair.”

As Razor was pushed into Commander Furson’s room, a smile appeared across his face, for there, sitting up in his hospital bed was Commander Furson.

“Oh, my aching head.” he said, opening his eyes taking in his surroundings. His jaw dropped as he noticed Razor in the wheelchair. “Razor? What happened? Where’s T-Bone?”

“T-Bone’s all right. We…. That is T-Bone, myself and two groups of rescuers seemed to be suffering from exhaustion.”

“Rescuers? What happened?”

“The rescuers were out searching for you commander. You have been reported missing since Tuesday morning when you failed to return with your rental, the Deputy Mayor of Megakat City was called by your request if you failed to return Tuesday morning. But according to the hotel you where staying at shows you never returned Sunday evening.” replied the sheriff.

“Then I take it, it is now Wednesday?”


Furson sat there with his eyes closed trying to revive memories of the past few days. “I… I… I can’t remember! The last thing I remember is approaching the cave. What the hell is going on out there sheriff? And don’t give me any crap about a curse.”

“I don’t have answers for you then Commander, only questions!” said the sheriff, knowing he was not going to get any information out of these people. “Commander! I highly recommend you and everyone else to stay away from that area. I’ve lost to many people out there. And only the Lord knows how many people have experienced something out there. So from here on out none of my officers will be sent out there for ANY reason.”

“Razor?” inquired Furson, looking at him in the wheelchair.

“Sorry, Commander I can’t help you in this one. I’m at a total lost.”

Furson just hung his head in anger realizing he had somehow made a mistake. A mistake that had endangered others. He got outta bed and stood up. The doctor and the nurse immediately tried to put him back in bed.

“NO! Doctor, I’m fine. I must thank those who braved dangers beyond our understanding to find me.” stated Furson, as he pushed past the doctor and the nurse. “Razor would you like to join me?” as Furson grabbed his duster (coat) from the closet.

“Besides, I could use a friend that I ‘know’ right now.” whispered Furson to Razor.

Razor turned and looked up, smiled and nodded at Furson, as he started to push Razor’s wheelchair out of the room.


5:35 p.m., Friday June 18 Commander Furson’s Apartment

*This has got to be the weirdest week of my entire life.* thought Furson, sitting in his chair. He was not really paying much attention to the movie (Planet of the Apes).

“Dad? Dad!”

“Hmm, what is it Kathy?” asked Furson.

“The movie is over.”

“Oh, so it is. Did you like it.”

“Oh come on daddy, it’s science fiction. Apes could never evolve in such a fashion.”

“Are you sure? Just because they became extinct due to big game hunting, doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have evolved. Well look at us, at one time we walked on all fours. Granted it was a long time ago.”

“Yea, you may just be right about that. But we will never know will we?”

“Afraid not, now go do your studies.”

“O.K.” she said giving Furson a hug.

Furson smiled as Kathy walked towards her room. *I miss you Stacy. Kathy misses you.*

The sound of the phone ringing breaks Furson from his reverie. “Hello?”

“Hello. Is this Commander Geo Furson?” came a metallic voice from the receiver.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“My name is Rodimus Prime of Cyber Inc. …”

“I’m sorry I’m not interested in anything.”

“Good, I’m not selling anything. I’m just relaying a message.”

“Sorry, what is the message?”

“The message is as follows ‘It is now time to come home, Wildwolf.’”

A flash appeared in Furson’s mind as his memory returned. “Message received and acknowledged. I’ll see you downstairs in five minutes.” said Furson with a smile. “Kathy. I have to go downstairs for a moment. I’ll be right back.”

“Okay!” came the reply.

Furson walked out of the apartment, a few moments later he walked out the front door to the building. He approached a red hot rod, parked across the street. “Good to see you again Hot Rod.” he said as the door to the hot rod opened, on it’s own accord.

“It’s good to have you back Captain.” replied the metallic voice coming from the dashboard.

“Has everything been taken care of, that I have asked for?” inquired Furson.

“Yes, everything is being taken care of. The airport was already in our possession. We have begun the digging for the underground hanger, it still will be another two days before all the detailing is done. The control tower has been modified as well with the latest tracking and listening devices and computer systems that this planet has to offer. This also includes scramblers and all other radar jamming equipment.” replied Hot Rod.

“Excellent! How about T-Bone, Razor, and the Turbokat?”

“T-Bone and Razor will have it finished by o six hundred hours.”

“Now all I have to do…” Furson looks up at his apartment building, “is to find a way to kill the commander!”

“You can’t, the prime directive states…”

“I know Hot Rod! But I have no choice.”

Hot Rod said nothing as Furson stepped out of the car.


12:04 P.M. Thursday, June 24

“Okay, Johnny. I’ve got a real story so hang on.” said Ann Gora stepping up to the doors of Enforcer Headquarters..

“What’s going on Ann?” inquired Johnny.

“Only the biggest story of my career. The identities of the Swat Kats.” she replied.

“Okay, Ann we go live in three, two, one.” said Johnny, pointing his finger at her when he reached one.

“This is Ann Gora of Kat’s Eye News, with a most spectacular story. The Swat Kats, who are they? This reporter has covered many of the Swat Kats heroic acts, they seem to do what the enforcers can’t do. But why do they do it? What’s in it for them? For the answers to those questions we would have to talk to them. Since we’ve been unable to locate or even talk to the Swat Kats after a battle, these question still go unanswered.

As of this morning I received a mysterious letter from someone in the enforcers. Included with the letter was a memo to the commander.” she opens the letter and unfolds it to read. “The memo states: Commander Furson, you are hereby ordered to find the secret identities of the Swat Kats. Once they have been identified they are to be arrested. You have until June 25 to find their identities or else the case will be turned over to Commander Feral. Signed Mayor Manx. The leader of this team is none other than Commander Geo. Furson of ‘WITS’, Weapons – Investigation – Tactical – Specialists. Commander Furson has been searching for the Swat Kats identities for two months, we have been informed by another letter this morning stating that the commander has found their identities.”

Commander Furson was just walking out the door, as Ann Gora shoved the mike into his face.

“Commander isn’t it true you know the identities of the Swat Kats?”

Furson just stood back from the mike, and said coolly, “No comment!!”

“Commander, do you know that tomorrow is your deadline. Don’t you have any clue as to the identities of the Swat Kats!” stated Ann, as she pressed closer to Furson.

“No, Comment!”

“Now I have other business to attend to, pardon me please?” said Furson, as he pushed past Ann and Johnny.

“There you have it. The enforcers are staying quiet. Why? Are they holding information back from us? More questions to a mystery, will we find out? Who knows? Perhaps these and other questions will be answered tomorrow. The enforcers are to issue a statement tomorrow at noon, concerning the Swat Kats. This is Ann Gora of Kat’s Eye News.”

Johnny turned off the camera and looked at Ann then towards Commander Furson. “That was interesting Annie, do you suppose he really knows.?”

“Yes. Johnny he knows. I saw it in his eyes.”


6:08 p.m. Friday, June 25

*All is finished and ready. I’m proud of the work everyone did. Now all that remains is to kill the commander.* thought Furson to himself, as he took another bite of his sandwich.

“So commander, who are the Swat Kats?” said the she kat enforcer, sitting next to Furson, at a diner’s counter.

“Don’t go there Felina. You know I can’t talk about it. It’s bad enough that every thug who wants a piece of the Swat Kats are now going to come after me for that information. So if you want to know who they are, you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow when it’s announced.”

“I’m sorry commander.”

“Hey, forget it lieutenant…” said Furson as he was cut off from yelling in the street. He ran outside just as a red Ferrari traveling approximately sixty miles per hour hit a ten year old child and it’s mother.

The site was horrifying, as the mother was tossed into the air, landing into the back of a parked car. The child landed on the ground in front of the Ferrari, just before it ran over the child, the car never slowed down.

“Lieutenant call for a med unit, I’m going after this scum bag.” yelled Furson, as he got into his car.

“Right!” Felina returned.

Within seconds Commander Furson was hot on the tail of the sports car. “Headquarters this is Furson, I need backup. I’m in pursuit of a ninety-four red Ferrari involved in a hit and run at East Thirty-sixth and Lexington. License number is ‘JTC 1895′. Car is currently traveling south on Lexington, at speeds exceeding sixty mph. I need traffic diverted and a road block set up at Lexington and East forty-eighth street.” stated Furson into the mic.

The car kept on moving thru traffic like a crazed frog, sideswiping cars as he passed them. The driver even ran his car up onto the sidewalk to maneuver around some parked cars. As they approached East forty-eighth street. An enforcer threw out steel spikes onto the road, but the car avoided the spikes with ease.

“Commander Furson to Headquarters, I’m still on Lexington heading south, set up a roadblock at East one hundred-eighth street. This guy has hit vehicles and injured other people. So get me some backup NOW!!!” he yelled, throwing his mic. into the seat next to him.

*CRUD! At these speeds we’ll be out of the city in minutes. Looks like I’ll have to take him out myself.*

Moments later the Ferrari came to another road block, but he didn’t slow down. Colliding into the two patrol cars, ripping off their front bumper. The pursuit was still leading south directly for the Salvage Yard. The enforcers quickly jumped into their cars and gave pursuit. Unfortunately their cars didn’t have the horsepower as Commander Furson’s car, so they were left behind.

“Where’s my back up guys, I’m now traveling over one hundred twenty two mph. And he’s still pulling away.”

Furson couldn’t let this guy get away, he hit the accelerator to the floor. The motor roared allowing him to rear end the car. The driver of the car increased his speed to avoid Furson’s attempt at rear ending him. A sign came into view indicating a curve ahead, neither vehicle were able to slow enough before the curve. The Ferrari crashed thru a metal fence with the words ‘Salvage Yard’ on it. Furson managed to maneuver his car thru the gapping hole in the fence, slowing to the speed of ninety.

Once inside Furson came up behind the now slowing car, rear ending it. The car started to fishtail as the driver lost control, crashing broadside into a station wagon, that was parked in front of the garage. The car’s driver jumped out, in front of Furson’s car. Furson swerved to avoid hitting him, causing Furson to hit an old truck.

Shaking the pain from his mind. Furson stepped out of his car to continue his chase. “Halt or I’ll shoot.”

The driver ignored the request and ran the short distance to the building kicking the door in. Immediately he raised two guns from his duster, pointing them at the two surprised inhabitants of the Salvage Yard.

“GREAT SCOTT!! Furson to Headquarters, The suspect has left his vehicle and entered the residents home of the Salvage Yard, and is now holding the residents as hostages. Get Lieutenant Commander Felina Feral and team down here.” said Furson, practically yelling into his mic.

Furson turned as the rest of the back up arrived at the Salvage Yard. “Your team is late as usual Feral.” he said , shaking his head. But he was brought back to reality as the sound of a gun shot echoed from the building. A tear rolled down his cheek knowing he couldn’t do anything for his friends at the moment.


“Crud! What was that?” asked Chance standing up from the couch.

“Sounded like a collision! Let’s check it out.” replied Jake, getting up from the table.

Jake and Chance quickly ran to the front door. The door flew open almost hitting Jake. Both kats gasped as they noticed two fully automatic pistols being pointed directly at their faces. The gun man forced the two back into the living room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Chance and Jake moved back while trying to figure a way out of this. Chance made a bold move, he sidestepped around the gun mans aim and charged him for a tackle. The gun man was far too fast for Chance, he side stepped Chance’s lunge and struck Chance on the head. Jake took the opportunity and also rushed the gun man, only to be shot in the shoulder. Jake spun around landing hard on the floor, with a THUD. Chance looked at Jake then up at the gun man, as anger welled up inside of him. The sound of the gun cocking in place readying to fire, caused him to cool off quickly. He made no attempt to over take the gun man, as he returned his gaze back to Jake.

*JAKE! I’m sorry, partner, please forgive me.* Chance thought to himself as he slowly crawled to Jake.

“Pick him up!! If you try anything like that again and I’ll blow your’s or his head off. Now get in there and sit down.” yelled the gun man.

Chance slowly picked up Jake, carrying him to the couch. Setting Jake down he turned and sat next to Jake, starring at the gunman. “What do you want?”

“SHUT UP!!! OR I’LL KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!” yelled their captor. The gunman leaned against the wall next to the TV as it showed a picture of Ann Gora.


6:18 p.m.

“This is Ann Gora of Katz Eye News. I’m reporting live from the Salvage Yard, just outside of Megakat City, where a hostage situation has just occurred. The hostages identities have not yet been released, but the suspects identity has been established as Jack Land. He is currently wanted for armed robbery, and the death of a guard at Megakat Financial Bank. It has also been learned, that the suspect is wanted for a hit and run, of a mother and her daughter, that occurred a short while ago. The condition and the identities of the two who were hit, have not been released as of yet. The officer Commander Furson was in pursuit of the suspect after the hit and run incident. The chase lasted for twenty-three minutes before ending here at The Salvage Yard, where the suspect has taken two hostages.” a piece of paper is handed to Ann, “One moment please,” she said as she glanced over the paper. “The identities of the two hostages have been released, their names are Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong. They are the mechanics at the Salvage Yard, apparently working late when they were taken by force by the suspect. We’ll keep you informed of any further updates. Back to you Dan.” she said, as she turned her attention back to the Salvage Yard.


6:52 p.m.

“Please Jack, let me speak to one of the hostages. I need to check and make sure they’re okay.” Furson requested.

“Alright, but don’t call in here again. I’ll call when I’m ready to make my demands.” said Jack, handing the phone towards Chance.


“Chance are you and Jake alright!! I heard a gun shot?” asked Furson.

There was a moment of silence before Chance replied, “Jake was shot in the shoulder, he’s alright for now.”

“Don’t worry Chance we’ll get you out.” said Furson, hanging up the phone. “Felina please take over!” he continued, standing up and stretching. *Alright I have no choice now, the opportunity has presented itself. It’s time to die commander.* Furson looked at his watch, then tapped it three times. In a whispered voice he said, “It’s show time guys, let’s get it in one take.” Once he finished he taped his watch again.

Furson turned around as commotion erupted from behind.

“Let me through I’m the Deputy Mayor, I’ve urgent business with the Commander.” yelled Callie trying to push through the barricade.

“Let her through Sargent.” commanded Furson as he walked towards Callie.

“Commander we got to do something, these guys are my mechanics and more importantly ,they are my friends.” she said with concern.

“We are trying everything we can Callie. But I don’t…..”

“Please commander, I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried to call the Swat Kats but they’re not answering.” pleaded Callie.

“I know Callie, I’ve already called them, they’re tied up at the moment. They’ll be here as soon as possible.” reassured Furson.

“You?!” she said, with an expression of puzzlement.

“Would you like some coffee and donuts?” asked Furson, avoiding the question.

“No, thank you.” she replied.

“Excuse me then.” he returned. He turned around and headed towards a table, containing coffee and donuts. As he took a cup of coffee he moved towards his car. Just as he sat down two kats in dark blue flight suits approached his car.

“Your early, I wasn’t expecting you for another minute and a half.

“Hello Commander Furson! T-Bone was anxious to get here. What’s the plan?” asked Razor.

“Glad you guys are here, we have a hostage situation, and I need you two to come with me.” said Furson, with an air of command. “Felina!” Felina walked over to the small group and greeted the Swat Kats. “Felina! The Swat Kats and myself will be going in. So your in Charge until I get back.” Felina saluted then headed to the command table.

Furson motioned the enforcers to follow him. Approaching his car, Furson pulled out a piece of paper, containing the layout of the Salvage Yard. “Alright here is what we’re going to do? You two will enter by….”


7:02 p.m.

Furson quietly enters through the window in the garage, carefully stepping over the scattered tools laying on the bench. “Felina, we’re in.” he said, in a soft whisper. “T-Bone, Razor status.

“We’re in the hallway leading to the living room. Chance appears alright, Jake seems to be injured, he is conscious and aware of what is going on. The suspect is leaning up against the wall next to the TV. He has two forty-five calliper semi automatic pistols, one is trained on Chance, the other by his side, at the ready.” replied T-Bone.

“Standby to move on my mark.” Furson commanded.



“Johnny get us back on the air, here comes Commander Feral.”

“Okay Annie.” Johnny replied setting the camera up. “We’re live in three, two, one.”

“This is Anne Gora of Katz Eye News, Commander Feral of the Enforcers has just arrived at the scene.” Anne turns and approaches Commander Feral, Johnny is hot on her tail. “Commander what is the situation right now?”

“We have everything under control Miss. Gora. At least we don’t have the accursed Swat Kats to deal with. And by this time tomorrow the Swat Kats will be behind bars where they belong.” stated Feral.

“Commander! Are you saying the rumors that the enforcers have learned the identities of the Swat Kats. Are true..” she rebutted.

“Yes, and we’ll arrest Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong when we get in there and take out their captor.”

“Ladies and Gentlekats, you heard it here first. The identities of the Swat Kats have been revealed as Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong. The hostages that are currently being held inside the building behind me.” she turned to indicate the building. Anne jumped at the sound of several gun shots ringing out from the building. Her face turned white as a ghost and bowel rose up throat as realized what she just had said over the air.


7:03 p.m.

Chance’s face went white as he heard Commander Feral reveal that he and Jake were the Swat Kats. He noticed that a smile had appeared on the gun mans face, as he stared at the name tag on Chance’s coveralls. The gun man raised both guns, preparing to fire.

“NOW!” Shouted Furson, moving into the doorway. Razor was the first to move into the living room. The gun man noticed the movement in the hallway and fired at the kat coming out, nailing him in the face. Razor did a back flip, as he grabbed his wounded face. Chance pushed Jake off the couch, out of the gun mans line of fire, as he jumped at their captor. Furson fired at the suspect hitting the gun pointed at Jake, knocking it out of his hand. Furson’s second shot hit the other gun shattering it into pieces.

Chance immediately tackled his captor forcing him into the wall. T-Bone watched Chance hit the gun man, as he jumped over the sofa with ease. He threw a punch at the gun man knocking him out cold. “That’s for Razor!” stated T-Bone.

The gun man went slack as he fell to the ground unconscious. Chance turned to look at who gave him the assistance, and went slack jaw. His jaw dropped as he stared into the face of T- Bone. “Who? What are? How?” was all Chance could say, as T-Bone turned and ran back to Razor’s side.

“Chance?” called Jake as he stood up. “Are you all right?”

“Yea!” he said staring at T-Bone as he picked up Razor then setting him down in a chair.

Jake turned and gasped at the sight then turned toward Chance, then to Furson. “What’s going on Geo?” Jake demanded.

“Not now please Jake. Chance get the enforcers in here! Razor hang on I’m coming.” said Furson running to Jake’s side. “Are you alright?” he asked checking on the bullet wound.

“Yea, I’ll live, but who are they?” inquired Jake, pointing at the Swat Kats.

“Please Jake all in due time.” replied Furson, walking to Razor’s side. “Let go Razor, let me see. Please!” Razor removed his bloodied hand from his face to reveal the bullets entry point, in his right eye.

As Jake approached, he felt like retching but held it back. He realized that there was wiring and micro-machinery inside the eye socket. “What are you?” Jake demanded.

Ignoring Jake, Furson called to T-Bone. “T-Bone get the med kit.” T-Bone removed his back pack, opened it, and retrieved the kit. “Don’t worry Razor we’ll get you bandaged and back to the base.”


7: 05 p.m. Outside the Salvage Yard

“Commander get the paramedics in here! We’ve got wounded!” yelled Chance, stepping out of the garage.

Commander Feral walked up to the building with weapon drawn, “Enforcers move in!” he called to the enforcers in front of him. The enforcers rushed into the building and secured the area.

*Alright after all these years I finally have you Swat Kats!” thought Feral

Anne and Johnny followed Commander Feral to the garage, then stopped, turned, and looked into the camera. “We’re going in.”

As they entered, Commander Feral started to be briefed by an enforcer.

“The area is secured Commander. The suspect is in custody.” said the enforcer.

“Very good, private. Once the paramedics are finished, get the scum out of here.” stated Feral.

The enforcer saluted Feral and returned to the suspect and paramedics.

Anne took in the scene, and made a startling discovery. “Well ladies and gentlemen the hostage situation has now ended, thanks to the efforts of the Swat Kats and the enforcer Commander Furson. Just a few moments ago you heard Commander Feral claim that Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were the Swat Kats.” Ann steps away from the camera, so Johnny could get a good shot of the scene. The camera caught four kats assisting an injured kat, sitting in a chair. Johnny heard a gasp and turned the camera to Commander Feral. Ann approaches Feral, “Commander, earlier you claimed that Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong were the Swat Kats. Now, how can it be that T-Bone and Razor are standing next to each other.”

Commander immediately regained his senses and snapped his jaw shut. As he turned to look at the camera he spoke in a low, deep growl. “NO COMMENT!!!”

“I’d say you have some explaining to do, Feral!” yelled Callie pushing past an enforcer.

“T-Bone get Razor back to the base, and get him into the restoration chamber.” whispered Furson.

T-Bone nodded, then helped Razor to stand. Chance helped T-Bone walk Razor out the back door, to a parked vehicle.

Furson started to bandage Jake’s shoulder, as a grin appeared on his face. He tried to stifle his laughter. *Commander Feral your in deep trouble. You, of all people, should know to never say anything about hostages especially when you are on television.*

“What’s so funny?” asked Jake.

Furson’s laughter immediately stopped, as a loud roar rang out from behind him. Grabbing his pistol he swung around to see the suspect pointing an enforcer issued AK-47 machine gun at him and Jake. “GET DOWN!” yelled Furson, stepping in front of Jake and firing his pistol.

The newly armed prisoner fired several rounds at Commander Furson and Jake before Furson’s shot, went through his heart. The spray of machine gun bullets, however, didn’t miss their mark. The bullets pierced Furson’s armored vest, forcing him back into Jake, knocking both kats to the floor.

Jake grabbed Furson and rolled him onto his back, and gasped at the blood that covered his paw and the Commander’s armored vest. “GEO! SOMEONE PLEASE!! I NEED A MEDIC OVER HERE!!” yelled Jake, as he began to panic. Two medics jumped to Furson’s side, beginning to give aid to stabilize his condition for transport. Another two medics wheeled a Gurney in next to Jake “Let’s go!!” called one medic, stepping aside, to transfer Furson to the Gurney.

Within a minute, they had Furson in the ambulance. Jake stepped into the ambulance, as a medic gave him assistance. A siren wailed and flashing lights blinked, as the ambulance and two enforcer cars, disappeared in the distance.


7:15 p.m.

“J-J-Jake!” called Furson.

“Yea, Geo. I’m here!!” replied Jake, tears running down his cheek.

“D-did… I …. get … him?” inquired Furson, as his face began to pale.

“Yea, you got him and saved our lives.” wiping away tears.

A monitor beeped to a slow steady beat

“Jake! If I … don’t …”

“Your going to pull thru, Geo. Besides, Kathy’s waiting for you.” he interrupted with a sniff

“J-Jake! Please … take care … of Kathy.”

The beeping sound of the heart monitor continued to slow.

“Geo, don’t speak like that! These guys will pull you thru. Please Geo, hang on!”

Jake took Furson’s paw into his paws and started to pray.

“It’s getting dark Jake. I guess I’ll see you on the other si…..” an alarm rang out as the heart monitor showed a flat line.

“NO! Geo.” cried Jake, as Furson’s hand went limp.

The medics immediately began CPR to revive him. A few moments later the ambulance’s siren went silent.


7:30 p.m. Megakat Memorial Hospital

“Nurse! Two kats were just brought in with gunshot wounds. Where are they?” asked Chance, gasping for air.

“And you are?” inquired the nurse, from behind the counter.

“Chance, Chance Furlong.” he replied, still trying to catch his breath.

“What are their names?”

“Jake Clawson and Commander Geo. Furson.” he stared at her, growing slightly angered.

“One moment please.” she turned to her folders on the desk. Picking up two folders she scanned thru the contents. When she looked back up to Chance, there were three more kats standing behind him. She recognized Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs and Commander Feral, but she knew that these kats better speak to the doctor. “Mr. Furlong. Please have a seat the doctor will be out shortly.” She suggested, as she picked up the phone.

Twenty minutes later a doctor in green garb came into the waiting room. “Chance Furlong?” called the doctor.

“How are they doctor?” asked Chance, standing in unison with the others.

“Please come this way.” requested the doctor as he walked to a small room off to the side of the emergency room. “Please have a seat. Now Jake is in stable condition. I just finished patching him up. The bullet wound was clean, and he’ll need to stay overnight for observation. I don’t expect any complications, so he may go home in the morning.”

Chance gave a sigh of relief, but was still very tense.

“What about Commander Furson?” asked Callie. “How is he?”

“I’m sorry! There was nothing we could do. He died in transport.” replied the doctor, in a sympathetic tone.

Commander Feral just stared, while Felina closed her eyes. Callie buried her face into her paws, weeping. Chance bowed his head and hugged Callie. Chance looked up to the doctor, “Doc. Does Jake know?”

“Yes, we had to sedate him. He went into shock and had a seizure. He’s sleeping now, but if you want to see him, I’ll let you in.” he replied, standing up.

“Yes, doctor I would.”


7:26 p.m. Enforcer Headquarter

In a dark office on the second floor, a desk lamp begins to flicker. The light bulb explodes sending a shower of sparks onto the desk , igniting the desk calender. Within minutes the office is ablaze, as the fire burns, a hidden safe is exposed revealing an electronic lock. The lock begins to short out and pops the lock, exposing the contents to the fire. Inside are a folder labeled ‘Final Swat Kats Report’ and a video tape labeled ‘Swat Kats Unmasked’, both begin to burn.

An alarm rings out as the fire sprinklers start to put out the fire.


7:26 p.m. Megakat Orphanage, Kathy’s room.

“Kathy! Kathy!”

Kathy woke with a startle, as she heard her name being called. “Who?” She looked around and saw a tall kat in an enforcer outfit, “Dad?”

“Yes, sweetheart. Listen, there’s been an accident, and I’ll have to leave for a while.” He quickly put a finger to her mouth, to keep her quite. “Tomorrow morning or even tonight, someone will tell you that I’ve died. Don’t worry about it, but do not tell them that you’ve seen me either.” Furson takes out a small charred emblem on a necklace and gives it to Kathy. “Take this, now remember if there is ever any serious danger, this will get you in contact with some very special friends of mine.”

“But why do you have to leave dad? Why can’t I go with you?” pleaded Kathy.

“You see. I now remember who I am and how I got here. My son and a small group of people have disappeared. Nobody knows what has happened to them, a search group when out to find them and they too have vanished. It is my responsibility to find them and bring them home. Where I’m going is very dangerous, and I don’t want to lose you too.”

“Who will take care of me?”

“Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ve asked Uncle Jake, Uncle Chance, Aunt Felina and Aunt Callie to take care of you in my absence.” Furson looked to his left and to his right. “Plus T-Bone and Razor, said they would keep an eye on you.”

A smile appears on Kathy’s face. “Ok, dad. I won’t tell anyone.”

“That’s my pumpkin. Now get to sleep, you have a busy day tomorrow, you have that big science test.” he said, messing up Kathy’s hair. He bent over and gave Kathy a kiss on the forehead. Turning around he walked out the door. Entering the hallway he noticed Mrs. Bell enter the same hall from the stairs.

“Mr. Furson! You know visiting hours end at seven.” she said in a loud whisper.

Furson turned away from her walking down the hallway to a closet door. He opened the door and stepped inside closing it behind him. Mrs. Bell quickly walked to the door shaking her head. She opened the closet door and said in an upset tone. “Now look here….” her voice trailed off, realizing that the closet was now empty. Her face turned white as a ghost, and she fell to the floor with a thump.

9:43 a.m. Saturday June 25, Megakat Orphanage.

Callie, Felina, Jake , Chance, T-Bone & Razor, who was still wrapped in a clean bandage and eye patch, arrived at the orphanage. Mrs. Bell was surprised when they came in, Callie walked up to her and asked to see Kathy. Mrs. Bell knew them and that Furson trusted them, to help Kathy. She walked them to the TV room, where Kathy sat.

“She said she was expecting you.” said Mrs. Bell, a little mystified.

“How’d she know that?” asked Felina, as the others walked in to speak with Kathy.

“Well, truth be known. Last night I saw Commander Furson come out of Kathy’s room around seven thirty. I tried to talk to him but he just ignored me.”

“That’s impossible!” breathed Felina. “Furson was injured in a shoot out last night. He died en route to the hospital. The official time was seven twenty-nine.” Felina just looked at Mrs. Bell’s puzzled face. Then turned to meet up with the others next to Kathy.

None of the inhabitants of the room except T-Bone & Razor knew they were being observed. A young kitten, seven years old, smiled, nodded and walked out the door and down the hallway. Around his wrist was the same amulet design, as Kathy’s charred amulet. He presses it, a second later, a faint glow surrounds him and he vanishes.

Above the planet a ship orbits.

“Ensign take us out of orbit and set course to one three seven, mark five, warp one.” commanded the captain.

“I-I captain.” said the ensign as he worked the controls on his console. “We’re out of orbit. Setting course to one three seven, mark five, warp one.

From outside the ship one could see a spectacular sight. A beautiful ship speeds towards a point, and within a flash the ship disappears.

Captain’s Log 229707.12

I have found out that the group enjoyed spending their time with Kathy But it was Mrs. Bell that helped the most, allowing Kathy to be welcomed into the home of my friends. Kathy enjoyed spending her days with Jake and Chance. She imagined she was a race car driver, a member of the Swat Kats, or else an enforcer, and she even helped to work on cars. She even watched Scardy Kat cartoons with Chance.

Whenever Felina had a day off she would spend it with Kathy. She took her through Enforcer’s Headquarters, and Enforcer Academy. Miss Briggs visited whenever possible which was very rare. But Kathy enjoyed her time with equal excitement. T-Bone and Razor from time to time would get a chance to check up on her and play with all the kids, giving them rides on the cyclotrons or letting them sit in the jet. I believe T-Bone and Razor enjoyed this more than they had ever let on.

It saddens me to sit here in what is left of Planet Post Alpha, whatever happened must have been devastating. By the look of things, it happened fast. All that I have left of my friends are these records from the computer and those saved by Project Annihilation. I don’t know what’s worst, that everyone I’ve known is dead. Or that a rogue planet is about to destroy this planet I’ve called home for so long.

The End of Book One.

Don’t go away mad. Book two ‘The Truth Is Out There.’ is ready for typing, hopefully I’ll have it done soon.

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