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Viper’s Revenge

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 35,236 Words

Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he? (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he?
Author Note:Posted this story on Fanfic.net, SWAT Kat.com, and SWAT Kat.us. I’m a new writer so please be merciful and I hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter 9

The Cure and The Kidnapping

Sarena’s POV

I sigh tiredly as I slam the door with my foot, my arms full of magazines and dinner. It’s been two weeks since Ulysses was brought home and set up in his bedroom. A makeshift pulley and winch had been installed to hold his wing at the proper angle to heal. It didn’t allow Uly any real way to move around. The only time it was allowed down was for bathroom breaks. He wasn’t allowed to bathe for obvious reasons, and that only made him more irritable and difficult. I had picked up some dry shampoo last week and used it to clean his fur as best as possible under the circumstances.

He hated every minute of his confinement. Many were the difficulties that had to be solved from the first moment he arrived home. The first was the feeling of claustrophobia from being trapped in his bedroom. This was alleviated somewhat by his glasses and having the window wide open at all times. This also eased his intense need to fly. The next problem was severe boredom. The best I could do was entertain him. We played chess, board games, watched TV, rented movies and read the latest periodicals in his field that he never found time to go through and, of course, the reports from his office that Felina brought by on a regular basis. Sometimes, even that wasn’t enough. During those times, I would give him a massage and, though we couldn’t do much else, we did cuddle and kiss. Everyone was right, Uly is a very difficult patient, but with me he tries his best not to snap and be as stoic as possible over his predicament. I love him so very much.

Feral’s POV

I hear Sarena come in and heave a sigh. I wince with guilt at her sound of resignation and tiredness. She forgets that my hearing is acute. I hate this! Being confined to bed with the outside beaconing me drives me crazy. Sarena does her best to try and distract me, and I’m so grateful to her for her perseverance. I know I’m a terrible patient. Inactivity just makes me tense and cranky. I try hard not to take my frustration out on her, and she is so forgiving. I don’t think it would be so bad if it wasn’t for my raptor traits. That side of me gets very panicky being cooped up for so long and only the glasses help to ease that somewhat.

At that moment, I hear a knock at the door. Sarena goes to answer it, and I soon hear my niece’s voice. A few minutes later, and she is entering my room followed by Sarena. Besides Sarena, Felina’s regular visits are a godsend.

“Hi Uncle! How are you today?” Felina asks smiling, understanding in her eyes.

“As good as can be expected.” I sigh grumpily. “So, how did the interviews go?”

Now, it was her turn to sigh, “The interviews are all completed and everyone was cleared except for the one Kat who supposedly was on vacation. It was discovered that Cal Linburn had signed out for vacation without permission and disappeared. Process of elimination, he was our traitor. There is a warrant out for his arrest, but I don’t hold my breath that we’ll ever see him again.”

I grunt in agreement. He could be dead too, but I didn’t say that out loud. I didn’t want to upset Sarena.

“Well, you’ve done everything you can do; there is nothing left but keep our guard up and wait to see if Turmoil will turn up,” I told her.

“Yeah, I agree, though I’m surprised she hasn’t made a move yet. It isn’t like her to lay low this long. I really wish we could find out what she’s up to,” Felina groused.

“I know, Felina. Waiting is hard, but I’m glad Turmoil is taking her time. It gives me time to recover and get back to work. Don’t like the idea of her making a major move on the city and I’m laid up,” I said in frustration.

Felina smiled warmly at me and gave my arm a squeeze.

“I know it’s been really hard for you, Uncle, but your wing seems to be healing fast maybe it won’t take a full six weeks to be better,” she said in quiet assurance.

“One could hope so. Doctor Mewser is supposed to check it again next Friday. We’ll just have to wait and see. Thanks for coming by, Felina, have a quiet evening.” I smile weakly at her.

“You too, Uncle. Rest well and don’t worry about work too much. Good night, Sarena. Let me know if you need anything,” she said as she made her way to the front door.

Sarena saw her out before returning with our dinner and the magazines she’d gotten me.

“Here you are, love, let’s eat and try to relax okay?” She smiled and sank down on the bed beside me, kissed my cheek then served our meal. Only she can make this all bearable, and I eat with little appetite as she cuddles close to me. It’s going to be another long week.

Felina’s POV

I was getting into my car in the lower parking garage below Enforcer Headquarters Wednesday evening when I was attacked by two ninjas who seemed intent on trying to kidnap me. They almost succeeded in overcoming me when a couple of enforcers happened along. The attackers took off. They managed to get away, leaving me confused and sore. I have enemies, but they usually wouldn’t be so bold as to try and grab me at Enforcer Headquarters. Someone was desperate, but it didn’t seem to be something Turmoil would do. So, I was left with a mystery.

I told my Uncle about the attempted kidnapping. He was confused as well and warned me about being caught alone again and to be more aware of my security. I promised I’d be more watchful.

Turmoil’s POV

I nearly killed those idiots for their failure to capture Lieutenant Feral. She’s now on alert and trying to take her will be impossible now. There must be some other way to get to Commander Feral. There’s been some rumor about a certain she kat seen in his company lately. Perhaps this needs to be investigated.

Sarena’s POV

Another week has gone by, and the doctor is supposed to be here in an hour. I truly hope he says Ulysses is healed. I don’t know if he can handle being inactive much longer.

Feral’s POV

The doctor is finally here! I can barely hold still as he removes the braces and bandages from my wing. He won’t let me move it yet until he examines it thoroughly, then he lets me move it very slowly. I feel no pain as I finally flex my wing and flip it to my back for the first time in three weeks. God, it feels soo good to be able to move completely again.

“Before you even attempt to fly, Commander, we need to x-ray the wing to make sure everything has realigned properly. So, if you will get dressed, I will meet you at the hospital in about 30 minutes,” Dr. Mewser directed.

“Right! We’ll be there shortly, thanks,” I said gratefully as I got up to get dressed for the first time in weeks. Sarena smiled at me happily and left me to get ready. I got dressed quickly, and we were soon in the elevator. It seems strange to use it since I usually leave by my balcony. In no time we are at the hospital, and I’m waiting impatiently for the doctor to read my x-rays. Though it seems like forever, it’s only been 20 minutes when the doctor finally gives me the green light to be able to fly. I thank him quickly, anxious to return to the sky I miss more than I ever thought I would. Outside, I kiss Sarena then take to the air at last. I’m free!!

Sarena’s POV

I am thrilled to see the joy on Uly’s face as he takes to the air for the first time in three weeks. Though he left me on the sidewalk rather abruptly, I can’t fault him for his real need to take to the sky once more. I smile to myself as I get into Uly’s car and drive back to his apartment. I probably won’t see him again for a few hours, so decide to pack up my things and tidy up his bedroom. A little later, sighing happily, I return to my own apartment. He will seek me out when he’s ready.

Feral’s POV

I’m finally back to work, and it feels good. I was spending the morning catching up when I received a rather excited call from Dr. Konway at the Bio Tech Labs. He insists I come there immediately. They have some good news for me but don’t want to tell me over the phone. My interest is piqued. I summon Felina to the flight line.

“What’s up, Uncle?” she asks as soon as she walks up to me.

“Dr. Konway has some important news to tell me and wants me to come immediately. I thought you might like to come with me.” I smile at her.

“You bet! I love flying with you, and I’m curious to see what has the doctor so excited,” Felina agreed.

I scoop her up, and she places her arms around my neck. I jump from the building and spread my wings to catch a thermal, falling into an easy glide. Within minutes, we are landing at the Bio Tech Labs where Dr. Konway is waiting anxiously for us. He has a big smile on his face but refuses to answer any questions until we are in his lab.

“I’m sure that you may have thought we had given up finding a cure for you, Commander, but we have in fact found it at last.” He is smiling happily at their success. I, however, am struck speechless. I should be happy about this development, but I’m not and I’m confused by that response..

While Dr. Konway babbles on about the cure, I remain numb and silent. Felina notices my sudden quiet and watches me with concern. It takes Konway a little longer to realize that I don’t seem very happy about his momentous announcement.

“Is something wrong, Commander? I thought you would be thrilled to know you could return to your normal form again?” His face is confused and concerned.

“I’m not ungrateful for all your hard work, Dr. Konway. I’m just overwhelmed by your news. Frankly, I’m not certain how I feel about it. I’ve gotten soo used to these wings that the problems I’ve experienced don’t seem so bad anymore. I’m not certain I want to return to normal.” Shaking my head and rubbing my face in consternation, I look at my niece in helpless indecision.

“Perhaps you should take some time to think about this, Uncle. Talk to Sarena before you make a decision.” Felina offered a temporary solution for my dilemma.

I give her a grateful, wan smile.

“You’re right, Felina! Dr. Konway, let me think about this for a little. I’ll let you know what I decide soon,” I tell him more positively.

“Of course, Commander. I understand. It will be waiting for you when you make up your mind,” he said, a little puzzled but trying to be supportive.

Felina’s POV

Uncle Ulysses is quiet as he flies us back to Enforcer Headquarters. I can understand his dilemma a little. He’d worked hard to adapt to his transformation and in the process he’d found new ways to do his job that has made him happier than I’ve ever seen him and a relationship that has made him more contented with his life. Would he be just as happier if he returned to his former self? That is what I think is troubling him the most. Personally, I would find it hard to give up this glorious ability to fly without a machine. But, he has to weigh all the other problems he deals with everyday. I don’t envy him this decision.

Feral’s POV

Why am I not happy about returning to normal? I admit I’ve kinda gotten used to being able to fly like a bird. The down side is my problems in closed spaces and if my glasses were ever damaged or stolen by criminals I would be as dangerous as the criminals themselves. The other thing is not flying in jets or copters. I can fly fast, but not as fast as a jet. I’d have to be a passenger not the pilot. But then, when we arrived at a scene, I’m able to get out and see it better than those confined to the plane. There are many pluses and minuses to both sides. I really need to talk to Sarena. This decision is just as important to her as to me. With that in mind, I set aside the decision for a while and set down to go through the reports stacked on my desk.

Sarena’s POV

What a day! I spent it cleaning my apartment and restocking my fridge. Ulysses was so excited when he returned the day of his release that he made love to me nearly all night. It was wonderful. Now that my days are free again, I’m kinda at a loss as to what to do with myself. Since it’s such a beautiful day outside, and still a couple of hours from sunset, I decide to go to our favorite spot in the park and eat a picnic dinner.

A quick bus trip to Megakat Park and a brisk walk brings me to our favorite tree near the pond. I was just laying my blanket down when I sensed danger. I straighten quickly, but it’s too late as I am grabbed from behind and my mouth covered with a strong smelling cloth. I try to hold my breath, but whoever it is squeezes me hard and I am forced to take a breath. As soon as I do, the world turns dark.

Turmoil’s POV

At last! Now we will see if Feral cares enough for this female to do as I demand. I order one of my officers to deliver my ransom demand immediately to Enforcer Headquarters. My revenge on T-Bone and the enforcers is finally at hand.

Feral’s POV

I looked up in surprise as my Sergeant barreled into my office in a panic.

“Sir, this was handed to the desk sergeant by an unknown female who left immediately and disappeared. It’s a ransom note from Turmoil!” he said urgently, handing me the note.

I quickly read the short inscription, and my heart freezes. The damn she kat has Sarena hostage. For a moment, I’m paralyzed with fear. Then, just as suddenly, I’m consumed with fury. How dare she?! If she harms my lover . . . ! I didn’t realize I was displaying fangs and claws and growling until my Sergeant stepped back in fear from me. Shaking myself firmly, I regained control. Now wasn’t the time to allow my temper to flare. My fury was a cold fire within me!

I ordered an immediate Level One security search begun and had the Sergeant get my niece. I needed to plan. Despite what I’d already set in motion, I knew that only a small team would be more likely to save Sarena. However, Turmoil would be expecting me to send out the calvary, so that’s what I’ll do. She’ll never suspect I’d be willing to work with the SWAT Kats, and that’s how we are going to defeat her.

While I waited for Felina to arrive, I contacted the SWAT Kats.

Chance’s POV

I banged my head under the hood of the truck I was tuning when I unexpectedly heard a call for the SWAT Kats come over the Enforcer band. Rubbing the back of my head, I went to the private link we had with Feral.

“T-Bone, here. What do you need, Commander?” I asked brusquely.

Feral briefed me on the kidnapping of his girl friend by Turmoil and her ransom demand. She wanted the nuclear detonator in exchange for the safe return of Sarena. I snarled in fury at the callousness of that blasted she kat. I could hear the barely restrained rage in Feral’s voice.

Jake and I always worried about such a thing happening to us, so we could certainly feel empathy for the big guy and concern for the innocent female mixed up in this power struggle.

“What do you want us to do, Feral? Have you got a plan?” I asked him.

“Yes, but I won’t give it out on the radio. I don’t want Turmoil to know I’m working with you two. That will be my surprise! Meet me at the rear of the local biker’s hangout. Come on your cyclotrons. Be there in an hour!” Feral ordered then hung up.

The bikers’ hangout? What does he have in mind? I shrug my shoulders. I guess we will soon find out. I reach for the radio to call Jake, who is out getting parts. I tell him to get back to the garage A.S.A.P. I’ll explain when he arrives.

I’ve closed up the garage and am suited up and waiting when Jake arrives. He eyes me in surprise but goes to his locker to change clothes. While he’s doing that, I fill him in. By the time he’s mounting his bike, I can see the fire of anger in his eyes as he puts on his helmet.

“Well, let’s get going, partner,” he growls as he rides his bike up the ramp.

I follow right behind him, and we are soon roaring down the dusty back road into town.

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