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Viper’s Revenge

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 35,236 Words

Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he? (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he?
Author Note:Posted this story on Fanfic.net, SWAT Kat.com, and SWAT Kat.us. I’m a new writer so please be merciful and I hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter 8

Recovery Time

Felina’s POV

Back at Enforcer Headquarters, I try to get Chop Shop to tell me what’s going on, but he’s not spilling.

“What were you doing on Dark Kat’s fear ship? Where is Dark Kat?” I badger him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” he mocked and gave that chilling hyena laugh he’s known for. We go round and round like that for the next two hours, but he isn’t breaking. He seems too cool about it all as if he knows he has nothing to worry about. I have him returned to his cell. Frustration dogs my heels as I go to my Uncle’s office to go over the reports gathered. It’s really meager, and I have to wait for forensics on the gunrunners’ vehicles and the fear ship before I’m able to fit any pieces together. All the gunrunners are dead, and the fear ship crew isn’t talking.

I sigh; it’s late and I decide to call it a night. I can’t do any more tonight; maybe the morning will bring some new information.

Dawn, Megakat Trauma Center…

Feral’s POV

My body hurts everywhere, but especially my left wing. I try to sit up but find I am restrained and the effort makes me groan. My throat is very dry. Suddenly, a gentle paw is there caressing my cheek and offering me a straw. I look up at Sarena as I drink the cool water.

She pulls it away when I finish and I ask, “How long have you been here?”

“All night; it’s now 6 a.m. in the morning, love,” she answers softly.

I feel warm inside and the pain isn’t so great knowing she’s been by my side. I don’t know how I got so lucky in finding such a wonderful she kat.

My mind drifts from such happy thoughts when I remember the attack yesterday. I need to find out what’s been going on in my absence. What a rotten time to be injured. By the looks of things, I’m in for a while.

“What do the doctors say, Sarena, about my condition?” I ask her.

“Your left wing is broken in two places and must stay immobile for at least six weeks if it is to heal properly. They plan to keep you here for a few days then allow you to go home provided someone takes care of you. I volunteered!” she reported then laughed at my shocked expression.

“You don’t have to do that, Sarena!” I objected.

“Oh, yes, I do! Knowing you, keeping you immobile will be a full time job. Besides, that’s what lovers do for each other and not another word about it!” she scolded me. “Anyway, my place of work is totally trashed, so I’m temporarily on vacation. I don’t mind, really, Ulysses! I want to do this for you.” Sarena smiled warmly at me. “By the way, I finally got to meet your niece. She’s a wonderful person, and we got on very well. You needn’t worry; between the two of us we can take care of you.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. What could I say?! It wasn’t as if I had a choice in the matter anyway. I was glad though that she and Felina had met and liked one another.

Sarena’s POV

Poor Ulysses! He looks so woebegone. The next few weeks are going to be a true testing of our relationship. I sigh inwardly and get settled. I figure I’ll go to my apartment and freshen up and do a few chores when he takes a nap so that I can be here when he wakes up.

I should probably get his key and prepare his apartment for his return. I think I better get with the doctor and see what equipment is required for Ulysses’ care and stock up on groceries, though I think I’ll wait until tomorrow for that. At least I won’t be bored like poor Uly. For someone as active as he is, this is going to be hell.

Felina’s POV

Still, no leads this morning. I’m so frustrated that I decided to go to the firing range. After about an hour of that, I was feeling a bit better. I decided to start over again with all the evidence that had been collected so far; maybe I’ll spot something we missed. I hauled all the data to my Uncle’s office where I know I won’t be interrupted. For two hours, I pour over all the information that’s been gathered. One thing seemed to stand out, too many players involved and the detonator seemed to be the prize. I need to see my Uncle. He’ll want my report on this, and I can see if he spots what I’ve detected. So I gather up my evidence and leave for Megakat Trauma Center.

Uncle Ulysses was awake and not looking too happy. Sarena is no where in sight as I walk in.

“Hello, Uncle. How are you feeling?” I ask politely. “Where’s Sarena?”

“Miserable, so let’s not go there shall we, and Sarena is doing some errands. Now what have you got on what’s been going on?” he demanded.

I brief him on what had happened yesterday and then presented my summation and suspicions.

“Here’s how I see it so far, Uncle. Gun runners get their hands on a nuclear detonator, probably from an insider in the Megakat Nuclear Power Plant; they have a mysterious buyer for the device, then there’s the attack by the fear ship flown by Chop Shop and no Dark Kat around. The fear ship was headed for Enforcer Headquarters where the detonator was being stored until transfer back to the plant. Then, there’s the apparently unrelated report of Turmoil’s escape from Alkatraz Prison. I strongly suspect that this is some kind of plot by Turmoil. Though explosives are not really her calling card, the whole thing sounds like a well planned plot of revenge, and that is something she would mastermind. I think she used the fear ship to try and divert suspicions to Dark Kat, but using Chop Shop was too odd and, besides, there’s been no sign of Dark Kat for months.” I finished my report and waited to see if my Uncle agreed with my supposition.

Feral’s POV

I closed my eyes and tried to see the pattern Felina felt was there. After a few minutes’ contemplation, I had to agree that she was on the right track. It made me even more angry to be out of commission right now. A detonator in the hands of that air pirate sent a chill down my spine. We had to make sure she didn’t get her paws on it.

“Felina, I think you are right. Good work! The problem now is getting the detonator back to the power plant and plugging that leak. I can’t believe I’m going to ask this, but I want you to get a hold of those two hotshots. I want you and them to deliver that detonator back home. With them I can be sure it will make it there. Then, I want you to do a level one security check on the personnel at the power plant to find that traitor. Additionally, I want security around the plant increased for at least two weeks to ensure we don’t have another incident,” I ordered her and hid the smile at her shock at my willingness to use the SWAT Kats.

I really couldn’t be choosey. I knew that no matter how well my enforcers try to protect the device, they are ill equipped to handle an omega attack, and this was too dangerous to trust on ground transport. The Turbokat has no equal in the air, so really it was the only choice and, besides, Turmoil would never believe I would entrust the SWAT Kats with something so important. It was about time I finally got the upper hand on these criminals by being unpredictable.

Pleased with my solution, I nodded goodbye to Felina and decided to get a nap before Sarena returned from her errands.

Felina’s POV

I’ve never been soo shocked in my life. My uncle requesting the SWAT Kats’ help!!! Wow! I think he’s changed more than just his looks. He was starting to look tired as he nodded to me to leave. I saluted and marched out, still stunned but pleased as well. I agree with Uncle that Turmoil will never expect the SWAT Kats of returning the detonator to the nuclear power plant rather then the enforcers. I was already planning what I was going to say to get them to agree to this unusual request. I couldn’t hold back the smile at the thought of what the guys would say. Smirking, I quickly returned to Enforcer Headquarters and headed for the radio room.

Razor’s POV

We were in the hangar doing some minor upgrade work on the Turbokat when the enforcer band spat out a call for us! Wow! That was a surprise. They never call us! We usually just eavesdrop on their frequencies to keep in touch with what’s happening, but here they were calling us. T-Bone looked at me in shock from the wing of the jet as I headed for the radio.

“Razor here! What’s going on?” I asked bluntly.

“Razor! This is Lt Feral! I’ve been ordered to get your assistance on a very important transport. You copy!” the Lieutenant barked from the speaker.

“I copy, Lt. Who ordered this and what’s the cargo and why should we help?” I growled in annoyance. We are not in a habit of being delivery boys, and I wasn’t happy about this and neither was T-Bone by the looks of the scowl on his face.

“Commander Feral’s orders. Need safe transport for a stolen nuclear detonator to be returned to the nuclear power plant. You are the only ones that can ensure its safe arrival.” You could almost hear the smirk in Felina’s voice. For a minute, I just stared at my partner in stunned amazement.

“Feral asked us to do this?!! You’re not pulling our leg are you, Lieutenant? That just doesn’t sound like your Uncle,” T-Bone growled suspiciously.

“Honest, guys, those are his orders, and I am supposed to accompany you to make the hand off. Well, will you do it?” she asked seriously.

“Uh…” I glanced at my partner. He shrugged at me and nodded. “Okay, Lieutenant; we’ll help you do it. When and where?” I asked in resignation.

“Come to Enforcer Headquarters flight line in two hours,” she instructed.

“Roger, two hours from now. Razor out,” I responded.

“Well, don’t that beat all! Who would have guessed Feral would ask us to do him a favor. Man, he really has changed,” T-Bone said, scratching his head in continued amazement.

“You can say that again and, you know, it makes sense to have us do this run since we can make sure the detonator does arrive at its destination. I’m just floored that Feral is actually thinking rather than barreling ahead saying, ‘the enforcers will handle this,’ shtick like he always does.” I shake my head.

“I wonder where Feral is that he’s having Felina deliver the device?” T-Bone asked curiously.

“I don’t know, buddy. We can ask Felina when we see her. Meanwhile, we need to finish up here if we are to make our appointment on time,” I admonish my partner as I return to my work.

He continued to shake his head as he returned to the cockpit.

Two hours later… Enforcer Headquarter’s flight line…

Felina’s POV

Here they come, right on time! T-Bone lands the Turbokat smoothly on the tarmac without a bounce. I can see the loading ramp lower as my team approaches the jet with the detonator. The device is packed in a shock proof box on a hover cart. We were not taking any chances with this thing. Razor greets me on the cargo hold ramp and directs the team where he wants the cart stowed. He latches it in place, my team leaves, and he escorts me up to the cockpit where I sit beside him in the weapon’s jump seat. He hands me a helmet, and I hear T-Bone greet me as soon as I put it on. I return his greeting and tell him to go ahead and take off. He acknowledges, and we take off smooth and easy. He really is a great pilot. We’re on our way in minutes, and Razor turns to ask me where my Uncle is. I explain about the accident and receive twin comments of surprise and grudging dismay at his injuries.

It takes T-Bone only 15 minutes to reach our destination. I call the Chief of Security upon our arrival, and we are instructed to land near the entrance. A perimeter of guards awaits us as T-Bone complies. Razor and I drop down into the hold, and he releases the hover cart. A detachment of nuclear plant workers comes aboard to take the cart under the eagle eyes of the Security Chief. I hand over the release papers for the Chief’s signature. He signs quickly, hands it back and quickly follows the workers back inside the plant.

With a sigh of relief at the completion of our task, I smile at the SWAT Kats gratefully and we return to Enforcer Headquarters. I thank them for their assistance and disembark. They wave, and I wave back as they leave briskly again for home. One task done, now I have the tedious job of finding the traitor at the plant.

T-Bone’s POV

Well, that was a quick and easy trip. Feral had been right; no one suspected us of being delivery Kats for a nuclear detonator, so the thing was back home with no one being the wiser except those in the know. I had to admit to being a little sorry to hear Feral had been injured that bad. I realized though that with Feral out we would need to keep a closer eye out for trouble on our patrols for the next few weeks. I mentioned this to Razor after we got home, and he nodded agreement. Sighing, unfortunately that milk run didn’t take very long so we don’t have any excuse to not get back to work in the garage. We had at least four vehicles needing to get done before tomorrow. Quickly changing clothes, we went upstairs and got to work.

A high class apartment somewhere in Megakat City…

Turmoil’s POV

I am furious. The few officers staying with me wisely avoid my foul temper. All my plans have been thwarted. To my angry surprise, Feral is acting totally out of character. It’s beyond belief that he actually used the SWAT Kats to return the detonator to the plant. It seems the changes to his appearance weren’t the only things altered about that arrogant tomkat. I will have that detonator if it is the last thing I do. I need some kind of leverage with Feral. Perhaps snatching that niece of his might work. We will see!

Felina’s POV

It took nearly two weeks of interviews to clear all the workers at the plant. The one we were looking for had bolted under the guise of a vacation. There’s an all points bulletin out on him, but I don’t hold much hope of finding him. There’s been no sign of Turmoil. All we can do is be vigilant and wait for her to show. She won’t stay hidden for long. It’s not her way.

I’ve managed to catch up with the paperwork on my Uncle’s desk and decide it’s time to knock off for the night. I think I better go check on my Uncle and give him the results of the interviews before going home. Sarena has had her paws full trying to keep Uncle Ulysses from going stir crazy. It hasn’t been easy, and there are four more weeks to go before his wing is completely healed. I don’t envy her a bit.

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