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Viper’s Revenge

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
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Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he? (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Date: 09-28-06
Warnings: Mild violence, mild sexual language and situation implied (end of chapter)
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he?
Author Note:Posted this story on Fanfic.net, SWAT Kat.com, and SWAT Kat.us. I’m a new writer so please be merciful and I hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter 6

On the Wings of Fury

Feral’s POV

My mood is buoyant when I walk into my office the next morning. The change in my relationship with Sarena had a lot to do with it, but the news that my protective vest was ready for fitting was like a donut with coffee. Speaking of coffee, I was so excited about my vest that I skipped my morning brew and headed for the elevator. It had become second nature for me to slip my special glasses on when entering any closed space that I no longer thought about it and none of my officers noticed anymore.

Entering the armory, I located Chief Henler in the development room. “I hear you have my vest ready at last,” I say upon seeing him.

“Yes, Commander. Sorry it took so long; we had some difficulty giving it enough freedom of movement for your wings, but I think we’ve succeeded.” He lifted a light weight dark vest from the work bench and handed to me. “Now let’s see if it fits and moves alright,” as he aided me with getting it on.

Instead of putting it on like a jacket, it went on frontwards like a medieval breast plate and special heavy duty velcro straps cinched it around my wing muscles and around my waist, holding it firmly in place. The down side is I’ll never be able to put it on or off without help. However, it felt comfortable and matched my uniform so much that while I’m airborne you would not realize I was wearing it.

“It feels alright and looks good. I really like how you made it match my clothes,” I complimented him.

He smiled with pleasure. “That’s very good, sir. Shall we go to the flight line and give it a real test?” he asked eagerly.

“Certainly. I want to make sure it will stay on in flight,” I agreed, and we both headed for the elevator. Putting my glasses on, I pressed for the desired floor.

“Those glasses are working well for you, Commander?” the Chief asked curiously. He had not seen me wearing them before.

“Yes, thankfully. I’m able to go anywhere without a problem,” I enthused.

“They look good too. R & D did a nice job with those,” he said, nodding his head in admiration for another division’s professional work.

Moments later, we reached the flight line. We walked out a few feet from the door before I took off. Normally, I would drop off the edge of the building, but this time I wanted to feel how the vest would handle the strong wing thrusts needed to lift off from a standing start. Except for a little pulling, it moved with me and didn’t pinch or come apart. I tried a few sharp turns, plunges and strong wing beats against the wind. It held up beautifully. I headed back to the flight line and landed near the Chief.

“It’s great,” I told him enthusiastically.

“Fantastic, sir! Here, let me check it over to make sure everything is still secure,” he grinned and looked over all the fasteners of the vest for any weaknesses. By the pleased look on his face, I could tell that the vest was a complete success. “Looks great, Commander! We’ll immediately begin making a few more of these so you will have backups,” he assured me.

“Good, and I’ll be putting a commendation in your file for the excellent work, Chief,” I said, pleased. He blushed in embarrassment. We parted ways as I headed back to my office. I decided to leave the vest on to get used to its weight. Time for my belated coffee and a desk full of reports. Even that task couldn’t dampen my good mood.

A few days later in a secret hangar……

Jake’s POV

The day was going pretty good. Chance and I had gotten the few cars we needed to do done early, which left us time do some much needed work on the Turbokat. We had just finished reloading armaments when the alarm shrilled. I rushed to the wall and grabbed the phone. “Razor!” I barked and was startled when a voice I didn’t expect sounded in my ear. “Lt Feral?” I gasped in surprise.

“Hi, Razor! I knew Ms Briggs had a way to reach you guys. Don’t worry, I won’t let my Uncle know about it, but it’s about my Uncle that I’m calling you. He’s got his new protective vest, and I suggested he do a little training dogfight with a flight of choppers and the Turbokat. This will allow everyone to learn how to work with the Commander in an aerial battle. His raptor abilities allow him to make very sharp maneuvers that our machines can’t, and everyone needs to be prepared to react to his quicker movements without hampering each other,” she stated earnestly.

“Uh, but, Lt, the Commander doesn’t like us to be anywhere near his enforcers. Why would he be willing to train with us?” I asked, confused.

“That may be true, Razor. But, I made him see reason. I explained that no matter how much he may not like you in his air space, you are going to be there regardless, so he’d better learn how to manage in flight around you. He reluctantly agreed. So, can we expect you tomorrow over the enforcer survival training area at 0800?” she asked, and I could hear the humor in her voice as I tried to grasp this strange request.

“Just a minute, Lt Feral.” I looked over at Chance, who had been listening in disbelief. “Well, partner, what do you think?” I asked him.

He shook his head in wonder, “This is nuts, but it does have an odd logic to it. I guess we should do it. I’d feel bad if I was the accidental cause of Feral getting hurt. But, it’s still weird!”

“Yeah, I agree.” I shrug my shoulders and return to the phone. “Okay, Lt Feral, we’ll see you in the morning,” I tell her.

“Great, see you guys there and thanks,” she laughed and hung up. I put the phone back, still shaking my head. “Man, this is going to be even weirder than when I made those devices for him,” I said to Chance.

“You got that right,” Chance concurred.

We finished and locked up the garage. Decided on an early dinner and relaxing with a little TV before heading to bed. It was going to be an eventful day tomorrow.

Felina’s POV

The day shone bright and sunny. Perfect for the training session planned. I was already aboard my own chopper at the head of the flight. My Uncle was high above us, according to his beacon. We were only waiting on the appearance of the Turbokat. Only minutes later, there they were. I welcomed them and then briefed them on the maneuvers planned. I got a quick acknowledgment from T-Bone. We smoothly took up our assigned positions.

The flight was evenly split to act as opposing teams. We had dummy armament. The Turbokat would use only defensive armament and harmless low power lasers, and they would be the outside interference mixing it up with both sides, keeping things interesting. I gave the signal and the scramble was on.

I was immediately pleased to note my pilots doing very well in each encounter, training had been improved recently and it showed. Meanwhile, my Uncle was zipping up and down and around all of us as if we were standing still. No one, not even Razor could nail him. It was amazing how fast he was able to outmaneuver the fast-moving Turbokat. I could hear T-Bone’s frustration and Razor’s groans of dismay when my Uncle managed to tag them. This was definitely worth it.

T-Bone’s POV

“Crud, Razor he tagged us!!” I was shocked. Feral moved so fast and agilely that we couldn’t get a lock on him once. He shouldn’t have been able to move as quick as us, and I don’t think he only seemed like he could because he was able to make such sharp turns that we simply couldn’t. I grudgingly had to hand it to the Commander; he was much better with wings than he ever was in a chopper or jet. Now isn’t that a hell of a thing.

Felina called a halt to the exercise and declared the Commander the victor. There were cheers throughout the flight. It was embarrassing.

“Thank you so much for your participation, guys,” Felina said, and I could hear the smirk in her voice.

“Yes, thank you for such a great work out you two,” Feral boomed through his mike.

“You’re welcome, but now we need to be going,” I said flatly and got the hell out of there. “Man, Razor, that was so humiliating,” I groused.

“You can say that again. But, hey, it may have been embarrassing, but it paid off. I mean, now the enforcers can at least do their job better than they used to, and it will make our job easier,” Razor said, trying to make the situation more palatable.

“Oh yeah, sure, sure, Razor,” I grunted in poor humor as I turned the jet homeward.

Felina’s POV

Poor T-Bone. His ego certainly got a bruising, and I don’t think that was a bad thing. Sometimes, he can be a little too arrogant. I’m really happy how well the exercise went. My Uncle is fairly glowing with good cheer. I feel so much better about his chances for surviving any situation we encounter from now on. Yeah, it has been a really good morning.

Feral’s POV

I thought Felina was crazy when she suggested this exercise, but now I have to admit it had been a great idea. I now feel more confident about my chances in a fire fight. I was really pleased with my enforcers’ performance as well. But, what really made my day was finally getting the best of those two cocky hot shots. Yes, it has been a really great morning.

A few weeks later……..

Feral’s POV

Crud, that prison has more holes than Swiss cheese. Viper has managed to slip his cell and escape yet again. We’re now waiting for the demented reptile to show up with some creepy plan. It’s nerve wracking trying to figure out what he may be up to.

Aw nuts, did it have to be the Biotech Labs again! Viper is soo predictable; didn’t he think we would guess his destination and lay a trap? For an evil genius he can be single-minded and blind to everything else. So, he tripped the special alarms we planted, and I had a squadron on site within minutes. Unfortunately, the SWAT Kats were on patrol and were on hand as well. As soon as we all reached the Labs, a hoard of Dr. Viper’s special giant bugs came out to greet us. The choppers were equipped with flame throwers and were making quick work of some of the nasty things.

I never thought of myself to be particularly blood thirsty so I can only blame it on my raptor instincts as I turned Viper’s insect army into tiny bits with my overlong and sharp talons. I smiled evilly at Viper’s stunned face as I flew into the window where he stood .

“What’s the matter, Viper, don’t you like your handiwork?” as I plow into his body, flattening it to the floor and proceeded to rip him apart. I lost myself in a blood haze until I heard Felina shout, “Uncle, stop!” and I stared down at Viper’s bleeding body in shock.

I was heaving for breath as I moved away from Viper as Felina signaled the arriving officers to take charge of the prisoner. The SWAT Kats arrived a few minutes later after battling Viper’s plantimals and other disgusting creatures. They stared at Dr. Viper’s severely clawed form then at me in amazement.

“Wow, Feral, went a little over board didn’t you?” T-Bone grimaced in shock.

“Yeah, don’t think Viper’s going to forget your altered form too soon,” Razor concurred, looking nauseated.

I didn’t know what to say to that. I felt very uncomfortable about losing control. Felina laid a comforting paw on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, Uncle, you had a right to feel angry at Viper for what he’d done to you. Don’t let it get to you,” she said softly for my ears only.

“That doesn’t make it right, Felina,” I said tightly.

“I know, but it’s done and can’t be changed. Viper should recover alright and like Razor said, he certainly won’t forget what you are capable of thanks to him,” she soothed.

I sighed. I know she’s trying to make me feel better about what I did, but it still disturbs me. I just hope I never lose control like that again.

Later that evening at Megakat Park………

Feral’s POV

I was still wound up tight about the day’s events and couldn’t seem to settle enough to go home and rest, so I decided to glide around the park. Surprisingly, it soothes me to ride the air currents and just let my mind go blank. I don’t really feel sorry for what I did to Viper, but I am disturbed by the degree of violence I seem to be capable of thanks to that creep’s experiment. I continued to circle aimlessly until I heard a high pitch whistle. I looked down and spotted Sarena waving to me. I immediately swooped down to land near her. She looked tired and upset tonight but still gave me a concerned smile. I realized then that her company could be just the thing I needed to clear my head of these troubling thoughts.

We walked arm in arm down the winding sidewalk going no where in particular. I gave her a thumbnail sketch of my day and my concerns. She stroked my arm and assured me that I did what I had to do and that it wasn’t my fault for my reaction to Viper. He had only brought it on himself. That’s what Felina had tried to make me understand but coming from Sarena I was able to accept it better.

Sarena’s POV

I was angry and tired. My boss had singled me out today and proceeded to chew me out for a report that had caused a flap in the upper echelon and caused him some trouble. I tried to tell him that I had only typed it. That one of the others had given it to me to do and that I had paid no attention to what the contents were. We weren’t supposed to really read the stuff we type. He didn’t care and continued to rage at me. My face was hot when he finally let me leave. I was so angry, I went to the ladies room and stayed there for half an hour before finally returning to my desk to try to finish my work. I’ve never been so grateful for the day to end. I rushed out of there as fast as I could. I had no appetite and decided to wander the park till I was calm enough to go home.

As I was meandering aimlessly, I saw a familiar shadow pass over me. I looked up quickly and saw Ulysses passing overhead. I was surprised that he didn’t see me as he went further out over the park. I stopped and watched him glide slowly over the trees. It became obvious, after a few minutes of observing him, that he was doing what I was doing. He must be disturbed too. As he began to glide over me again, I quickly puckered up and whistled shrilly for him. He halted abruptly and spotted me. Moments later, he was landing near me. I had been right, he was conflicted and after a little coaxing, he told me an abbreviated version of his day. I was sorry for him but quickly told him it wasn’t his fault. My words seem to have a calming effect as he began to relax more as we continued to walk arm in arm.

It was my turn to unburden, and he listened intently. He commiserated with me and gave me a hug to help me get over my frustration since there was nothing else he could do to make my situation any better. He’d tried to urge me to change jobs, but I was reluctant to give up a sure thing for the unknown. I wasn’t very adventurous. Though that’s kinda funny considering who I was with.

Our relationship had progressed to the point where I was bold enough to ask him to come over to my apartment so we could comfort each other properly. He studied me carefully, gauging my seriousness. Apparently, he liked what he saw and offered to fly me home. I was scared and thrilled at the same time, and, before I could chicken out, I agreed.

Feral’s POV

I really wish Sarena would change jobs since it makes her so miserable, but it is her decision and the only thing I can do is give her support and encouragement. We continued to walk along, arms around each other. I cherish these times with her. It always makes my heart warm, and I feel no longer alone when I’m with her.

I’m surprised when she asks me to come home with her. We’d been flirting for some time now, and I was wanting her more all the time. It seems she feels the same way as I study her eyes to see if she’s really serious. She stares back intently, and I decide the time is finally right. I offer to fly her home, and I almost laugh at her expression. It’s a mixture of fright and excitement. Excitement wins, and she lets me pick her up and hug her close to my chest. I’ve lifted Felina a few times now and am familiar with how much it takes for me to lift off. As I lift into the air, she squeals and wraps her arms around my neck tight. I smile and ask her to ease off before she chokes me as I head toward her apartment building. She startles but relaxes her arms a bit and presses her head into my chest.

Sarena’s POV

Oh my god, this is so scary and incredible! I cling to Ulysses so tightly that he has to tell me to ease off a little as I am cutting off his air. I almost panic at that since the last thing I need is for him to fall out of the sky. I loosen my grip a little. It feels so breathtaking to be flown through the air in only a pair of arms. He glides easily through the sky; I can hear his heart beating against my ear as I press my head against his massive chest. I carefully peer out at the city moving past as we head toward my building. It’s exhilarating! It isn’t long before we land on the roof of my home. My legs are a bit shaky as he places me on my feet and holds me until I’m steady. I wait while he puts on his special glasses then lead him down the stairwell to my floor. Fortunately, there is no one in the hallway near my apartment as I unlock the door and escort him in. He has to lean almost double to clear the doorway. His wings brush my ceiling.

I’m a bit embarrassed; though neat as a pin, my apartment is very small, but he doesn’t notice as he ensures I lock the door and then gathers me into his arms for a long hot kiss. Oh yes, this is much better. Our kiss becomes deeper and more passionate. I feel his paws caress my back then my rear near my tail. His body is so massive I can only rub my paws over his chest and arms. I am barely able to caress the edges of his shoulders and he has to bend quite a distance to hold me. Some part of my mind that is still functioning realizes he will get very stiff in this position if we keep it up for long. With reluctance I pull gently back a little.

“My love, it has to be getting uncomfortable for you bent like that. Why don’t we sit on the couch,” I coax. He smiles and agrees readily. We move over to the old loveseat, but, before I sit, I realize he should be thirsty since flying dehydrates him easily. I place a hand on his chest as he sits down and ask if I can get him something to drink. I can see he’d rather have me but also realizes I’m right and lets me get him some water. I return quickly with two waters and sit down in his lap while I give him his. He drains it in one gulp and places the glass on the coffee table and waits for me to do the same.

He pulls me gently close again and begins kissing my throat and face. I’m in heaven; I know this night is going to be fantastic.

Feral’s POV

Oh, she tastes wonderful, and I can’t get enough of her. We progress slowly; there is no hurry. Eventually, clothes are discarded and the bedroom beckons. She welcomes me warmly, and, despite some difficulties with my wings, it is a memorable night. By dawn, I am completely sated and happy with her cradled against my chest like she always had been and always would be. I am content for the first time in my life.

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