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Viper’s Revenge

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 35,236 Words

Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he? (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Date: 09-28-06
Warnings: A little mild kissing and sexual words at end of chapter
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary: Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he?
Author Note:Posted this story on Fanfic.net, SWAT Kat.com, and SWAT Kat.us. I’m a new writer so please be merciful and I hope you enjoy this one.

Chapter 5

Triumph at Last

Feral’s POV

My luck seems to have run out. It had been about two weeks since getting my new equipment, but I haven’t had time to really test it and my armor hadn’t been finished when the Pastmaster decided to call. It started as a decent and quiet day. I’d gotten a lot of work accomplished and was looking forward to a training session to test the effectiveness of Razor’s locator beacon and my radio. I was to fly around and allow my pilots to get used to tracking and communicating with me. Unfortunately, we got to test it under combat situations. Pastmaster’s time vortex appeared in the air near the clock tower. The alarm was sounded, and my enforcer squadron scrambled. I thought it prudent to wait until the flight had launched before following in their wake. It felt strange to be in the rear instead of leading. Of course, the SWAT Kats were already on scene and engaging one of the dragons the little gnome brought with him. My enforcers were mixing it up with a second one. I hovered nearby, watching for my chance to do something besides shouting orders on my radio.

T-Bone’s POV 

The alarm sounded while my paws were sunk deep in a car engine. Jake grabbed it first. The conversation was short, Callie in a panic as usual.

Jake shouted, “It’s that creep Pastmaster; let’s go!”

I groaned in disgust as I quickly dropped what I was doing, and we rushed to the hangar. Of all our enemies, I really hate the Pastmaster the most. We never knew when a sudden trip to the past could be our last and permanent home.

I shot us out of the hangar and toward City Hall at sonic speed. We were on the scene within minutes of the call for help. Oh great!!! Dragons again!! Man, I hate this!!

“Razor, you ready to do dragon sushi?” I shouted in the radio.

“You just get us in position, T-Bone, and I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got some new missiles I’ve been wanting to try,” Razor assured me.

“You got it, hotshot.” I swung the jet into position near a dragon that had that ugly gnome on its head. Razor shot one of his new toys at the fire breathing behemoth. Right on target; unfortunately, it did nothing except make it mad.

“Ah crud!!!” Razor snarled in disgust. “Be alert for his watch, buddy!” he warned.

I jerked the Turbokat to the side quickly, avoiding just that. I wasn’t interested in a trip to the past today. As I attempted to get close so Razor could try something else and avoid Pastmaster’s aim, I caught sight of Feral hovering not far away. Without armor I hope that arrogant tom doesn’t get himself perforated by all the ammo whizzing by. I couldn’t pay any more attention to him as I continued to dodge Pastmaster’s concerted effort to nail me.

Feral’s POV

I watched the Turbokat dodge yet another attempt by Pastmaster to catch them in his watch’s beam. As I tried to avoid getting zapped by my own enforcer’s ammunition, I had a brilliant flash of an idea. It was very risky, but it could work and end this quickly. Pastmaster had yet to see me since I managed to stay behind him out of his sight. I waited till the SWAT Kats were making a strafing run at the Pastmaster then swooped in from behind him as he raised his watch above his head. I snatched it from him and swept upward to avoid the dragon’s flames of anger. Triumphant, I held the watch tightly as I dropped downward to get out of the dogfight overhead. Over my radio I heard T-Bone and my enforcers give a joyful yell and report the disappearance of the dragons, followed by the victorious cry of the SWAT Kats as they caught the falling form of the Pastmaster.

I swept down to the flight line ahead of the squadron and the SWAT Kats to land smoothly near the hangar doors. I was flushed with victory and pleased by our joint success. It’s the first time we’ve been able to stop this omega before he could cause expensive damage to the city. And, for once, my enforcers came out on top and were not humiliated by the SWAT Kats. My officers took Pastmaster into custody as soon as the SWAT Kats landed. I was pleased and surprised when they nodded at me in respect. All in all, a really great day.

T-Bone’s POV

I was stunned by Feral’s unexpected action. Who’d a guess he would do something so smart. The dragons suddenly disappeared, and Pastmaster was free falling. We swooped down, and Razor deployed the capture net. His shout of, “Bingo,” let me know he’d been successful. With our prisoner in tow, we headed to Enforcer Headquarters. The Squadron landed ahead of us, and we were given permission to land on the flight line. Enforcers ran up to take the Pastmaster in custody. Feral was grinning, holding the watch firmly. Well, he certainly had a right to feel smug. What he had done had ended the conflict before anyone could get hurt and too much damage to the city could be done. I have to admit those wings of his sure did come in handy. Razor and I nodded at him in acknowledgment of his success, then quickly hopped aboard the Turbokat and left.

Felina’s POV

We were supposed to be testing my Uncle’s locator beacon and radio. We weren’t supposed to be doing it under combat situations. The Pastmaster is a formidable enemy, and he’s brought dragons again. We flew in to engage one of the beasts as the SWAT Kats, who were already on scene, took on the dragon with the Pastmaster as passenger. We were barely holding our own against the creatures when I saw my Uncle swoop in and snatch the watch right out of the little creep’s paw. Way to go Uncle Ulysses! We all cheered when the dragons disappeared. I watched the SWAT Kats wrap up the Pastmaster in a net and head off for Headquarters. I ordered the squadron to follow suit. T-Bone waited while I and the squadron landed then followed suit.

Ground forces rushed forward to collect the prisoner, while I walked up to my triumphant Uncle still holding the watch tightly in his paw. He had a pleased grin on his face and was surprised when the SWAT Kats nodded in respect for his accomplishment before leaving. Since his transformation, this is the happiest I’ve ever seen him, and it makes me truly grateful.

Later, in his office, we recapped the mission with the officers in the squadron and found that everyone was able to hear his orders clearly and that we were tracking his beacon easily. All in all, a very successful test run especially under trying conditions.

Feral’s POV

I left work feeling great. It had been a truly fantastic day for me. Wanting to share my good feelings, I went looking for Sarena in Megakat Park. Over the past few weeks, I found myself seeking her out to talk and enjoy her company. Tonight, I want to share a meal and bask in her adoration of my success. I hope I find her.

Sarena’s POV

I wasn’t certain I should go to the park tonight. Everyone at work had witnessed the fight with the Pastmaster through the windows of our office building. It was frightening to watch. The fighters were too far to see much, but we did see it end quickly. We didn’t know what the result had been until later. I listened to my radio and heard of Commander Feral’s brilliant action. That decided me to go ahead with a picnic and ensuring I bought enough for two. I hoped he would seek me out.

My luck held. I had barely settled in our favorite spot when his shadow passed over me. He landed a few feet away and walked up with a truly happy smile on his face. It was wonderful to see him grinning ear to ear. It looked so good on him and warmed my heart. I was relieved to note that he hadn’t been injured.

“Something good happened today!? I was soo worried. My co-workers and I witnessed the battle near City Hall with the Pastmaster. But, seeing you now, I’m guessing the outcome was a good one.” I smiled warmly at him.

Seating himself, his pleasure pouring off him in waves, he regaled me with what had happened. I clapped my paws in congratulations for his bravery, and he preened with pride at my appreciation. I could see that this had boosted his confidence and helped further his acceptance of his transformation.

I served our dinner and enjoyed the pleasant evening talking about the day’s events. It was dusk before we realized it. I knew I was falling for this gruff kat when we forgot time passing and continued to want each others company. Was it too soon for a kiss? I felt a warm flush spread through me at the sheer audacity of my thoughts. I turned my face away, hoping he wouldn’t see me blush.

Feral’s POV 

When did it get so late? I can’t believe how much pleasure I get from being in Sarena’s presence. She is never judgmental and truly seems to derive a great deal of enjoyment with my company. I’ve never had anyone I felt soo comfortable with until now.

She’s blushing and hoping I don’t see. She’s forgotten my eyesight is keener than a Kats’s and my sensitive nose smells her arousal. It sets off a heated rush through me, and I sincerely hope I don’t get slapped for what I want to do next.

I draw an arm around her waist to pull her closer. It startles her, and she turns to face me, which is what I want her to do. I capture her lips with mine in a gentle kiss. She tastes so sweet, and I drown in her scent. Time, for a moment, loses all meaning as I taste her. I don’t want to let go, but I don’t want to spoil this moment by rushing, so I slowly pull back and stare into her eyes. They hold the same lust that I know shines in mine, but she is reluctantly letting me go as well. Sometimes, I really wish I wasn’t such a gentlekat.

Sarena’s POV

I was surprised when I felt Ulysses suddenly wrap a powerful arm around me and pull me to him. When I looked into his face, his eyes held a barely leashed passion, and I felt myself melt and, when he kissed me lightly, I lost myself completely. His musky male scent making me hot with need. I never wanted him to let me go. Unfortunately, he’s a gentlekat, and he slowly pulls away. His eyes still holding that lust for me. At this moment, I wish we weren’t such proper Kats. My mother would be shocked at what I was thinking right then. Sighing, I have to resign myself to this bare touch of temptation and be patient. It’s obvious now that it will be only a matter of time before we take this to the next level, and I can hardly wait.

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