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Viper’s Revenge

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 35,236 Words

Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he? (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Date: 08-05-06
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.
Summary:Dr. Viper injects Commander Feral with a mutation virus changing his life forever or does he?

Chapter 3

Back in the Saddle

Feral’s POV

I fly away from the disturbing female, her words still ringing in my ears. She’s right; I needed to hear that stark truth, it was just unexpected to get it from a stranger. But, she’s right, damn it. I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and work on what I can do not what I can’t. Maybe I should go to Enforcer Headquarters now and see if I can catch Felina, see if she has my uniforms back from the tailors yet and see what kind of mess Steele has made of my files.

With a positive goal in mind, I turn my way toward the heart of the city. I’m about halfway to the Enforcer Tower when they find me. The SWAT Kats jet slows near me. Its powerful jet wash causing me to lose lift. Dropping lower and away, I’m able to catch an upward thermal and come up above their canopy. I give him credit, T-Bone held the jet on VTOL so that I could safely move around them. The canopy opens, and we stare at each other for a moment.

“Hello, Commander,” T-Bone hails me. “Ms Briggs wanted us to try and find you and see if you are alright. Are you okay?”

I’m surprised. There is no arrogance in him as he asked this. Also, he and his partner have identical concerned looks on their faces for me. Suddenly, I’m furious. I don’t want their pity.

“I don’t need you to feel sorry for me, SWAT Kats. I’ll be fine!” I shouted angrily and started to lift away from them.

“Wait! Please, Commander, I really want to help you not pity you, if you will just listen a minute,” Razor yelled at me. I halted a moment, looking back at him. “Come on, what have you got to lose?”

I sigh and decide that, just for once, I need to swallow my anger and hear them out. I fly back and land on the back of the jet near Razor.

“Alright, I’m listening,” I growl.

“Look, it’s not anyone’s fault but Viper’s that this happened to you, but since it has happened, I’ve developed a few things to make life a little easier for you. I’ve designed a hand’s free radio that’s powerful enough to let you keep in touch with your enforcers when in flight. More importantly, I’ve a locator beacon for you to wear to prevent midair collisions with any aircraft from making you into sushi. And, finally, I’ve a device similar to our glovetrix that will provide you with a lightweight weapon that packs more wallop than your standard enforcer weapons that would be too awkward for you to carry,” Razor stated proudly.

I stared at him in stunned amazement. He was justified in his pride. Those devices would indeed make it easier for me to remain an active enforcer rather than a desk bound one. I was still leery of his reasons and looked at him suspiciously. “What’s the catch, SWAT Kat?”

“No catch, Feral. You are a far better Commander than that idiot Steel,” T-Bone snorted. “Also maybe you’ll just be soo grateful to us that you might be willing to cut us some slack.” He smirked.

“Better to have the enemy you know than the idiot you don’t.” I smirked back, relaxing, believing their reasons to be genuine.

“Oh yeah! For sure! You know, Razor also thought you should be able to get your R and D Section to make you up some light weight armor to protect that arrogant hide of yours as well as make you a specially enlarged vehicle for you to drive,” T-Bone added.

“I have to admit I’m very impressed with your foresightedness and being willing to help me,” I said grudgingly. “So, when do I get these new devices?”

“I have them almost completed. Should be done in a week, then we’ll contact you to outfit and train you on their use. That okay?” Razor smiled.

“Yes, perfect! I’m returning to Enforcer Headquarters now to see if I can catch Felina and get back to work,” I agreed, feeling energized and more positive than when all this had happened.

“Way to go, Commander! Get back in the saddle! We’ll be seeing you soon. You go first so we don’t knock you out of the sky. Happy skies!” T-Bone cheered.

I smiled and gave a thumb’s up as I lifted up and dropped down from their jet heading into the city once more.

Razor’s POV

Relieved and happy, T-Bone took us home. Now that we know that Feral’s going to be okay, I want to get those devices finished as soon as possible. I feel good about what we are doing and that is just too weird considering what he’d done to our careers. Crud! What we’ll do as protectors for this city!

Felina’s POV

The sergeant came running up to me just as I was about to leave, babbling about my uncle being sighted heading toward the Enforcer Tower. I race back up to the flight line and arrive just as he touches down and folds his wings. I’m so relieved to see him and wish I could hug him but there are too many Kats around, so I settle for saluting him and giving him a heartfelt greeting.

He looks better than when last I saw him. I wonder what has happened to have changed his attitude. He asks me about his uniforms, and I tell him that they just arrived today and are in his office. He asks me to stay, and we go to his office. On our way there, he relays what has happened to him in the last 18 hours. I’m truly grateful to the SWAT Kats. That they were able to overcome their animosity toward my uncle to help him pleases me greatly, and I’ll be sure to tell them so when next I see them.

I wish I could meet this female he met in the park. I would like to thank her personally for being there when my uncle needed someone the most. It sounds like he found her fascinating; maybe he’ll see more of her. I hope so. He’s really energized and ready to get back to work. I don’t mind staying over and helping him repair the damage Steele caused if only to see him back in action again.

We knock off around midnight after getting a large part of the files back in order. I give him the hug I couldn’t give him earlier and wish him a peaceful evening and hope he gets a good night’s rest at last. He wants me back in his office first thing in the morning. He grabs one of his new uniforms, and we walk out to the flight line again. I wave as he lifts off and glides away toward his apartment. I watch him disappear from view, fascinated by the strangeness of seeing a Kat fly like a hawk; maybe he can give me a lift sometime just so I can see what it’s like to fly without a chopper. I stare at the empty sky a moment longer then go home with a lighter heart.

Feral’s POV

I feel really good as I wing my way toward my apartment. I’m looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep. It’s been awhile. I land on the balcony of my home. Luckily, I don’t usually lock this door. I didn’t want to attempt the elevator or stairs in the building. I guess this will be my new entrance from now on. I’m glad my uniforms were done. When I return to work tomorrow, I will feel almost normal again. Except for stairwells and elevators and interview rooms and the prisoner cell block and…… Gods! Have I got my work cut out on readjusting or finding ways to compensate. Enough! I refuse to dwell on what I can’t change.

I’m hungry; flying seems to burn a lot of calories. Think I’ll order takeout and catch up on the news after a much needed shower. Just as I was removing my only piece of clothing, my radio sounded off. A robbery in progress, and it’s just around the corner from my building. I listen intently to the chatter between different police units as they arrive at the scene. From what I can tell, the perpetrator has escaped. I pull my pants back on and call back to dispatch to get an update and a possible direction of the search parties. Dispatch informs me that the robber was thought to have headed east which, would put him or her in my direction. I inform dispatch of my plans to search from the air and would be out of communication (because I can’t carry the radio anywhere on my person) and have officers be on the lookout for me above them. Dispatch acknowledges, and I head out to the balcony again.

I catch an upward thermal and glide silently over the streets and alleyways near my home. After crisscrossing slowly outward from my starting point, I finally spot a dark shape running through a narrow passageway. I swoop down quietly, careful not to cast a shadow until I’m within reach of the running Kat. When I’m close enough to ascertain that the Kat fits the description of the culprit, I drop down suddenly and snatch the Kat into the air. The perp screams in fright and kicks wildly trying to get loose. I tighten my grip, careful not to extend my talons. I don’t have to fly far before meeting up with the hunting patrols. I startle them when I glide out of the shadows suddenly with my yowling prisoner in paw. I land with a solid thump, causing the male in my paws to struggle harder to get away but he is now surrounded and realizes this after a moment and slumps in defeat.

“Here’s your robber.” I reach into his pockets and recover the jewels he had stolen. I hand them over to the gaping officer. He quickly snaps his jaws shut and takes the booty. Other officers take the prisoner into custody.

“Ah…. Thank you, Commander Feral, sir. We appreciate you catching this creep. He’s responsible for a string of robberies over the past month,” he stated, a little shaken by my appearance.

“You’re very welcome; glad I was in the neighborhood.” I brushed off the thanks and ignored the stares; after all I do look strange. Seeing things were well in hand, I lift up and away returning to my apartment. I feel invigorated; these wings actually came in handy. Now I’m ravenous and order a late dinner and jump in the shower before my meal arrives. I’m almost too revved to sleep. I feel really good. Tomorrow should be an interesting day.

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