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By Ulyferal

  • 15 Chapters
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A large section of Megakat City has vanished. Where did they go? Who or what took them? (Complete – 15 Chapters)

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Chapter 3

Trying to Control the Uncontrollable

Setting up more satellite dishes on the roof of Enforcer Headquarters, the TV and radio crews still around helped the enforcers cobble together a makeshift broadcasting system tying in with the communication’s array the enforcers used. They prayed their signal would reach all the Katizens left in the city. It took several hours work, but finally they were ready.

Everywhere, Katizens huddled in their homes and watched the blank TV or listened to their hissing radio for the hoped for broadcast from their leaders. It was with a sigh of relief when the images flickered on the screen or voices came through the radio. For those who could see it, the images were a bit snowy, but enough came through to show them the united front of the Chief Enforcer, Deputy Mayor Briggs and the SWAT Kats standing before the camera as Callie gave her message.

“This is your Deputy Mayor, Ms. Briggs, please listen closely. By methods unknown, a sixty square mile section of Megakat City from the Enforcer Building to the bay has been taken from our home planet and deposited here. We that are left of the government will do all we can to find a way to return us home. In the meantime, this is what we need all of you to do to ensure we all survive to return. There are approximately 100,000 of us here.

Please write down these instructions I’m about to give you. I will wait five minutes for you to acquire something to write with.” The five stood quietly as an off screen person kept watch on the time. After five minutes, Callie began again.

“First, everyone must gather their personal care items, pillows, blankets and/or sleeping bags, tents (if you have them) all the food and water you have on paw to be used by your family. Be sure to use coolers and pack ice. Bring kerosene stoves, portable grills, and larger grills if you can, these will be shared with those that do not have them and more will be provided if possible.

Secondly, we need you all to evacuate to central areas designated for you by your location. This is to allow sharing of food, water, and medical care with greater ease. At each site there will be a small governing staff consisting of enforcers, medical members, and a council member to help keep order and hopefully answer your questions. Supplies will be doled out so they will last for however long we are here.

Now listen to where you must go: for those living in the Rockfur and Tonar areas, make your way to the Leostone Sports Arena. Those in the Genlor and Freepaw areas, go to the Megakat University Gymnasium. The Bayport residents will go to the Bayport Community Center. City center will go to the Megakat Opera House or Megakat Sports Arena, whichever is closer to you. Beware, traffic lights are not working. Please use due caution, no speeding. You have plenty of time to get there, but please get there by end of day, tomorrow.

That is all the instructions I have for now. Please, I beg you all to be good Katizens and help each other out in this terrible crisis. Insure all your neighbors have been contacted and, if necessary, please help any that need it to get to the evacuation sites… leave no one behind. The enforcers will be stocking each of these places with as many supplies as they can acquire, but water will still be precious and power will not be available. Be frugal! No fire pits can be allowed nor candles, but please bring flashlights and batteries. More will be handed out to those that don’t have them.

Be calm… be brave… we will find a way to get you all home again. Ms. Briggs out.”

The camera kat signaled they were off the air, allowing the five to relax.

“Okay, now that’s done, I’ll keep on top of insuring supplies get where they are needed and intercede with disgruntled companies and businesses that will be upset at their goods being confiscated for the emergency. Promises that they’ll be paid back might not be believed, but there’s no help for it.” Callie sighed, rubbing her eyes, her glasses pushed up on her head.

“I’ve got all my ranking officers I could spare manning each of the evacuation points, and they report they are nearly finished getting set up. Meanwhile, I have the rest of my forces out there insuring traffic moves smoothly, looting is prevented, and that supplies are being moved at a steady rate to where they are needed. Now all that’s left is to find out what is beyond our city and figure out how to get home again,” Feral grunted, moving away from the makeshift studio that had been set up in his comm center and heading for the door, but, before he could reach it, Major Preston hurried in.

“Sir! The jets have returned!” he panted, out of breath from his run down the stairs.

“Good!” Feral hurried past the Major with the SWAT Kats hot on his heels as well as Callie.

They ran down the stairs and met the crews that were just pouring into the pilot’s lounge. Spotting the Commander entering the room, the ranking officer hurried over and saluted.

“Report!” Feral barked, not bothering to wait to go to his office to hear what the kat had to say; there simply was no time to waste.

“Sir! It’s the weirdest thing! Outside our city is a huge open plain littered with dozens of communities like us placed some one hundred miles from each other. Frankly, it looks like whoever these beings are, they are collecting places from other planets. Many of the communities only barely resemble anything we would call a city. We counted over thirty such places scattered about but only we had any kind of flying machine in the air. We didn’t spot the ones that might be responsible for our situation nor were we interfered with as we flew over the whole area,” Colonel Furbinder told them grimly.

“Did you see what was past the mountain range?” Feral demanded.

“Well, Sir, that’s even stranger than all those communities out there. As we tried to get close to those mountains, I swear they kept getting further and further away. We were running low on fuel and had to give up.”

“Crud! That just sounds creepy. Damn, I wish we had the Turbokat!” T-Bone hissed angrily.

“Unfortunately, I suspect those mountains were moving, as weird as that sounds. Wouldn’t be beyond whoever is doing this since, after all, they can take whole communities from their planets and deposit them here, so why would moving mountains be impossible,” Razor said grimly, a shiver going down his spine at the thought of just how powerful this unseen enemy was.

“Kat’s Alive! How do we find out who’s doing this?” Feral asked no one in particular, frustration plain in his voice.

“Good question… wish I had an answer,” Razor sighed, shaking his head and rubbing his neck as he tried to come up with a plan.

Grimacing unhappily, Feral told his pilots to get some rest, ordered his small squadron of choppers to go out and back up the troops on the ground to keep order then headed back to his office.

Callie and the SWAT Kats followed Feral. Callie would need to utilize the comm center to keep in touch with the evacuation efforts so she continued past the Commander’s floor, heading downward, while the other three Kats made for Feral’s office

Razor remained silent as he pondered what to do next. When they entered Feral’s office, Preston and Sgt Fallon waited for word on what was going on. Feral briefed them while the SWAT Kats went to sit on the couch. T-Bone left his partner alone as he could see his buddy was thinking hard. He, meanwhile, could only stare out at the strange sky and worry about their chances of returning home any time soon.

When Razor finally returned to the here and now, Feral was drinking coffee at his desk and reading all the reports flowing in to him while his radio chattered nearly continuously from all those in the field. At another area of the room, Major Preston was apparently keeping track of where their troops were on a big map on a freestanding board. Sgt Fallon was no where to be seen.

Getting to his feet, which startled his partner who did the same, Razor went to Feral’s desk. The Commander looked up and eyed the SWAT Kat questioningly.

“I have an idea how we can find out what’s behind those mountains, but it will require seeing what Pumadyne has available before I can finalize my plan. A visit to the plant is in order.”

“Good idea! I haven’t made time to check in with them yet except to tell them to keep their employees there and take care of them. A shipment of supplies went to them an hour ago. Let’s go,” Feral said, glad to be doing something rather than sitting at his desk. “Stay here, Preston, and keep me informed of any problems.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Feral lead the way out of his office, and the three were soon heading down the long flights of stairs to the main lobby. None of them felt like talking, so the trip was made in silence and took over fifteen minutes to accomplish.

Feral had his hummer brought from home earlier because he had a feeling he was going to need it. The streets near the enforcer building were fairly quiet, but as they tried to get out to Pumadyne, they encountered many snarl ups, which they had to stop and deal with, so instead of taking twenty minutes to get to the facility, it took more than an hour and a half. When they finally arrived, they were met by the director in the main lobby.

“Things pretty bad out there, Commander?” he asked, concerned.

“Not as bad as they could have been under these strange circumstances. People are evacuating as asked, just some traffic snarls which is what took us so long,” Feral said gruffly.

Director Si Mece shook his head. “I’m not ashamed to say I’m terrified about this situation, but since panicking will do me no good, I’m doing my best to keep it together. So, what can we do for you?”

“Well, as you know, my armory was left behind, so we desperately need weapons and Razor has some idea about trying to find out who did this to us and perhaps get us home,” Feral explained.

Mece eyed the SWAT Kat questioningly.

“I need to know what kind of finished projects you have prototypes of that could allow us to travel to the mountains quickly without using a jet. I had a hoverkat; do you have something similar? How about some powerful personal weapons that are light weight but pack a mean punch? Our hangar was left behind, so I don’t have any of the inventions I’d had developed that might have helped us, so I pray you have something we can use,” Razor explained.

Mece frowned, eyed Feral a moment then looked away. What the SWAT Kat asked for was breaking all their security protocols, but they weren’t home and, unless he helped them, they might never see home again. That decided him.

“Since these are extreme circumstances, breaking security protocols is warranted, would you agree Commander?” he asked, not wanting to cross the enforcer over this.

“Yes! This being an unusual situation we’re in, security can be suspended until the emergency is over and we’re home again. Staying alive until then and finding a way to go home are our priorities now,” Feral agreed firmly.

Relieved, Mece nodded. “If you’ll follow me, I think we might be able to provide what you’re looking for.” He headed down a long corridor then halted at an elevator. It opened, and they boarded. Mece produced a card and slipped it into a slot below the buttons, then pushed a series of numbers into a keypad that suddenly appeared from the wall. The pad disappeared, the doors closed, and they were soon moving upward.

Feral eyed Mece in concern at the seemingly wasteful use of power on elevators. “I know you have your own power plant, and I’m glad to see it hasn’t been affected by being ripped away from the ground, however, you do need to husband it since you won’t be able to renew its fuel source,” he warned.

Mece grimaced. “Yes, Sir. I know. I checked our power supplies, and there is enough to run our plant for about two weeks. However, mindful of what you said, I have already ordered labs not needed during this emergency and other areas not being used, to be shut down and pooled my people into a central area to cut down on power, water, and sanitation needs. The elevator system is vital, however, since many high security areas have no stairs to them but even there we are very frugal with its use.”

Feral nodded his head in approval. “Good, I’m glad to hear that. You may be our only way to get home, so I am very grateful that you’ve done what you can to keep it running.”

Mece gave him a wane smile, pleased at the compliment and very glad he had such a good staff that had helped him put the measures he’d mentioned in force. He planned to give them all commendations and monetary rewards for their quick action and advice during this terrible time. Now, he only prayed they did get home.

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