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Vampire Stalker

By Ulyferal

  • 12 Chapters
  • 28,351 Words

Dr. Viper is out for revenge and has created a nightmare that will drench the city in blood and death. Rated M for heavy violence. (12 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Vampire Stalker
Author: ulyferal
Rating: M
Warnings: Heavy violence and gore, profanity.
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

Author’s Note: I was just watching the second season for the Loonatics Unleashed and was struck with the thought of what would happen if they landed on the SWAT Kats’ world. This was the result. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1

A New Menace in Megakat City

The moon was rising over the putrid smelling area known as Megakat Swamp. Located far south of the city, the waters are clogged with plant life and crocodiles. No Kat lived here but one. Dr. Viper had built a hidden home and lab near the center of the swamp, which was why no one could find him.

Tonight, he was busy working in his lab. Rage burned in his heart as he focused on creating his most heinous and deadliest creature yet. He wanted revenge on the vicious treatment he received in prison, which he had recently managed to escape from yet again.

All his previous plans had been defeated by the SWAT Kats, but, this time, the creature he was creating would destroy his enemies in a cold and most hideous manner that death would be much more preferable.

Laughing evilly, he glanced over at his prisoner. The poor homeless Kat had been hunting for food and shelter a little too close to the edge of the swamp and was captured by fast moving plants and brought here. Gripping the bars of his cage, he watched in horror as the mutant Kat muttered and mixed strange chemicals for many hours. He shivered in terror, afraid the mad creature intended to use him as a guinea pig for his next experiment. His guess would be right.

Weeks later…

“Uncle, we’ve searched the whole area and can’t find what did this,” Felina said, frustrated after hours spent in canvassing the entire area.

“This makes the sixth kat killed over the last three days. No witnesses, blood drained from the victim, same MO, no robbery, no apparent motive found, none of the victims know each other… apparently, totally random as well.” Feral listed off what they did know and wasn’t happy they hadn’t been able to stop what was beginning to look like a serial killer.

Then there was the mystery of the dead victim’s bodies disappearing from the morgue. He’d just been informed that every victim that had died a couple of days ago was missing. Security had not been compromised, so it was a mystery as to how they had left with no one seeing.

News stations and papers were calling the attacker the “Vampire Stalker.” People were terrified to be out at night and demanded the enforcers find this thing. Feral was trying to do just that but wasn’t having any luck since the attacker left no clue except for a small amount of its DNA in the bite itself, but the tests run on it made no sense at all to CSI personnel, who had been trying to identify it. Every victim had the same DNA, but that only told them it was the same creature and nothing more.

Totally frustrated and very worried, Feral signaled an end to the search and returned to Enforcer Headquarters. He and Felina went down to the Biotech Labs in their building to see if Dr. Konway had been able to make a break through on the DNA sample.

Unfortunately, Konway didn’t have very good news. “I’m sorry, Commander. The only thing I’ve been able to discover is the thing is a Kat but enough of its DNA has been corrupted in some way to make a new creature that apparently craves blood,” he said unhappily.

“I can think of only one person who could do that because he’d done it once before… Dr. Viper,” Felina said darkly.

Konway studied her a moment then nodded. “I believe you may be right, lieutenant. It would certainly be in character and within his skills to do this to some poor bugger.”

“Well, fine, so our perp could also be a victim.” Feral groaned, rubbing his neck. This case had now moved into the weird category where Viper’s stuff normally dwelt. He hated this creepy stuff. “So, have you been able to get a lead on how to reverse this, whatever it is, that Viper’s done?”

The enforcer scientist sighed and pulled his glasses off a moment before answering. “I and my staff have been working around the clock on this, sir. Whatever Viper has done is really complex, and we’ve only just begun to map the DNA fragments. It will take time and can’t be rushed. I know more victims are going to suffer, but we’re doing everything we can here.”

Feral eyed his tired scientist thoughtfully. “Would it help to farm out some of the research effort, get fresher eyes and other angles checked out?” he asked.

Konway nodded. “Yes, sir. That would be an excellent idea. The more minds working on this the better our chances of finding some way to reverse it.”

“Alright. I’ll leave it to you to ask the right people and if you run into any problems, tell me immediately. The Mayor is up in arms about this and will apply some political muscle if it’s needed.

“Yes, sir,” Konway said then turned back to his work while Feral and Felina left for his office.

As they walked out of the labs and headed back to Feral’s office, Felina huffed in frustration. “We’re doing everything we possibly can, and yet that thing is killing a victim a night. Not even the SWAT Kats can catch a shadow.”

Her uncle snorted at that last part. “For once, I’d be happy to let those two hotshots try. We’re not having any luck and so many are going to die. We can’t afford to turn away any help.”

Felina nearly stopped in her tracks at that admission. It meant her uncle was truly worried about this new menace. She had to admit so was she.

Megakat Salvage Yard…

Jake flicked the TV off and sat there chilled to his marrow.

“Crud! That just gives me the willies!” Chance said, breaking the uneasy silence.

They’d been watching David Litterbin when a news flash burst in about the latest death by the so called ‘Vampire Stalker’.

“And, we’re just as helpless as the enforcers against this thing. There’s just no trace left but victims,” Jake said, shaking his head unhappily.

“Yeah, I know. I hate feeling helpless, and I’m not ashamed to admit this has me really spooked,” Chance murmured, shivering.

“Me too,” his partner said in a small voice.

They continued to sit there in silence, reluctant to go to bed, a feeling of dread weighing them down. How do you fight something that leaves nothing of itself behind?

Hiding in a dark hole it had found to protect it from the light of day, the mad creature licked its lips, satisfied for another night. The fear… the sweet copper taste of fresh blood… had been so delicious. Some part of its mind cringed at that hideous memory of blood and death… it screamed helplessly, unable to fight the compulsion ruling its body to take blood or die. Whimpering to itself, it curled up in a ball and waited till the light of day brought blessed freedom from reality.

In his hidden lab, Dr. Viper rubbed his paws together in joyful pleasure. “Yessss… ssssuccessss at lassst. The enforcerssss are helplessss to sssstop my creature and now there are more of them. The foolssss think they are chassssing one, but that one hasssss created more of itssself. Ssssoon thissss city will be mine!” He laughed hideously.

In various dark places around the city newborn creatures hid from the light of day. The next night they would awaken, ravenous. Soon, the city would be drowning in blood and death.

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