Original SWAT Kats Story

SWAT Kat Drabbles

By Ulyferal

  • 2 Chapters
  • 1,851 Words

Just a batch of 100 word drabbles about the various characters of the SWAT Kats world.

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Author's Notes:

Well it’s been awhile since I wrote anymore of these. Thought I’d give them a try again.

Chapter 2

BEING BRAVE AND STUPID (What might have gone through Feral’s mind during the episode The Wrath of Dark Kat)

I should have my head examined! What the heck was I thinking being all alone with this nutcase? I’m more insane than he is!

Ack! It’s too darn cold in here! I need to get the drop on this creep.

Kat’s Alive! Where did those things come from?

Oh fine! Now he has my radio, that’s just great and he’s laughing his head off at me too.

Did I say my day couldn’t get any worse? Well it just did because here come the SWAT Kats to make my miserable day complete.

I should never have gotten up this morning.


‘That’s it! I’m tired of his thoughtlessness. Wait till he comes down this morning… take the last bit of milk will he… maybe he’ll remember to get groceries after this,’ Jake muttered in annoyance.

Chance came down the stairs yawning. He went to the fridge and opened it. Something flung itself at him. He blinked for a moment in stunned surprise as he tried to see through the cream pie that had hit him in the face the moment the door was opened.

“Jake!” he roared in anger.

Down in the garage, Jake snickered in glee and ignored his friend’s bellowing.


She stared down in horror at the spreading stain from the drink that had been spilled on the front of her dress.

“Kat’s Alive, Ms. Briggs, I am so sorry. That nitwit Steele slammed my elbow,” Feral growled, embarrassed.

“Steele… again… what a surprise!” Callie sighed, dabbing ineffectually at her dress.

“I can’t believe I’ve been cursed with that cretin!” Feral growled bitterly.

She stopped trying to clean her dress. A speculative look crossed her face. “Commander, perhaps a really good lesson is needed!” she said thoughtfully.

“Oh! You have something in mind?” Feral asked curiously.

She grinned wickedly, “Perhaps…”


Steele ran, carrying a heavy pack and a weapon. “What had he done to deserve this?” He moaned.

Earlier today, Commander Feral had called him to his office.

“Steele, the Deputy Mayor has a mission for you,” he said.

‘Yes! Finally, he was being noticed.’ Steele crowed.

She had given him an address and asked him to inspect the facility.

The address turned out to be the location of the new obstacle course for the Enforcers.

A huge and scary Kat barked at him to move his tail or have it blown off. Weapons fire punctuated his orders. Steele ran.


The script called for Callie to be chewing Feral out. No one could see his face but Callie. Suddenly, she struggled to keep a serious face but was losing the battle. She gave up and broke down laughing.

Feral shrugged his shoulders innocently.

They try the scene again, but Callie can’t look at Feral without laughing.

Finally, the director asks, “What the heck is so darn funny?”

“Feral is making the most outrageous faces, and I just couldn’t help myself,” she says, still overcome with laughter as Feral now joins her.

The director throws up his arms and shouts, “Cut!”

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