Original SWAT Kats Story

Mission: Saving the World

By Ulyferal

  • 18 Chapters
  • 49,379 Words

Chapters 17 and 18 Up! A familiar figure returns to the past to impart a mission of doom. If they don’t heed his warning, their world will be destroyed by invaders from space in just three short years. (Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 6

Research and Gathering Team Players

Knowing what they faced, Feral had perhaps the hardest job of all the members of the task force, convincing his peers in other countries and their leaders that a threat that would wipe them out completely was coming for them from just a few years in the future, and that it was himself that had risked coming to the past to warn them.

‘Yeah, that will go over really well,’ he grumbled to himself but knew he had to convince them and quickly. He ran through his mind what he needed to say and how he was going to make them believe him.

Fortunately, he did have one ace in the hole, everyone knew what kind of craziness plagued Megakat City. Most still thought they were stories made up by the media, but those that had visited knew otherwise. Nothing was too fantastic or far fetched of the things that happened here. No one could make up that much stuff or suffer that much loss. A lot of the countries he needed to speak with were the ones they ordered their equipment and supplies from, so they were very aware of dangers of doing business with Megakat City.

So, he knew out of the some one hundred countries on the planet, only about twenty would not believe him, and they would be the hardest to convince. He wouldn’t know for certain until he tried to warn them and get their assistance.

Reaching his office with Sgt. Fallon on his heels, he stopped by his secretary’s desk.

“Mary. I need you to contact the military leaders of every country around the world. Impress on them the extreme urgency of the call. I know some will be unavailable due to time differences, so for them, leave a message for a conference call at ten pm our time tonight,” he instructed.

“When you’ve managed to get all the group that’s closer to our time zone contacted, set up a conference call for eight am tomorrow morning. Make a list of all those you reached and one for those you haven’t heard from yet. On the list allow space for me to make notes after each individual. I’m sorry to ask this of you, but can you stay late tonight?” he asked.

“Yes, sir. If you need me, then I’ll cancel my plans, which aren’t that important and stay here for whatever you need,” she said without hesitation.

Feral flashed her a grateful smile. “You’ll be paid overtime of course. Thank you. As of right now, this has priority over anything else, and I mean everything, understood?”

“Yes sir,” Mary said with a firm nod. Whatever was going on, it must be very grave. Even the attacks by the omega didn’t make the Commander look so grim.

“Good! Now no word of this is to be released to anyone except the list of people I’ll be giving you in a few minutes. This is of the highest security clearance, so you should make the calls in a secured room so no one can overhear you,” he finished his orders.

She nodded her head in understanding.

Feral went on into his office, shucked his coat then went up the pedestal to his desk.

“Alright, let’s figure out what we’re going to say to them to make them believe and not think we’ve gone around the bend.” He sighed as he booted up his computer.

Fallon grimaced inwardly as he removed his coat and hung it up then went to stand by his superior to lend his assistance. ‘This should be fun,’ he thought sourly. He was certain they both would have headaches by the time they finally managed to convince over a hundred different personalities that they weren’t loony. It was going to be a very long day and night.

T-Bone and Razor swung across to the building where they had parked their jet, each lost in their own thoughts. In very little time, T-Bone had the jet winging its way home.

“So, what do you want to do first, buddy?”

“I need to make some calls before we head out again,” Razor said, lost in thought as he planned what he would say to his contacts. “I just hope I can convince my friends that the matter is serious and not a joke.” He sighed worriedly.

“Hey, Razor, all we can do is try. We’re not in the habit of lying to people, so I hope they remember that when we spout this craziness,” T-Bone said only half reassuringly.

“Yeah, that’s true, but this is so far out for any sane person to believe that I wouldn’t blame them for slamming the phone down in my ear,” his partner said worriedly.

“Nothing we can do about that except be persistent and, if necessary, show them the other Feral,” T-Bone said with a shrug of his shoulders.

His partner only sighed and said nothing more. Less than ten minutes later, they were rushing down the ramp into their secret hangar. Stopping the jet smoothly on its turntable, T-Bone shut down the engines and waited until they raised up to the main hangar floor.

When they stopped, he shot the canopy open then jumped down to the floor followed by his friend.

“Should we stay dressed?” T-Bone asked, turning to look at his partner.

Razor’s face was frowning in concentration. “Huh?” he asked, snapping his attention to the tabby when he realized he’d asked him something.

“G-suit or change?”

“Oh, keep them on,” Razor said absently. “I’m going to see if I can get us an appointment with Dr. Sinian this afternoon then try to reach my friends,” the cinnamon tom muttered distractedly as he headed for the phone at his work station.

“Hey,” T-Bone said, catching his friend by the collar and halting him. “Let me contact Sinian. I don’t want to be just sitting around while you’re on the phone.”

“Good idea. Use your cell,” Razor said without missing a beat, T-Bone releasing him so he could hurry on.

Shaking his head after his partner, T-Bone pulled out his cell and placed a call with Dr. Sinian. Some minutes later, he caught a break. Sinian said to come on over and she’d speak with them. Pleased, he closed his cell and went over to his partner. He stood listening as Razor cajoled and begged to be heard by whoever was on the other end of the line.

It took him a good fifteen minutes more before he hung up the phone, looking marginally optimistic. He looked up and saw his friend was standing close and waiting.

“Well, they’ll speak with me, though they were still leery about being seen with a SWAT Kat. Unfortunately, they insist on me… alone.”

“Not a problem. You go see them, and I’ll go see Sinian. She said to come on over, so we’ll be able to get this done much quicker by splitting up,” the tabby said with a shrug.

“Okay, that works for me,” Razor said, relieved his partner wasn’t miffed about being shut out, and he was right anyway. They would get two things done at once. “I’ll take a cyclotron.”

T-Bone nodded and headed for the jet as Razor went to another area to mount his cyclotron. As he was putting his helmet on and starting the engine, behind him the Turbokat roared to life and vanished from view as the table went down.

Razor raced out the alternate exit and headed into the mountains while T-Bone flew toward the Megakat Natural History Museum.

The Turbokat landed just behind the museum so as not to cause too much of a commotion from the visitors that thronged the place around this time of day. T-Bone quietly entered from the roof and made his way to Dr. Sinian’s office without being seen.

Abi Sinian was just leaving her office when a colorful uniform caught her eye coming around the far corner from her door. She blinked in surprise but stayed put, allowing the powerful tom to come to her.

Without speaking, T-Bone gestured back into her office. She nodded and stepped back and allowed him to stride past her and into the outer office, past her surprised secretary and on into her inner sanctum.

T-Bone barely glanced at the book lined office as he waited for her to close the door and immediately launched into why he was there.

“What I have to tell you is on a par with some of the most deadliest things that have happened to Megakat City that we barely managed to survive. Only in this case we are not surviving, and our world will be completely barren and dead eight years from now and we have only three years to prepare before their arrival,” T-Bone said grimly.

Sinian just stared at him in confused consternation. “Could you define that a little more? How do you know this, for example?” she asked after a moment’s thought.

“Yesterday, Razor and I received a very odd and dangerous present from the future. It was a big metal pod-like device that future Razor and Dark Kat built for the sole purpose of sending someone back into the past to save our kind from aliens attempting to wipe us out. The volunteer was Feral, who is dying from radiation poisoning. He’s presently resting under protective and heavy security at Megakat Memorial Hospital,” the big tabby explained briefly.

She gaped at him in shock. “Oh my! That’s awful. What kind of horror are we facing?” she finally managed to ask.

“One that all our defensives combined worldwide apparently had no defense against. Every one of our enemies banded with us to try and save as many of our kind as they could. Our identities fell to the wayside as we let the survivors use our hangar to try and hide. By the time Feral came here, he said there were no more than a thousand Kats left alive in the whole city and the enemy was closing in. No one knows why they wanted our planet only that they were stripping it bare of all its resources and had no need of us,” T-Bone told her, the retelling still made him ill.

“Oh my God!” Sinian gasped, horror shining in her eyes. She swallowed hard and turned away, trying to marshal her thoughts. Turning back to T-Bone, her eyes haunted, she asked, “So, in desperation, Feral came here to warn us?” she asked softly.

“Yeah. It was a really suicidal risk he took, but he figured he was dying anyway,” T-Bone said, shifting uneasily at the memory of what Feral had told them.

“So, why have you come to me?” Sinian asked, puzzled.

“Since every technological method used, even Professor Hackle’s robots, failed to defeat the enemy, to everyone’s surprise, Hard Drive volunteered to go aboard the alien ship and find out their weakness. Unfortunately, future Feral fell unconscious before he could tell us what that was. Razor suspects it’s magic since Feral never made mention of it during his report,” the tiger tom explained.

“That would certainly be a good guess. If technology and biological warfare didn’t work, then all that’s left is magic. So, you’re here to see if we can come up with a way to utilize magic then?” she asked thoughtfully.

“You got it!… wait… did you say biological?” T-Bone asked in surprise.

“Well, yes. I just assumed that had been attempted as well. It wasn’t?” she asked, frowning.

“Future Feral never mentioned it, even though Viper was there to help them. He never mentioned if such a thing was used by them or Viper. Damn! We never even considered that!” T-Bone said excitedly. “I’ll have to bring that up when I get back to Feral. Still, that alone may not help us, so we better go on with the magical use theory too. Razor said some of us could be descended from those with a magical heritage. It was hoped Queen Callista’s books could help train these people. So, we need you to do a genealogical search from Queen Callista’s time to the present searching for those descendants. Ms. Briggs is suspected to be descended from the Queen according to the Pastmaster,” T-Bone explained, pleased she caught on so quickly. “Also, we need to find any and all books concerning magical training, spells, rituals, and anything else of that nature.”

“Oh my! That is a tall order and extremely time consuming,” Abi exclaimed in dismay.

“Feral said he would provide the assistance you needed to get the research done as fast as possible so training could get started. And, you are formally being told that this is to be kept under strictest security. Anything you need to discuss about this project must be transmitted through Sgt. Fallon, Feral’s assistant to all those who are part of this super secret project. This is to prevent a panic and avoid interference from any well meaning busybody,” T-Bone cautioned her.

“I completely understand. I will delegate my work to my associates and dedicate myself solely to this project. I think setting up a secure room for this will also be necessary. All materials for the search will be taken to that room and a guard will be kept around the clock on the door. Will that be sufficient?” she asked, her face grim.

“Yeah, sounds like you got a good handle on it. I’ll let Feral know. How many assistants will you need to start with?” he asked.

She frowned in thought for some minutes. “I should think at least ten at the start will be sufficient.”

“Okay, I’ll let him know. Thanks doc,” T-Bone said with a wan smile as he prepared to leave.

“You’re welcome, T-Bone. I just hope we are on the right track,” she said worriedly.

“You and me both. I don’t want future Feral’s sacrifice to be in vain,” he said grimly then took his leave.

Slipping out the way he came in, T-Bone was in a hurry to see Feral about this new piece of information. He reached the jet without being detected and leaped aboard. He took the jet up then raced to Enforcer Headquarters.

Feral’s new security rules were firmly in place by the time he arrived at his destination by the swiftness he was given clearance to land on the flight line. A ground crew rushed up to his jet and asked what he needed.

“She’s good, just give her some fuel!” T-Bone said briskly then strode hurriedly toward the interior of the flight deck. Jumping aboard an elevator that had just arrived, he shared the car with some curious enforcers, but they didn’t question him as he pressed the button for Feral’s floor.

When the doors opened, he hurried down the hall to the Commander’s office. The secretary looked up at him questioningly. It felt odd seeing a SWAT Kat within the enforcer building, but considering the emergency she sensed was going on, she would get used to seeing them here.

“Feral available?” he barked urgently.

“He’s with his second and third in command,” she responded briskly.

“Good! I need to see them as well. Tell Feral I have urgent news!” T-Bone requested.

She nodded and reached for her intercom. Feral’s voice answered, his voice distracted. She gave him the message and received an affirmative. She nodded at the SWAT Kat, who was already heading for the large door.

He made sure the door was closed behind him before striding across the floor toward Feral’s desk where two officers and Sgt. Fallon were hovering around the Commander’s desk.

Feral gave him a questioning look as he got close.

“I’ve just come from Dr. Sinian’s office. She understands what’s required of her and is setting a special room aside for the work to be done and will have it guarded 24/7. She requests at least ten assistants to start with. She’ll let you know if more will be needed,” T-Bone reported. “She said something that caught my attention while we talked, which shocked me. She mentioned Biological Warfare and whether our future selves had used it…”

“Biological!” Feral barked, interrupting the tabby. “Kat’s Alive! It’s possible he might have been going to say that. Damn, we missed that!”

“Yeah, I could kick myself for forgetting it as well. Anyway, I thanked her but told her we still need the magical stuff as well. We can’t be certain a biological attack will be successful either,” T-Bone said.

“We also have to take care we don’t create something that could kill us as well. Biological warfare is rarely used because of the risk of killing both sides as well as all living things needed to live, but you do have a point. We need to explore this avenue as well. I’ll speak with Dr. Konway about it,” Feral said grimly, making a note on the subject as well as Dr. Sinian’s request..

He looked back up and eyed the tabby a moment. “Where’s your partner?”

“He’s pursuing those magic using friends of his. They were doubtful of his sanity, of course, but said they would see him… alone. It made sense to split up and get two things done at the same time,” T-Bone said with a shrug.

“Good idea. His report is vital to what we’re going to do next.” Feral sighed, rubbing his forehead.

“Already running into resistance on your calls?” T-Bone guessed.

“Oh yeah! Crazy was the mildest term they used so far,” Feral growled.

“No surprise there. I still have problems believing this. Anyway, I’ll be going home now. Call if you need me and good luck with your conference call. Hope most listen to you,” T-Bone said grimly then turned and left.

Feral just sighed again and returned to the work they were doing after making a quick call to Dr. Konway to report to his office at his earliest convenience.

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