Original SWAT Kats Story

Mastermind of Peace

By Ulyferal

  • 2 Chapters
  • 3,845 Words

Chapter 2 Up! A plan to save the city from its enemies has been in progress for over fifteen years and finally is ready to be put into action. Who is the mastermind behind it? You’ll be shocked to find out. And, no, it’s not Feral! (Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 2

Going to War Whether We Like or Not

Commander Ulysses Feral, Chief Enforcer of the huge megalopolis known as Megakat City was staring down at the most incredible piece of paper he’d ever seen since becoming Commander.

It was a list of everything he’d been begging the city council to fund him for years. And, there was a bonus, new weaponry he’d not got a whiff of that incorporated two deadly devices that had been used against them a few years ago and other new tech.

Looking up from the paper, he stared at the hard-eyed, well dressed tom standing before him carrying a briefcase. Feral just knew this guy was no office flunky or lawyer. He could see past the well dressed facade to someone who lived a harsh, demanding life, most likely undercover work.

So, who was he really and who did he work for? Those were the questions that gnawed at him. Something about this just didn’t feel right.

“I don’t care what agency you say you belong to, how did you get your paws on such equipment and why are you just giving it to me?”

His visitor, who had identified himself as Agent Rickart, eyed him coldly. “I am simply following orders, Commander.” He reopened his briefcase and handed Feral a folder.

Frowning, Feral cautiously took it but didn’t open it as he continued to stare at the agent, eyes still demanding answers.

Unmoved, Rickart said, “In there you will find the latest intelligence on the whereabouts of the omegas known as Dark Kat and Dr. Viper. Also, you will find a report on a squadron of fighters that are less than a day’s flight from here lead by Lt. Turmoil that intend to attack the city at dawn tomorrow.”

Feral eyes widened in consternation. He hurriedly opened the folder and pawed through its contents, finding the report Rickart had mentioned. He read it quickly, lips firming into a grim line. He slapped the folder closed and glared at the agent.

“What the hell is going on? Who is your boss and how did he get this information?”

Rickart shook his head. “Who he is will be revealed at a later time, Commander. Right now, you have very little time to arm your enforcers with their new equipment and weapons and be prepared for the attack by Turmoil. This is your chance to get the drop on her for once rather than her getting the best of you.”

Feral scowled at him. “I can’t just take your word for all this, and how do I know you’ll deliver what you’re promising here?” he growled, waving the paper at him.

“Call down to your armory and equipment hangar. They should be receiving everything as we speak,” Rickart said calmly.

Growling under his breath, Feral headed for his desk, but his phone was already ringing before he’d even gone up the stairs to his pedestal.

Snatching up the headrest, he snapped into it, “Feral!”

“Sir, Lt Frazer, maintenance hangar. Some unknown soldiers are delivering tanks, jets, and other specialized equipment. They say this is for our use in an upcoming battle. I wasn’t told about any such delivery. What do I do, sir?”

Feral stared at Rickart, who gave him a flat stare back. “Accept delivery and issue it to Alpha and Beta squadrons immediately. Insure I have a jet and new weaponry as well.”

Relieved, the lieutenant responded briskly, “Yes, Sir, right away, Sir.”

Feral hung up the phone slowly. “I don’t like it when I seem to be herded into taking actions I haven’t got complete Intel myself on nor are prepared for. Just what is this game I’m being forced into playing?”

Rickart suddenly smiled approvingly. “I congratulate you in finally listening to your instincts rather than following a book of rules. You are using your brain and that will be of benefit to you in the coming conflict. All I’m allowed to tell you is this is the final battle to save Megakat City from its enemies. You’ve been given the tools to succeed. Show us now how great a military leader you truly are and take the omegas out … permanently.

Feral eyebrows rose, and he sucked in a breath of anger and shock, “Permanently? I can’t break the law…”

“You won’t be… exactly. Let’s just say, if you use a little more force than is actually necessary with the new weapons you have been given, the results are to be no return for the omegas to make another try at the city. My employer is insistent that this endless conflict be stopped in it tracks for good. No foul will be called on you if this happens.”

“I can’t do that…”

Rickart held up a paw. “Read the contents of that folder completely, Commander. You will find the war has already begun and this is just the final stage. Play your part and this city will finally see a golden age of peace, this I swear, from one military leader to another.”

Feral eyed him silently, his mind racing. The agent had bluntly told him that not one omega was going to jail, and he was being asked to insure that happened. It went against everything in him to be judge, jury, and executioner.

“I… can’t… do… that!” he said flatly, spacing his words out for emphasis.

Rickart studied Feral intently for a long moment before nodding. “Understood, sir, and I salute your honesty and moral standard. That is what has made you an incorruptible leader, and your response wasn’t unexpected. Forgive me for pushing you that way, but I was under orders to test you on this matter. Relax. Now that we’re certain of your stance on this, it will be up to my team to carry out the orders I’ve been given. Your only job is to simply get them contained. Then what happens afterward is out of your paws,” he said firmly.

“You’ll still have them killed.”

“Those are my orders, sir. Don’t think to stop us. We are highly trained, and you won’t know we’re even there. I know this grates on your values Commander, but it is necessary. Do your job to the best of your ability and don’t stress about what you have no control over. That’s the best advice I can give you.”

“I don’t like it.”

Rickart just shrugged. “Yeah, I get that and I wouldn’t be too happy about being forced to do something I have strong feelings against either, however, this is bigger than both of us and serves a larger purpose.”

Gritting his teeth, Feral turned away. There was no point in arguing or trying to arrest and contain Rickart. He already knew something big was going on and he wasn’t privy to the whole picture, which made him furious and uneasy. He hated being in the dark and hated even worse to be boxed in a corner. If Rickert’s Intel was correct, Feral didn’t have much time to argue about the subject as Turmoil was on her way.

Reaching his desk, he dropped the folder on its surface and looked up again. Rickart was no longer there. He jerked his head from side to side, searching the room… no sign of the agent. Apparently, having delivered his message and cargo, he was done and was off to do whatever part he had in this whole mess.

Hissing to himself, Feral dropped into his seat and pored through the folder. Less than thirty minutes later, he leaned back and stared blindly at the far wall.

Incredible! Whoever the person was running this op had been very thorough. He or she had cleared away all the threats that had been hovering over the city for years. How they had done it without anyone knowing it was a feat in itself. Shaking his head, he realized he didn’t even have time to check and see if these facts were true. It would have to wait until much later.

Rubbing his face with both paws, he felt older than he truly was at that moment. Taking a deep breath, he lowered his paws, locked up the file then left his office to go get himself briefed on the new weaponry and his new jet.

It was going to be a long day and night as he recalled his squadrons and brought them up to speed on all the new equipment.

Despite the clandestine method by which he’d received all this bounty, Feral couldn’t help but be overjoyed by his windfall.

Like a kitten in a candy shop, he lovingly handled the new vertigo gun that could incapacitate a perp in seconds to the weapons scrambler Dr. Ohm had developed but was now in a small handheld device that could disable an enemy’s weapon easily without them being aware they were doing it… ingenious.

The other new toys that were being handed out to each of his enforcers were suspiciously similar to the SWAT Kats; a mini-cement launcher resembling a bazooka, net guns, high powered flashbulbs, and really amped up lasers.

His greatest pleasure was seeing a whole squadron of Blue Manx’s. He’d never gotten a chance to fly the speedy little jet but well remembered how it had fared against the Turbokat when the Red Lynx had flown it.

Then there was the incredibly sturdy jet copter Chop Shop had tried to create havoc with. It was far stronger and more maneuverable than their present choppers. With all this new stuff, he felt far more confident in taking out Turmoil. It was a heady feeling.


“Hey, Jake! Did you order something?” Chance asked, accepting a package from the mail person.

Jake was at the back of the garage working on an engine when he heard his friend call out to him. Frowning, he came toward the front, wiping his paws off as he approached.

“No, why?”

“Well this is addressed to the garage, but it doesn’t have a return address… strange..” Chance studied the flat package. It didn’t hold parts that’s for certain. Shrugging, he ripped the top edge off and pulled out a folder.


Jake frowned and took the folder from his partner. He opened it and began to read the first page. He gasped and turned white. Looking around hurriedly and seeing no one, he barked an order at his friend, his face grim.

“Lock up, Chance! We need to talk in the hangar! Now!” With that he headed toward the back of the garage, still reading the folder.

Startled by his friend’s sudden fear and concern, Chance hurriedly did as asked, putting out the ‘out on a tow’ sign then closing the garage doors before making for the hangar’s secret entrance at the back of the garage.

When he quickly climbed down, he spotted his partner sitting at his huge computer console, still reading the contents of the folder.

“Okay, what’s going on? What’s in there that has you so spooked?”

Jake looked up at his partner, his face grim and afraid. “Someone knows who we are!”

Chance’s eyes’s widened in shock. “What? Who? How?”

“I don’t know. This…” Jake waved the folder, “…doesn’t shed any light on their identity. But, what it says shows whoever it is has known who we are for a very long time and never gave it away.”

“So, why tell us now?”

“Because, this person is warning us of an attack by Turmoil tomorrow at dawn and, not only that, but they’ve outfitted the enforcers with the very latest tech: jets, choppers, and new weaponry. They just want us to roll out all the new tech I’ve built and insure we’re there as well. The person further tells us this is the final battle. All other omegas but Turmoil, Dark Kat and Dr. Viper have already been dealt with and we’re responsible for helping the enforcers in taking out those last three.”

Chance gaped at his friend for a long moment as he tried to absorb this incredible load of information. He had a hard time trying to fathom why someone would do all this, then a cold shiver went down his spine as something dawned on him.

“They’ve been planning this a long time,” he breathed in awe and rising anger.

“Yeah, they sure have and we, apparently, were part of that grand plan. According to this, the Pastmaster has been permanently prevented from coming here again, Mad Kat’s box is at the bottom of the ocean, Hard Drive’s surge coat is destroyed and he’s been sent to Alkatraz, and the Metallikats have had their memory disks destroyed.”

Chance hissed, “My God! Whoever this is has finally done what we couldn’t, but why would they need us now? Why not just finish what they started?”

“Well, they say the last three require a large force to defeat and that’s where the enforcers and us come in. What they had already got done didn’t require an army to complete, only stealth and sneakiness was needed,” Jake said, grimacing distastefully at the thought of what this hidden force had done to accomplish that.

Chance’s face mirrored Jake’s feelings exactly. Shaking his head, the tabby growled unhappily, “Seems our world has just been turned upside down. Wonder what will happen to us after we succeed in taking out these last three?”



“That’s what they said at the end here. That our city would finally be at peace. The person also says they have no intention of revealing who we are to the public or the enforcers. That’s not very reassuring since it’s obvious to me several people already know about us in the first place,” Jake said sourly.

“Nothing we can do about that, buddy. We can’t go back and undo what’s apparently been happening behind our backs. So, I guess we need to get prepared for tomorrow,” Chance said resignedly. He wasn’t happy about being roped into doing this. It felt like blackmail even though it was for the benefit of the city.

He’d be surprised to find out Feral felt the same way.

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