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Genetic Terrorism

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 22,221 Words

A crazed scientist develops a way to send Kats back to their genetic roots with horrifying results. (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 6

Everything Hits the Fan!

Jenler flicked open the newspaper and was pleased to see the article on the unknown cat that had run rampant down Government Ave to Megakat Park, where the SWAT Kats managed to corral it. The article went on to say there was no word as to how such a big cat had appeared out of no where though there had been speculation that the Pastmaster was to blame. Meanwhile, the cat was being kept at Megakat Zoo.

Jenler chuckled with glee. “It worked…… it worked beautifully. Now all I have to do is tell those fools that it wasn’t the Pastmaster but me that had done the deed,” he said to himself with great pleasure. He looked over the article again. “Hmm, they don’t mention the other three, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have them too. Time to get busy!” he said happily as he got up and went to his lab in the basement.

Situated in one small corner of his lab, he’d set up a special high powered radio broadcaster. With this he could interrupt any signal and pipe in his own. He’d made sure to add a disrupter to his signal to insure no one could trace him.

Rubbing his paws together with excitement, he looked over his equipment then began to flip switches and turn dials.

Meanwhile, at the Proteus Genetics Research Center, Major Westland was meeting with the head of the Association of Geneticists, Dr. Damiano.

“….and that’s all we know at the present time. Now I need for you to tell me who you think might have done this,” Major Westland demanded after giving the doctor a quick synopsis of what had happened.

Dr. Damiano frowned unhappily. He had a bad feeling he did indeed know who the unhappy enforcer was asking about. ‘But, was it possible? The disgraced scientist left more than a decade ago. However, he was the only one doing this type of work,’ the doctor mused to himself for some moments before turning his attention back to the Major.

Unfortunately, before he could speak, a colleague burst into his office.

“Gianni, turn your TV on quickly,” he said urgently, a look of horror on his face.

Frowning in dismay, Dr. Damiano turned and flicked his small set on.

“……..All you pompous windbags at the Association thought my idea was too dangerous and morally wrong to continue……. well, I’ve proven you are all a bunch of frightened sheep. My life’s work resides at the Megakat Zoo for all to see. Commander Feral, his niece, his second in command and the Deputy Mayor have all been transformed into their ancient genotype. For those non-scientists out there, it means I’ve been able to make a modern Katizen take the form of their ancient ancestor. For example, Commander Feral is now a saber-tooth tiger.

Now you’ll be asking yourself, why would anyone want to alter a Kat into an ancient wild predator? The answer……… I don’t! I am merely proving a point and that is this type of research can benefit Katkind. The applications are tremendous. Just think of it; Katkind could correct genetic defects, like eyesight, boost the immune system, prevent birth defects, eradicate disease, even prevent dying.

Now I ask you, wouldn’t that be worth a lot to the ordinary Katizen out there? My subjects are unharmed and can be returned to their normal, modern selves easily, and I will do this only after my demands are met.

They are simple; accept my research as the breakthrough that it is, reinstate me to the Association, and drop any charges my experiments may have incurred. Send your response over general TV. I’ll be waiting,” Jenler finished, a pleased grin on his face as it flicked off screen.

“That’s outrageous!!! He thinks we’ll just let bygones be bygones for what he’s done?” Dr. Damiano objected, his face red with anger.

“But, what about those poor victims he’s altered?” his colleague said worriedly.

Damiano’s anger cooled and was replaced with concern. “Yes, you are right, of course. What do we do?” he asked, looking toward the enforcer.

Major Westland’s face was pinched in a frown of concentration. “We’ll have to try and find him. Anyone know his last known location?”

“Unfortunately, when Alfred Jenler was kicked out of the Association, he continued his experiments using all his inheritance until that was all gone. Where he went after that, no one seems to know,” Dr. Damiano said, spreading his paws in helplessness. He glanced at his colleague.

“I’m afraid, I don’t know either. ” He shrugged his shoulders unhappily.

Sighing, Major Westland knew this meant a lengthy Kat hunt. “We’ll just have to put an APB out on him and begin a citywide search.”

The two scientists nodded as the enforcer turned and left them.

Across town during the unexpected broadcast………

“Crud!!!! Jake, give a listen to this!” Chance said, turning up the volume on the TV.

Jake hurried in from their office and halted before the screen. When the broadcast was over, both tom’s faces were grim.

“So, that’s the creep that did that to Callie,” Chance growled.

“Looks like it. Wonder if Major Westland has gotten a line on this guy?” Jake said, frowning.

“Well, why don’t we just ask him,” Chance said, flicking the TV off and preparing to go into the hangar.

“Good idea!” his friend said, pausing to close the garage before joining his partner.

Minutes later, the Turbokat was heading to Enforcer Headquarters. By the time they reached the enforcer flight line, they learned the major was away but expected back shortly. Chafing at the delay but knowing they didn’t have a choice, the SWAT Kats waited in their jet.

Meanwhile at an undisclosed location……..

“Well, well….. how interesting….” a deep voice murmured as the owner of it watched the broadcast. “Now how can I make use of this interesting development?”

Back at Enforcer Headquarters…….

When Major Westland returned to headquarters, he wasn’t surprised to see the SWAT Kats were waiting for him. He had them meet him in Feral’s office. While he waited for them, he summoned his squadron leaders.

Moving to the conference room, he had all of them sit down. After briefing everyone on what was going on and who their target was, they spent the next hour trying to brainstorm a way to catch this canny Kat.

It was decided the squadron commanders would spread out over the city with their teams and see if they could flush out the rogue. The SWAT Kats would keep their eyes peeled for anything unusual as they flew patrol. Jenler hadn’t set a time table, so they had time to try and find him. The group broke up and the search was on.

They didn’t know they would have far more on their plate than a rogue scientist.

Over the next few days the city underwent a major invasion of enforcers searching the underbelly of the city’s more seedier side. So far the search hadn’t spread to the outlaying areas as yet. Jenler was smirking at their efforts as he prepared to move from his hidey hole at last after so many years.

Then one night, just a week after Jenler’s announcement, someone slipped into the Megakat Zoo. A certain special cage was opened, releasing some very dangerous creatures.

It was around two a.m. and a patrol Kat was giving a street walker a ticket for plying her business in a public area on a street corner notorious for this type of activity.

“You know, Kandy, this is getting old. This makes the….. what…. third violation in a week I’ve given you? Why don’t you make my shift and go ply your stuff at the Rampant Arms?” he asked, long suffering patience in his voice.

Kandy snorted, “Oh sure, as if they would let me in……..” Then her eyes widened and she screamed in terror at something coming around a car parked behind the patrol Kat’s vehicle.

The patrol Kat whirled around and spotted a huge cat with long fangs that nearly reached the ground coming slowly toward them. He gulped and pulled out his laser.

“Commander, sir, don’t make me shoot you!” he pleaded, recognizing this as being the enforcers’ transformed superior.

The saber-toothed tiger growled low in its chest, raising the fur on both the cop and the hooker. Terrified, Kandy made a move as if to run.

“Don’t, it will chase you if you run!” the cop said urgently then did the only thing he could. He fired his laser in front of the beast.

It screamed in fury but turned away and took off into the night, vanishing quickly. Badly shaken, the cop hustled Kandy into his patrol car.

“It’s not safe for you. I’ll take you to the precinct for a little while,” he told her as he got into the driver’s side. She nodded shakily and put her seat belt on. He reached for his radio.

“Dispatch, this is car forty-seven. Have just encountered Commander Feral on Davis St and Tines Blvd. Managed to scare him off before he could attack myself and a hooker. Last sighting of him was down Tines Blvd. Over!”

“Are you certain of what you saw?” Dispatch asked, obviously not believing him.

“If you know of another huge cat that looks like a saber-toothed tiger, I’d certainly like to know about it!” the patrol Kat bit out, angrily, as he put his car in gear and headed back to base. “I’m returning to base with the hooker for her safety. Better notify the enforcers that somehow the Commander has escaped the zoo.”

“Damn! Roger, car forty-seven. See you when you get here. Out!”

Major Westland received the call as he was sifting through the search teams’ reports on Commander Feral’s desk.

“Sir, there’s been a sighting of Commander Feral downtown by a patrol Kat,” Sergeant Fallon said when he burst into the office at a run.

Westland gaped at him then reached for his phone and made a quick call; some tense minutes later, he had his answer. Slamming the phone down, he quickly got up from the desk and hurriedly left the office with Sergeant Fallon dogging his heels.

“Someone has released all of them. No one knows how, but now we’ve got four very deadly predators wandering the streets of Megakat City,” he said grimly as he headed for the radio room.

He contacted his special ops teams still on the search for the rogue and told them a new danger was now abroad at night. Then he called a general alert for all forces to report for a cat hunt and, finally he put out an all call to the SWAT Kats. With their special gear it was possible the pair of vigilantes might find the cats faster before any innocent Kats were hurt or killed.

It was going to be a long night.

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