Original SWAT Kats Story

Genetic Terrorism

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 22,221 Words

A crazed scientist develops a way to send Kats back to their genetic roots with horrifying results. (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 4

Catching a Tiger by the Tail

The group raced back into Enforcer Headquarters. The SWAT Kats got some hostile looks as well as some confused ones as they followed the Major to the fourth floor where Feral was.

Spilling out of the elevator, the major was in front while the SWAT Kats split right and left from the elevator. A roar was heard, but before they could move, a huge saber tooth raced toward them. Razor shot a gas grenade as T-Bone fired a net missile.

To everyone’s dismay the tiger simply plowed right through and kept on coming. Everyone scattered to avoid the fangs and claws. The cat slid past them and into the elevator, fetching up against the wall. Before it could turn around and charge back out, the elevator doors closed and began to move.

“Crud! He moves like a runaway freight train!” T-Bone growled.

“We’ve got to stop that elevator or more enforcers are going to be hurt,” Major Westland shouted, reaching for his radio and contacting dispatch.

The SWAT Kats chaffed at waiting but there was no point rushing off when they didn’t know where Feral might end up at. Tense minutes later, the Major got the word Feral had managed to reach the lobby.

“Aw crud! If he gets out of the building…” T-Bone said as they piled quickly into another elevator and went down.

“He’s going to cause a panic!” Razor finished for his partner.

When the elevator reached the lobby, they were in time to see Feral plow into a wall of enforcers trying to keep the huge cat from leaving the building. The saber tooth crashed through the massive door and was charging down the stairs and into the street.

The sounds of cars screeching and crashing mixed with the screaming of katizens drifted to them through the broken door.

“Okay, look… we’ll go after Feral, but you still need to find Lt Feral. We’ll leave Ms. Briggs here so you can take her to your Bio Tech Labs for Dr. Konway to look her over. You should probably get a hold of Dr. Sinian too. She knows a lot about ancient cats,” Razor hurriedly told the Major.

Major Westland didn’t like being dictated to by the SWAT Kat, but he didn’t have time to make any other decisions and, unfortunately, Razor’s ideas just made sense. He barked orders as he and the SWAT Kats raced for the elevator again and made for the flight line.

When they got there, other enforcers were waiting by the jet with a gurney. Opening the cargo door again, the SWAT Kats hurriedly helped the enforcers load the groggy cat onto the gurney. The gas was wearing off, so the enforcers raced to lock the cat up in a cell until other arrangements could be made in the Bio Tech Labs.

Once their ‘guest’ was unloaded, T-Bone and Razor wasted no time jumping aboard, closing the cargo ramp then lifting into the sky.

“Dispatch, can you tell us where the tiger was seen heading?” Razor called to the tower.

“SWAT Kats, it was last seen heading north down Government Ave,” the dispatcher told them.

“Roger, we’ll keep you informed, SWAT Kats out!” Razor responded then cut the connection.

“Heard that T-Bone?” he asked his partner.

“Yeah! Heading north now,” T-Bone said tightly.

“What the heck could have done this to them?” Razor muttered as his eyes kept a sharp look out for the rampaging Commander.

“You think it might have been deliberate? Maybe Dark Kat had something to do with this… nah, that’s not his thing, but it would be Viper’s,” T-Bone suggested, running likely scenarios in his mind as he skimmed as low as he dared over the streets. They knew they were on the right track due to the string of accidents and running Katizens.

“I’d go with Dr. Viper. It’d be just like him to create havoc before swooping in with whatever plan he has in mind though changing Kats into their ancient ancestors doesn’t make a lot of sense,” Razor said, frowning. His thoughts were interrupted when they came upon Feral charging down the middle of the street. “Slow up, buddy, I’ll try to net him again.”

“Roger!” T-Bone said, slowing the jet so they could keep just above the running saber tooth.

Just as Razor got a lock on his target, Feral suddenly veered toward Megakat Park and disappeared under the trees. Cursing, T-Bone turned and tried to pickup the tiger again, but at first there was no sign of the huge cat.

“Altered and still a pain in the tail,” the tabby muttered in annoyance as he searched the park.

“You can say that again,” Razor grunted.

After searching for some fifteen minutes, Razor came to a decision. “It’s no use, buddy. Cats are good at hiding. I’m going to have to go down while you continue to search from the air,” he said, releasing his restraints.

“Yeah, you’re right about that but keep your radio on!” T-Bone warned as he slowed his speed and prepared to drop the cyclotron.

Razor dropped into the cargo area and climbed onto the modified bike. Engaging its heat shield, he felt the distinctive dropping sensation as the bike and he sailed through the air and hit the ground hard. Removing the shield, Razor zoomed into the park.

He drove at a slower speed so that he could eye the trees he was passing under. He suspected the cat might have sought the trees to evade its pursuers. For some twenty minutes, neither SWAT Kat had any luck finding the elusive Commander.

“What now, Razor?” T-Bone asked in exasperation at their lack of success.

“I think we should… Crap!” Razor shouted in surprise when a heavy body slammed down on him. He crashed the bike into a tree, but he and his unexpected passenger had already jumped off

“Razor?!” T-Bone yelled as he hurriedly turned the jet back, using the, still functioning, locator signal from the bike to find his partner. He quickly set the jet down in a clear spot, shot the canopy open and jumped down.

He heard a roar and the sound of a glovatrix missile firing. He raced for the site of the noise and came upon his partner now treed and the tiger trying to jump up to get him. The tiger had so far agilely avoided Razor’s attempts to take it out.

Coming up from behind, T-Bone took careful aim and fired a net missile then a gas grenade in quick succession. This time they were successful. The tiger screamed in fury and struggled with the netting until the gas finally subdued it.

T-Bone walked up to Feral’s altered form as Razor jumped down from the tree.

“Wow! Did he ever put up a fight,” T-Bone said in admiration.

“Ugh! You can say that again!” Razor snorted. “We’d better get him loaded quickly. No telling how long the gas will keep him down.”

“Good idea. Now do you know how we’re going to drag some seven hundred pounds of saber tooth cat aboard the jet?” the tabby asked with a frown.

“Gonna have to use the sand cat to drag him aboard. Let’s get a tarp to roll him on first,” Razor said, heading for the cargo bay.

While Razor dragged a big tarp toward the tiger, T-Bone drove the sand cat up. It took quite a bit of effort to roll the huge cat onto the tarp.

“Crud! He’s heavy!” T-Bone grunted when they finally managed it.

“Man, is he ever!” Razor panted as he hooked up the tarp to the sand cat.

T-Bone carefully dragged the cat back to the jet and into the cargo hold. They closed the door then climbed back into their seats.

“Let’s get back to Enforcer Headquarters. Hope they were able to catch the Lieutenant,” Razor said as he strapped in.

“If they haven’t, we’ve got another hunt to do,” T-Bone sighed as he took the jet back into the sky.

While the SWAT Kats were hunting the Commander, Major Westland searched headquarters for Lt. Feral. There were many sightings of her, but she always managed to elude them. Tired and sweaty, he was in the Commander’s office with four other squadron commanders trying to come up with a better way to try and corral the cat. So far, no idea they’d tried had worked.

Before one of them could toss out another idea, shouts, curses, and screams were heard outside the door. The group raced to the hall and found office workers fleeing from a black apparition charging down the hall. Somehow, the Lieutenant had found her way to the top floor.

Thinking fast, Major Westland turned to one of the others with him. “Henry, get the net I left in the office,” he shouted.

The officer turned and rushed back into the Commander’s office and grabbed the netting they had dropped to the floor. Another officer joined him, and together they dragged the heavy net out to the hall. While they had been getting it, the cat had run into one of the offices. Now was their moment to try and catch her.

Four of the officers caught hold of the heavy net and held it just out of view of the doorway. Meanwhile, Major Westland and a pair of sergeants went into an adjoining office with a connecting door.

Major Westland prepared to open the door. “Alright, all of you make as much noise as you can and wave your arms. We’re going to try and drive the cat toward the net. Okay?” he asked.

The two sergeants nodded and readied themselves. The Major flung open the door and began to holler like a maniac. The two sergeants ran in and did the same. The black cat froze for a second where it stood near the back of the room then it screamed and ran toward the front, searching for an escape.

Seconds later, the black cat charged through the door, and the group holding the net threw it over her. She screamed and struggled but before she could manage to get free, the Major injected her with a sedative he’d gotten from the med center when the chase began.

It took nearly three minutes to work, but finally the huge cat’s movements slowed and finally ceased.

Sighing in relief, Major Westland ordered, “Get her down to the Bio Tech Labs.”

As the group lifted the heavy cat, another officer rushed up to them.

“Sir! Dispatch reports the SWAT Kats have finally caught the Commander and are on their way back,” he told the Major.

“Well that’s good news. Now let’s hope someone can find out what happened to them. I want a team waiting for their arrival with something that can carry a cat that big. Escort the SWAT Kats to the lab,” the Major ordered.

The officer nodded and hurried off to carry out the major’s command.

Some ten minutes later, the Turbokat was landing on the flight line of Enforcer Headquarters. A large flatbed cart had been wheeled to the jet. The SWAT Kats used the sand cat again to off load the saber tooth then a large group of enforcers, with the vigilantes’ aid, hefted the cat onto the cart.

The group then made their way into a cargo elevator and down to the Bio Tech Labs floor.

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