Original SWAT Kats Story

Genetic Terrorism

By Ulyferal

  • 11 Chapters
  • 22,221 Words

A crazed scientist develops a way to send Kats back to their genetic roots with horrifying results. (11 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 2

Proving His Thesis… Illegally

Outside the city limits…

Ever since he’d gotten his samples, Jenler had been working feverishly, extracting the DNA for each of his subjects. It was a painstaking process and took days, but finally he sat staring at the four test tubes. Each held the essence of each person; now he needed to subject it to his new process to find out what these individual’s ancient ancestors were centuries ago. That would take another day at least then he was ready to prove his thesis. He was fairly shaking with excitement as he took the vials and began the process.

He barely slept or ate during the next twenty-four hours. Finally, he’d had the essence of each subject’s ancestral fingerprint reduced down to a catalyst that would trigger the regression effect. Relieved and excited, Jenler locked up the precious vials in his safe and went to get something to eat and to sleep. The next day he would set his plan in motion.

The next morning, early, he rose, showered, dressed neatly then went down to his lab. Removing from the safe his vials, he packed them carefully in a foam lined case, adding syringes to administer them then closing the case tightly. Smiling, he headed back upstairs and out the back door for his car.

He drove to Megakat City Hall, parking in the public lot. He walked as if he didn’t have a care in the world, heading for the main entrance with dozens of other visitors to the government building. He took the elevator to the top floor and stepped out, turning to the left away from the Mayor’s office and making for the restrooms.

Entering, he was glad it was presently empty. Taking a stall for privacy, he put his foot up on the seat so that he could rest his case on his knee. Opening it, he carefully picked a vial and a needle out then closed the case and set it on the floor. Taking the vial in one paw, he used his other to hold the needle. He pricked the vial’s rubber top and extracted one cc of the fluid it held. He dropped the vial in his pocket, picked up his case and carefully held the loaded needle in his palm, holding it close to his side out of sight.

He left the restroom and headed back down the hall toward the Mayor’s office. He entered the open door of the Deputy Mayor’s office and approached her secretary’s desk.

“Yes, may I help you?” the calico female dressed in a sharp business suit asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I need to see Ms. Briggs on a matter of some urgency,” Jenler said politely.

“Could you tell me what it is about and who you are?” she asked.

“I’m sorry, the information is highly classified. I’m Professor Nedler from the Exploratory Labs at the University of Megakat City,” Jenler said, lying easily.

The secretary frowned but picked up her phone and called her superior. Moments later, she hung up and looked up at the grey Kat.

“Ms. Briggs is very busy and can only spare you a few minutes, Professor. Go right in,” she told.

Jenler nodded, gave her a smile then turned toward the door indicated. Opening it, he saw the Deputy Mayor at her desk that was covered with various reports. He walked up to her desk and got rather close to one side where he could reach her easily. She didn’t notice his closeness as she was having an argument on the phone.

He pretended to wait patiently. He could tell whoever she was talking to was angry because he could hear the other voice. It was gruff and deep. He suspected it was Commander Feral; it rather sounded like him, and, seconds later, his guess was confirmed.

“I don’t care how much difficulty it may cause, Commander. Mayor Manx wants it done today,” Ms. Briggs said flatly. An angry response poured from the phone, causing a deep frown on the she-kat’s face.

Suddenly, she moved forward, looking for something nearest where Jenler was standing so close. Now was his moment. He quickly swept his palm with the needle forward and injected the contents into her extended arm. She blinked in surprise and looked at him. He gave her an innocent and puzzled look. She hadn’t seen the needle, only felt a prick on her arm. Before she could comment, her attention was once more distracted by the voice in her ear, and she picked up the file she had been reaching for, shoving the moment away, to deal with the irate Commander.

He waited a few more minutes then slowly backed to the door then left while Ms. Briggs was still arguing with the Commander. He closed her door.

“She’s in a disagreement with Commander Feral. Please tell her I will call her to try and meet soon. It’s important that I speak to her,” Jenler told the secretary then took his leave.

As he caught an elevator and made his way back down, he felt giddy. He’d done it. His first subject was injected, and it had been so easy. The message he’d given the secretary was a red herring. He had no intention of contacting Ms. Briggs again.

Now he needed to get to his next three subjects, but they would be a trickier prospect. One couldn’t just walk into Enforcer Headquarters. Subterfuge would not work as well on these enforcers without causing suspicion, so another distraction was needed to draw them from their building and to an area of his own choosing.

He got into his car and drove to his next destination, a small software company not far from Enforcer Headquarters. He parked behind some dumpsters located to the rear of the building then took a few moments to put on his disguise. Then he prepared three more syringes and placed them carefully in his pocket. From the backseat of his car he took an odd device. It looked like nothing more than a large control box of some kind. He’d gotten the device from an old colleague some months ago.

He turned it on and aimed its small antenna toward the software company building. Some moments later, alarms could be heard wailing from within. Following on the heels of that, workers in the building poured out in a panic, crossing the street to watch nervously as the fire department and the enforcers arrived to look for the problem.

Smiling eagerly, Jenler slipped from his car and walked down the alley toward the front of the building. Peering around the corner, he saw Feral setting up a cordon then preparing to go into the building. His niece was at his heels while Lt. Commander Steele was in charge of the outside perimeter.

Jenler’s disguise allowed him to slip in among the enforcers and get very close to Steele who was pompously shouting out orders. He got close enough to inject Steele’s arm before blending in with the other enforcers standing around.

Steele frowned at the sting but couldn’t detect anything around him that could have caused it. Rubbing the spot unconsciously, he moved off, watching for trouble.

Seeing a group of enforcers heading inside the building, Jenler moved easily in the confusion to join them. Inside the lobby, he found Feral and his niece talking with the President of the company.

“And, you don’t know who or what might have set off the alarms?” Feral was asking the portly Kat.

“No, sir. The day was just like any other until suddenly everything electronic went haywire,” the Kat said, annoyed his day had been disrupted.

“There’s no sign of Hard Drive, Uncle,” Lt. Feral said with a frown.

“I know! None of this makes sense,” Feral fumed.

Jenler slipped up behind the Lieutenant as if he was going to join another group of enforcers heading for the elevators. He paused and injected just behind her left arm and quickly moved off.

Felina blinked at the sting and looked around but saw nothing but other enforcers doing their jobs. Shaking her head, she returned her attention to her uncle.

Feral sighed in disgust and decided there wasn’t enough evidence to suggest Hard Drive had even been here. He moved to leave with Felina on his heels. He paused to give orders to Steele, who had stepped inside and was looking for him. While Feral was listening to Steele’s report, Jenler again slipped close, using a small group of enforcers intending to leave as per Feral’s orders as cover to get closer to the Commander. He succeeded moments later, injecting Feral in the back of his arm then slipping out the door.

Staying with the group that left the building, Jenler was able to put distance between himself and his ‘subjects’. As soon as he was able, he split off from the group and made for his car once more. Reaching the sanctuary of his vehicle, he started the engine and left for home.

He was grinning gleefully. He’d done it! All his ‘subjects’ had been injected, now in only twelve hours, the city would see the fruits of his labor.

He could hardly wait!

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