Original SWAT Kats Story

Ducking the Slings and Arrows of Love

By Ulyferal

  • 7 Chapters
  • 5,554 Words

Short, hopefully funny glimpses into the perils of dating and marriage as shared by Callie and Feral. (7 Chapters – Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 6

Lesson 6: Never Ignore Your Kitten

Felina had to fight to keep from laughing, but it was a losing battle. Her uncle’s expression was priceless, and she wished she’d had a camera right this minute.

Just minutes before, sitting in his chair at his desk, Feral had been playing with his four month kitten when the phone rang. Placing his son on his left knee, he bounced the kitten gently while he spoke with his wife on the phone.

Halfway through the call, he gasped then stared down at his son in shocked dismay.

“What’s wrong, Ulysses?” Callie asked, concerned.

Ignoring his wife for the moment, he held the phone between his neck and shoulder as he raised his son to eye level.

“How dare you wet all over me?” he growled, glaring at the kitten.

Brendan merely gargled and gave his father a sweet smile. A laugh in his ear drew his attention back to his wife.

“What’s so funny?”

“You! I take it you didn’t remember to change him when I dropped him off… hmmm?” she said, totally amused.

His face blushed scarlet under his dark fur as he muttered, “Ah, no, I didn’t.”

“Well, there you go. So now, he needs to be completely changed and so do you,” she couldn’t help smirking. “Guess I better let you go and get that done before you get too stinky. I’m almost finished here and will pick him up in about thirty minutes. Later, love,” she said, still amused as hell as she hung up the phone before he could respond.

Scowling, he set Brendan back on his already wet knee and returned the phone to its cradle. He fumed only a little as he lifted his son again and carried him off to his kitten carriage where he could change him, grimacing at the feel of his wet pants.

He tossed an annoyed look at his niece, who was totally overwhelmed with laughter that she couldn’t speak.

Felina moved closer to the carriage and looked down at her cousin. “Naughty Brendan… you’re not supposed to pee on your daddy… hee hee hah hee.. chortle…” she laughed uproariously.

The new father just sighed and went about changing Brendan’s clothes and diaper. “You can watch him while I change my pants and clean up, Miss Giggles!” he snorted at her then stalked off to his private bathroom.

“Good thing you have a change of clothes here, Uncle. You really reek!” Felina called cheekily after him then looked down at the kitten, making cooing noises and funny faces at Brendan, who giggled and waved his paws and feet at her in delight.

“Way to go, guy! Nice impression you made on your daddy,” she said, smirking at the adorable kitten.

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