Original SWAT Kats Story

Ducking the Slings and Arrows of Love

By Ulyferal

  • 7 Chapters
  • 5,554 Words

Short, hopefully funny glimpses into the perils of dating and marriage as shared by Callie and Feral. (7 Chapters – Work In-Progress)

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Chapter 4

Lesson 4: Interpreting Your Mate’s Behavior

“You look awfully tired, Uncle,” Felina commented when she saw the Commander that morning.

He gave her a scowl and a grunt but otherwise didn’t respond as he made himself a cup of coffee. Sgt. Fallon was home sick, so it wasn’t waiting for him, making the start of this day that much worse. He couldn’t wait to see what else it was going to throw at him.

Felina sighed and stared at him. “You made Callie pissed again, didn’t you?” she said shrewdly.

The scowl was joined by fangs of displeasure as Feral turned away from the coffee area and headed for his desk.

Shaking her head, his niece followed him. “You know, I’ve never seen the Deputy Mayor lose her cool so often as she has lately. She always struck me as a very level headed and calm she-kat. You were tardy for several important occasions in the past, but she, though mad, did forgive you, so her current behavior couldn’t be linked to that … hmmm…” she observed more to herself than the disgruntled tom.

Seeing that Felina wasn’t going to let go of the subject and not feeling like using rank to make her shut up, he admitted, bleakly, “You know those times were unavoidable and things have gone smoothly and peacefully since then but, lately, she seems to get upset more easily when I’m late than she used to. I thought perhaps it was because of that new, grand plan of the Mayor’s that has her on edge and making her snap at me in frustration.”

Felina frowned; that might be the case but she rather doubted it since Callie had a lot on her plate all the time and handled it just fine. A suspicion began to grow in her mind as she eyed her uncle thoughtfully a moment then asked, “Uncle? Has Callie been more moody lately and when was her last heat?”

“Huh?” Surprised by the odd question, he blinked at her owlishly in puzzlement. “I guess you could say she’s a bit more prone to cry lately or scream at me.” Grimacing, when he remembered last night. “As for her heat, uhm… that was about a couple of months ago… why?”

“Well, I know you two are careful because kittens aren’t planned yet, but… well… I suspect you failed this time,” she said.

Feral had been taking a sip of his coffee when she said that and ended up spewing the mouthful across his normally pristine desk. He quickly grabbed some tissue from his drawer to clean it up while gaping in dismay at his niece.

“Callie’s pregnant?”

“It’s certainly a possibility. Her behavior and when her last heat was suggests this might be her reason for being so prickly lately,” Felina said easily, mildly amused at her uncle’s reaction.

He buried his face in his paws and groaned. He was right… this day had gotten worse, and he hadn’t even left the office yet.

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