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Commander Feral’s Private Life II

By Ulyferal

  • 5 Chapters
  • 5,270 Words

A collection of little vignettes about Feral’s off duty time.

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
E-Mail: ulyferal818@yahoo.com
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

Author’s Note: A collection of little vignettes about Feral’s off time. Hope you enjoy them.

Chapter 1


Commander Feral had just made his last stop on his Saturday list of things to do. He had stopped at a little strip mall for groceries and was loading them into his hummer when something pulled at his pant leg. Looking down, he saw a kitten that couldn’t be more than three years old. Her little woebegone face stared up at his pleadingly.

He looked around the parking lot quickly but didn’t see a frantic mother anywhere. Careful not to frighten her, Feral squatted down so she wouldn’t have to look up and would be less afraid of him.

“Well, who are you, sweetheart, and where is your mama?” he asked gently.

“I… I’m Mandy; don’t know where mommy is.” She whimpered. “Find her?”

“Well I can try, Mandy. I’m sure your mommy is looking for you. Can you tell me where you were when you last saw her?” Feral asked carefully.

“Don’ ‘member. Want mommy!” Mandy began weeping.

Sighing, Feral gently wrapped an arm around the little kitten and stood back up. Cradling her in his arms, he once again searched the parking lot; no luck. Closing the door to his hummer and locking it, he walked to the closest store to begin asking around.

Going into the grocery store he had just left, he went to the customer service counter. “Excuse me, this little one has lost her mommy. She wandered out into the parking lot and came to me. Would you ask on the PA if anyone has lost a little she-kat named Mandy, please. I think she’s about three years old?” Feral asked of the clerk.

Eyes widening with surprise, the clerk nodded and went to the announcement system.

“Attention shoppers. Has anyone lost a little kitten named Mandy? She looks about three years old. She’s waiting at the customer service counter,” the clerk’s voice boomed through the store.

“Thank you. I guess we’ll wait a bit then move on to another store if no one shows.” Feral sighed. The clerk agreed that was a good idea then gave Mandy a lollipop to help calm her. At least it stopped her tears and Feral was grateful for that.

“Mandy, can you tell me your last name. It will help us find your mommy faster?” Feral asked, thinking to put out an APB for the mother.

“Not supposed to tell. Mommy says!” Mandy said adamantly and stuck the sucker back in her mouth.

Feral and the clerk looked at each other and sighed. After waiting some ten minutes with no one coming for the little kitten, Feral ordered the clerk to be on the alert and that he would return if he didn’t find the mother anywhere else. The clerk promised to announce it again a few times more over the next thirty minutes. Feral thanked him and left the store. He was headed to the next shop when there was a loud shriek.

Stopping, he saw a frantic she kat heading for him with a security guard. Sighing in relief, Feral was about to speak when the security guard suddenly drew his weapon and pointed it at Feral. He froze. This was not good. The guard’s actions were inappropriate and dangerous. The Commander dared not provoke the obviously nervous guard so remained still and waited.

“Alright you, put the kitten down and raise your paws, slowly,” the guard barked.

“Take it easy!” Feral quietly admonished and slowly put Mandy down on the ground where she ran to her mother with a squeal. Her frantic mother snatched her up and hugged her close.

“I don’t know what you were doing with the kitten, but I want you to stand still and not speak. I’ve already called the enforcers,” the guard said tightly, keeping his weapon on Feral the whole time.

Holding his paws up, Feral was relieved the guard had called his enforcers. While he waited for them, he ran through his mind the dressing down he was going to give this guard.

Sirens wailing, two enforcer vehicles screamed into the parking lot. Halting hard in front of the group, four officers jumped out with their weapons at the ready but not drawn. When they saw who was at gun point, they weren’t happy. The most senior of the group took charge.

“Alright sir, you can put your weapon away, please,” he spoke to the guard quietly to diffuse the tense situation. The guard nodded and slowly put away his weapon. Everyone immediately relaxed.

“Commander Feral, sir!” The officer saluted Feral briskly.

The guard’s mouth dropped open in shock. “Commander Feral?!! Oh God! I’m sorry, sir; I didn’t recognize you,” the guard stuttered, completely mortified that he’d drawn down on the Chief Enforcer of Megakat City.

“Yes, well, I have a few words to say to you, but first I want to talk to the mother of Mandy so I want you to stay right here until I come back,” Feral ordered him.

He walked past the enforcers and up to the still shaken mother. She stared at him in surprise. She hadn’t been paying attention when he had been identified so was shocked that the enforcers had let him go.

“Excuse me, ma’am, I’m Commander Feral. Your little Mandy found me in the parking lot when she apparently wandered off from you. I am glad you are back together, but I have a warning for you. Never take your eyes off your kitten again. A stroller or even one of those harness things are a safe bet that this will never happen again. Do you understand?” he told her sternly.

“I… I’m sorry. I just took my eyes off her a moment and she was gone. I’m sorry the guard was harsh with you too.” Her mother blushed in embarrassment.

“That’s alright; he was doing his job. I have no quarrel with him except for the manner in which he did it. Now, Mandy, will you promise me you won’t wander off from your mommy again?” Feral asked her gently.

“I promise,” she said sweetly and smiled at him.

He smiled at her in return then marched back to deal with the guard.

“Now, Mr. Jenners, I understand you were only doing your job, but there was one thing you did that was extremely dangerous. Do you know what that was?” Feral asked the guard seriously.

“No sir,” he responded nervously.

“Then listen carefully. You drew a weapon where there were innocent bystanders near. Since it was obvious I wasn’t carrying a weapon, drawing yours was unnecessary and created a very tense situation where someone could have been hurt. Simply asking me who I was would have relieved all parties. Certainly you would have been in your right to ask for my ID and to ask the kitten be released, but drawing your weapon was wrong. Do you understand?” Feral demanded.

Dropping his head in shame and embarrassment, Jenners responded, “Yes sir. I’m sorry, sir. I’ll be more careful next time. Thank you for setting me straight.”

“You are welcome. However, the one thing you did do right was contacting the enforcers before confronting me.” Feral relaxed, certain his lecture had hit home. Then smiled and asked, “By the way, were you afraid of me that much?” He quirked an amused eyebrow at the guard.

Blushing furiously, he said, “Umm, well, you are pretty intimidating, Commander.”

Light chuckles of laughter came from the other enforcers, and, soon, everyone was smiling.

The senior officer offered, “That’s okay, Mr. Jenners. Commander Feral is intimidating even to us.”

“Okay everyone, let’s get back to what we were doing, alright? Officer Strand, write up the report of the incident and send it to me by Monday morning,” Feral gruffly ordered, briefly acknowledging the officer’s salute and left for his vehicle. ‘What a weird day,’ he mused as he carried his shopping up to his apartment.

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