Original SWAT Kats Story

Between Heaven and Hell

By Ulyferal

  • 16 Chapters
  • 37,786 Words

Feral is kidnapped by Dark Kat, and that is only the beginning of the strangeness the SWAT Kats fall into when they try to rescue the Commander. (16 Chapters – Complete) Rated M for Content.

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Chapter 13

MadKat Makes the Scene

Abby Sinian closed the door to her office, seeking privacy. Running through her mind the kats she felt would be able to help her, she opened her address book and looked up the first number. She glanced at the time and calculated the time differences before dialing the number.

She was fortunate and reached her colleague. After talking with him in his own language for a few minutes, it was concluded he could not help her but knew where she might have better luck. She thanked him and called the next possibility. It would be the start of a frustrating search that would take her the rest of the day.

Not willing to wait for results from Dr. Sinian, Katzmer felt they should spread their chances and sent Rowena out of the city to some contacts of his. He hoped that one of them would be lucky.

While this search was going on, Feral was confronting the ridiculous pile of reports on his desk. Sighing, he sat down and began to dig through it. ‘This is what I get for taking time for myself, but I refuse to regret it. It was the best morning of my life,’ he thought, taking a moment to savor again the memory of Rowena in his arms. With a pleasurable smile on his lips, he dug into his work with a lighter heart.

It was near the end of the day when an alert sounded. At the Megakat Asylum for the Insane and Katatonic, someone had released Lenny Ringtail. That would normally not be a big problem, and the police were well able to handle an escaped insane prisoner. Unfortunately, those same culprits had liberated the kat-in-the-box from the Enforcer evidence locker. This was horrific news.

The fact that no one could find Ringtail wasn’t welcome news to Feral as he stood at the scene of the escape. Staring at the broken wall, Feral looked over the damage and scented the distinctive odor of sulfur. Scowling angrily and forcibly restraining the hellkat, Feral left the scene for the CSI team.

As he was driving away, his mind was working frantically for a way to defeat Madkat when he appeared. This was his father’s greatest and worst interference to date. Nightstalker knew how powerful Madkat was and probably made a deal with the mad demon that inhabited the box. It would take his angelic powers and the SWAT Kats to defeat the thing. He pulled over to the side of the road and pulled out his cell phone.

“Ms. Briggs?” he called. “I need you to do me a favor.”

Some fifteen minutes later, Feral was waiting beside his vehicle and staring up at the sky. He had told Ms. Briggs to have the SWAT Kats meet him at this abandoned factory not far from the asylum. He heard the roar before he saw the jet appear and move to land near him.

The pair jumped smoothly out of the cockpit and walked up to him.

“What’s up, Commander?” Razor asked.

“Ringtail has escaped with a little demonic assistance,” he snarled angrily.

“Aw Crud!” T-Bone said in disgust. “But, without his box, he’s not much trouble.”

“Except if he were to get his paws on the box and that’s why you’re here isn’t it, Feral?” Razor said shrewdly.

“Got it in one, Razor. My father’s minions liberated it from the evidence locker,” Feral said grimly.

“Ohh, that is definitely not good. Our weapons aren’t effective against magic. Our only way to defeat him is to shoot the bells off his hat,” T-Bone said, equally grim.

“And, he’ll be ready for it this time and make it nearly impossible to accomplish,” Razor added unhappily.

“Not if he were very distracted!” Feral said, a plan blooming in his mind.

“What are you thinking?” T-Bone asked suspiciously, afraid it wouldn’t be something he’d like.

“I’ve discovered lately that my hellkat is willing to fight crime though its methods are a bit more brutal. It seems to be challenged by it or it’s just defending its territory; I’m not really sure which. Anyway, when we confront Madkat, I’ll let the hellkat free. It will want to tangle with Madkat and because they are both magical, they will cancel each other out and have to resort to brute force, something Madkat isn’t prepared for,” Feral said pleased with the solution.

“Ahh, you’ve got to be kidding! You would deliberately release the hellkat and bet that it would do what you want it to. That is a really big chance you’re taking!” T-Bone objected.

“I think I would be more familiar with my other half than you would, SWAT Kat! To me it’s the only way to allow you two to shoot the bells off. The hellkat is not a distraction Madkat can ignore,” Feral insisted.

“Okay, say it works out and we defeat Madkat. How do we get the hellkat to capitulate to you? This is its first opportunity to really be free for a significant period of time. It will not want to return that easily and since we are in the air with you, neither of us can reach and touch you,” Razor said, stating a very important point.

“When Madkat is defeated, I will be actively trying to restrain it. While it’s distracted by me, you get close enough. It’s not a perfect plan, but it’s the only one I can see will work.” Feral said, conceding that it was a risky plan.

“We could just use a missile to toss some holy water on your hellkat. That would certainly get its attention.” T-Bone suggested.

“Yes, it would except it wouldn’t just distract; it would hurt!” Feral said dryly.

“Oh! Sorry! I didn’t know that!” T-Bone said, having the grace to look embarrassed.

“Tossing holy water is out but how about a large sanctified cross?” Razor asked thoughtfully.

Feral blinked in surprise. “Uh… well… yeah, that would work alright if you can get close enough and it doesn’t run off. Otherwise, you will be chasing me all over Megakat City.”

“Yeah, well that’s the risk we’ll have to take. I’ll get it made right away and run it by Father Sebastian to have it blessed . We’d better get on that right now before Madkat shows, which shouldn’t be too long in coming,” Razor said urgently.

“So, we’re going with this mad plan?” T-Bone asked reluctantly.

“Yeah, looks like it, buddy. He’s right; it’s the best way and we always take the most dangerous methods anyway, so what else is new?” Razor said, shrugging his shoulders fatalistically.

T-Bone and Feral both snorted at that observation.

“How do you want me to reach you when Madkat appears,” Feral asked.

“We monitor the enforcer band. Just give a yell; we’ll hear you,” T-Bone said simply.

He was surprised when Feral shook his head. “No, I can’t have my enforcers involved in this. When we get the word of his appearance, we three will draw him away and I’ll send my enforcers on a wild goose chase away from our battle. So, again, how do I reach you quickly?”

Sighing, Razor reached into his pocket and pulled out a small device with their logo on it. “It’s not the same as the one Callie has. Its signal will tell me it’s you and not her reaching us. It has a locator, so we will find you as long as you have it turned on and on your person,” he told Feral.

Feral took the device and nodded. “It probably will be tonight he’ll strike. Father’s strongest at night, obviously, and wouldn’t be above trying to add his interference to the fight,” he said musingly.

“Oh, that isn’t news I wanted to hear!” T-Bone groaned.

“Then I guess loading the jet with holy water missiles is a good idea,” Razor said grimly.

“Yeah, you are probably right; just try not to hit me, okay?” Feral warned, grinning darkly.

“I’m not called sure shot for nothing!” Razor snorted at the slight. “Okay, we better be off; I have a lot to do!”

Feral nodded and turned to leave. Razor had done the same, running for the jet with T-Bone close behind.

As Feral predicted, Madkat showed up near the Megakat Broadcasting Building as he had before. Old habits die hard. Feral signaled the SWAT Kats, and, when they showed up to harass Madkat, the creature popped out of sight. Knowing Madkat might come after them to get revenge, the SWAT Kats moved off as if searching for him but in reality drawing him away from the city center and toward a more deserted area.

The enforcers were not informed when Madkat reappeared and, as the SWAT Kats hoped, attacked them. Also, as Feral feared, gremlins appeared to distract and harass the duo. Razor got to use his holy water missiles and watched in satisfaction as the gremlins screamed when the water sprayed over them, causing them to disintegrate into ash that floated to the ground.

Things weren’t all that hunky dory though as Madkat did his very best to try and take down the Turbokat. Only T-Bone’s skills as a pilot kept him out of his clutches and his magically destructive toys. On the ground, Feral had just arrived at the site of the battle. His hellkat was excited by the sight of gremlins and could feel the hidden demon possessing Madkat and was eagerly pressing to get out.

He’d never willingly allowed the hellkat to be free before, so it wasn’t easy for him to let go. As things got too hot for the SWAT Kats, Feral let the hellkat free. It was airborne in seconds and headed for Madkat. The demon inhabiting Ringtail was shocked and upset to see the hellkat. It attempted to leave by disappearing, but it was too late. The hellkat latched on and negated its magic. The pair of combatants fell from the sky and hit the ground in a rolling ball of fighting and scratching with Madkat getting the worst of it since Ringtail had never been much of a fighter.

With Madkat out of the picture, the SWAT Kats were able to finish off the gremlins rather handily. When the sky was empty of enemies, they focused their attention on the battle below them. T-Bone brought the jet down until they were hovering really close.

“Okay, buddy, do your stuff!” T-Bone called out to his partner.

“I’m on it, T-Bone!” Razor said as he targeted the first of the three bells. When he destroyed it, Madkat screamed and fought against the hellkat harder but that only incited it to tear into the demon even more. In quick succession, Razor destroyed the other two bells, instantly, the demon vanished and Ringtail lay at the mercy of the bloodthirsty hellkat.

Not wanting to see Ringtail be ripped to bloody shreds and killed, Razor shot a holy water missile really close. When it hit the ground, it sprayed the water close to the combatants. The hellkat screamed in anger and pain and sprang away from Ringtail. Furious, it took to the air, heading straight for the Turbokat. Razor waited till the last possible instance to spring a big cross up from his top launcher. The hellkat screamed again and fell to the ground. A struggle of wills ensued for several tense minutes before Feral got the upper paw and changed back.

Exhausted, he lay naked on his back, heaving for air and trying to get enough strength to stand.

T-Bone quickly landed the jet nearby and the two of them jumped out, running to Feral’s side. To help Feral keep the hellkat contained, Razor wrapped his arms around the big tom and helped him to sit up.

Nearby, Ringtail was moaning pitifully. He was in very bad shape. T-Bone crouched down beside him and checked him over. He sucked in his breath; there wasn’t a section of Ringtail that wasn’t clawed badly or torn. He needed medical help quickly. T-Bone looked over at Feral and saw he was recovering quickly as he had been able to make clothes appear on himself.

“Hey, Commander, if you can, Ringtail’s real bad. I think he’ll need your special touch if he’s to make it,” T-Bone called over to him urgently.

Razor helped Feral to his feet and kept a paw on him as they walked over to Ringtail. Feral dropped to his knees heavily. He placed a paw on the injured kat’s chest and concentrated. The glow from his paw spread over the whole body for several minutes and, when it stopped, Ringtail was gasping in surprise and sitting up.

There was no fight left in him and he sat quietly waiting, too stunned at being healed and not able to accept how it had been done. Feral was huddled on himself on the ground. He was far too exhausted to get to his feet.

“T-Bone, bring me the kat-in-the-box,” Feral asked thickly.

Surprised, T-Bone eyed the big kat a moment but did as he was asked and brought the cursed box to Feral. Razor helped Feral sit up and let the big tom lean against him for support while Feral took hold of the box.

His eyes and paws glowed as he began to chant. As he shouted the last word, there was a horrible screech and the box disintegrated. With its departure, Feral succumbed and collapsed into unconsciousness.

“Crud!” T-Bone breathed in shock. “What did he do?”

“Sounded like the same thing he did to that demon a few months back… he banished it back to the hell realm,” Razor said in a hushed voice.

“Wow!” his partner said in amazement then looked down at Feral. “He paid big time for that last effort though. Guess we better take him to the church to recover,” he said softly.

“Yeah, he’s too exhausted to control the hellkat, but I’m going to have to keep a hold of him just in case until we get him on holy ground, T-Bone,” Razor said grimly.

“Okay, let me get Ringtail loaded then I’ll help you with him,” T-Bone said then went to collect the still shocked and quiet Ringtail. He pulled the kat up and hauled him to the jet’s cargo hold, securing him in a jump seat. He pulled down another set for Razor and Feral then went down to retrieve them.

The two of them carried the big kat between them and deposited him into the seat. While T-Bone kept his paw on him while he strapped Feral in his seat, Razor was doing the same. Razor wrapped an arm around Feral’s shoulders and let the big kat’s head rest on his shoulder. With everyone secured, T-Bone lifted the jet and flew straight for St. Michaels.

He landed in the empty parking lot behind the church. Jumping down into the cargo hold, he walked up to the pair as Razor was undoing their seat belts. Hefting Feral into a seat carry again, they walked down the ramp. They halted a moment to close the ramp to keep Ringtail from leaving though it didn’t look like the kat was in the here and now anyway.

Reaching the rear entry of the church, T-Bone rang the bell. A priest quickly opened the door and gaped at the three.

“Get Father Sebastian quickly,” T-Bone ordered the shocked priest.

Nodding, eyes still wide, the priest opened the door for them and then ran for Father Sebastian.

Razor and T-Bone carried Feral through the church and to his room. Father Sebastian caught up to them and quickly unlocked the door for them and opened it. The pair laid their burden down on the bed. Feral groaned and began to stir. His eyes opened slowly and a look of relief was on his face.

He turned his head and saw the three looking down at him. “Thank you. I didn’t have enough strength left to hold it back,” he said thickly.

“Yeah, we kinda guessed that. We’ll let you get some rest now. We gotta take Ringtail back to the asylum,” T-Bone told him.

“I take it we don’t have to worry about Madkat anymore?” Razor asked.

“No! He’s been returned to hell for good. No one will be willing to send him back, not even my father,” Feral said with satisfaction.

“That’s great to hear. Take care, big guy. See you all later,” T-Bone said as he and Razor quickly made their exit.

“I’ll wait to hear the details from you later, my son. Is there anything you need right now?” Father Sebastian asked solicitously.

“No, thank you, Father. I just need to rest,” Feral said with a sigh.

“Then a good rest to you, my son,” he told him and left, closing the door softly behind him.

Feral used a little bit of energy to make his clothes depart to the chair except for his boxers. He was pleased things had worked out great and that he’d beat his father again. His last thought before sleep took him was, ‘I wonder if Rowena would see me tonight?’ A smile of anticipation graced his face.

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