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A World Beyond Dreams - The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive

Original SWAT Kats Story

A World Beyond Dreams

By Ulyferal

  • 30 Chapters
  • 92,268 Words

It’s Chance’s birthday or is it? Chance’s hidden past is about to make a shocking appearance, and it won’t be anything Megakat City will have ever seen before. (30 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 8

Learning to be a Prince

The two tired vigilantes made it home without incident and quickly stripped off their G-suits and headed to bed.

Chance slept the clock around and didn’t wake until nine the morning two days later from the events in the park. A bit groggy, he staggered to the shower, which woke him up. Feeling better, he made his way to the kitchen. His partner was no where around. The tabby thought nothing of it and made himself breakfast.

When he’d finished, Chance went down to the garage and found Jake working on a sedan, changing the spark plugs.

“Morning, Jake,” he sang out, preparing to set to work.

“Well, it’s about time. I was beginning to worry about you,” Jake said, turning his head to stare at his partner.

“Huh? I overslept a little, what’s the big deal?” Chance asked, frowning at his friend in annoyance.

“Chance, it’s two days later since you went to bed,” Jake said flatly.

The tabby froze in the act of lifting the hood of another vehicle and stared at Jake in shock. “No way!”

“Yes, way. Fortunately, nothing has been going on except for those Fremlin things giving the enforcers constant headaches. No portals have opened either, otherwise, I would have did my best to wake you up, but since it stayed quiet, I allowed you to keep sleeping though it made me nervous you were out that long. I checked you often but you were just sleeping….. heavily,” Jake told him.

“Crud! I didn’t think I was that tired. Must be from working with the medallion. It obviously drains me a lot. Better keep that in mind when I start my sessions with it and see how long it takes me to recover from each session,” Chance said thoughtfully.

“It could be you just need to get used to it. Gradually you’ll build up the strength to handle longer and longer sessions without exhausting yourself,” Jake said slowly.

“You could be right. Won’t know until I begin using it on a regular basis,” Chance said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Then I guess you better go down to the hangar and get started. I can hold down things here, but the city can’t wait for you to be trained and ready to help defend them and your homeland. Unfortunately, we have no idea how long your training will take so no time can be wasted,” Jake ordered him.

“It feels wrong somehow to leave you all this work. We’re partners after all,” Chance said reluctantly.

“We’ve done it before, buddy, when I’ve worked on my inventions or was fixing something on the jet and you held down the fort. The only difference is it’s you who can do what needs done and not me this time,” Jake said, giving Chance a reassuring smile.

Chance sighed. “You’re right. Okay, I’ll leave you to it,” he said then headed down the ladder to the hangar.

Looking around a moment, he decided one of the empty rooms down here in this huge facility would be a safe place to practice things that could damage the delicate electronics Jake had around the main hangar.

He walked down a darkened corridor, checking many of the dusty rooms along the way with a flashlight until he halted at one that seemed to fit his needs. He flicked the light switch and a long fluorescent light fixture flickered then burst into full light allowing him to see the empty cement walled room better.

Nodding to himself, he figured the thick concrete walls should be sufficient to keep any magic he used inside. He pulled the door to just a crack so that Jake could peer in to check on him but not enter the room which could disrupt the magic he was working with or maybe cause harm to his friend.

Pulling the medallion out of his shirt where it hung around his neck, he stared at it with some trepidation. This business of magic still made him nervous. Jake was more at ease with the weird stuff than he was. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, he squeezed the medallion in his palm until he drew blood.

Almost instantly, he was transported to a room larger than the one his body physically stood in. It had white marble tiles under foot, gleaming white walls decorated with frescos of scenes from battles of long ago painted on them from the world of his birth. One wall held all manner of ancient weaponry except for iron made ones and guns.

At first, he was alone but, moments, later a figure appeared from thin air. The fae warrior was tall and lean with long hair to his waist the color of midnight blue. His eyes were tri-colored rings of differing hues of blue and he had wings of aqua. Finishing his look was a tight fitting uniform of the royal house of Alaria. Altogether, he was blindingly beautiful, but no one would dare call him feminine. He radiated power and arrogance.

“Uh, hello?” Chance said, hesitantly.

“Greetings, Prince Lorcan,” the fae said, bowing deeply from the waist. “I am your Uncle Conall.”

“Hi, glad to meet you,” Chance said, nodding his head, feeling odd speaking to an image that could speak with him. “Uhm, how is it you can talk with me as if you were here?”

Conall smiled slightly. “Magic, my prince. A spell was set with my personality and set to go off as soon as you activated the medallion. So, in essence, you are speaking to me as if I were here in person.”

“Oh, wow, that’s certainly handy,” Chance said, reassured but still unsettled by it. “So, you’re here to teach me what I need to know on magic use and fighting the dark fae?”

“Yes, my prince. But, first I need to see what your present skills are before adding to them. I am pleased that you are already a warrior and fit; this will make learning other fighting methods much easier for you. Time is of the essence, though, so shall we begin?” Conall asked.

“Yes, but first I really need to know how to deal with the Fremlins. They are causing significant problems with the military and my partner and I’s equipment,” Chance said firmly.

Conall gave a grave nod. “So, those have made it to your hidden home, heh? They are a vicious infestation I would wish on no one. The spell casting is tricky, so pay close attention, my prince,” Conall said seriously then walked Chance through the spells he needed to deal with the nasty creatures.

More than an hour later and sweating from repeated attempts at doing the spell, Chance finally succeeded in casting it perfectly. Conall insisted he do it several more times to be sure he had the spell well and truly learned then they took a break.

Chance was trembling and thirsty. He couldn’t believe doing magic could be this exhausting.

“My prince, spell casting is physically demanding, but your stamina will increase the more you use it. Soon, you will be able to cast spells for many hours if needed,” Conall said in sympathy.

“That’s what my partner guessed. Glad to know he was right, but wish I could get that stamina faster.” Chance sighed.

Conall smiled and clapped Chance on the shoulder. “Don’t we all, my prince. Now, I want you to go and get something to eat, drink and lay down for an hour then come back. Don’t try and cheat…… it will only make the next session shortened because you didn’t give your body a chance to recover,” Conall warned, giving the prince a gentle push to the door.

Chance grimaced at the restriction but nodded his obedience and went out of the room. The magical space vanished as soon as he crossed over the threshold with a brief flash of light. He turned his head back to the room and blinked in amazement at the now restored space. It was like he stepped from one world to another, and it was very disconcerting.

Shaking his head, he trudged back down the corridor to the main hangar then up the ladder. He paused in the garage to see how Jake was.

His partner was sitting in the break area eating lunch and watching TV. The garage was empty of customers much to his relief.

“Hey, I see you managed to get done,” he said tirededly.

“Yeah, about an hour ago. Aw, Chance, you really look like hell!” Jake exclaimed, jumping to his feet and coming to his friend’s side.

“Umph….. yeah….. I’m tired. By the way, you were right; constant practice will increase my ability to do magic for longer and longer periods. But, right now, just a couple of hours doing one spell has wiped me out. Conall…….” the tabby explained but was cut off by his partner.

“Conall? Who is that?” Jake asked sharply.

“A magical construct of my uncle. His personality is in the spell casting, so it’s like he’s really here. I have to tell you, that’s really weird. Anyway, Uncle Conall told me to get something to eat and to lay down for an hour then return.” Chance sighed.

Jake blinked at that. “Oh, okay, sounds like a good idea. How about I make you a sandwich? You just sit down and rest.”

“Thanks, buddy. Could I have some water? I’m really thirsty,” Chance asked, groaning as he sat down on the couch and put his feet up.

“Sure, be right back,” Jake said and disappeared upstairs to their apartment. By the time Jake returned, Chance was dozing on the couch, head tipped back and snoring. Shaking his head, the cinnamon tom put the plate and cup on the coffee table then shook his friend hard.

“Huh…. wha?” the tabby snorted and blinked blurrily at his friend.

“Sorry, buddy, but you need to eat then go up to your bed to nap,” Jake urged his friend.

“Oh, right….. thanks,” Chance muttered as he sat up more and reached for the sandwich.

Jake shook his head in sympathy as he sat down next to his friend and returned to watching his show on the TV while keeping an eye on his partner. When he saw the tabby had finished his lunch and was about to settle down on the couch to sleep, he got up quickly.

“Uh uh, buddy. Up you get!” he said as he pulled his friend to his feet.

Chance could only grumble but stumbled along as Jake tugged him to the stairs then up to his bedroom, allowing the tabby to fall face first onto his bed, falling immediately asleep.

Sighing, Jake left his friend to rest. He knew he would have to wake him in about an hour even though he’d rather allow Chance to rest longer as tired as the poor tabby was, but he knew that wasn’t an option.

An hour later, he was literally dragging the big tabby off his bed. “Come on, Chance. You said you had to return to your lessons. I know you’re tired, but you have to get going,” he said urgently.

“I know, stop pulling on me….. I’m getting up,” Chance growled tiredly. He slowly pushed himself off the bed and swayed on his feet a moment before getting his balance and heading for the bathroom.

He decided a quick shower would wake him more and allow him to focus. Ten minutes later, feeling more awake, Chance headed back to the cement room once more and called up his uncle.

“You still look a little peaked, my nephew,” Conall observed critically.

“Yeah, I could have used more hours of sleep, but I know time isn’t on our side, so I don’t have the luxury for more rest, so shall we get started?” Chance said

Conall nodded, his eyes reflecting his approval. “Then let’s begin!”

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