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A World Beyond Dreams - The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive

Original SWAT Kats Story

A World Beyond Dreams

By Ulyferal

  • 30 Chapters
  • 92,268 Words

It’s Chance’s birthday or is it? Chance’s hidden past is about to make a shocking appearance, and it won’t be anything Megakat City will have ever seen before. (30 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 4


“What does all this mean?” T-Bone asked more of himself then Dr. Sinian, but she answered anyway.

“From the evidence, it’s fairly clear that this necklace comes from another realm, quite possibly the one you witnessed your mother arrive from, T-Bone.”

The tabby blinked in bewilderment. Everything was happening too fast, and he had a very bad feeling deep inside him that he was at the center of this, whatever it was.

“T-Bone?” Razor asked in concern, reaching out to touch his partner on his arm.

His friend blinked behind his mask and looked down at the medallion for a long moment. “What do I do now? I’ve never believed in this mumbo-jumbo stuff, but ever since the Pastmaster and Mad Kat I’ve been forced to believe that magic is real, but now I’m being forced to believe in a world outside our own…..” He trailed off, shaking his head violently.

“Why should that be so difficult, buddy? We’ve dealt with aliens, other dimensions, ancient mummies, and other totally weird stuff. This is just more of the same,” Razor said, trying to put this in perspective.

“Yeah, I know! So, when I say I can sense something really bad is coming our way that will make our omegas look like kittens playing war, would you believe me?” T-Bone growled, his voice bitter and afraid.

Razor and Dr. Sinian stared at him and felt cold chills run up their spines. T-Bone was deadly serious.

Frowning, the smaller SWAT Kat asked, “You were a kitten when you were abandoned here; how is it you know so much already? I mean, you said earlier to me that you may have recognized the things that came through the portal and now you’re telling us we’re in for a terrible war, but how do you know this?”

T-Bone sighed and shrugged his shoulders helplessly. “I…. don’t….. know!” he gritted out. “I just feel it and my dreams…….”. He stopped, unable to continue.

“Your dreams and that medallion are keys to your past, T-Bone. I suspect that medallion is more than a piece of jewelry and that there is a very good reason it was left with you,” Dr. Sinian ventured cautiously.

Both SWAT Kats stared at her questioningly.

“I’m only guessing but from all the clues you’ve been giving me, I think the medallion is a memory tool. Your mother may have wanted you to know who and what you are so left this as a learning tool. When you hold it, you’ve seen her, and it’s quite possible that if you don’t break its hold on you, it might convey to you all the answers you seek,” she said.

T-Bone’s mouth gaped and he stared down at the medallion again. If she was right, he would have to allow the medallion to mess with his mind and that thought left him cold.

“I don’t like that idea much, letting a hunk of metal control me…….” He swallowed nervously.

“Not control you, T-Bone. I’m fairly certain it is only a memory tool. You’ve had it for years, and I’m certain you’ve handled it from time to time and nothing bad has happened to you. The fact that you won’t let anyone else touch it tells me strongly that it is protecting itself by warning you subliminally that it is meant only for you and to let no one else near it. If you want your answers, it’s the only thing that will give them to you,” Dr. Sinian insisted, certain she was on the right track.

T-Bone was about to object again when their emergency signal went off. Almost in relief, he shoved the medallion back in its bag then into an inner pocket of his g-suit.

“Duty calls! Sorry, doc, we’ve got to go. Thanks for the info, and I’ll think about what you said,” he assured her as he and Razor raced away to respond to whatever emergency Callie was summoning them for.

Abi sighed as they raced away. She really didn’t blame T-Bone for being afraid. That medallion could reveal a secret he may very well not want to know because it could change his whole life, but she too had a bad feeling that if he denied his heritage, whatever that was, Megakat City could suffer a terrible fate. She decided she would continue to research everything she could about these ‘Fae’ creatures and be ready when T-Bone needed her.

The SWAT Kats raced outside and only then did Razor respond to the signal. “Yes, Ms. Briggs?”

“Razor, there’s been a report of machines going wild at Pumadyne. Feral is already on the scene. Hard Drive is suspected but no one’s seen him yet,” Callie told him.

“Roger, Ms. Briggs. We’ll check it out,” Razor told her and broke the connection.

“I could have done without that techno creep showing up again,” T-Bone growled in annoyance.

Razor grimaced. “Yeah, he’s a pain alright. Let’s get over to Pumadyne and see if we can catch him before he gets away.”


When they reached their cyclotrons, they disengaged the security systems and climbed aboard. T-Bone turned on his engine and cranked the throttle, but suddenly there was a strange sound from beneath him and the next thing he knew the whole bike was shuddering. With seconds to spare, the tabby immediately leaped off just as the bike blew apart.

Parts flew everywhere and burned the back of the burly pilot as he huddled into a ball on the ground to protect himself as much as he could.

Razor, meanwhile, had already abandoned his own bike without starting it, throwing himself to the side away from T-Bone’s exploding one.

When all was silent again, T-Bone carefully got up and winced at the pain from a couple of nasty burns on his right arm and one leg. Laying everywhere was the exploded pieces of his bike.

“What the heck happened?” he blurted in shocked dismay.

Razor’s face was grim as he went back to his own bike and began to examine it thoroughly.

After many long minutes of searching through what he could see without taking the bike apart, he finally said, “On the surface, our bikes look perfectly alright but when I looked closer, I found broken connections everywhere.”

“Crap! How the heck could that have happened?” T-Bone said in bewilderment.

Razor gritted his teeth. “I don’t know. I always check our equipment every day. I swear there had been nothing wrong with either bike and our security systems were still engaged, so how did someone manage to touch them in the first place? It just doesn’t make sense,” he said angrily.

“Great! So, our bikes are down; want to risk summoning the Turbokat?” T-Bone asked tensely.

Razor thought a moment. “No one should have been able to find our jet, so let’s give it a try,” he said cautiously. He engaged his glovatrix remote control unit.

After ten minutes, they were relieved to see the Turbokat arrive and go to hover above them. Razor guided the jet to a landing behind the museum. They loaded the remaining cyclotron into the cargo hold for later study. Climbing into the cockpit, T-Bone soon had them winging their way to Pumadyne.

Chaos greeted them on their arrival. Excited Kats were running everywhere, trying to halt various machinery and vehicles from running amuck.

“What the heck?” T-Bone exclaimed as he circled the facility.

“Switch to the enforcer channel, buddy. Let’s hear what’s going on,” Razor ordered

A familiar voice was bellowing orders, and they could hear frustration in it. “Run those things down and stop them. Has anyone seen who started these things?” Dozens of negative responses were heard. “Look out for that……..” Feral’s voice was cut off as an enforcer tank ran into the guard post near the front gate and kept going.

“Feral, is that thing unmanned?” Razor shouted into his com.

“What tha…… SWAT Kats!” came his snarled response. At first it seemed like he wasn’t going to answer as the tank kept heading for an electrical tower that supplied power to Pumadyne. “Stop it, but try not to damage it beyond repair,” Feral finally ground out.

“Oh, sure! Now how do you plan to do that, Razor?” T-Bone grunted as he turned the jet to catch up with the tank.

“Actually, that’s not impossible,” Razor muttered as he studied his weapons display. “Plain old missile away,” he sang out.

The missile shot out and soared over the tank to hit the ground just a few yards ahead of it, forming a giant hole. The tank continued on its path until it tumbled into the hole, stopping it cold but not damaging it too severely.

“Mission accomplished. One intact tank,” Razor crowed triumphantly.

Feral had been watching and had to admit the SWAT Kats’ solution had been a good one. Unfortunately, that only solved one problem; he had many of them all over the place to deal with.

“Commander, what is going on and how can we help?” T-Bone called him.

“I’m not certain you two hotshots can handle this. Everything mechanical and electrical around here has gone completely bonkers. People have been pulling plugs right and left, shutting everything down before the damage is irreversible. As for the vehicles, someone or something has started every engine without benefit of a key and put them in drive,” Feral growled out in frustration.

“Well, you’re right that we have nothing to help you with that except to corral anymore fleeing tanks, but we could come down and help look for the culprits,” Razor suggested.

“I already have enforcers doing that…….” Feral snapped.

“Yeah, but it seems they are involved in rounding up vehicles at the moment and keeping the personnel out of harms way,” Razor observed.

Feral sighed audibly. The smallest SWAT Kat had a point much as it pained him to admit it. “Fine, check the perimeter and see if you spot anyone making a get away then you can poke around here, but don’t get in the way,” he told them flatly. “My chopper squadrons are also canvassing the area. They are south and north of Pumadyne.”

“I see them. We’ll do north and east. It’ll speed up the search time,” T-Bone told him.

Feral just grunted an acknowledgment, and they heard him notify his choppers of the added support.

Over the next thirty minutes, the search was on for suspicious characters but none was found. The SWAT Kats stopped two more tanks before landing and trying to find anything on foot.

Peace finally reigned over the facility, and the searchers gathered at the front entrance. Feral’s chopper and Felina’s were the only things on the ground besides the Turbokat.

When everyone gave their reports of failure to find the culprit for what was going on, Feral ordered Felina to go back to headquarters and see if she could find out the whereabouts of Hard Drive.

“I somehow doubt Hard Drive is at fault here, Commander. It just isn’t his style,” Razor said, shaking his head.

“We have to start somewhere, and who’s to say Dark Kat isn’t behind this!” Feral growled.

“Well, that’s certainly true……..” Razor began to say when there was a loud whine then the ground shook. The sound of something hitting the ground hard made them turn around and witness Felina’s chopper laying tilted at a crazy angle, the rotor half off of it.

“Felina!” Feral bellowed in fear and raced to the downed craft.

To his relief, Felina was alright and was coming around the chopper where she had bailed out to safety. He walked up to her, looking her over for any injuries.

“Felina, are you alright?” he asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Uncle,” she said, staring at the downed chopper.

“What the heck happened, Lieutenant?” T-Bone asked.

“Everything seemed normal until I actually took off then the rotor whined and shuddered, my controls locked up and I lost control. I bailed out just in time before it hit the ground,” Felina said, shaking her head in bewilderment.

“Okay, that’s just creepy and way too familiar,” Razor said, unhappily.

Feral turned to him and demanded, “What do you mean familiar?”

“Just before we came here. We had taken our cyclotrons to see Dr. Sinian about something and when we were leaving, I started my bike and it blew up. Razor checked his and found all the wire connections had been pulled or destroyed,” T-Bone explained.

“The strange thing is our security system was still engaged, so how did the culprit mess with them? And, I can tell you, I always check our equipment thoroughly. They were in perfect working order when we’d arrived,” Razor said flatly, still upset someone could do this without them knowing it.

“None of this makes any sense,” Felina huffed in frustration.

“You’re right about that. We’d better check your chopper, Commander, and our jet since they’ve been on the ground long enough to be messed with,” Razor warned.

“But, we haven’t seen anyone who shouldn’t be here and, besides, there have been enforcers and security all over the place for the past hour!” Feral objected.

“Yeah, but do you want to be a casualty because we guessed wrong?” Razor said bluntly as he moved to their jet.

Feral sighed and decided to err on the side of caution. He and Felina went to his chopper and looked it over carefully. They were dismayed to find multiple tiny things broken that would have dominoed into massive failure that would have brought down the chopper.

“Razor was right, Uncle,” Felina said, grimly.

Feral growled in frustration and abandoned his chopper to walk toward the Turbokat.

He leaped up onto the wing and leaned his head into the cockpit. “Find anything amiss? My chopper had multiple damage done to it,” he told Razor, whose body he could see under the weapon’s console. T-Bone wasn’t in view.

Razor’s voice floated up to them, “Yeah, lots of little things that would have snowballed into a jet falling from the sky.”

T-Bone’s head popped up beside Razor from the cargo hold. His face a mask of fury.

“I’d like to catch these guys. It’s a mess down there, but you really have to look hard to find it,” he ground out, absolutely furious that someone dared to touch his pride and joy.

Feral frowned. ‘Okay, so it isn’t just us that’s being affected, but what the heck is?’ he wondered to himself.

Razor popped out from under the console, his face grim and angry. “You can write off Hard Drive for this, Commander. We know he’s not capable of this nor has anyone seen him here at all.”

“For once I have to agree with you, SWAT Kat! So, what is doing this?” Feral asked angrily.

No one said a thing for a long moment. Something tickled in the back of T-Bone’s mind. He tried to ignore it, but it persisted so he closed his eyes and waited. Suddenly, an image of one of the small ugly figures that had come from the portal flashed into his mind along with a name.

“Fremlins?!!!” he blurted aloud.

The rest blinked and stared at him in bewilderment.

“What are Fremlins?” his partner finally asked in confusion.

T-Bone blushed and felt incredibly stupid, but he couldn’t brush away the image nor the information he’d gotten with it of what the creatures were and what they could do.

“Fremlins are those creatures that came through the portal last night. They can become invisible, are mechanically inclined, and have a penchant for causing mischief,” he explained.

They all stared at him. Feral at least thought the SWAT Kat had lost his mind. “You’re crazy! Where did you hear something like that and how would you know what those creatures were?” he demanded suspiciously. If he found out the SWAT Kats were responsible for those things, they would be behind bars in a heartbeat.

His partner stared at him in concern. He had a feeling the medallion had been responsible for giving his friend the information he needed. Now wasn’t the time to ask him though, not when Feral was listening in.

T-Bone gritted his teeth. He didn’t want anyone to know about that yet until he’d had time to process what they’d learned from Dr. Sinian. So, how were they going to get away from Feral when their jet was out of commission?

Before he had to say something, an alert came over the enforcer radio in Feral’s pocket. He drew it out and responded. “Feral, here!”

“Sir! All our equipment and computers are going haywire here! Don’t know how long our radios are going to……..” The dispatcher was cut off and the radio simply spat static.

“Now my headquarters is affected!” Feral bellowed then looked hard at T-Bone.

“If these Fremlins are responsible, how do we see them to defeat or capture them?” he demanded, deciding to believe the burly pilot for the moment, not having any other explanations to go on.

“Uhhh…….. I don’t know!” T-Bone said, spreading his paws helplessly.

“Wonderful!” Feral snarled sarcastically. After giving the SWAT Kat a scathing look he stalked off to gather his troops then called for backup and made sure not one of the choppers left their sight as they loaded for the trip back to headquarters. Felina gave them a lingering look before running after her uncle.

The SWAT Kats stood in silence as they watched the enforcers finally leave the area.

“Don’t say it, Razor,” T-Bone said tightly, his fists clenched.

“But, T-Bone, you’ve already opened Pandora’s box as it were, when you mentioned creatures no one has heard of. You can’t ignore it, and Feral certainly isn’t going to let it go. You have to deal with this because it looks like only you know what might be going on,” Razor said, ignoring his partner’s anger.

“Don’t you think I know that! I just don’t like being forced to do something against my will and letting that medallion ‘talk’ to me is doing just that!” the tiger tom spat at his friend angrily.

“I know. I’m sorry, T-Bone,” Razor said softly, wishing he could help T-Bone better, but everything was up to the tiger tom; all he could do was stand by him and offer his support.

T-Bone didn’t respond and stared blindly toward the city where a war had apparently begun and only he had the key to why and who.

Author’s Notes: I researched fairy creatures and used them for this story, changing their names a bit. I’ll give a little explanation at the end of each chapter that gives a new creature.

FREMLINS – Proper name Gremlins – fictional mischievous creatures. They are portrayed as mechanically oriented and extremely devious as well as destructive. For the purpose of my story they are working on behalf of the Black Fae King.

The FAE – Other names are Shidhe, Seelie, Fairy. The two sides of this conflict will be called the Black and White Fae. The Black Fae King and the White Fae Queen.

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