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A World Beyond Dreams - The SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive

Original SWAT Kats Story

A World Beyond Dreams

By Ulyferal

  • 30 Chapters
  • 92,268 Words

It’s Chance’s birthday or is it? Chance’s hidden past is about to make a shocking appearance, and it won’t be anything Megakat City will have ever seen before. (30 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 29

Dropping into Chaos

The next twenty-four hours were busy for Sorcha’s people as they set about restoring their homeland. While she was occupied visiting with her son, her generals and advisors quietly and efficiently set about getting things done.

Chance spent every waking hour with his mother while Jake spent it with Prince Conall, offering his input that would help where magic wasn’t practical. He had been afraid he would be set aside and ignored once all the excitement wound down, but he learned quickly that he was as revered as his partner, which embarrassed him hugely.

“Of course you’re thought of highly, Jake. It was your science and quick actions that ended the war along with the prince’s final blow against the Dark King. I could see that Prince Lorcan would not be who he is now if not for you and your more level head. He is hot blooded and quick to act and needs a person who can direct that where it can be of best use, and that person was you. We all are very grateful to you,” Conall said firmly.

Jake blushed. “I’m just glad I could have been of help. Besides, I couldn’t let my partner and friend face this alone.”

“And, that is why we honor you.” Conall smiled. He liked this tom. After spending a great deal of time in his company, he was very glad Prince Lorcan had been blessed with such a good and honorable companion. “Now, what were you saying about fixing the security of our lands?”

Jake was glad for the change in subject as he didn’t think he could get any redder from all the compliments he was getting. More in his element, he discussed what the Queen could do to strengthen her defenses in case danger threatened them again. Conall listened attentively as they walked about the temporary mountain retreat.

That evening, a huge celebration was held. Much feasting and shouts of “Prince Lorcan!” were heard all night long. Chance blushed a lot but smiled gamely at his people’s joy at their freedom from war and his return. Though not as glittering an event as it could be, still, it was a lot for two fairly poor mechanics to handle. With many smiles and refusals of more drink, the pair staggered to their beds around dawn.

As they got up the next morning, Jake broached the subject dear to his heart.

“Uh, Chance…?”

“Hmm…” his friend was in his Fae form, which was a bit hard for Jake to look at, him being so glowy and all.

“When are we going home?”

Chance turned and eyed his friend a moment. Jake was relaxed, but knowing his friend as well as he did, the tabby could see a fine tension in the lean body.

“Day after tomorrow, buddy.” Jake looked a little upset by that. “I know I didn’t get a chance to talk to you about this, but we plan on doing a major magical healing today. We’re all strong enough now, and they need my input to make this work, but, when we’re finished, we’ll all be exhausted.”

“Oh, I see. You found out you can heal the land then?”

“Well, almost. Mother and Uncle Conall said I was powerful enough when added to their own power that I can help the land heal at least a decade’s worth, which will definitely help with their quicker recovery.”

Jake’s eyes widened and his mouth gaped open. “A decade’s worth!” he finally managed to squeak out.

Chance laughed and slapped his friend on the back. “I did say I was powerful, buddy.”

“Yeah, but…” Jake sucked in a breath and shook his head. “No way could I have imagined just how powerful you are, Chance.”

His friend just shrugged and blushed a bit. “Come on. I’ve got to eat then we get this done.”

Jake realized they would be going to Alaria Castle for this so, to save time and because they wanted to experience just once what it would be like to fly in such an odd machine, Queen Sorcha, her generals, advisors and all the nobility that held the greatest power boarded the Turbokat for the trip.

Servants had left earlier that morning to prepare for their arrival as they would have to take care of the needs of the group once their magical working was done. None of them would be physically able to return to the mountain stronghold, but, if the working did what it was supposed to, the castle would once more be livable. Clean up had been accomplished and furniture salvaged, but the magical working should restore the castle to near normal.

Upon arrival, only the Queen and Prince Conall looked pleased and excited by the ride, the rest of her court were just glad to be on solid ground again. The ride had been a bit too unsettling for them.

They walked in silence toward the castle. It was a depressing trip, the land and castle proper looking much worse in the bright sunlight. Everyone filed into the throne room and moved into a large circle with the royal oak at their center. Razor was motioned back into an alcove with the servants to keep him out of the magical work as he wasn’t Fae.

The solemn group of High Fae clasped paws then began to focus all their magical power into one powerful push that spread out from the castle and across the land. The power locus stayed up for a solid two hours before all were too drained to continue and let it lapse.

Servants rushed forward as did Razor and helped all those in the circle to their beds in the newly cleaned and bright castle. They were made to eat a hot meal before being allowed to sleep their exhaustion away.

Jake had been shocked by the amount of power he felt pass through him and what it had wrought on the castle and land. It was truly amazing. When he saw to his friend’s needs and left him sleeping peacefully, Jake went out and looked around. He was joined by some of the servants as they too went around to see all the changes. With them as his guide, the slim tom was told that the palace had seen the most dramatic return to normalcy, but the lands about it were healed only enough for one to see how it once looked. None were unhappy, though, as the land was well on the way to being healed completely by this jump start.

Jake had to agree that the change, though not as amazing as the castle, was still nothing short of incredible. Everywhere sprouts of green were showing, saplings were springing up where trees had been destroyed, injured trees were healed, rivers and creeks ran clear and clean, and the sky was shining a beautiful blue.

Walking back into the castle that glowed once more and was white and shining, Jake spent time walking the newly restored gardens and pond. It was beautiful and peaceful here in the main courtyard. What a difference from yesterday. Now he could see what everyone had meant by a true fairyland. The silver trees were fully restored, a riot of flowers he’d never seen before filled the beds along the walls, a green lawn stretched toward the clean, cobbled road, and the pond was clean and cool with fish the color of the rainbow cavorting within it. Ivy ran up the walls once more, hiding the starkness of those guarding walls. It was just an amazing place.

Wow! What an incredible place, and Chance is willing to leave this for Aristal. I’m not so sure I could have done it, Jake thought as he sat on one of the many marble benches that graced this new paradise and absorbed all its wonderful scents. I’m just glad he’ll be leaving his home on the mend so he won’t be worried about it. Despite all this beauty though, I’ll be so glad to go home, he sighed, getting up and returning to his friend’s side.


In Megakat City time had passed and a year had gone by. Feral and Briggs worked together as an efficient team. The city wasn’t completely free of trouble, but Feral’s Enforcers had managed to keep the mayhem under control fairly well, and, when they couldn’t, Feral would reluctantly use his new magical abilities to take care of it.

Then, on the anniversary of the attack from Aleria, Turmoil swept in. She apparently was unaware of the SWAT Kat’s absence and of the other changes that had occurred, especially with Feral and Briggs because the two kept their abilities out of the public eye as much as possible. She did know Dark Kat and Viper were dead but wasn’t aware that the Metallikats were still around and wasn’t familiar with the Pastmaster to be concerned about him.

So, on this day, which was a stormy one, she blitzed in to take her revenge on a certain tom Kat and a city that had thwarted all her plans. Using a new airship that could travel at a very high altitude that was undetected by the Enforcer’s still not up to par defense system, she traveled above the storm then sent her pilots through the thick clouds to attack with devastating results.

It was early morning, day shift wasn’t quite begun, so many were only just getting up to start their day. Mayor Manx was still at his mansion in the country, just rising, while Ms. Briggs was eating breakfast in her apartment. Feral was already on his way to work when all hell dumped on them.

He had just turned the corner that would take him to Enforcer Headquarters when he saw the first missile strike against his building. He was forced to screech on his brakes as blast debris fell into the street before him.

Grabbing his radio and jumping out of his rig, Feral barked at dispatch, “Go to alert status one, launch all squadrons ASAP. I’ll be up there in minutes so have my jet ready!”

“Yes sir!” was the brisk response.

Not wasting any time and, since the attack would keep him from getting inside, Feral simply used magic to transport himself to the flight line. It was controlled chaos there as Enforcers ran to their jets and the roof cannons began their coughing reports as they shot at the fast moving jets attacking them.

Running across the tarmac, Feral reached his jet just as the warm up pilot was climbing out. He passed the officer and hurried into his cockpit. In very little time he was airborne and on his radio at the same time. From the smattering of reports filtering into his communication’s center, he was told their attacker was making all out war on them.

As he grimly began his own attacks against the enemy, he learned these jets were faster than his own and had already begun to devastate his forces handily and the city.

By the time fifteen minutes had passed, he learned that many important targets had been struck. They were the City Hall Clock Tower, the Nuclear Plant, the Defense Center, MASA, Megakat Biochemical Labs, the refinery and the airport. Apparently, whoever this was meant to cause as much disruption to the city as they could and were, unfortunately, succeeding.

As he tried to keep from being knocked from the sky himself, Feral felt overwhelmed. They were no way ready for such a formidable force, and, in minutes, Megakat City was burning. He could plainly see their emergency forces were already overwhelmed.

His frantic thoughts were disrupted when his jet was blown out from around him. Without thought, he sent himself to Enforcer Headquarters startling his second in command when he appeared so suddenly in his own office.

“Do we have any idea who is attacking us?” Feral barked, running to his desk.

“No sir,” Steele stuttered, trying to recover from his surprise.

“Damn it. Whoever it is has to be stopped!”

“But, nothing we have is able to do that, sir!” Steele objected, having already gotten the numbers for their losses. He handed it to Feral.

Feral grimaced as he saw over three quarters of his forces were already lost. No way would his chopper squadrons hold up against such a force nor could they launch in this storm anyway, which meant there was only one way left and it was one he hated. Before he could make a decision, suddenly, a glow of light appeared which formed into Briggs.

“We’re losing, aren’t we?” she demanded immediately.

Though reluctant to admit it, he nodded soberly.

“Then you know what we have to do. Waiting isn’t an option or we won’t have a city left,” she said flatly. This wasn’t something she’d ever been trained in. She was a politician not a soldier, but she and Feral was all there was between the enemy and total annihilation of their city.

“I know, but without a target, I don’t know how we go about using magic,” Feral said, frustrated.

She frowned a moment. “Who do you think is doing this?”

He paused and took a precious moment to really think. Who fought this way…”Turmoil!”

“Okay, and what is her usual methods?”

“An airship… it must be above the clouds, though how that’s possible…”

“Doesn’t matter…” Callie interrupted. “She had superior forces the last time, so why not this time as well? So, she has to be above us coordinating this. What should we do? Take out the jets somehow or just send a magical net upward to try and catch her? Honestly, none of the things T-Bone and Prince Conall taught us were meant for anything like this.”

Feral shook his head. “That was the limitation I saw in the beginning with that training. Our biggest issue is those jets are far too fast, and trying to get through them to find her in this storm is beyond my own jets, which there are fewer of at the moment. Hmm, let me think.”

She nodded. Though anxious to stop the reign of terror, she knew only he would be able to come up with the right strategy since that was what he was trained for.


“Okay, buddy, ready to go home?” Chance asked the next morning.

“You bet!” Excited, Jake was up and dressed as Razor in seconds.

Chance just grinned, not changing yet.

The two went out and had breakfast for the last time with the Queen and Prince Conall only. After a pleasant but sad meal, Sorcha took her son aside and spoke privately to him for some minutes.

Prince Conall turned to Razor. “Take good care of our Prince, Razor. He will one day be our ruler, and I have no doubt a good one, but he will abide with you on that dangerous world of yours for many of your years, and I wish him to come to no serious harm,” he warned quietly.

“Whatever I’m able to do, your highness, I will. He means a lot to mean too, you know,” Razor said solemnly.

“Aye, that I do. A safe journey and a happy life I hope you find one day, young tom,” Conall said warmly.

“That’s my hope too, thank you, Prince Conall.”

They were interrupted by Chance coming to their side. He gave his uncle a hard hug and a warm farewell. As they left the palace, a crowd had formed to see them off. Katterflies flew around their heads singing and the people cheered and waved, though they were sad to see their Prince leave again.

Chance flew upward a moment, which made everyone go silent. He stared down at them solemnly. “My people… I will return, though it be many years from now. Keep my mother and kingdom safe for my return and live in peace and joy until then.” He waved in farewell and flew down to the jet. A farewell cheer chased after him as he vanished within, altering his form as he did so.

Strapping himself in, Razor already in his own seat and having done the preflight on the jet for his partner, T-Bone closed the canopy and took the controls then announced over their helmet com, “Let’s go home!” So saying, he put the jet into VTOL mode and lifted upward into the blue skies.

Once airborne, he held his position and waited. Below, his mother opened a large portal. As it yawned open, T-Bone switched to forward motion and sent the jet plunging through the darkness. In only seconds, they’d crossed the dimensional barrier and popped out into a violent storm and utter chaos.

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