Original SWAT Kats Story

A World Beyond Dreams

By Ulyferal

  • 30 Chapters
  • 92,268 Words

It’s Chance’s birthday or is it? Chance’s hidden past is about to make a shocking appearance, and it won’t be anything Megakat City will have ever seen before. (30 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 14

Another Enemy Down

Feral didn’t have to wait long to see T-Bone tangle with Dark Kat. Less than a few weeks after Viper’s attack and demise, Dark Kat made an appearance.

Not concerned nor caring why Viper was dead, Dark Kat’s only thought on the subject was not having to worry about sharing the city with the mutant any longer… now it would be all his. He’d been planning this campaign for years. All his previous attacks had only been test runs for this major assault. This time he meant to win, and he planned carefully accordingly.

Of course, since he didn’t know about a certain SWAT Kat’s new abilities, he could perhaps be forgiven for being so wrongly confident.

It was a cold, rainy night when he launched his attack. First, he flew his eerily quiet Black Widow over the Megakat Power Plant, and, with a well placed missile, he knocked out the main power grid, plunging the whole city into the dark.

It helped most of the city was asleep because he wasn’t interested in the populace as much as he desired crippling its defenders by shutting down their power.

Like a swarm of angry bees, the enforcers went into action. After having to deal with the Fremlins, the enforcers had learned not to rely so much on their technology so weren’t as unsettled by the loss of power as Dark Kat had hoped.

The on duty officer in charge quickly ordered a patrol to check and see what had happened at the plant. Though knocked out of the sky the moment he encountered the Black Widow, the pilot still managed to send a warning to the dispatch.

A radio toned urgently in a dark apartment. A large paw reached out and grabbed it. Feral had only gone to sleep a few hours ago and was angry at being awakened.


“Sir, Major Landsfur! Dark Kat has knocked out all the power to the city and is on his way to Enforcer Headquarters.”

“Damn!” Feral cursed, sitting up in a hurry. “Send out alpha jet and chopper squadrons ASAP and send a chopper for me!”

“Yes, sir!”

Feral got up and carefully moved around in the dark to get dressed. Pulling his great coat on, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the communicator he’d left there since he was given it. He’d had no need for it for awhile, but now he knew he’d need them now. A groggy voice answered the call.


“Dark Kat has knocked out the power to the city and is heading for my headquarters.”

“Shit! Be there in five!” The connection cut out.

Nodding to himself, Feral hurried from his apartment and made his way to the roof. A chopper was just arriving to pick him up, though it was having a tough time setting down from all the wind and rain. It finally managed to, and Feral dashed under the spinning blades and climbed aboard. The flight was nerve wrecking and nauseating from all the buffeting.

When he arrived, the roof cannons were firing on the barely seen Black Widow hovering not far away. A brilliant light flickered, showing a missile had been fired from the enemy, and, seconds later, it struck the flight line with a boom. A huge hole now marred the runway… no more jets could take off from there, but he still had choppers, however, they were no match for that thing. They might as well have been just flies for all the damage they’d be able to do.

Growling angrily, Feral leaped from the chopper and hurried inside to the stairwell as he wanted to get to the roof cannons himself.

Just as he got there, another missile struck and destroyed one of the cannons, the concussive force sending enforcers flying across the rain swept roof and Feral back down the stairs. Picking himself up, he hurried back outside. The last cannon was valiantly trying to tag the Black Widow with no luck; it was simply too agile, and the storm and darkness made it hard to see.

Suddenly, there was another boom, this time in the air. Feral looked up but could see nothing at first, then the bloom of four engines lit the night sky despite the rain that had picked up and was making things even more difficult. The SWAT Kats had arrived, much to his relief.

“That bastard! The flight line is a mess, and one gun is gone, T-Bone! Let me try a few of my newer missiles to see if I can knock him out of the sky,” Razor shouted.

“No… save your munitions, Razor. If you do manage to take him out, he’ll fall on either the flight line, control tower or take out the front of the building as it falls. I think we make enough of a mess already when we take these guys out, don’t you?” T-Bone said, a thoughtful tone in his voice.

Razor blinked in surprise. “Uh, yeah… you’re right, but this is the first time you’ve actually thought about it.”

“Yeah, I know! Probably because my uncle has been hammering me about not paying attention to the big picture when I’m fighting. I’ll tell you about it later; right now taking him out quickly is the best option. I’m turning the controls over to you, buddy. Keep it steady, and I’ll end this now,” T-Bone warned. He opened the canopy and rain drenched them both in seconds, but T-Bone couldn’t cast this type of spell through metal. Though the jet was made of special polymers and steel, magic still had problems going through it they had learned during practice.

Squinting to see through the rain, T-Bone focused on the dark shadow that was moving constantly as it fired at the Enforcer Building with single minded purpose. Dark Kat seemed so assured they couldn’t touch him that he was ignoring the Turbokat completely.

Raising his paws, he shouted in a different language. Whatever T-Bone was saying, it made goosebumps rise beneath Razor’s fur. The tabby was building up something truly dangerous and scary.

On the final shouted word, the spell raced away from its sender like a lightning bolt through the sky, but it didn’t strike the Black Widow. Instead, it ripped a hole in the sky. One could see a red light through it. The Black Widow was immediately sucked into that opening then snapped shut, leaving no trace of itself.

Aboard the Black Widow…

Dark Kat had been enjoying his triumph against the enforcers until one of his ninjas cried out in shock. He whipped his head toward the screen the kat had been manning and saw a strange portal open in the sky. His ship lurched sharply, and he realized he was being drawn into that hole. His fingers raced over his console as he engaged all his engines in an effort to pull away, but it was no use. He fired a barrage of missiles to try and close it to no avail. With a scream of fury and fear, he watched helplessly as his ship was swallowed up.

On the other side, he was flung through a red sky, and the ground was filled with horrible looking things, a brackish looking lake, and a city that looked like a mad kat had built it. He was lost in another dimension. Sitting in his seat, he let the ship fly on its own over a hideous landscape. Behind him, his ninjas whimpered with fear and dread.

He said nothing for a long while. All his dreams of conquest had vanished like a dream. He had no idea how he’d ended up here, but he knew he would never survive it, so he reached calmly forward to his console again and pressed a button. He then relaxed in his seat and stared out his window as a soft voice counted down. Just before his world blew up, a huge ugly looking flying thing came at the ship. He smiled one last time. The thing would be deprived of its meal and its life all at once. The Black Widow blew up, making a spectacular splash against the garish sky.

Back on Aristal…

Feral stared in shock. The Black Widow was gone… It had been sucked into some kind of portal, and now it was gone!

“Crud! T-Bone, what did you do? Where is Dark Kat’s ship?” Razor asked in awe.

“I… couldn’t… destroy it… too much… metal…” T-Bone panted, closing the canopy. He sat limply, his body too exhausted to move. “So sent it to… another dimension.”

“Seriously? Wow! That is huge!” was all Razor was able to say. Since it seemed obvious his partner was too exhausted to fly, he flew the jet toward a small, intact section of the flight line and put it down.

The rain was lighter now, so they didn’t get any wetter when Razor opened the canopy and leaped down to speak with Feral.

Feral had seen them come in for a landing so went back downstairs to meet them. Walking up to the jet, he stopped before Razor and looked upward at T-Bone still in the jet.

“What the heck did he do because I know he was responsible,” he asked.

“You’re right. He told me he couldn’t destroy the ship because it had too much metal, so he did the next best thing… open a portal to another dimension and sent Dark Kat through it. Cool, huh?” Razor said, still amazed by the feat.

Feral gaped at him then looked back up at T-Bone with respect and awe. “I’d have to agree. So, no more Dark Kat,” he said, still trying to reconcile the fact in his mind.

“Yeah, another omega bites the dust. However, I’m sorry we weren’t in time to save your flight line and gun, Feral,” Razor said.

The Commander made a wave off gesture. “Doesn’t matter. It’s minor compared to just how much more harm Dark Kat could have done.”

“You’re right, and, surprisingly, T-Bone was the one to tell me not to fire on Dark Kat and warned, if I had succeeded in knocking him out, the ship would have fallen on your control tower or sheer off the front of your building. He’d been told he needed to pay more attention to the consequences of his actions when fighting than just blindly go after the bad guys without thought,” Razor said, still amazed by his partner’s more cautious behavior.

“He actually thought about the damage you guys could have done? But, you’ve never took that into account, which is why I was always upset with you,” Feral blurted in shock.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that. I guess we just get so wrapped up in getting the bad guy that we forget what we and the enemy could do to those below us, which, I guess, is what T-Bone’s uncle meant when he told him that. I feel rather ashamed we didn’t think of it ourselves,” Razor said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“Well, will wonders never cease. Perhaps now you two won’t be so fast on the draw from now on,” Feral muttered, shaking his head. “However, I really hope he doesn’t use much more magic from now on as it makes my fur stand on end.”

“Yeah, it does me too, and I was even closer to it than you,” Razor agreed. “Well, we should go home so he can get some rest. Take care, Commander.”

Feral nodded then walked away while Razor leaped into the cockpit again then closed the canopy. He took the jet up then away toward home.

While the SWAT Kats made their way home, Feral sighed at the mess that had to deal with. He looked skyward and could see the rain was finally abating, the night sky was beginning to be seen through the clouds.

As he got the clean up crews started, repair crews notified, and the wounded sent off to the medical center for treatment, he ruminated on the fact now the two worst omegas were no more. He truly wished it meant peace for them at last, but the threat from T-Bone’s home dimension still hung over them. This was a war they had no real part in but couldn’t divorce themselves from it even if the wanted to. All he could hope for was being able to keep the hostile dark Fae from escaping Megakat Park and pray that T-Bone saved the day.

He snorted at that last thought… what a thing to be thankful for!

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