Original SWAT Kats Story

A Twilight Zone Moment

By Ulyferal

  • 2 Chapters
  • 5,245 Words

A truly weird moment for a human and a thoroughly put out Chief Enforcer. (2 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 2

The Adventure Ends

It was hours later by the time Feral finished his seemingly endless paperwork. He got up from his desk with a handful of reports in his hand. He stepped out of his office and dumped them in a basket on his secretary’s desk.. No one was there.

Returning to his office, he pulled his jacket back on and went out again, closing his door behind him. Stopping at the secretary’s desk once more, this time there was someone there, a female that resembled a calico cat was just going through the files Feral had left.

“Karen, I’m going to my meeting at the Mayor’s office,” he told her.

“Yes, sir!”

He headed for the elevators again and, after a quick trip back down to the noisy lobby, we were once more outside. I noted the sky was a strange greenish color rather than blue like ours. He climbed into his car and we were soon wending our way through traffic.

Through the windshield I watched in fascination as a huge building came into view. It had a clock tower at its top. Apparently, this was city hall because Feral parked in a spot meant for his car, out front. We went up the broad steps and into a busy hive of subdued noise, typical I think of all government offices. We went to the elevator bank and entered the first car that opened. Feral pushed the button for the top floor, no surprise there.

The elevator stopped many times, and Feral seemed to be in a world of his own, so I used his eyes to study the many kinds of cats that came off and on. It was amazing how much they looked like the house cats of my world except these guys walked and talked just like us.

The elevator stopped a floor before our destination, and a blond female with glasses got on.

“Hello, Commander,” the female said.

“Good day, Ms. Briggs. I trust this meeting will be brief?” Feral asked gruffly.

“It should be,” she said lightly, looking through some papers she was holding.

“Is Manx going to be there?”


“Then it’s going to be short!” Feral said with certainty.

The female gave a snort. “You know him too well,” she said with a sour note in her voice.

Feral just grunted. I wondered what that was all about. The elevator opened and the two of them stepped out and walked down a richly decorated hallway. Obviously, this was where the top politicians worked. I wondered who this Ms. Briggs was… the Mayor’s secretary perhaps?

The two of them entered a huge office with a deep green carpet where a portly cat was playing golf. I blinked mentally at that. They played golf too?

Feral rumbled in annoyance in his throat. He apparently didn’t like this cat much. Must be their Mayor.

“Can we get on with what you needed to see me about, Mayor?” Feral growled impatiently.

“Of course, Feral. Just one moment!” the portly cat said in an accent, I swear, was Irish sounding. He finished hitting the ball into a catcher, making a hole in one. “Yes!” he cheered himself. He went to a golf bag that leaned against a wall behind his desk and put the club away.

“Now. I called you here to discuss your security plans for protecting the crown jewels from the Tansineer Empire that will be on show here next week,” Manx stated plainly, looking up at Feral for an answer.

Feral sighed in annoyance. “Everything has been taken care of. I have extra security scheduled to be there around the clock while the crown is here. It will be heavily guarded when it arrives and travels from the airport to the museum and back again,” Feral said bluntly.

“Excellent. I don’t want anything to go wrong. It’s a frequent occurrence around here, and that’s why other countries are unwilling to send things here. Tansineer is the first to take a chance. I want to show them we can be trusted to protect their valuable artifacts,” Manx said pompously.

“I have done all I can to protect it, Mayor Manx, but there’s absolutely nothing I can do to prevent an omega from deciding this is something they need for some mad plan of theirs,” Feral grunted.

“Don’t’ even say it! I don’t want this jinxed,” the Mayor said tightly.

Feral just rolled his eyes.

“Well that’s all I needed from you. Go on about your business,” the Mayor waved a negligent paw in his direction, dismissing the Commander.

Feeling put upon, Feral turned and left. ‘He could have just told me that over the phone,’ Feral thought angrily.

He was reaching the elevator when a scream sent him running back the way he’d come, pulling his formidable weapon from his harness. I was scared. What the heck was going on?

When Feral arrived back at the Mayor’s office, they were greeted by a weird and ugly looking thing that stood only three feet high, wore a cloak, had one eye, and was wielding a watch that emitted a powerful glow. What the heck?

“Pastmaster!” Feral shouted then ducked to avoid getting blasted.

A raspy voice cackled. “Stay out of this Feral. Ms. Briggs is all I want,” it said while keeping a tight hold on the blond female’s wrist.

To my surprise, the female, grabbed something off her desk… her purse… and began to beat the creature over the head with it. It hissed angrily and shoved her away from him and into the arms of a flying gargoyle. (Say what?) Man, this place is getting creepier by the moment.

Weirdo aimed the watch in our direction again, and it looked like Feral wasn’t going to be able to get out of the way fast enough.

“Drop to the floor. It will miss you!” I shouted in fright.

Feral startled. He must have forgotten me, but, thankfully, he did drop to the floor and the beam swept over him harmlessly.

Before the creep could fire another blast his way, Feral shot his pistol at him with stunning accuracy, sending the watch flying out of the creature’s hand (claw?). It was then I realized this thing was a walking skeleton. I’m glad too much was going on for me to panic because this shit was really getting to me.

As if all this wasn’t bad enough, through the window two colorful figures crashed into the room, sending glass flying everywhere. One of them fired something from his wrist toward the little ghoul, encasing him in some kind of tar like material. The other, much bigger cat, used his device to fire what looked like an honest to goodness missile that struck the stone gargoyle and released the blond female.

Finally, peace reigned. Feral got back on his feet, gathered up the strange pocket watch and glared at the pair of masked cats.

“We didn’t need your help, SWAT Kats,” he growled furiously.

“Sorta looked like you did, Feral,” the bigger of the cats said in lazy sarcasm.

I kinda thought he was right. Their interference stopped the attack quickly. I couldn’t understand Feral’s anger. Had some history with these guys, obviously.

“Are you alright, Ms. Briggs?” said the smaller of the masked cats, who was helping the blond to her feet.

“Yes, thanks, Razor. I wonder what he wanted me for this time.” She sighed in annoyance.

Apparently,the little ghoul had a thing for this blond.

“I think it has a lot to do with the fact you look a lot like Queen Callista. The Pastmaster has a real thing for her, but she wouldn’t give him the time of day,” Razor said.

“Oh, yes that’s the Queen in the past you said you met. But, she has magic to keep him at bay, I only have you, and I’m glad you were around,” Ms. Briggs said, making goo goo eyes at the pair.

The past? Magic? These guys had managed to visit their past? Wow! What a place this was. I frowned at the way this blond cat was fawning over the colorful pair. It’s obvious they liked to flirt since the pair was blushing at her comment.

“Well, we better get going. I guess you can take it from here, Feral,” the big cat said with a nasty smile.

I think I’m not liking this guy much. He’s soo arrogant. Feral apparently agrees because he’s gritting his teeth hard enough to make a grinding noise.

The pair of masked cats strode past us all and disappeared through the office door. A quavering voice came from behind the Mayor’s desk.

“Is it over?”

“Yes, Mayor Manx. You can come out now,” Ms. Briggs said, rolling her eyes.

The Mayor was obviously a coward as he crawled out from under this desk.

Feral just snorted, dropping the watch in his pocket, he walked over to the ghoul stuck to the far wall. “Wonderful! I hate this stuff that damn pair uses. It works, but you can’t get it off that well to take the prisoner in,” he grumbled to himself.

“At least he is caught, Commander,” Ms. Briggs said tartly.

“I had already disarmed him, Ms. Briggs, before the SWAT Kats came bursting in, breaking glass, and making yet another mess I have to clean up,” he said bitterly.

Ah Hah! So that’s why he’s so miffed by them. I’d be pissed too.

“You did, Commander, nice shooting, but the Pastmaster was still loose and I was still being held by that stone monster,” she said.

“You know, no matter what I do, you are never happy unless your vigilantes come blasting in to save you!” Feral growled angrily. “I get so fed up with it. Next time, why don’t you just save yourself.”

The blond’s eyes widened. “Well, you’ve certainly lost your manners and your cool, as usual,” she sniffed in annoyance then turned and left the room.

The Mayor had also left. His golf club bag conspicuously missing.

“I really can’t stand that she-kat’s attitude. The way she fawns over that pair is undermining my authority,” he grumbled to himself as he reached into his pocket and pulled out his radio.

“I have to say, I agree with you. How come she can say those things to you? Isn’t she the Mayor’s secretary?” I asked innocently.

Feral choked with laughter for a moment. Shaking himself, he said, “Secretary? HAHAHAH! Oh, she would not like to have someone call her that. She’s the Deputy Mayor.”

“Oh! Wow!” I said in surprise then added. “Well, she’s a bitch,” I observed. Apparently, I’m just hilarious because Feral went off in another gale of laughter.

“Stop! You’re killing me! I haven’t had such a good laugh in a while,” Feral said, trying to regain his composure.

“Well, I’m glad to help ease your mood,” I said warmly.

Feral snorted at that then cleared his throat and spoke into his radio. He called for back up to come and take the prisoner. I watched in fascination as his officers arrived, efficiently peeled the Pastmaster from the wall and cleaned up the remains of the gargoyle, taking it as evidence.

Back at his office, he carefully locked up the strange pocket watch and began his report on the incident. The rest of the day was dull, so I tried to sorta of nap.

It was late when Feral finally quit for the day and went home. He picked up some take out and made his weary way to his apartment. I kept my mental eyes closed as he showered and prepared for bed. Once comfortably dressed in a robe, he lay on his bed, watching TV and eating his meal.

I watched the TV with interest. It was uncanny how similar it was to our programming. When he’d finished eating and was just relaxing, I dared to interrupt his thoughts.

“Could we talk for a little?” I asked hesitantly.

Feral was silent for a moment. “Okay, I guess you have a lot to ask. I would have a lot of questions too if I were in your position,” he finally consented.

I was warmed by that response. “Thank you. I do actually.”

For the next couple of hours we talked about nearly everything about our worlds. We traded information too. He was grateful for some of the different ideas about how we solved our problems on my world that might help him here. He told me what he knew of how their cars worked.

It was getting very late when Feral had to call a halt to the conversation.

“Sorry, but I need my sleep,” he said with a yawn.

“Oh, yes of course. Sorry. I was soo fascinated I forgot how late it was getting. Thank you for indulging in my curiosity,” I said apologetically.

“You’re welcome. Good night!” he said gruffly. It took him about fifteen minutes before he succumbed to sleep at last.

With his eyes closed, I was locked in darkness, and the fear I had held at bay for so long came rushing forward. What was I to do now? Before panic could really set in, something strange happened. I felt my mind being drawn away. Soon, I was traveling at hyper speed again, but where was I going?

I couldn’t stop what was happening; lights, sounds, crashed in on me, making me deaf and blind. Then suddenly it was over. I opened my eyes slowly and was amazed. I was home again sitting in my machine as if I had never left. I looked to my right and saw the timer had gone off only moments ago.

I sat there in stunned disbelief. According to my clock, I had been gone the five minutes I had set it for. How had I been gone only five minutes when I’d experienced a nearly eighteen hour period with Feral? Had I gone through to another dimension where time was different than here?

All I had were questions but no answers. Had it really all happened? Yes! I refused to believe I could dream up something so fantastic. But, how could I report this? No one would believe me. I had no proof.

I continued to sit there in a stunned stupor. Finally, I shook myself. All that data I’d gotten from Ulysses, I needed to write down before I forgot it. Getting stiffly up from my seat, I made for my recorder and repeated everything I could remember of what he had told me.

When I’d finished, I popped the disk out and stared at it then looked over at my machine. Tomorrow, I would dismantle it. It was far too dangerous… my colleagues had been right, but I wouldn’t trade the experience I’d been through for anything. I would use the information I’d gotten and make a name for myself that way and it was all thanks to a strange cat named Feral on another world in another dimension.

I smiled… I would miss that guy!

Far away on another planet in another dimension, Feral woke up and waited a moment. There was no sensation of another in his head now.

“Hello? Are you there?” he asked, but there was no answer. He sighed both in relief and in sadness. He was glad he wasn’t possessed any longer, but he would miss the stranger who had made him laugh. Then he remembered all the things Jerome had told him. He threw his blankets off and padded to his living area. Finding his recorder, he began to relate everything he’d been told. When he’d finished, he removed the tape and stared at it. The information on this was priceless. If he could apply the things Jerome had told him, he would finally be able to catch the omegas himself without the aid of the SWAT Kats. It would restore his reputation.

He smiled… he would miss that strange creature. He hoped Jerome had returned safely to his far away home.

Five minutes of time, strangely twisted, gave two creatures from two different dimensions a moment of camaraderie and hope for the future. They had stepped out of reality and into the Twilight Zone and their lives were changed forever.

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