Original SWAT Kats Story

A Medieval Nightmare

By Ulyferal

  • 9 Chapters
  • 20,040 Words

The Pastmaster curses and sends the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral to the past. They will never forget this trip as they learn about living in the past. (9 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Author: ulyferal
Rating: K+
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: “SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron,” its characters and concepts are copyright to Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc and are used without permission.

Chapter 9

Taking Back a City

Just before dawn, the rest of the enforcers arrived. They were stunned and happy to see their Commander alive and well. He informed them of their plans and had them get some sleep until noon when they would prepare the katizens in the building for evacuation.

Noon came, and everyone was up and busy. Children were crying softly and many voices were worried, some angry and afraid. They stopped though when they were told the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral were in charge and were planning to free the city.

Soon, all was in readiness, and they waited nervously for the sun to lower in the sky. Just as it was beginning to glow its last rays, they attacked. Within minutes, all the Gargoyles on the ramparts were destroyed by Felina and her small group of enforcers while in the main hall, Feral and the SWAT Kats concentrated their fire power on the giant and finally turned him into dust just as the sun disappeared.

Wasting no time, the evacuation began. Enforcers hustled their charges out of the castle and into the forest at a near run. A radio had been given to the senior enforcer so that they could be picked back up when Feral was ready to attack the tower.

The SWAT Kats, Felina and Feral quickly uncovered the hoverkat and climbed in. They were soon moving as fast as they could through the dark forest for the Turbokat.

When they reached it, T-Bone and Feral jumped into the cockpit. Razor jumped onto the wing and explained the weapons consul to Feral and gave final instructions to T-Bone.

“Stay high, buddy, so that the dragons won’t see you. Feral, use this (he showed him the x-ray device) to watch for the Pastmaster leaving the castle as you’re heading for the Professor’s. It will give me a heads up so that I won’t waste time trying to determine if he’s there or not.”

“Right, good idea,” Feral agreed quickly.

“Good luck and watch your tail, buddy,” T-Bone growled at his partner.

“You too!” Razor said as he jumped back down and ran to the hoverkat and Felina.

T-Bone took off quickly as Razor directed the hoverkat toward the castle. As they drew near, a crackle over his radio warned him a message was coming.

“Pastmaster is leaving on a dragon for the castle we left,” Feral reported.

“Roger, nearly there,” Razor acknowledged.

Pastmaster was grumbling to himself, ‘How did those enforcers destroy my creatures? I made sure they didn’t have any explosives or weapons of any kind.’

He made the dragon land at the doors and walked into an empty castle. His stone giant lay strewn across the floor and not a single Gargoyle could he find. His prisoners were gone as well. More annoyed than worried, Pastmaster snorted in disgust, climbed back aboard his dragon and went back to his tower.

While he was gone, Felina and Razor arrived at the Tower. They carefully snuck as close as they could and searched for any creatures Pastmaster was using as guards and were surprised to see none.

They were able to approach the door without interference and opened it cautiously. There was no one in the hall. They did hear voices, however, coming from a stairwell. They crept up it slowly. A huge stone giant was coming down the stairs; before it had time to react, both Felina and Razor blasted it. It sprayed over them and down the stairs in pieces. They waited tensely for more to come, but it was quiet; even the voices had stilled.

They continued on up the stairs. On the first landing they came to, they discovered rooms with bars where many members of the city council and others were caged. They signaled for them to stay quiet and that they would be free soon.

They continued on up. On the next landing, a voice called out to them. They moved closer and saw Ann Gora, the Mayor, Johnny (Ann’s camerakat) and Dr. Sinean. Ms. Briggs wasn’t with them, and Razor knew they would find her in the Pastmaster’s room. He was unhappy to see Pastmaster had managed to find and take Dr. Sinean’s group after all.

Giving them the same warning as the rest, he and Felina hurried up the last stairs to the top. Opening the door cautiously, they found Ms. Briggs. She was chained to a bed in a corner.

Near the balcony door, a spell book was open on a pedestal near a table with other items of sorcery.

“Razor!” she cried in relief and tears.

“Ms. Briggs, we’ve got to hurry before Pastmaster gets back. Is this the book he used for his spell?” he asked urgently.

“Yes. It’s open to the page. He’s been gloating about how he finally succeeded and how I would become his Queen,” she said angrily as Felina used a hand laser from Razor to get her chain off.

Razor looked around the room quickly. He grabbed the book, making sure to put something on the page so they could find it later. He put it out into the hall. Felina took Ms. Briggs out into the hall and stayed out of the way as Razor studied the interior to set up his booby trap.

“When he leaves here, which exit does he normally use, Ms. Briggs?” Razor asked.

“He always goes by dragon, so he steps out on the balcony,” she said, watching him in puzzlement.

Razor went to the balcony door and set his trip wire then turned toward a wall opposite to set the missile. When all was in readiness, they went back down the stairs a short ways to wait for the mage’s return.

The Turbokat reached the Professor’s place. They were unhappy to find it too had changed. They landed, searched and found Hackle barely surviving in the hovel that had once been his incredible lab. He was thrilled to see them. T-Bone left him some energy snacks and told him they would get things back to normal. He thanked them, and both he and Feral quickly returned to the jet.

“Well, that was a bust,” T-Bone said gloomily, “Let’s hope Razor’s plan succeeds.”

“It’s really all we have left. What I’m not looking forward to is fighting those dragons if they don’t disappear with that ugly creep,” Feral snarled, equally unhappy.

“Ugh! Don’t remind me!” T-Bone said in disgust.

They were soon high overhead the castle, and Feral was focusing the x-ray device again to see what was going on. He spotted the Pastmaster just arriving back at his tower.

He was grumbling to himself when he stepped over the threshold and tripped the wire. The missile shot at him before he could react, and a sticky tar like substance plastered him to the wall.

“It worked,” Feral crowed from his seat.

T-Bone had cheered and wanted to take the jet back down, but Feral warned him about the dragon. He grumbled at that but knew the big kat was right and they really didn’t know if there were more than one around either, so they waited.

“Yes!” Razor said as he and Felina walked into the room and saw a thoroughly covered Pastmaster squirming in the tarry stuff. His watch was covered in goo and his mouth was also so that he couldn’t say any incantation. “Worked better than I’d hoped too.”

Razor walked up to Pastmaster whose single eye widened in shock. The SWAT Kat pried the watch out of the goo and cleaned it off with a sheet nearby. Felina brought the book back and laid it on the pedestal.

“Okay, Ms. Briggs. Only you have any hope of making this work,” Razor said, handing her the watch then looked down at the book. He took a minute to read the thing and realized he couldn’t. “Crud! It’s in another language. Wait! Felina go get Dr. Sinean,” he said suddenly.

She blinked then smiled as she realized why he needed Dr. Sinean and flew back down the stairs at a run. Arriving at the doctor’s cell, she signaled them back and blasted the door open. Making the rest go downstairs but stay inside because of the dragon, she took the doctor back up to the tower.

“Dr. Sinean, we need you to translate this for us,” Razor told her as she walked into the room.

“Certainly, Razor. Is this the spell to turn things back to normal?” she asked as she began to study the writing.

“Well, we hope so, but only you can tell us for sure,” Razor said politely.

She nodded but didn’t take her eyes off the book. “Yes, this will do it alright, but how will you make it work? The watch is no good in an ordinary kat’s paws,” she asked.

“That’s apparently where I come in, Abby. I’m apparently the descendent of Queen Callista and, as such, a possible user of magic, though it’s dormant. That’s what the Pastmaster had said. So, why don’t you say the words and I’ll hold the watch and repeat them after you?” she told her.

“Right! Repeat clearly and exactly, Callie. Any mistake will get the wrong result,” Abby warned.

Callie nodded.

Dr. Sinean began to intone slowly, and Callie echoed her. They knew it was working because the watch began to glow. By the time the last word was spoken, the light was blinding everyone in the room, then nothing.

They stood there stunned for a moment until they realized city hall once more stood around them. Cheers could be heard everywhere… even outside.

“Yes, the dragon disappeared too!” Feral cheered.

“Great! Now, we can go back down,” T-Bone said decisively as he headed for the ground. He was soon landing in the street in front of the restored city hall. The Pastmaster was gone, having been sent back by the spell as well.

Feral was relieved. He really didn’t want the headache of trying to hold that slippery wizard in jail.

It would take some time to get the city back in order, take care of the sick and injured, but nobody minded too much now that their city was back.

Sighing in relief, Feral asked, “Would you two please retrieve the stuff I got from the past and bring it to my office, please?”

“Sure thing, Commander. We’ll just go run by the hangar and get it!” Razor said easily.

“I want to look over that book Lord Ferlin gave me,” Feral said, smiling with anticipation.

“Oh yeah! And, you’re supposed to see if you and he are really related and let us know,” T-Bone said, remembering the Queen’s request.

“Right, I think I’ll have Dr. Sinean look that up for me. She’d have better luck finding it than I,” Feral agreed thoughtfully.

“Good idea. By the way, what happened to Professor Hackle?” Razor asked curiously.

“Oh, he was affected too, poor guy. He was in pretty bad condition. Maybe you should have someone go out and check on him, Commander?” T-Bone said in concern.

“You’re right. I’ll have a medical team go right out and see him,” Feral agreed, borrowing a cell phone from an officer nearby and making the call.

Callie, Dr. Sinean and Felina had been watching the three in amazement. They were talking to each other with respect, if not friendship, since they returned. It made the three females very curious to find out just what had happened to them in the past to make them give up their animosity for each other. Whatever it was, it could only mean less strife and better defenders for the city from now on.

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