Original SWAT Kats Story

Twice the Godzilla’s, Twice the Destruction

By Trey Tackett

  • 2 Chapters
  • 10,045 Words

Part one of two-When one of Viper’s experiments go horribly wrong, the dimensional fabric is ripped open and 4 creatures are pulled in. The Japanese Godzilla (90’s version), his offspring (90’s version), the American Godzilla, and a familiar face (RT from Harley Quinn’s series). Monsters duke it out in the city.

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Author's Notes:

“Twice The Godzilla’s, Twice the Destructionby Trey Tackett

RT is property of Harley Quinn and is used with her permission
The characters of Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, and Walter Skinner all belong to Chris Carter Productions. The characters of Jake Clawson,
Chance Furlong, Abi Sinian, Commander and Felina Feral, Callie Briggs,and The Pastmaster all belong to Hanna-Barbera Inc, and/or tED Turner Broadcasting/Warner.

Godzilla and Little Godzilla are property of TOHO.

The American Godzilla(*COUGH*PANSY!*COUGH*) is porperty of TOHO also…I Guess…….

I’ve “Borrowed” a few descriptions from DJ CLawson’s X-Files/Swat Kats story. So if it seems familiar, now you know. Don’t mind do you DJ? 😉

NOTE:The American Godzilla will be refferred to as GODZALLA in the story to avoid confusion.

Chapter 1

SETTING:WashingKat D.C

Federal Bureal of Investigation building

In the basement of the department typically known for taking care of “paranormal activities”, or “X-Files”, was an office

Only one small window let any light down into the room cramped with a desk, computer, file cabinets, posters, and shelves or sorted and unsorted papers

On the wall was a poster that read “The Truth is Out There,” and a similar one by it that read “Trust no one.” Each had their own picture, one of a blurry object that resembled what we think of as a UFO–an Unidentified Flying Object

There was only one kat down there now, and one lamp as well to illuminate the room

He was Federal Agent Fox Mulder, the department’s most hated and loved agent maverick

He was a brown kat, of medium build and a tall frame–maybe he was a little on the skinny side

His hair was a short, spiky dark brown, cut neatly but never combed down

He was wearing a reasonably nice suit, with his jacket and sidearm hung over the chair

His sleeves were rolled up past the elbows–the fan rarely worked, and there was little ventilation in the stuffy room

Mulder sat on the wheeled chair, leaning his chin on his paws with his elbows on the knees

He was obviously contemplating something, or browsing the corridors of his photographic memory

Agent Dana Scully–his partner, friend, and the only person he trusted when he trusted no one–was standing there

A short, pale-gold furred and orange-haired she-kat, she was as graceful as ever

She had been “assigned” to him a few years earlier, sent to watch and report on the maverick

It wasn’t that his work was faulty or against the rules, only his methods were a little odd and he often wound up on hunts for bigfoot or swamp monsters if she wasn’t careful

Over the years their relationship had grown close, though she often remained skeptical while he fought cases over alien sightings and killer cockroaches

There was certainly a reason why so many agents called her the “Ice Queen,” but Mulder had long-since become accostomed to it

She walked over to him.ScullyMulder, Skinner wants us in his office

We’ve got another assignment.Mulder sat up in his chair.MulderWhat is it this time? ScullyDon’t know

He just said it involved something big.SETTING:Skinner’s office

Assistant Director Walter Skinner’s office was square, wooden, and practically

The “Thank you for not smoking” sign was as close as he got to personalizing it

Behind the desk was a huge window, usually serving as a sufficient light source on sunny days, of which Mulder was sometimes envious of

Walter Skinner was a light brown kat, bald of hair except for the grey that remained by the sides, just above the ears and partically around the back

A tall, well-built kat, he was a vietnam vet and both Mulder and Scully’s bosses

He believed in rules, but exceptions as well when he felt curroption seeping into the buildind and droplets falling on his shoulders, especially involving the cases of alien nature that Mulder was usually waist-deep in

He could be their best friend, or worst enemy, depending on how warped or bloated his sense of rightiousness over patriotism was that day

As Mulder adn Scully walked in and sat down, he turned his chair away from the window towards them.SkinnerGood

Your here

Here’s your new asignment.He hands Mulder a manilla envelope

Mulder opens the envelope and takes a series of photographs

Many of them are of dinosaur like creatures with irregular shape spikes on their backs

The taller one seems to be a sorta humanoid dinosaur

The other is a large iguana type creature, but it walks upright on it’s back two legs

In another picture, a smaller creature stands next to the humanoid dinosaur

The smaller creature looks very similiar to the larger except that it’s eyes are somewhat bigger, it’s got more body fat, and it’s spikes are smaller.MulderWhat are these?SkinnerPictures from MegaKat city

They say that these creatures came from an alternate dimension and rampaged through the city, fighting one another

They called them Godzillas.ScullyGodzillas? SkinnerYes, it was given tothe creatures by the she-kat in the bottom picture.Mulder shuffles through the pictures till he comes across one of a she-kat

She was the strangest looking she-kitten the Mulder had ever seen

She looked about 19 years old and was black all over with a slight tinge of dark brown at the tips of her ears

Her fur had a red sheen

Nothing could distinguish between her fur, hair and eyes- they were all black.Usually the she-kats would have a difference in their hair, fur, and eye color but this kat looked wierd

Her pink nose and glasses,which were oddly set on her face, were a big contrast

He handed the picture to Scully.SkinnerMeet RT Quinn.ScullySolid black fur?SkinnerThere’s a reason behind her odd appearence

She’s not of this dimension.MulderShe’s alien?SkinnerYes and no

You two remember the Pastmaster incident a few years back?ScullyYes, back in MegaKat city

Didn’t the local Enforcers take care of him.MulderActually, I remember hearing something about the SWAT Kats taking care of him.SkinnerCorrect Agent Mulder

Anyways, on a return engagement, the SWAT Kats interupted him in one of his spells, or whatever they are

She came out of the portal.MulderSo she’s not an alien?SkinnerLike I said, yes and no

She’s from another planet

One called Earth

We haven’t exactly pin pointed the location of the planet, but many of the world’s top astrologists believe that it’s either in another galaxy, or another dimension.Mulder(Upbeat)Well it’s good to know we’re not the only Kats out there.SkinnerShe wasn’t always a Kat, agent Mulder.ScullyHow is that?SkinnerSomehow, someway, when she was sucked through the portal, her DNA was changed

She became Kat upon arrival in our world

But we’re getting way off the subject

I want you two to go to MegaKat city and talk to this person and get her side of the story about what happened with the afore mentioned “Godzillas”.MulderWhere can we find her?SkinnerShe’s been seen alot around the local auto repair shop in the junkyard.—————SETTING:MegaKat city Scrap yards

A car is parked outside a building that has a sign that reads “Chance and Jake:Auto repairs”

Mulder and Scully walk to Jake and Chance who are working on a engine.MulderJake Clawson and Chance Furlong?Jake and Chance look up from the engine.JakeYes?Mulder and Scully flash their badges at the two.ScullyWe’re with the FBI

We’re looking for a RT Quinn.Jake and Chance look at each other and frown.ChanceJust a second.Chance walks off into another room.SETTING:Kitchen

We see RT eating a sandwhich

Chance walks in.ChanceWe got trouble

There are two FBi agents outside

I think they’re gonna question you about the rampage a few months back.RTOh man

That’s not good

What if they ask me about the SWAT Kats andwho they are?ChanceIt doesn’t look like we have any choice

If they ask, we might have to tell them the secret..

That she-cat out there looks like she candetect a false statement a mile away.RTAlright.SETTING:Garage

Chance and RT come walking towards everyone.MulderRT Quinn?RTYes? How may I help you?MulderWe’re with the FBI

We have a few questions to ask you concerning a couple of “Godzillas”.SETTING:Living room

RT, Chance, Mulder, and Scully are all sitting down

Jake walks in carrying a 5 bottles of milk and hands everyone one

He then sits down next to chance.MulderHow did you come to be the one who named the creatures?RTWell, it started off about a month ago……..——–SETTING:MegaKat city

2 months ago

The city is peaceful and the Katazins go about their daily routines

Suddenly, the Turbo Kat zooms overhead in pursuit of a shuttle type craft

In the pilot’s seat of the shuttle is Max Mange.MaxGeez, can’t I shake these guys?! To bad this thing doesnt’ come with weapons

Oh well

Viper said to keep them busy for 10 minutes, and thats what I’m gonna do.The shuttle continues to avoid crashing into building.SETTING:Turbo Kat.T-BoneFor the love of milk, why can’t we have a peaceful afternoon without some supervillian doing something to break the law?RazorSeems to me he’s got something planned

Why else wouldn’t he just activate the shuttles afterburners?T-BoneHey, your right! Let’s not wait and find out

Take him out Razor!RazorRoger T-bone! Armming disabler missles

FIRE!Two missles fire out of the Turbo Kat and streak toward the shuttle

The missles don’t explode on contact but instead short out all of the shuttles systems

Max fights to regain contol but to no avail

MaxForget this!Max jumps out the cockpit window, shattering it, and plummits to the ground

He lands safely in a sand truck, his metal hide protecting him from the crash

The shuttle then angles nose down and begins to fall

The Turbo Kat launches a series of tow cables at the shuttle, catching it.It then lowers the shuttle to the ground gently in front of Enforcerheadquarters.T-BoneHA! Feral’s gonna wet his pants when he sees that we recovered the shuttle before he could even launch a single enforcer jet.The Turbo Kat takes off back towards the hanger.SETTING:Sewer system

We see Dr

Viper holding a weird device about the size of a computer monitor

A series of switches and buttons litter a control panel on the side.Dr

ViperHAHAHA! SSSSSSoon, all the inhabitantssssss of MegaKat city will be under my control

With thisssss device, I’ll sssend out a subliminal messssssage that will hypnotize all Katsssssss

Including that infernal Dark Kat

He’sssss been a thorn in my ssssside for to long


Viper presses a large red button in the center of the controlpanel and the device begins to whir

A large satelite dish unfoldsand points itself straight up

The dish glows bright blue and thenfires off a large beam of energy staight up.Dr

Viper(Shocked)Wait! It’sssss not sssupposssed to do that!SETTING:MegaKat city

The beam shoots straight out of the sewer into the sky

Dark Clouds begin to form above the city

Lightning strikes all over followed by more lightning

Suddenly, a large portal opens up on the edge of the city

The Turbo Kat flies toward the portal

It stop and switches to hover mode.T-BoneHOLY KATS! What is that thing Razor?!RazorIt looks like a portal of some sort!——-DIMENSION W SETTING:Birth Island

We see Godzilla and Little Godzilla standing in a clearing

Godzilla looks down at his son and lets out a short roar

Little Godzilla nods and then faces foward

He takes a deep breath and tries to release a stream of radioactive fire

Instead he burps and a radioactive bubble sails out of his mouth

he looks at his father and roars

Godzilla roars back

Little Godzilla tries again, but with the same results

Suddenly, a portal of some sorts opens up in front of them

The two roar in confusion as they begin to get sucked into the portal

Little Godzilla grabs onto his father in terror

As soon as they are fullyinto the portal, it closes.—-DIMENSION Z SETTING:Somewere in the New York City Harbor

A large Iguana like creature with irrgeular shaped spikes on it’s back restson the ocean floor

A portal opens beneat it, causing it to fall in.The portal then closes.—-DIMENSION Y (Last one

I swear)SETTING:Somewhere on the beaches of Miami

We see a young19 year old girl getting ready to change into a swimming outfit.Suddenly a storm cloud appears over the beach

The girl lowers her sunglasses and looks up at the clouds

Her eyes grow wide.GirlI’ve seen those clouds before…..The girl runs back toward her car when a portal opens right beneathher and she falls in.GirlAAAAAH! NOT AGAIN!A pearcing pain surges through her body and makes her pass out

Then everything goes black for quite a long time….——DIMENSION XThe Turbo Kat still hovers in front of the portal.T-BoneRAZOR! LOOK!Razor looks out the cockpit and sees a figure tossed out of the very topof the huge portal

The figure then begins to fall towards the ground,miles below.RazorLET’S MOVE!T-bone pilots the Turbo Kat towards the falling figure

As they approach they see that it is a she-cat covered in all black fur and wearing a t-shirt, shorts, and sandles (RT)

Razor and T-Bone put on their oxygen masks and open the cockpit

Razor aims his Glovatrix at the figure.RazorGrappling hook, DEPLOY!A gprapiling hook fires from the Glovatrix and wraps around the figure

The cabke goes taunt and the figure is jerked to a stop

Unbeknowst to them, 3 LARGE creatures are tossed from the other side of the portal into the ocean, were they disapear.—–SETTING:Junk Yard

Underground hanger

We see RT laying unconciouson a bed while Chance and Jake, still in their flight uniforms butwithout their masks, looking over her

Slowly, RT begins to move.Her eyes open slightly

She tries to open her mouth, but the painin her body is to great.JakeIt’ll be alright RT

You just lie here till you get stronger, ok?RT slightly nods her head and then closes her eyes again

Five minutes later, she reopens them to see Jake and Chance sitting on the other side of the room

She sits up and begins to rub her head

She stops, her eyes widening

She looks at her hands and then her legs.RTI’m back as a Kat!Jake and Chance snap out of their dream like states and look over at RT.They get up and rush over to her.RTJake! Chance!–SETTING:Present.Scully(Confused)Jake and Chance? I though tthe SWAT Kats were T-Bone and Razor.Jake slaps his forehead and moans

Chance just rubs his head.JakeWell, it was inevitable if she was to finish the story….MulderYou two are the SWAT Kats?ChanceOff the record, yes

But you got to promise to keep this to yourselves.MulderDon’t worry

We’re good at keeping stuff quiet

Just like howwe’ve kept the reporters from finding out about the Fluke Ka…….Scully jams her elbow into Mulder’s ribs, silencing him.Scully(Whispering)Shut up!Jake anc Chance look at each other, chuckling slightly.RTMay I continue?ScullyYes, please do.———SETTING:PastRT(voice over)Anyways, I had just woke up.RTJake! Chance!JakeHey RT

Long time no see.RT reaches up and hugs both of them and they return the hug.RTSo Pastmaster up to his ol’ tricks again?ChanceNo, not this time

A bright blue beam shot out of the sewers and opened the portal.RTAnd then I, once again, got sucked in.JakeGood news I that the portal is still opened

If we get there fast enough, we can probably send you home.RTWell ,thats just it..

I don’t know if I WANT to go home

I mean, I’m living on my own now

I’ve graduated College and my family thinks I’m in Australia for the next 10 years on a business trip.JakeSo your wanting to stay here?RTBasically yeah.ChanceAnd your totally sure about this?RTTotally, absotivly posalutely sure.ChanceGood, cause according to the news, the portal disapeared about a minute ago

Along with the beam that opened it

Suddenly an alarm begins to go off

Jake and Chance put back on their masks and once more become T-Bone and Razor

They rush over to a computer station.RazorYes Ms

Briggs?Callie(Over speakers)Guys, you better get over to the harbor fast

There’s something you gotta see!RazorThe portal open back up?Callie(Over speakers)No, but it’s something big!T-BoneOn our way!RTCan I come?!RazorI don’t know….T-BoneSure kid

Just put on a mask or something

Remember, you can still be tracked back to us if people recognize you.Razor runs over to the suit storage bin and pulls out a brand new flight suit that looks designed for RT

He tosses it to her.RazorWe had this made before you left but never got a chance to give it to you.RT smiles and runs to put the suit on.—–SETTING:MegaKat Harbor

The Turbo Kat lands a few feet away from Callie Briggs, Felina and Commander Feral

The Swat Kat and RT rush over to them.Feral(Stern, then confused)YOU…Three? What the?Razor points at RT.RazorTrainieRT sticks her tongue out at Razor.T-BoneSo what did you want us to see?CallieLook out in the harbor.The Swat Kats look out on the water and see 3 large rows of dorsal spikes in the water.RTHoly shnikies! Godzilla!Felina What?RTIt’s Godzilla! You’ve never heard of him?!Everyone glances curiously at her.RT(Relizing)Nevermind.Suddenly the spikes begin to move

Godzilla raises his head out of the water and lets out a mighty roar

Next to him stands hisson, who also lets out a loud roar.RTAnd Godzilla Jr.!CallieIs this a bad thing?RTIf he gets pissed off, yes

If not, then he’ll just remain in the water

They must have been drawn into the portal to!The two Godzilla’s slowly turn away from MegaKat city adn make theirway into deeper waters.FelinaThey’re leaving.RTLike I said

They will unless enraged.——SETTING:SWAT Kat Hanger

RT is explainging Godzilla and Little Godzilla to T-Bone adn Razor.RTIn my universe, he’s just a movie character

The greatest actually

With 22 movies in japan and one in america…..Anyways

He’s extremely powerful

RazorHow so?RTHe’s a living nuclear reactor

Capable of firing off blasts of nuclear flame breath from his mouth and he has an extravagent healing factor

He can be hurt by missles and stuff, but the wounds heal almostinstantaneously.T-BoneMaking him an unstoppable force….RT..of Nature.RazorSo how did they take him out in the movies?RTThat’s the problem

They only did once, and he came back

The only way he was ever ACTUALLY killed was when they destroyed his hind brain, but another monster, Fire Rodan, gave the last of it’s life force energy to him, and his brain was restored

The other way was by the use of the Oxygen destroyer

I can’t remember ALL the exact details of the device, but I do remember that it destroyed all oxygen in water

You could turn MegaKat harbor into a graveyard with just a baseball sized unit.T-BoneWell, that’s out of the question

The Harbor is almost like a second lifeline to the city.RazorAny chance this thing will come back and attack the city.RTPossibly, but not with out reason

Eitehr it will be to feed on radiation, or because he’s angry.T-BoneWhat about the little one that was with it?RTLittle Godzilla? I think he’s harmless

He can’t breathe fire like his pop, but he can belch radioactive bubbles.RT’s eyes grow wide

RTHEY! If Godzilla and Little G are here, there’s a possibility that…no that’s impossible…RazorWhat?RTWell, there’s also an American version of Godzilla

He exists in another movie storyline

He’s about the same height, but more dinosaur than humanoid

Plus he can’t breathe the radioactive fire

I was thinking that if the Japanese Godzilla came through the portal….T-BoneThe other might have also?RTAnd since they’re supposed to be the same creature….Razor(Relizing)They might be able to sense one another’s presence!RTIf the American Godzilla comes to MegaKat city, The Japanese Godzilla along with his son, are quite sure to follow

And I don’t think the Jap Zilla likes many other monsters…..—–SETTING:Beneath the waters of MegaKat Harbor

Godzalla (The american Godzilla) rests onthe ocean floor

Suddenly, it’s eyes spring open

It looks around at the unfamiliar surroundings and roars in anger.—–SETTING:Garage

Jake, Chance, and RT are repairing a broken transmission.RADIO(Male 1

Impersoanting Taco Bell chiwawa)Here redneck, redneck, redneck.(Male 2

Laughing)Will you cut that out!RTFor some reason that sounds familiar…JakeIt’s the John Boy and Billy Big show

These guys are hilarious.RTJohn Boy and Billy? Geez, we got those guys in our universe too

They did this sketch the other day!RADIO(Female)We interupt this program to bring you a special announcement.ChanceHey, turn that up.Everyone stops what they are doing and listens as the announcer talks

RT turns up the volume.RADIO(Female)A gigantic lizard of some sorts has just emerged from MegaKat harbor

It is making it’s way towards the heart of the city, leaving a path of destruction in it’s wake.JakeUh oh..

He’s baaaaack.RTLet’s go!Everyone rushes outto the hanger

Minutes later, the Turbo Kat flies over head as a Cycletron speeds down the road.—-SETTING:MegaKat City

Godzalla roars in anger and levels a building

Enforcer jets fly over head firign at the monster, but Godzalla dodges out of the way, causing the weapons to blow up another building

Godzalla ducks behind a large sky scraper and then disapears completely.ENFORCER#1Where’d he go?!Enforcer#2He’s off my scope!Suddenly Godzalla breaks out of a building behind the jets and smashes them inside his mouth

More jets fly at him unleashing a barrage of missles and bullets, but Godzalla is still to quick for them and dodges all the fire

He then opens his mouth and unleashes a devasting, hurricane like, gail force wind at the jets

The jets get caught and are tossed around like toys

Katizins flee in terror as the monster continues it’s rampage.SETTING:Other side of town

The Swat Kats are moving at top speed in their vehicles.T-Bone(Into mouthpiece)RT, is that the other Godzilla?RT(over speakers)Yeah!RazorHeh

we have a Godzilla and son somewhere in the ocean

and a “Godzalla” in the city.T-BoneGodzalla?RazorJust took the first letter of American and inserted it into the name.RT(over speakers)Fits the guy, though.The Swat Kats arrive in the city just in time to see Godzalla trash thehistory museum.T-Bone(Disapointed)Aw man! There goes the ancient tombs exibits!RazorArmming buzzsaw missles, maybe we can cut into his hide and cause some damage.RT(Over radio)NO! He’s to agile

You’ll miss for sure! Homing missles won’t work either cause he’s cold blooded.RazorWell what do we do?RT(Over Radio)I have no idea…..—–SETTING:Somewhere in the waters

A leviathin and his offspring lay resting next to each other on the ocean floor

A roar echos in Godzilla’s mind

A roar belonging to…..himself? What the? Godzilla opens his eyes and looks around as if looking for the source of the roar

Again, the roar echos in his mind

He looks down at his son, but Little Godzilla is still asleep

He contimplates if he should bring his son with him, but then relizes it wouldn’t be to smart to leave him in an unfamiliar place

He gently nudges Little Godzilla with his nose and let’s out a short roar

Little Godzilla wakes up instantly and let’s out a yelp of surprise

Little Godzilla looks up at his dad and let’s out a questioning roar

Godzilla “answers” his son with another roar and the two begin to move towards the surface.—–SETTING:MegaKat City

The Turbo Kat dodges blasts of gail force winds from Godzalla’s mouth

Down below the Cycletron with RT on it speeds toward the area below the Turbo Kat

Suddenly, Godzalla’s foot smashes down, blocking all exits on the road.RTCRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!!!She tries to turn, but she does to sharp and the bike falls on it’s side and skids toward the foot

She is thrown from the bike as it falls and rolls to a stop

The cycletron slams into Godzalla’s foot and explodes.T-BoneOH NO!RazorRT!T-BoneTaking her down!The Turbo Kat lands on the street a few feet away from where the cycletron crashed

They hop out and run over to RT’s motionless body.RazorRt?! Are you alright?RT(moaning)Well, that answers my question about Kats having 9 lives………ouchT-BoneCan you move? Is anything broken?RTNo, remind me to stay back at the hanger next time……T-BoneCome on, let’s get back to the Turbo Kat before that thing comes and crushes it.Moments later, with RT in the back seat crammed in with Razor, the Turbo Kat takes off once more.RazorWe’re gonna have to chance a missle launch

We can’t let that thing cush the entire city! Armming shock missles

FIRE!Two missles launch out of the Turbo Kat at Godzalla

The creature turns in time to see them and leaps out of the way of the first one, allowing it to crash into a parked car

Millions of volts of electricity surge into the car and it explodes

The other missle, however, curves and slams right into Godzalla, pumping millionsof volts into him

Electricty surges through Godzalla’s body, but his rubbery hide neutralizes it

Godzalla looks up at the Turbo Kat and unleashes his hurricane breath

T-Bone fights with the controls trying to regain control over the direction they’re flying.T-BoneWe’re caught in the wind blast!Suddenly, a loud roar echos out of the Harbor.RTAnd that’s not all! LOOK!Razor and T-bone look towards the harbor and see Godzilla and Little Godzilla making their ways toward Godzalla.RazorUuuuuuuh oooooooh..Godzilla and Godzalla walk till they meet face to face

They look each other over and then begin to circle one another

Godzilla let’s out a mighty roar, and Godzalla does the same

Godzilla cocks his head to the side and arches his “eyebrow”

Godzalla walks past Godzilla and up to Little Godzilla

He looks the creature over and then licks his lips

Godzilla sees this and gets a ticked off look

Just as Godzalla prepares to bite down on Little Godzilla, Godzilla grabs ahold of his tail and pulls him back

Godzalla roars in fury

Godzilla then begins to swing Godzalla around and around

He let’s go, sending Godzalla crashing into a skyscraper.T-BoneOh man

This just gets worse and worse!RTThat’s not the half of it! Better angle off about 90 degrees right, T-BoneT-BoneWhy?RTJust do it!T-BoneOk, Ok!The Turbo Kat moves to the right just as a blast of nuclear fire breath streaks across the sky at Godzalla, who nimbly leaps out of the way.T-BoneHOLY KATS! How’d you know?!RTIf you look closely, Godzilla’s dorsal spines flash a bright blue before each blast.T-BoneThis thing can shoot fire out of his mouth?!RTUm…Yeah.Godzalla lunges at Godzilla, but Godzilla catches him with an uppercut

Godzalla lands hard on the ground

Godzalla growls and unleashes his hurricane breath

He moves his head up and down, causing Godzilla’s entire body to be hit with the winds

Godzilla fights to hold his ground but the wind proves to be to strong

Little Godzilla is blown into the bottom floors of a building

Godzilla’s dorsal spikes begin to glow bright blue

He opens his mouth and fires a stream of nuclear breath

Godzalla is hit in the shoulder by the blast and roars in pain

The two growl and lock up against one another in a tooth and claw fight.SETTING:Skys

Enforcer jets begin to join up with the Turbo Kat.RazorWhat’s Feral doing now?Feral(Over radio)Listen here you vigalanties

We can’t take these monsters alone

T-BoneYour point?Feral(Angered about what must be done)We……need……..your help.RazorSo are we calling a truce here?FeralFor now

You help us dispatch these creatures and I’ll….I’ll…..RazorStop trying to arrest us?Feral(Angered)FINE!T-BoneYou got yourself a deal, Feral

But not now.FeralWhy not?!RazorIf we attack now, we won’t stand a chance

They’re ticked off and in the heat of a fight

FeralI see

Our best bet is to hang back till one kills the other

Alright.Godzilla and Godzalla continue to fight tooth and claw

Godzalla bites down on Godzilla’s shoulder and rips out a small piece of flesh, but Godzilla picks him up and slams him onto the ground


Little Godzilla watches the battle from a sitting position inside the damaged building he crashed into

He tries to breath fire, but keeps belching up bubbles

Godzalla unleashes his hurricane breath right into Godzilla’s face

Godzilla roars inpain as the powerful winds rip at his face

Godzalla rams Godzilla,knocking him down

Godzilla roars once more in anger as Godzalla begins slashing with his claws at his chest, leaving dark green (the color of his blood) slash marks in his black hide

He plants his foot on Godzilla’s head, keeping him from getting up and then begins biting down on his arms and chest, hard

Godzilla tries to fight, but it is futile

Little Godzilla roars in terror at his dad

Godzilla roars back at his son and then growls

His spikes begin to glow a bright blue

Suddenly, his whole body flashes blue and beams of radioative blue energy shoot out of every pore of his body

Godzalla is thrown off by the blast and slams into MegaKat bridge, not to far away

Godzilla gets up, his son watching in awe

Godzilla walks over to Godzalla and picks him by the neck

He beginsto choke Godzalla, but Godzalla’s tail sweeps around his legs and pulls him down

Godzilla falls into the water, but gets back up, the blood now gone from his body along with the claw marks

Godzalla and Godzilla roar back and forth and lock back up

Elsewhere,The Turbo Kat flies over part of the undamaged buildings

Dr.Viper, with the box shaped device stands on the roof.T-BoneHEY! There’s scale face!RazorAnd what’s that with him?SETTING:RooftopDr.ViperSsssoon, thessse monssterss will level the city!And then it will belong to me! What the?! SWAT Katssss!Razor and RT leap off the Turbo Kat onto theroof, their glovatrix’s aimed at Viper.RazorGive it up Viper! And hand over that device!Dr

ViperWhy mussst you alwayssss interfere?!RTCause your evil! Dr

ViperWell…..thatsss reassssonable

But I’ll let you in on a sssecret.RTWhat’s that?Dr

Viper If I sssmassh this device, you’ll never be able to get rid of thosssse monsssstrossssitiesssss.RazorYou brought them here?! I should have known you’dsacrafice the city for your perverted schemes.Dr

ViperThey are not perverted! They’re….uh….DIEEEEEE!!!!!!Dr

Viper whips his tail at Razor and RT

Razor leaps over it, but RT doesn’t see it till it’s to late and gets knocked down


ViperLATER!With that, Dr.Viper leaps off the side of the building

Razor looks over the edge, but doesn’t see where he went

He runs over to Rt.RazorYou ok?RTYeah

Razor then checks the device

He opens it up and gasps.RazorAww crap

Nearly half the circuits are fried

This will take monthsto find parts for and repair.SETTING:Across the City

Godzilla hits Godzalla once more with his fire breath, knocking him down

Godzalla’s hide shows burn marks from all the hits he has taken

His body smells of burning scales

Godzalla staggers around avoiding more blasts from Godzilla, but gets hit in the leg, sending him into the water

Godzilla wades toward him, smashing through MegaKat bridge on his way

Katzins and vehicles all plummit to their demise in the water

Little Godzilla runs over and begins to stomp on Godzalla’s head

Godzalla reaches up and grabs Little Godzilla

Then using him as a shield, stands up

Godzilla roars in anger

Little Godzilla cries in terror

He belches up a few more radioactive bubbles as he cries

Suddenly, the small spikes on his back begin to radiate a light blue color

His eyes flash blue and he turns his head toward Godzalla

He opens his mouth and spits out a small fireball, righ tinto Godzalla’s face

Godzalla drops Little Godzilla and grabs his face, squaling in pain

Little Godzilla gets up and faces Godzalla

Again, his spikes glow bright blue, and his eyes flash

He opens his mouth andspits out a much bigger fireball, right into Godzalla’s leg, causing him to fall onto his knee

His eyes flash blue again and as he opens his mouth, he shoots out a stream of small, but powerful, radioactive fire right into Godzalla’s chest

Godzalla roars in pain and falls flat on his face

Little Godzilla looks up at his dad and roarswith delight

Godzilla returns the roar as if congradulating his son on accomplishing the act

Suddenly, Godzalla’s head rises up and a blast of hurricane winds fore from his mouth at Little Godzilla

Little Godzilla is knocked back face first into the water by the blast

Godzilla roars in anger and picks up Godzalla

He throws Godzalla out of the water and into another building

Godzalla lies on his side, breathing heavily

Godzilla’s dorsal spikes suddenly begin to glow an eerie dark red, and his eyes turn a solid red and begin to emmit an low glow

Godzilla raises his head and let’s out a mighty roar, then a gigantic triple beam of red and yellow radioactive fire streams from his mouth right into Godzall’s side

The beam is so powerfulthat Godzilla’s head begins to shake and he struggles to hold his position

Godzalla roars in agony as the beam continues to slam into his body at a tremendous force

Godzilla closes his mouth,stopping the beam

Godzilla’s eye’s and spikes return to normal and he looks upon the body of Godzalla

A large area of Godzalla’s side has been destroyed, exposing his rib cage and muscle tissue,the blood and skin disintigrated by the flames

Godzalla let’s out a weak roar of pain

His eyes glaze over and his body then goes limp

Godzilla let’s out a triumphant roar, along with Little Godzilla

Enforcer jets fly over and open fire on the two

The monsters are caught by surprise and blasted by the projectiles

They roar in pain

Godzilla then sees a missle aimed at his son’s head

He moves into the missles path, causing it to crash into one of his dorsal spikes

He then takes a defensive posture around his son, trying to protect him from the missles and gun fire

His dorsal spikes flash blue and he nails a couple of jets with his fire breath

He takes a few more out with his tail

Enforcer#1Commander Feral, sir, Godzilla has taken up a defensive stance around the smaller one

What do we do?Feral(Over radio)Continue firing

We can’t let them get to the heart of the city.Godzilla continues to “nuke” the jets with his fire

Little Godzilla joins in, allthough in short streams.Feral(In his jet)Damage report!Enforcer#2Sir, the entire area from the harbor up to the bridge is a disaster area

nothing is standing

There are no signs of life, not even on the scanners.Feral slams his hands on his dash.FeralAlright

We need a plan to get these things back to sea or destroy them.Razor(Over radio)You can’t destroy them

They heal to fast for missles to even phase them.FeralThen what do you suggest?T-Bone(Over Radio)Force them back into the ocean.FeralHow?RT(over radio)Simple

A fire wall.FeralWhat?! You want me to bomb the area?!RT(over radio)Have any better ideas?FeralNo..

Alright we’ll do it

This is Feral to all Enforcers

Scramble all the bombers, and listen for further instructions

Everyone with missles, pull back and wait for my orders


Now what about you three?SETTING:Turbo KatT-BoneWe’ll give him everything we got

We’ll push him back as far as we can

RazorAll missles armed, T-Bone

Ready to fire.T-BoneAlright then, let’s ROCK AND ROLL! Activating mega-thrusters!T-Bone pulls a lever and something begins to whir

Ouside the cockpit, Four thrusters rise out of the Rear of the Turbo Kat (2 on top, 2 on bottom) They engage and the Turbo Kat shoots foward at an incredible speed

The Jet maneuvers around blasts of nuclear fire from both Godzillas as the thrusters disapear back into the jet.RazorBuzzsaw missles and stinger missles, DEPLOY!a barrage of missles fire from the Turbo Kat, some armed with spinning buzzsaws, others armer with dual chainsaws

Many crash into Godzilla, leaving small wounds, while the others crash into the ground.RazorShock Missles, Deploy!Another barrage of missles fire and crash into Godzilla, sending a totalof 10 million volts through his body

Godzilla roars in pain and backs off towards the sea, along with Little Godzilla.RazorAll weapons, fire!Missles after missles and guns fire down at the two monsters, “herding” them towards the sea.RazorThat did it! We’re out of missles! Pull out T-Bone

Feral, it’s up to you guys!Enforcer jets armed with bombs and missles fly overhead as the Turbo Kat flies away

The jets launch the bombs and missles at the ground, causing gigantic explosions

Godzilla picks up Little Godzilla and makes a run for the water as the explosions get closer to him, knowing his son is still to weak to survive a barrage like that

He dives into the water as the entire area lights up with fire.FeralTHEY ARE OUT OF THE CITY! Now get the clean up crew! We need to stop those fires!Helicopters begin spraying the fires with water as Godzilla and Little Godzilla make their way out to deeper waters.—–SETTING:Present.RTAnd thats how it happened.MulderAnd the Godzilla’s haven’t been seen since?RTRight.ScullyWhat happened to the body of Godzalla?JakeIt was caught in the explosions and destroyed.MulderAnything else we should know?ChanceNope

That’s it.ScullyWell, thank you for your time

We have what we need.——SETTING:Mulder’s office

We see Mulder labeling a folder containing the pictures of RT, and the monsters and a full report, slightly altered so that the identities of the SWAT Kats can’t be found out

The label reads “X-files case #SK509” He closes the folder and opens up one of the filing cabinet drawers labeled “500-600” and puts the folder inside it

Scully walks in and up to him.ScullySo that wraps that up?Mulder(Blunt)Yes, but I wonder….ScullyWhat?MulderGodzilla was protecting his son

Does that mean he is fully sentient? Or is it just parental instincts?ScullyOnly HE could answer that one Mulder.MulderYeah, but still…makes you think, doesn’t it?—–SETTING:Ocean floor

A leviathin and his offspring rest peacefully on their sides, next to each other on the floor

Sleeping peacefully…….Godzilla’s and Little Godzilla’s eyes open, glowing a bright blue…..for now.Godzilla and his son let out massive roars.JUST THE BEGINNING……………

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