Original SWAT Kats Story

Kats in the Pride Lands

By Trey Tackett

  • 1 Chapter
  • 4,108 Words

The “Lion King” crossover. While testing the Hyper Jets in the middle of a storm, the Swat Kats are once more stuck by lighning and sent spiraling into an alternate dimension. The TurboKat crash lands and the Kats find themselves in the most unlikely of places. The Pride Lands. Poachers are on the loose.

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Author's Notes:

Kats in the Pride Lands By Trey Tackett nightws@apex.net http://members.tripod.com/~WolfColley/main.htm Swat Kats are property of Hanna-Barberra. Lion King is property of Disney Note:This story takes place A little while before the very last scene in Lion King where Rafiki (Asante sana!Squash banana!We we nugu!Mi mi apana!) Holds up Simba’s and Nala’s offspring (come on. It had to be a few months later) Why’d I do a crossover for SK and TLK? I got bored. ?

Setting:Megakat city. A storm has settled in and the TurbKat jet flies overhead.

Setting:Cockpit. Razor
looks anxious, while T-Bone
looks bored to death.

Why is it we always have to test stuff in the rain?

Cause we need to see if they work in all possible scenerios. We haven’t seen how the Hyperjets work in rain.

Razor, do you remember what happened last time we tested something in the rain?

We got struck by lightning and sent to an alternate universe where the Swat Kats worked for Dark Kat and were criminals. Your point?

(Sarcastic) Nothing, nevermind. I Loooove meeting new creatures who WANT TO EAT ME ALIVE!!!!!

(Upbeat) Good, then enage the Hyperjets so we can head back home.

(Jokingly) Razor, One of these days your scientific knowledge is gonna get us into trouble.

Your point?!

The two burst out laughing.

Maybe we should call Feral and ask him to shoot at us while running the Hyperjets.

Naw, he’d end up blasting some building.

Or he’d crash into one.

The two burst out laughing again.

(calming down) Engaging Hyperjets.

pushes a lever all the way down, 4 jets rise out of the rear of the TurboKat. Two on top, two on bottom.

Let’s rock and roll!

The hyperjets engage and the jet takes off at an incredible speed. Suddenly, a lightning bolt streaks out fo the clouds and strikes the very center of the Turbokat. The jet glows bright blue.



Then everything goes black for the Swat Kats. Both Swat Kats and the Turbokat disapear from Megakat city in a flash.


Setting:Dimension ??. a jungle Savannah. Various animals are scattered about doing their daily routines. A large rock formation rests in the background. (Pride Rock) A rock protrudes diagonally from the formation making a ledge of sorts. A cave rests in the mountain. Lionesses and one lion can be seen in the cave. The lion walks out on the ledge. He has red eyes with yellow irises, orange fur, a thick red mane, and appears to be an adult. He scans the savannah. A lioness, with tawn colored fur, blue-green eyes, light yellow irises, and also appearing to be an adult, walks up to him.

Lioness What’s wrong, Simba?

Simba I don’t know, Nala. I have this strange feeling that something’s going to happen today.

Hmm, like what?

Suddenly there’s a loud thundering sound in the sky. The two lions look up and see a flash of bright light. The Turbokat streaks out of the light, on a direct course with the ground. The Hyperjets lower back into hiding.

Setting:Cockpit. T-Bone
and Razor
are unconcious. A light on each of their panels are flashing “Crash Warning”.

Setting: Pride Rock.

Simba and Nala
watch in awe, and terror, as the jet crashes into a dense area of trees. Branches and leaves fly everywhere as the jet skids to a stop.

Simba Something like that! Come on!

The two take off running down the ledge and then down a path.


Setting:Jungle. A path of trees has been cleared by the Turbokat’s crash landing.The jet’s three main engines are smoking. Debri is all over the craft. The hatch slides back as T-Bone
and Razor
begin to wake up. They moan and rubs their heads.

(Moaning) Ooooh, my aching head. What in the heck happened?

(Moaning) I think we got zapped again.

(Blunt) Figures…

They stagger to their feet and hop out of the jet. Razor
tosses T-Bone
a Glovatrix and puts one on himself. He then goes and begins inspecting the jet as T-Bone
walks around surveying the area.

Judging by the plant life, sounds, and heat, I’d say we’re somewhere in the Jungles of South Africat.

A screen flips up on his Glovatrix and he reads the info on it.

Setting:Bushes. Simba and Nala
are crouched down low to the ground. They are peering at the Swat Kats through the bushes.

What are they?

Simba They’re definately felines, but I’ve never seen one that walks upright. And that strange object behind them…..it looks like something my dad showed me a long time ago. Of course it looked like it had been there for years and was totally wrecked. I think he said it was a plane.


Simba Yeah. He said humans used it to travel like birds. Unfortunately, the one he showed me wasn’t a good flyer.

Setting:Turbokat. Razor
walks over to T-Bone.

Well, we’re stuck here for a while.

Whats the damage?

Power cells are shot to hell. Unless we can find an alternate source to use, the jet won’t fly. So where are we?

According to the glove’s guidance systems and maps, we are nowhere near Africat, south or north. In fact. I don’t think we’re even on OUR Earth, Razor.

There is a rustle in the bushes behind them, they spin around, Glovatrixes armed and ready.

Alright! Who’s there?!

Voice (Male) Please, we mean no harm. We came to see if everyone was alright.

and Razor
lower their Glovatrixes.

Good, their’s life here.

Simba’s head pokes out of the bushes.

(Whispering to Razor) Obviously this Kat never heard of a Fur cut.


At least he IS a kat.

Simba My name is Simba.

I’m T-Bone, this is my pal, Razor.

Simba looks behind him.

Simba Will you quit poking me?!

Well, let me see!

Simba Alright, Alright!

Simba scoots over adn Nala
pokes her head out.

Simba This is my mate, Nala.

The two lions step out of the bushes. Razor
and T-Bone
are shocked.

T-Bome What in the world? Razor
(Whispering to T-Bone) I think these guys are cats, just not OUR dimensions kats.

So your saying, they’re just normal lions?

Yeah. Pretty much.

They turn back toward the lions.

Where are we?

Simba South Africa. The Pride Lands.

What is this, thing, behind you?

It’s called a jet. We use it to fly around.

Simba Told ya.

How is it that you arrived here?

Well, to make it short, We had a power surge through the jet and it some how brought us here.

Simba Will you be able to get back?

Not unless I can find an alternate power source for it.

Do you have anywhere to stay?

We’ll just build us a make shift campsite. It’ll sufice.

Simba Nonsense. You are guests in my land. You can stay with us at Pride Rock.

We wouldn’t want to intrude.

You won’t be. There’s more than enough room for you. But what about your jet?

I highly doubt anyone is gonna be able to take it.

He looks over at Razor

(Blunt) Not even us….


Setting:Jungles. Two Hummer trucks drive along a path. We see some men in the trucks. They look unshaven and in their mid 30’s. In the first truck are Tom and Jon. In the second truck is Bob. They all are wearing headsets so they can communicate with each other in the trucks.

Bob (Southern accent) I tell ya what, this here truck is my new best friend.

Tom (New York Accent) Your a nut case, Bob.

Jon (california accent) Why are we out here anyway?

Tom To get some ivory and possibly some furs.

Bob Why?

Jon We’re poachers, remember Bob? We sell them to the black market for big bucks.

Bob Oh yeah. Forgot.

Tom Hey look! There’s a big elephent!

Jon reaches beneath his seat and pulls out a few sticks of dynamite.

Jon I love blowing crap up!


Setting:Pride Lands. Simba, Nala, Razor, and T-Bone
are walkign towards Pride Rock. T-Bone
and Razor
are sweating. Nala
looks at them.

Why is your fur hanging off of you like that?

Huh? Oh, this isn’t fur. It’s clothing. it protects us from cold and sometimes stuff thrown at us.

Simba Well with everything your city has, I wouldn’t think you’d need it. This technology sounds interesting.

(chuckling) Trust me. Technology is vastly over rated. In fact it’s the cause of more problems than it solves.

Yeah. Even though I love it, I sometimes wish they’d just get rid of everything. Go back to the basics. Like out here. Perfect, untouched land. Reminds me of my grandkat’s farm when I was a kitten.

takes off his mask and wipes his brow. He stuffs the mask in his flight suit.

So Razor…

Please, When I’m not wearing the mask, call me Jake.

Ok, Jake, Why is it you wear those masks.

Jake Back where we come from, we’re sort of the law enforcers. We don’t want people to know who we are, because Some of them, want us dead.

Simba Why is that?

(Removing his mask and wiping his brow) Some of them think we’re the cause of all the troubles.

Simba What do we call you when your not wearing your mask?


The group continues on their way. As they pass, animals give them weird looks of amazement. Suddenly, there is a loud explosion.

What the?!

Chance Holy Kats!

Jake Over there! Look!

They all run towards a area of trees. Smoke bellows from inside. They run in and gasp in horror.Charred bits and pieces of an elephant are scattered all over the area.

Chance Looks like someone was playing with a couple sticks of TNT…

sees the elephants burnt skull, minus it’s tusks.

Something took it’s tusks!

Jake I know what did this…

Simba What?

Jake Poachers..

Simba (Confused then relizing) Poachers…That means that humans have entered the Pride Lands!


Setting:Pride Rock. Chance and Jake, with white tank tops and blue shorts on and their flight suits over their shoulders, are waiting outside the cave.

Simba (Inside the cave) Alright, it’s ok for you two to come in.

Jake and Chance walk into the cave. They smile as they feel the coolness inside. Lionesses and cubs stare at them in awe.

Lioness#1 They walk upright like the baboons.

Cub#1 And they have oddly colored fur…

Lioness#2(Sarabi) Simba are you sure about this?

Simba Yes, mom. I’m sure.

Chance and Jake snicker.

(To Chance and Jake) He’s still a cub at heart.

Cub#2 What are poachers?

They’re as bad as heyenas. They kill for one thing and leave the rest of the animal to decompose.

Lioness#3 Funny, they didn’t show up till these two did.

Chance Geez, even in an alternate universe we’re blamed for stuff.

Simba I don’t believe that for one bit. These two showed up long after the poachers arrived.

Lionesses What?

Simba Poachers have been around for years. They just haven’t gotten to this part of the jungle before.

Sarabi But now they are.

Lioness#4 Well, what do we do?

Simba We fight back.

Lioness#1 How?

Simba Anyway we can. And if our guests wouldn’t mind, maybe they can help us.

Jake We’re in, Simba. No one blows up stuff with out a reason and gets away with it.

Chance (Pointing at Jake) Except Jake.

Simba and Nala


Setting:The next day. Everyone is asleep. Simba and Nala
are almost ontop of each other Chance is on the ground using his flight suit as a pillow. Jake is awake and tinkering with his Glovatrix.

Chance (Dreaming) Ooo, Callie, higher, higher, right there.

Jake shakes his head, chuckling. A loud explosion echos across the land again. Everyone asleep is startled awake, except for Chance.

Chance Ooo, baby.

Jake taps Chance on the shoulder, but doesn’t get a response.

Simba The poachers! Come on!

Simba, and everyone else except for Jake and Chance run out of the cave. Simba and Nala
run out onto teh ledge and look out to the savannah. Jake runs out and joins them.

Jake Right in the open……..

This is horrible.

They stare in horror at an area around the water hole. There is a big black path of land from the blast. The remains of an animal can barely be seen.

Simba (Determined) Those poachers are going to pay.

They all turn adn head back towards the cave. Jake sees that Chance is still asleep.

Jake I got an idea to wake him up. Simba, can you get everyone to make the loudest roar they can?

Simba Sure.

Setting:Savannah. Thunderous roars echo from Pride Rock.



Setting:Pride lands. Simba, Nala, and Jake are all walking towards the water hole. Chance, with a very angry look on his face, follows close behind.

Chance You guys scared the crap out of me!

Jake We tried everything else to wake you up, Chance. You slept right through an explosion that rocked the cave.

Simba stops when he sees some tire tracks.

Simba Hey, what’s this?

Jake leans down and expects them.

Jake Tire tracks. Fresh too.

A monitor flips up on his Glovatrix.

Jake Bingo. I got an engine running that way!

Voice (Behind) HEY! WAIT FOR US!

They all turn and see Timon, riding Pumbaa, running up to them.

Simba Timon! I thought you guys went on world tour or something like that.

Pumbaa We did, but is wasn’t all we thought it would be.

Timon Yeah, we’ll tell ya ’bout it later. So where we going?

We’re after some poachers.

Timon Poachers? That’s nice………POACHERS?!?!

Simba We’ll explain on the way.

The group walks on, Pumbaa follows. TImon rubs his forehead.

Timon I shoulda stayed in bed…….

He runs after the group.


Setting:Jungle clearing. The two hummers sit in the shade. The poachers are all resting near the vehicles.

Jon I tell ya what, These jungle critters sure blow up good, don’t they?

Tom Yeah, we got enough ivory for half a mil.

Voice (Above) That’s what you think!

The poachers look up and see T-Bone
and Razor
drop from the trees.

Bob What the hell?!

Timon, Pumbaa, Simba, and Nala
walk out of the bushes, and join the Swat Kats.

Jon I think we’re in trouble.

Tom Not for long! Plan 3b!

The poachers all draw knives from their boots and throw them at the animals. They all duck, but the Poachers use this time to start their trucks. Tom and Jon drive off, but Bob’s engine won’t start,

We’ll take those two! You guys handle that one!

Simba Right!

The Swat Kats take off after the first truck. Simba and the others go after Bob. Bob’s engine starts and he drives off.


Bob Whew! Lost them!

Bob starts sniffing the air.

Bob What the hell is that smell?

Bob looks in the back and sees the two lions, meercat, and warthog. Pumbaa has an embarrassed grin on his face. The others are covering their noses.

Bob’s truck swerves and crashes into a tree. he gets out, with Simba, Nala, and Pumbaa in hot pursuit.

Setting:Jungle. The hummer drives along a clearing.

Tom I think we lost them.

drops out of the tree and land sontop of the truck, unbeknownst to the poachers.

buzzsaw, activate.

A buzzsaw extends from Razor’s glovatrix. He cuts a hole in the roof of the Hummer and drops in. He aims at the Poachers.

hello boys!

Jon AH!

fires off a blasts of cement from his Glovatrix and totally covers the windshield.


leaps out of the Hummer seconds before it crashes into a tree. He and T-Bone
aim their Glovatrixes at the vehicle. Jon and Tom stagger out.

Boa nets! Deploy!

Balls shoot out of the Glovatrixes and explode into nets, snarring the poachers.

Setting:Savannah. The poachers are piled up ontop of one another. One of the hummers rests in the clearing. Everyone smiles at their work. Suddenly Nala
clutches her chest with her paw in pain.

Simba Nala?

Hey, you ok?

Setting:Days later. Pride Rock. Chance, Jake, and Simba are outside the cave. They all look worried.

Jake I hope she’s ok.

Simba So what happened to the poachers?

Chance We used their radio to contact the authorities. They came and took them away along with one of the trucks.

Simba Only one?

Jake Yeah, I’m using the other one to fix the TurboKat.

Simba Oooh.

Rafiki walks out of the cave, a smile on his face.

Rafiki Rafiki have good news.Nala
is ok.

Simba That’s great! What was wrong?

Rafiki Simba, the circle is complete. And a new one is beginning.

Simba, understanding, jumps with joy.

Simba I’m gonna be a father?!

Chance Hey, congrats man.


Setting:Clearing. Razor’s legs can be seen sticking out of a compartment in the Turbokat. Simba and Nala, a little bit fatter, walk up to them.

Hey guys.

pops up from the compartment with a large grin.

It’s finished!

Great! Now we just gotta see if it works.

They hop into the cockpit.

You two wanna come along for the test?

Oh no, not me, I don’t know if it’d be a good idea. Why don’t you go Simba.

Simba Ok.

He and Nala
rub heads and he runs toward the Turbokat.


Setting:Sky. The turbo kat takes off from the clearing, ala harrier mode, and hoves in the air. It’s side engines rotate back into position and it flys foward.

Setting:Cockpit.Simba, in Razor’s seat, seems to be enjoying himself. He looks out the window.

Simba This is amazing!

(Into radio) Hey Razor, this is working great!

Setting:Savannah. Razor
follows beneath the Turbokat on a cyclotron.

Have I ever failed yet?


Simba I love this!

grins evily. He twists the flight stick causing the Turbokat to do a barrel role. Simba’s expression gets slightly sick.

Simba (Slightly nauseated) Please don’t do that……

Setting:Sometime later. Pride Rock. A Storm is starting to set in. Simba steps out on the ledge and sees the Turbokat flying out of the Jungle. Lightning begins to bolt from the sky.


All systems ready to go T-Bone.

takes one last look at the Pride lands and smiles.

Think they’ll be ok?

I don’t see why not. You ready?

And willing.

He decreases the lever to raise the hyperjets.

Rasing lightning rod.

presses a button on his dash and a lightning rod rises from the center of the jet as the hyperjets do.

Here goes nothing!

As a lightning bolt streaks from the sky towards the lightning rod, T-Bone
activates teh Hyperjets. The bolt strikes the rod and the jet begisn to glow bright blue.

Setting:Pride Rock. Simba watches as the jet begins to glow bright blue and then “warps” (star trek style) out of the dimension. He smiles and then heads back into the cave as rain begins to fall. He walks over to Nala, who is nursing a newborn cub. They nuzzle each other. He looks down at the cub and then at Nala

Simba She’s beautiful, just like her mother.


Dimension X (SWAT Kats dimension)

The TurboKat suddenly appears in the sky. It flashes a blue for a brief second and then shoots foward at top speed.

Setting: Cockpit

(Pleased) So long to the untouched lands.

(Pleased) And hello want-on destruction!

They both cheer.

Thank kats, I was starting to miss all the chaos. That much peacefulness just doesn’t sit well with me.

Couldn’t agree with ya more, pal.

The TurboKat flies off into the distance, heading back to the junkyard.


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