Original SWAT Kats Story

Where Have You Gone?

By Tom Wilder

  • 1 Chapter
  • 434 Words

Chance sings the blues. (Oneshot/Song – Complete)

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Hey. This is Chance Furlong. As most of you know, Jake (a.k.a. Razor) seems to have the upper hand in the battle between us for the love of Callie Briggs. So, I wrote this blues song about it, expressing my grief.

To give you an idea of our band, I’m the one playing the harmonica, as well as the electric guitar. Jake and Captain Grimalken (who somehow magically regained his youth and now has a rock star voice) also play electric guitar while Commander Feral and Dr. Zyme help with the acoustic guitars. Al, yes, that helicopter pilot, agreed to do the bass guitar for us. The mayor is alternating with one of Katscratch’s former gangsters on piano, and the other two do auxiliary percussion. Fango is our drummer, and what an awesome drummer he is. Jonny K. gives us the synthesizer and/or keyboard parts when necessary, but if we decide to use a piano (which in this song, we did), we call upon one of Katscratch’s former gangsters to do that, and he is just fabulous at it.

And to settle tensions on genders, we’ve added Ann Gora, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, and Lt. Feral to do extra vocals. Sometimes, they even sing the lead on some of their own songs.

Anyway, here’s my song. This is entirely my solo.

(band starts)

1st verse: My name’s Chance Furlong
I’m a mighty kat
I’m buff and I’m tough
And I like it like that
Though I’m big and I’m mighty
Deep inside I’m blue
‘Cause I can’t seem to find
Where my love went for you

CHORUS: Oh, I got the blues
Directed towards the one I love
Oh, baby, baby, baby
Where have you gone?

2nd Verse: My pal’s Jake Clawson
He’s a mechanical wiz
And he’s talented enough
He could be in show biz
Jake, it ain’t your fault
That my baby ain’t true
It’s just gone and hurt my spirit
That she would rather have you

(repeat chorus, band interlude with harmonica and guitar solo, repeat chorus twice more, the last line is sung the last time a capella, followed by the harmonica’s end solo and band adds to it, include glissandos up and down from piano).

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