Original SWAT Kats Story

Mad World

By Tigerkat

  • 6 Chapters
  • 8,665 Words

When a young Enforcer studying ways to counteract magical attacks manages to destroy half of Enforcer HQ, he finds himself sentenced to the salvage yard to work off his debts. Even as Chance and Jake debate how to keep their secret from the newcomer, further problems arise when Mad Kat’s kat-in-the-box is stolen. (6 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 5

Ultimate Inner Strength

When Kid and Razor awoke, they found themselves in a large office. Comic drawings and posters decorated the walls, and windows on the opposite wall showed all of Mega Kat City. At the desk sat Madkat, playing with his spiked yo-yo.

“Well, it’s about time you two woke up. I was so bored,” Madkat said with a grin.

“Madkat!!” Razor said in surprise. “I should have known this insane plan was yours.”

“Hehehe. Pretty clever, aren’t I?” the insane kat said. “Controlling the minds of the world with comic books. Making them do whatever I want, like disarming a jet.”

With that, the kats turned to see the office doors open and T-bone come in, a crazy smile was on his face and his eyes were blank.

“T-bone!!” both Swat Kats said at once.

“Yes,” Madkat said while putting his hand on T-bone’s shoulder.

“This kitty was pretty upset that you went and replaced him, so he took all the missiles and weapons from your jet.”

“You bastard!! Change him back now!!” Kid demanded.

Madkat walked over to the red kat and bent down, staring eye to eye with him. “You don’t need to worry, you’re going to be just like him.”

With that, he pulled out two comics and threw them at the captives. The first one hit Razor in the chest and turned into the symbol, changing him into a possessed. The second one hit Kid and turned into the goop. But, as it climbed up him, it started to bubble and steam. Flames suddenly shot through the goo, and it fell to the ground, burning and curling into ashes.

“Well,” Madkat said in surprise. “Must have been defective. Oh well, I have a better game. It’s called watch the kitten be killed by his friends.” He snapped his fingers, commanding Razor and T-bone to walk towards Kid, a deadly look in their eyes.

Reaching down, Kid found his laser pistol. Hoping he wouldn’t hit himself, he fired the weapon upwards and cut the ropes.

T-bone and Razor charged at Kid, swinging. The red kat was barely able to dodge them because they meant to hurt him this time.

Come on, think!! There must be a way to break the spell, he thought.

He jumped over Razor’s sweep kick, but was nailed by T-bone, sending him into the wall. Kid stood up, pain surging through his body.

“Now this is entertainment,” Madkat joked.

Spells of darkness, chapter 5, mind control, he thought as he got up.

T-bone and Razor went at him again, Kid barely able to get away from them.

In ancient times, some sorcerers were able to control the minds of others. The most common way was through tra… tran…. TRANCE SEALS, THAT’S IT, he thought.

Kid back flipped to give himself some distance. He dashed at the possessed, knowing how to free them. T-bone swung at the red kat, but Kid ducked under it and uppercutted right where the seal was. It shattered on impact and making T-bone go down.

“Oh, this isn’t good,” Madkat commented.

Razor sent a flurry of kicks and punches at Kid. He blocked them and gave Razor a palm thrust right to the chest, breaking the seal. Razor hit the ground.

Kid pulled out his gun and pointed it at Madkat. “Joke’s over, give up!!” Kid demanded.

“Oh, the fun’s just beginning,” Madkat mocked as he took the yo-yo and sent it at kid.

He jumped out of the way, but the yo-yo hit his side, making him fire the gun. The laser flew and blasted one of the bells, ripping it off.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Madkat screamed in pain.

Huh, his bells, Kid thought.

“Ok, that’s it. Time to move on up,” Madkat sneered as he began to grow, bursting out of the ceiling and making the floor crack under his feet.

Kid grabbed T-bone and Razor and pulled them into the hall, shaking them till they woke.

“Uh, what happened?” T-bone asked. Looking at Kid, “And, who’s this? I’m out for a bit and you replace me.”

“It’s cool, T. It’s Tai,” Razor explained.

“Guys, we have to stop Madkat,” Kid said. He crouched down in pain and saw the wound where Madkat’s yo-yo hit. Crimson blood seeped from it.

“You’re too hurt. Leave it to us,” T-bone said.

“Right,” Kid responded.

The three kats ran down the stairs of the building and to the Turbokat. T-bone and Razor entered the cockpit while Kid went into the bottom. The jet lifted into the air and went after Madkat.

“Crud, we don’t have anything,” Razor complained while looking at T-bone.

“What? It’s not my fault,” T-bone said.

“Wait, there’s a Slicer missile,” Razor happily said as they approached Madkat. Hitting a few buttons, Razor shot the missile and stuck Madkat’s left bell. “Bingo!” Razor yelled as the madman screamed in pain.

“Ok, SWAT Kats, time to play some hardball,” the evil kat said as he manifested some balls. He threw them at the Turbokat, but T-bone’s flying was able to dodge them.

In the storage area, Kid was bracing himself as the jet dodged the balls.

These guys are awesome, he thought. They’re risking their lives to save everyone. There must be something I can do, he thought. I HAVE TO PROTECT MY FRIENDS!!

It was that thought that triggered it. His mind suddenly began to shift. He fought against it, but conceded as he fell into darkness and a new consciousness replaced his own.

“Crud, he’s down to his last bell. But, we don’t have anything to hit him with,” T-bone yelled.

“Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll think of some…” Razor was cut off when he saw movement on the top of the jet.

Both kats looked up to see Kid was standing on top of the jet, his eyes completely blank.

“Kid, get down. You’re going to get hit,” T-bone yelled.

The small kat didn’t even flinch.

Madkat saw that the red kat was on the roof of the jet and smirked. “Well well well, you’re even crazier that me,” the evil giant said as he shot his yo-yo right at him.

“TAI!!!” Razor and T-bone yelled.

The kat raised his hand into the air. The yo-yo stopped in mid air and shattered into pieces.

“What??” Madkat said in surprise.

Suddenly, flames began to form around the small kat, surging and compressing itself into a ball at in his hand.

The only thought that was his was, I MUST PROTECT THEM.

In a deep, unnatural voice, the kat shouted, “GO TO HELL, YOU BEAST, AND STAY THERE!” The kat shouted as he blasted fire from his hand. “BURNING SOUL ARROW!” the kat shouted as the fire morphed into a huge river of flame, twisting and curving into a spiral.

The flame smashed into Madkat, screaming as he crossed his arms over his head to hold it off.

“WHAT IS THIS!!” he yelled as the flames smashed through his arms and into his face, burning off the bell and setting the monster on fire. A blue light began to emit from the giant as he began to split from his host. His last words were, “This is not funny!!”

On the ground were the thief and the jester’s hat.

Both SWAT Kats were speechless, seeing their new friend burn Madkat alive.

“Holy kats, what is he?” T-bone said to himself.

They both looked up to see Kid’s body go limp and fall from the jet.

“KATS ALI…!” Razor said just before T-bone went into a bomb dive.

“T-bone, what are you…?”

“We’re going under him and opening the canopy; you need to catch him,” T–bone explained as he went under the falling kat. “NOW!!” T-bone yelled as he opened the canopy.

Kid fell in, Razor catching him.

“We gotta get him back to base,” Razor said.

“Roger,” T- bone replied as he set a course for home.

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