Original SWAT Kats Story

Mad World

By Tigerkat

  • 6 Chapters
  • 8,665 Words

When a young Enforcer studying ways to counteract magical attacks manages to destroy half of Enforcer HQ, he finds himself sentenced to the salvage yard to work off his debts. Even as Chance and Jake debate how to keep their secret from the newcomer, further problems arise when Mad Kat’s kat-in-the-box is stolen. (6 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 4

Then There Were Two

It was morning in Mega Kat City, and Tai was unable to even enjoy it.

What am I going to do? he thought. They’re really upset at me. Just like everywhere else, I screw up! WHY CANT I DO ANYTHING RIGHT!!! the kat thought as he slammed his fist into the pillow.

His ribs were fine, but he was too scared to even get out of the room.

“Tai! Hurry and get down here! We have some new stuff to fix,” Jake yelled from downstairs.

Well, can’t hide forever, Tai thought as he slipped on his work clothes and walked down to the shop, seeing Jake already working on another broken car.

“Jake,” Tai said.

Jake looked over to him, knowing what he was going to say.

“It’s ok, we’re not upset or anything. Just get a wrench and start helping,” Jake said cheerfully.

Tai, happy that they weren’t mad, grabbed a wrench and started tightening some of the loose bolts under the car when Chance came in with a store bag.

“We’re out of food already?” Jake said as Chance strolled by.

“No, a new comic series just came out,” Chance said as he pulled out his new comic. It was brightly colored with the name “Mad World” on the top in neon green.

“Aww, Chance, when are you going to actually read?” Jake said, disappointed.

“If you want something to read, I have plenty of books,” Tai said, coming out from under the car.

“Na, these are just as good. Besides, I hear that this one’s funny,” Chance said as he went inside.

For some reason, Tai started to get really cold and began to shake.

“What’s wrong?” Jake said as he saw this.

“I don’t know. I’m getting a really bad feeling,” Tai explained.

Just on cue, both kats heard Chance cry out from the living room. Alarmed, they ran into the house to see a strange sight.

The comic covered Chance’s hands. It had turned into a goop and started to spread up him.

“Augh! Get this thing off of me!” Chance pleaded.

Tai and Jake dashed to Chance and tried to rip the comic off, but as soon as they touched it, it shocked them with electricity.

The slime continued to spread till it reached the bicep area of Chance’s right arm. It then shrank and turned into a tattoo of a bell, half yellow and half orange. Chance stopped struggling and went limp.

“Chance, you ok? Chance?” Jake asked as he began to shake his friend.

Chance’s eyes flew open, but were completely blank. He turned his head to face Jake and gave a creepy smile. The kat swung and nailed Jake in the gut, knocking the air out of him.

“Jake!” Tai said as his friend went down. “What did you do that for?” Tai yelled at the burly kat.

Chance turned to face Tai and leapt at him, but the red kat jumped out of the way and the tabby hit the floor. He got up and went after him again, swinging left and right, Tai barely able to dodge.

I don’t want to hurt him; it’s not him doing this, Tai thought as he dodged.

Looking around, he saw some rope on the tool stand. Seeing Jake get up, “Jake, get the rope!”

Jake looked over, saw the rope, and started to run to it.

Chance turned to see Jake and tried to go after him, but Tai crouched and hit the back of Chance’s legs with a sweeping kick, sending the burly kat to the ground.

Jake grabbed the rope and threw the other end to Tai. Chance stood up as Jake and Tai began to run around him, binding him and tying the knots.

“What was that comic?” Jake asked.

“I knew I felt something wrong. What was it called?” Tai said as he pulled out his poc-com.

“A mini supercomputer?” Jake asked.

“A mini… oh, this. Had it for a while.”

”It even has hacker codes on it. So, you were the one who brought Hard Drive down last night,” Jake said.

“Yeah, but more about that later. What was the comic’s title? I didn’t see it.”

“It was Mad World or something,” Jake answered.

Pounding a few keys, Tai found the web site.

“Here, it says that the comic was sent out today by Comedy Kat Inc. Its headquarters is here in MegaKat City. East Whisker and Long Street.”

“We can make it there fast in the Turbokat.”

“Oh great, I’m going to get sick.”

“No, we’ll have to put him in there,” Jake said, pointing at Chance.

“Then, where am I?”

“In the cockpit with me. Chance showed me how to fly a bit,” Jake answered with smile.

“I guess I can reroute the weapons system to my computer as well.”

“Ok, what are we waiting for?” Jake said as both kats picked up the third and went for the Turbokat.

“Wait, the Enforcers might be there already. If they see me, they’ll suspect something,” Tai said.

“You’re right, wait here,” Jake said as he rushed off. He went to the lockers and rummaged through them, pulling out his extra flight suit. “Here, try this on,” Jake said as he threw the suit to Tai.

Tai caught the suit and looked at it. “No way!!”

“Yeah, we have to make sure no one recognizes you,” Jake said with a wink.

“Cool. But, if we bring Chance along, we should at least put his mask on him,” Tai suggested.

“Good idea,” Jake said as he slipped a mask over Chance’s face.

Jake changed into his suit, becoming Razor. He turned and saw Tai had changed as well. The suit fit him perfectly and hid his face very well.

“Not bad.” Razor said as he looked the red kat over. “You look pretty good.”

“Thanks,” Tai replied. “I never imagined I would wear one of these.”

He walked over to the weapons and picked out two metal gloves. “What are these?” Tai asked.

“Glove-a-Tricks. They have a lot of weapons and gadgets in them. I’ll explain on the way,” Razor said as he gave his friend the glove.

The kat took it and put it on, looking at the weapon.

“Come on. We better get going,” Razor said.

The two took the struggling third kat and put him in the corner of the jet’s storeroom. They jumped into the jet and started it up, shooting out of the Salvage yard. As the Turbokat flew, the kats looked to the streets to see a parade of possessed kats, all marching towards their destination.

“Who could do this?” Tai asked.

“I don’t know,” Razor answered. “But, we’re gonna find out and turn Chance back.”

“Right,” Tai replied.

The Turbokat reached the destination quickly. Both kats jumped out of the jet and looked at the building.

“Ready?” Razor asked.

“You know it,” Tai answered enthusiastically.

The SWAT Kats entered the building, finding more possessed people there. The two looked at each other

“Oh great,” they said at the same time.

The enemies sprang at them, all sorts of kats with the same mark.

“Jake, try not to hurt them. They’re not themselves,” Tai said.

“It’s Razor, and I won’t.”

“Razor? What’s my name then?”


“Kid! Come on, that’s a stupid name.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Razor said as two kats jumped at him. He easily dodged them and jumped over some more.

Tai had his hands full with some enforcers, blasting at him with lasers. Barely able to dodge them, he reached to his leg and pulled out a small laser pistol. He held it up and fired, hitting the guns and knocking them out of the enforcer’s hands.

“Where did you get that?” Razor asked, seeing the laser.

“Enforcer rule number one, always be prepared,” Kid answered.

“Man, we’re not getting anywhere with this,” Razor said.

An idea struck Tai.

“Razor, how fast can you run?” Kid asked.

“Pretty fast.”

“Then run!” Kid said as he ran towards the enemies.

Razor knew what he was planning and ran after him. The two rushed at the kats and jumped, clearing over them. They landed on their feet and bolted down the hall.

Suddenly, huge yellow and orange tentacles smashed through the ceiling and wrapped around Kid and Razor, pulling them up. As they did, the tentacles traveled up and wrapped around their throats, choking them till they passed out.

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