Original SWAT Kats Story

Mad World

By Tigerkat

  • 6 Chapters
  • 8,665 Words

When a young Enforcer studying ways to counteract magical attacks manages to destroy half of Enforcer HQ, he finds himself sentenced to the salvage yard to work off his debts. Even as Chance and Jake debate how to keep their secret from the newcomer, further problems arise when Mad Kat’s kat-in-the-box is stolen. (6 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 2


It was the dead of night when the Turbokat returned to the hangar. T-bone and Razor exited the jet and changed back into their normal clothes.

“This isn’t good. We couldn’t find anything,” Chance complained.

“You got that right. With Madkat loose, anything can happen,” Jake replied.

“You think he’ll go after Mayor Manx and them?”

“Madkat’s insane. There’s no way to tell what he’s up to. It’s a safe bet though.”

“We’ve been gone for a while. We better get up there before the kid suspects something,” Chance said while climbing the stairs.

“Maybe he’ll tell us what happened.”

“I don’t know. He was pretty maa…,” Chance stopped as he smelled the air and his mouth began to water.

“Chance, why’d you st…” Jake stopped as his mouth began to water as well.

“What.. What is that smell?” Chance asked.

“Hurry up and we’ll see,” Jake complained.

“Alright, alright,” Chance said as he continued climbing and entered the house.

Both kats were surprised when they got in the house. The whole place was cleaned spotless and there were three plates with forks and cups on the table. Tai entered the room with a plate full of steaming fish and a bowl of rice.

“Hey guys, bout time you got here,” Tai said with a smile. “Oh yeah. Chance, your change is on the counter.”

“Wow. Hey, did any junk come?” Chance asked.

“Yeah, a broken car and some controllers. Nothing hard.”

“Where are they?”

“I fixed them and sent them back.”

“You fixed them? By yourself?” Chance asked.

“Yeah. Like I said, not hard. Anyways, time to eat,” Tai replied as he put the food on the table.

Chance sat at the table and leapt at the fish, shoving half of one down his throat while Jake looked at the money and the receipts. His eyes widened when he saw the second one.

“Chance, you better see this,” Jake said.

Chance poured some rice onto his plate and walked over to Jake. “What is it?” Chance asked curiously.

“Look at this.” Jake said, showing him the receipt.

Chance’s jaw dropped.

“HOLY..!” Chance stopped as Jake’s hand clamped over his mouth. “Holy kats! 80 bucks for that!!” Chance whispered.

“How much money did you give him?” Jake asked.

“20 bucks. How did he buy that?”

“He probably used his own money”

“Jeez, he must really feel sorry about before.”

Tai sat down at the table when he saw Jake and Chance talking to each other.

“Guys, aren’t you hungry?” Tai asked.

“Oh yeah. Let’s eat!!” Chance said as they both sat down and started chowing down.

Chance looked up to see Tai not eating, but watching them with a smile. “Are you going to eat, Tai?” Chance asked while a fish tail stuck out of his mouth.

“Na, I had plenty during the day,” Tai said with a smile.

“Hey,” Jake said after finishing, “what did you do in the enforcers before the accident?”

“Oh, I was the head researcher for the magical research department.”

Chance, after hearing this, spat out his milk and just barely missed the red kat.

“Magic research? Since when did the enforcers do that?” Chance asked in surprise.

“A while ago,” Tai replied. “They got fed up with the Past Master and all the other magic people and started the department. It was mainly for learning about magic and how to combat it. As well as where it comes from.”

“Where does it come from?” Jake asked.

“We’re not sure. But, according to legend, there are two beings that can supply magic. Chaos, who controls the powers of destruction. And, a being known as the Omni Force. He stops Chaos from affecting our world. Actually, the phrase “holy kats” refers to his messengers, the Angelic Knights.”

“Really?” Jake asked. “Then why have so many people with powers appeared?”

“I don’t know,” Tai answered. “It seems that the Omni Force’s power is weakening or something. After all, it’s only a theory.”

“I don’t buy it,” Chance said. “Who cares if they have magic powers or something. We can still beat them.

“We??” Tai said curiously.

“Uh, I mean the enforcers and the SWAT Kats,” Chance replied nervously.

“Oh, that’s what I thought,” Tai replied.

“Well, what happened to you there?” Jake asked as he gathered the plates.

A sad look began to reflect in the kat’s eyes.

“ I.. I was doing some new research when I found a spell that was supposed to summon the Omni Force himself. I thought, “Hey, if he was here, I could ask him what was going on and everything.” So, I tried to do the spell. But, something happened. The mixture began to bubble and after..” Tai stopped.

“After?” Chance implied.

Tai started to look worried. “I don’t remember. All I remember is waking up with enforcers digging people out of the rubble and Feral picking me up and yelling at me for an explanation. They decided to send me here because I was a mechanic before going into the field. Lucky no one was seriously hurt.”

“Wow,” Chance said. “But, why stay here? Don’t you have anywhere else? Parent’s home or something?”

“No, I never really knew my parents. They died when I was young. I’ve been all alone for as long as I can remember,” Tai answered with a sad look in his eyes.

“Well, welcome home then,” Chance said while sticking his hand out.

Tai looked up and, with a smile, shook Chance’s hand.

“Thanks, guys.”

“No prob,” Jake said as he walked back in. “We’re like family here.”


A family, Tai thought. I finally have a family.

After dinner, Chance and Jake pulled an extra bed out and put it in the bedroom while Tai began to unpack.

“Jeez,” Chance said while looking at the huge mass of books over his clothes. “How many do you have there?”

“About 40,” Tai said with a smile.

“40!” Chance said in surprise.

“Yeah, I always take my work home with me.”

“How many do you read a day?”


“Two?” Chance said while picking up one of the thick books.

“Yeah. Hopefully, I’ll be able to read three or four now.”

“No books for me,” Chance said while grabbing some of his comics. “These are just as good.”

Both kats’ ears perked up when they heard the clock strike 8.

“SCAREDY KAT IS ON!!” both yelled out as they raced to the living room and flicked on the TV.

“You watch Scaredy Kat?” Chance said.

“Oh yeah. Cartoons are the BEST,” Tai replied with a smile

“You know, I could get used to this,” Chance said in a laid back style.

Jake was looking at the books while Chance and Tai were exploding with laughter after Scaredy Kat was blown up.

Weird books, Jake thought. Spells of darkness, wizards of the ages, summoning, how to bring death to the dark. The last one caught Jake’s eye. He picked it up and began to flip through it till he found a page that seemed interesting.

It said, “The power of the dark is one of the strongest forces out there. It has no power to create, only to destroy. It is because the power of darkness exists that the power of light exists as well. Both are in balance and are equal in power. The only way to truly end darkness is to destroy the source, Chaos. Both Chaos and the Omni have great power, but nether may directly use it on this world. They may only influence actions, as long as the being has the potential and the will to carry it out. However, if a person was to call the being in question, they may be possessed by the being and use their power.

“That was great!” Jake heard Chance say as they climbed the stairs.

“Yeah, especially the part when he fell into a tank of piranha,” Tai replied.

Jake quickly put the book back and jumped into his bed.

“Guys. It’s time to sleep, ok?” Jake said as the two kats entered the room.

“Yeah. We know,” Chance replied, yawning.

“Ok, night guys,” Jake said as he lay in bed and began to sleep.

“Hey guys,” Tai said as he crawled into his bed.

“Yeah,” Jake and Chance answered at the same time.

“Thanks,” Tai said.

A few minutes later, all were asleep.

So much fire!!
Is anyone there? Please help.
I. I can’t breath. So much smoke.
Help, Help,

Tai woke up sweating. He looked over at the clock to see it was midnight.

Great, three and a half hours sleep, Tai thought.

I keep having that nightmare, he thought, putting his head to his chest. Why, why can’t I remember what happened? So many were hurt, but I came out without a scratch.

He felt movement in his body and started crossing his legs.

Oh, holy kats! I need to go, he thought as he ran out of the room to the bathroom.

Afterwards, he came out to hall and started to climb the stairs when he saw a door he never saw before. Curious, he walked to it and opened it quietly so his friends couldn’t hear.

He stepped in and fell, hitting the floor hard.

“Owwww!” he whispered

That was a long fall, he thought.

Looking around, all he saw was darkness. Feeling the wall, he found a light switch and turned it on. His eyes shot open when he saw what was there. It was a large, grey facility. Steel beams crisscrossed the ceiling and the floor was solid concrete. The kat turned and saw why he fell. There was nothing connecting the door with the floor, only a ladder dangled from it. A large computer was on the wall, and a large TV was at the corner of the room.

“Wow!” Tai said, amazed he saw some stairs that lead down to the lower area. The red kat climbed down them to see something really familiar. There was a large jet, decorated black with red stripes. It easily dwarfed him. He began walking around it, looking at it from all sides. When he looked at it from the back, he saw that a small area in the bottom was open. Tai walked in, seeing a two-seated motorcycle, along with other weaponry and vehicles.

No Way! he thought. This is the SWAT Kats jet! But, what is it doing here?

An alarm sounded, making the kat jump 3 feet in the air, and slamming his head on the roof.

“Why do I get hurt so much today?” he said softly as he rubbed his head.

“Hurry up, T-bone. We gotta catch up to Hard Drive before he gets away.”

“Perfect time for him to steal computer chips, right when we sleep. I’m gonna kick his tail hard for this.”

T-bone, Tai thought. What are the SWAT Kats doing here? the red kat thought. Unless…

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