Original SWAT Kats Story

Black Plague

By Tigerkat

  • 10 Chapters
  • 24,155 Words

Tai begins his training to be a SWAT Kat and isn’t doing well. Meanwhile, the evil Dr.Viper has infected the city’s water supply with a horrible virus. (10 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 6

Tai walked out to the yard to meet the two idiots. Burke had pulled a lever in the truck, pouring pieces of scrape metal and broken junk all over the ground. Murray looked to the rear-view mirror on his side and saw the red kat approaching them.

“Hey, it’s the ghost buster,” the small kat joked, giving an annoying laugh along with his brother.

“Why do you guys call me that?” Tai asked, irritated by the two’s behavior.

“Feral told us everything about what you did,” Burke informed him as the red kat stood by his window.

“Magical research, ha!” Murray stated. “What a joke! It’s a waste of time and money. I heard you were the first to sign up for it. What a loser!”

“So what?!” Tai shouted, clenching his fist. “I enjoyed working in that department. I believed that if I found a way to deal with people who used it for evil, then that would just bring us one step closer to finally having peace!”

“Yeah? And, look what happened,” Burke responded. “You blew up the headquarters, hurt a bunch of people, and are gonna spend the rest of your life working in this dump only to barely pay off a small part of it.”

Tai looked down, feeling the full weight of the brown kat’s words.

“Whatever,” Murray said. “Enough sulking, get to work! Let’s go, Burke.”

Burke shifted the truck to drive and drove out of the yard, laughing at the red kat as they went.

Tai still felt the weight of his words pressing down on his shoulders as he picked up a few broken car parts and laser guns. “Hurt a bunch of people,” echoed over and over in his mind as he walked back to the shop, feeling himself falling deeper and deeper into depression. They’re right, he thought as he walked into the garage and dumped the junk on a worktable, staring at it blankly. It’s because I screwed up on that experiment that the base was destroyed and people got hurt. What if…. He stopped, realizing the worst possible outcome. What if I screw up as a SWAT Kat? Not only could people get hurt, but they may even… die.

The image of T-bone and Razor laying dead on the ground flashed in his mind, forcing the red kat to go wide-eyed and tears begin to emerge.

“NO! I CAN’T DO IT!” he shouted, trying to push the pictures from his thoughts. But, more and more came, going faster and faster to the point where Tai had to kneel on the ground.

“I can’t,” he said softly. “I can’t risk the lives of others, even if it’s to protect them.”

“I can’t be a SWAT Kat.”


Callie looked out the window, finally able to make out the types of bugs. Giant mosquitoes led the pack and protected the rear as two waves of bees and hornets followed. In the very middle of the vast army was a large fly.

“Why only one?” Callie asked herself. “It’s like they’re protecting him.” The deputy mayor’s mind traveled away from this concept, to a more urgent matter.

“The Mayor!” she shouted out loud. “He might be in his office! I have to get him!” The she kat ran out into the hall and to the elevator, slamming the up button as much as she could till the lift finally arrived. She got in and hit the button for the top office, feeling the ground shift as the vessel began to move upwards.


The Turbokat blasted through the air, aiming for the army of insects.

“God! I hate bugs!” T-bone complained.

“Well, now you have to chance to show it, buddy,” Razor responded. “We got two heading for us at 12.”

T-bone saw two mosquitoes fall back from the pack and head strait for them. They charged at the jet, ready to plunge their sharp proboscises into the craft. One shot at them head on, but T-bone flew left, easily dodging it. The other went at them at an angle, trying to spear their left side, but T-bone thrusted forward, dodging the insect. The two bugs followed behind the jet and began spitting a green slime. T-bone was able to dodge these as well, but Razor noticed what happen when the saliva hit the buildings.

“T-bone, watch out. That gunk is acid; it’ll eat through us if it hits,” he informed.

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” T-bone replied. “It’s not like I plan on getting hit.” The burly kat pulled on the controls, shooting up and over the mosquitoes, resting behind them.

“I got this one,” Razor announced as he aimed on his console. He hit a control on the machine, making a small rail gun appear under the craft. “A little cement should ground them.” He fired grey globs at the pests, quickly freezing their wings and sending them to the ground.

“BINGO!” Razor shouted in triumph.

“We’re not out of the woods yet, buddy,” T-bone said as he pushed up the thrusters, getting closer to the insects now swarming over City Hall. “There’s a lot more to exterminate.”

Five insects, three mosquitoes and two hornets, fell back and charged at them, ready to destroy the jet.

“Spider Missile, Deploy!” Razor shouted as he fired the projectile.

The missile got close and exploded, revealing a large net. The net flew around the insects, but one hornet had barely slipped away. While the other insects fell to the ground, the hornet charged at the jet, stinger poised to drill into the Turbokat.

“Your aim’s slipping buddy,” T-bone joked. “Maybe you should train with the kid.”

“Oh yeah, watch this,” Razor responded as he aimed at the hornet. “Octopus Missile, dep…” Razor stopped in time when the hornet was hit by a white laser blast, falling to the ground.

“Sorry, did I take your shot?” a female voice said over the radio.

The SWAT Kats looked over the right of their jet and saw an enforcer jet flying next to them, a familiar she kat in the pilot seat.

“Morning, lieutenant,” T-bone responded, waving his hand.

“Hey guys,” Lt. Felina Feral replied.

“Hey, where’s the commander?” Razor asked.

“He’s up ahead,” Felina answered. “He’s really upset, being in battle this early in the morning.”

“Great, he’s probably missing his prune doughnuts by now,” T-bone joked.

“That’s cruel,” Felina responded.

“Sorry to interrupt you guys, but we got company,” Razor stated, forcing the two pilots to see more of the swarm come off after them.

“Sorry, lieutenant,” T-bone said. “We kinda have to cut this short; time to squash some bugs.”

“Ok, I’ll cover you guys,” Felina responded.

“Roger,” T-bone finished.

The Turbokat flew for the bugs, sending missiles through the air and knocking a bunch off the building.


Callie arrived in the Mayor’s office, only to find it empty.

“Where is he?” she asked herself. She looked around the room and found his golf clubs and bag were gone. “The Golf Course,” she answered herself, shaking her head side to side.

She looked at the window and saw the bugs from before covering the windows. The fly from before appeared and began to ram the glass, sending cracks and lines through the glass. Callie stepped back, about to run through the door when, with one last charge, the fly smashed through the glass. Callie shrieked as the black insect flew through the room, buzzing around till it got to the mayor’s desk. It rested for a moment and began to rub its legs together. A small case fell from a band attached to its front right leg. The insect lifted itself into the air and flew out the same hole it created.

Callie watched this with curiosity, wondering what it was really doing. She stood up and slowly walked to the case. It was a small, black video cover with a tape inside. A white label reading, “Mayor Manx,” was in the center of the cover.

“A tape?” Callie asked as she picked up the cassette. “Why just leave a tape?”


At the MegaKat Water Treatment center, a security kat laughed at the event, being the only thing on the news.

“Whahaha!” the orange kat cried, hearing it echo. “Bugs! What a stupid idea? Who would want something as weak as that?” He continued to laugh, until the power went out.

The screen went dark and all the lights went off at the same time, leaving the security kat in a silent void. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a flashlight, one of the basic tools he carried.

“What the hell?” he said to himself. “We have three backup generators; how could we have a power outage?”

Just recently, the plant had become automated. Few people had to work day by day, the exception being the security guards. The security kat’s ears perked up when he heard a strange sound. It was a quiet, crunching sound, happening rapidly.

“Anyone there?” he asked, shining his light around him. He was stationed right where the water was purified, about to be sent to home all over Megakat city, so it was normal to get visitors. The light shined through the void, but found nothing.

“Eh, just me bein paranoid,” the security kat said to himself. “They’ll send someone to fix it soon.” The security kat went to go back to his desk when he heard the sound again, except louder and closer. The kat shined the light just above him, seeing a horrible sight.

It was a giant centipede, clinging to the ceiling with its claws in the styrofoam. The creature’s antenna’s went down and touched the kat, feeling its fur. The insect made a high-pitched squeal as it fell from the ceiling onto the kat, crushing him under its weight. The insect bent its head down over the kat and sank its mandibles into the gut of the security kat, killing him.

“That’sss enough, my pet!” Viper shouted, forcing the bug off of the corpse. Viper strolled by the body, its eyes blank.

“I had hoped not to leave a messss. Oh well,” the villain said as he tore his eyes away from the body. He strolled past the desk, down a hallway to the room where the water was kept. The villain grinned as he saw all the liquid.

“It’sss time, my creation,” Viper said as he pulled the vial out from his coat pocket and uncorked it. “Fulfill your purpossse and give me MegaKat City!” The doctor poured the serum into the water and watched it work.

The water turned a clear violet color, showing it was integrating with the liquid. The water quickly turned, the process finished.

The lizard smiled, knowing that there was no way to fail. Whether his insect had delivered the message or not, he would get the city, one way or another. He turned away from the freshly contaminated water and went back into the hall, ordering his centipedes to leave the body alone and follow him back to the lair.


“Three for one!” Razor shouted after his Match Head Missile destroyed two hornets and a bee.

More mosquitoes charged at the jet, only to meet a blast from Felina’s laser.

“Jeez! We’re getting nowhere fast!” T-bone complained as he flew around the building.

“I hate to say it, but you’re right, buddy,” Razor stated. “There’s too many of them. We’ll run out of missiles before we get through half of them.”

“Don’t worry guys; the reinforcements are here,” Felina’s voice responded.

The SWAT Kats looked and saw a fleet of Enforcer choppers approaching fast as tanks came down the streets.

“Back off, SWAT Kats!” a voice said on the radio. The SWAT Kats saw a large, grey kat with a black military haircut and facial hair.

“Good to see you too, Feral,” Razor responded.

“The Enforcers can handle it from here,” Feral replied as the choppers following him went ahead over the building.

Their bomb bay doors opened and released a purple vapor over the building. As soon as the vapor came in contact with the pests, they immediately began to fall from the building, decorating the street with their corpses.

“Bug spray, classic,” T-bone said as he pushed on the controls, turning the jet around. “Enjoy the prune donut, Commander.” The burly kat pushed on the thrusters, rocketing towards the Salvage Yard.


Tai brushed the sweat off his head as he tinkered with a broken remote control.
“Jeez, this thing is really busted up,” he said as he looked at the gears and wiring inside. The red kat licked his lips, trying to fight back his thirst as he worked. Tai stood up and went to the kitchen, looking through the mass of milk cans in the fridge to see if they had anything else.

”Man, these guys drink nothing else,” he said to himself as he walked to one of the cupboards and pulled out a glass. He moved the glass under the kitchen sink and filled it with tap water. He drank it down, not noticing the slight, violet tint in the water.

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