Original SWAT Kats Story

Black Plague

By Tigerkat

  • 10 Chapters
  • 24,155 Words

Tai begins his training to be a SWAT Kat and isn’t doing well. Meanwhile, the evil Dr.Viper has infected the city’s water supply with a horrible virus. (10 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 3

Outside of MegaKat City was a large, swamp area. This came to be because of water regulation and dumping from the sewer system. Barely anyone had interest going there and none wanted to live there. The only exception to this was an outcast of society.

His greed caused an accident that mutated him, making him more lizard than kat. Dark green and light green-striped scales covered his body as a white lab coat hung from his shoulders. His hair shot up in three black spikes, and gleaming white teeth overlapped his bottom lip. His tail swept the floor behind him as he walked though his lab, cleverly hidden in a hollowed out tree. The lab in the tree was just for basic chemical testing, while his true lab was a large, industrial room hidden underground. He was once known as Dr. Elrod Purvis, but he gave up that name when his evolution occurred. He had donned a name to match his appearance, Dr Viper.

In his hand he held a small test tube, filled with his latest creation. It was a violet colored serum, but incredibly lethal. Months of hard labor and sleepless nights had led to this day, the day of its test. On one of the tables was a Petri dish, a microscope, and a normal bottle of water.

“Today isss the day!” the villain said in glee as he took the water and poured it onto a slide. He slipped the slide into the microscope and saw normal water molecules. He then took the slide out and produced a small eyedropper. After pouring the rest of the water into the dish, he dipped the tool into the vial and drew a few drops. Dr. Viper dripped a few drops of the concoction into the dish and watched it work. The water turned a light violet, then turned back into a clear liquid. The doctor grinned, knowing that it was a good sign. He took another slide, put a sample from the dish, and slid it under the scope. What he saw made him laugh in victory. The bacteria from the serum had attached itself to the water molecules and were perfectly disguised. No immune system would be able to tell the difference between this and normal water.

“YES!” Dr. Viper cried out, his voice echoing in the distance. “After ssso many failuresss and theoriesss, it hasss finally happened.” The doctor leered at the vial. “There isss jussst one final tessst. If it worksss, MegaSsswamp City will be born, and Megakat will be nothing but a memory!!”


“Hurry up, Kid,” Chance shouted. “You’re never gonna win with that speed.”

Tai glared at the big kat, mostly cause that was the only way to see him. After working on three cars that day, the red kat was ready to relax. But, his trainers decided to go through the obstacle course right after. Barely beginning, Jake and Chance were already far ahead of him.

Incredible! Tai thought as the two got to the tires, leaping from one to the next. They’re so fast, I can’t catch up.

Just as Jake and Chance finished, Tai finally arrived. He leapt from one tire to the next, barely able to make the distance. By the time he was finished, Jake and Chance were already halfway across the bars.

Jake stopped and hung there, looking back to see the red kat gaining on them, but slowly.

“Hey, Chance, maybe we should wait up,” Jake asked. “He’s not used to Enforcer training like we are.”

“No way. He has to be at the top of his game 24/7,” Chance answered. “If we went easy on the kid, he could be in serious danger on a mission.”

Jake nodded, knowing his buddy was right. The brown kat turned his head and saw Tai was close behind him.

He’s new at this, Jake thought at he started going forward as fast as he could. But, I can’t let him win. He has to earn it!
Jake got to the end and leapt off. He ran to the end of the cliff area, grabbed the rope, and swung to the other side.

Jake and Chance had waited 10 minutes before Tai finally got to the end of the course. He panted and sweated, barely able to stand up as his trainers stood over him.

“Come on, kid, it’s time to learn about missiles,” Jake said as he started walking towards the house.

Chance helped Tai to his feet and the two followed. Every step was agonizing for the red kat.

I can’t do this, Tai thought as they stepped into the house and headed to the hangar. I’m starting to think that this was a mistake.
The two climbed down the ladder and saw Jake waiting in front of a table. On the table were five different looking missiles.

“Bout time you guys got here,” Jake said as he walked behind the table. “Tai, come here.”

Tai followed the command and stood in front of the table.

“We’re going to review a few of missiles we have,” Jake said as he pointed at the weapons. The first one had a missile body, but at the top were two chain saw blades.
“This is a shredder missile,” Jake explained. “When we shoot it out, it has a top that breaks off to reveal these blades. They’re good to cut and tear through armor.”

“Cool,” the red kat said, looking it over. “You made these yourself?”

“Yep. Each one is a Razor original,” Jake bragged.

“Cool. What’s this one?” Tai asked, pointing to the middle explosive.

“That’s a Match head missile,” Jake explained. “It’s a high explosive missile that has a big punch.”

The two continued through the weapons. Jake explained the Gloveatrix and the different attachments that came with them. By the time they were finished, it was two in the morning.

“It’s late and we have more training tomorrow,” Chance said, yawning. “We better hit the hay.”

“Alright,” Jake responded. “We’ll continue tomorrow.”

The three kats walked up the ladder and went to the room. Chance and Jake leapt into their beds and were quickly put to rest. Tai however, watched the ceiling.

These guys are really cool, the red kat thought as a wave of drowsiness filled him. Jake can make great weapons, and Chance can fly the Turbokat. They’re perfect already, what could I possibly do to help them?

His eyes got very heavy, and he joined his friends in slumber.


In the alley by the fish market slept a kat, the smell of fish and sea salt floating in the air. The crisp, cold air awoke him and made him shiver, pulling the cloth he called a blanket over his shoulders to try and stay warm. He stared up to the sky, seeing the glimmering stars and the shining line of the crescent moon.
“Those big time city slickers don’t know what they’re missin’,” the alley kat said in a gruff voice. “What’s TV and video games compared to the beauty of nature?” The kat rubbed his paws on his chest, heating his fur through friction. He shifted on the ground and got to a comfortable position, starting to return to sleep.

A loud bang sound brought his attention back into reality. He tried to ignore it, but a creepy feeling forced him up.

It’s probably some rats or something, he thought as he creeped down the alley, the shadows spooking the bum. As he continued toward the sound, he could have sworn he was being watched. He finally got to the area. In front of him was an open manhole.

“What the?” the alley kat thought as he looked around, seeing the cover against a wall, warped.

Just as the kat was about to take a better look, a noise startled him. The trashcans against the other wall started shaking and rattling, a strange growl echoed from it. Although he knew better, the alley kat crept forward, making sure not to make a single sound. He grasped the lid in his paw and pulled. A flash of fur and shiny black eyes shot out, darting down the alley.

“Just a rat,” the kat stated, laughing at himself.

He started walking back to his bed, when a shadowy figure shot from the shadows. The being wrapped its arm around the bum, restraining him as the alley kat flailed and struggled. An arm pushed itself in his face, holding a strong smelling cloth. The scent of the cloth dazed the kat, forcing him to the ground. As he felt himself falling to darkness, he heard a voice.

“Perfect. The final tessst will go asss planned.”

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