Original SWAT Kats Story

Black Plague

By Tigerkat

  • 10 Chapters
  • 24,155 Words

Tai begins his training to be a SWAT Kat and isn’t doing well. Meanwhile, the evil Dr.Viper has infected the city’s water supply with a horrible virus. (10 Chapters – Complete)

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Chapter 2

The red kat looked around the hall. Metal completely covered the walls and gave it an almost creepy feeling.

“Ok, I can do this,” Blaze said to himself. “It’s probably not that dangerous.”

In the hanger, Jake and Chance were watching their new team member on the computer.

“You think he’ll do ok?” Jake asked.

“Don’t worry. If he’s as resourceful here as he was with Madkat, there’s no way he’ll lose,” Chance answered.

“You know he’s about to walk into the first trap,” Jake informed him.

Chance looked at the screen and realized it was true. “Oh crud!”

“Yeah, what do I have to worry about?” Blaze said to himself in confidence. “This is a piece of c…”

He stopped when a section of the roof came smashing down in front of him. The red SWAT Kat stared at it wide-eyed as it climbed back into the ceiling.

“I’m going to die here!” he cried.

The kat began to run, racing down the hall to whatever it had in store for him. A flash of red light stopped him when he saw a string of security beams in front of him.

“Well, at least these won’t kill me,” Blaze said as he approached the lasers. “I hope.”

The red kat took his tail and wrapped it around his waist to make sure it wouldn’t get in the way. He calmly treaded through the lasers, making sure he didn’t touch a single one. He jumped in triumph when he made it out of the field.

“Oh Yeah!” he shouted. “I’ll get through this.”

Blaze continued down the hall as his trainers watched him.

“He’s not bad,” Chance said. “He got through the infrared easily.”

“He was nearly crushed,” Jake responded.

“Still, it’s pretty good.”

“Look, he’s coming up to the Sector B area.”

Blaze continued down the hall at a slow pace, keeping his eyes open and his ears alert. As he continued down the hall, a section of the wall slipped open and a mass of metal tentacles sprang out, surprising the kat.

“Jeez!” Blaze said as the metal cords snapped at him. The red kat remembered what Jake said.

“Not if you be careful and use the Gloveatrix.” The memory echoed in his head.

The SWAT Kat held up his glove and fired three small cutters. The blades sliced through the cords, making them fall harmlessly on the floor.

“That wasn’t so hard,” the kat said to himself as he continued.

He came into a room where he was high up on a ledge. Below him was a pit of spikes and before those was an opening. Hanging in front of him was a long rope. He looked and saw the opening was starting to close. A wall of steel was lowering itself down slowly.

“Crud!” the kat yelled.

He stepped back and ran for the edge. He jumped and caught the rope, swinging him over the pit and to the opening. The kat jumped off and slid under the steel wall, barely making it.

“See that!” Chance projected. “The kid’s kicking tail!”

“Not just yet, Chance,” Jake responded. “He still has to go through the shooting range.”

“The guy uses a laser,” Chance replied. “He’ll do great!”

“Like you do when we go through there,” Jake joked.

“At least I don’t faint on the G-force simulator,” Chance shot back.

“We’re here to watch our new partner,” Jake responded.
“Look! He’s coming up to the first target.”
Blaze continued through, keeping all his senses sharp.

“No wonder they call it the Reflex Room,” he said to himself. “You have to be on your toes or you get crushed.”

As he walked, a figure shot up from the shadows, surprising the red kat and making him kick it. He looked and saw he had actually destroyed the head of a creepling.

“Oh, I guess I did ok then,” Blaze said happily.

He continued through and saw the area had changed to look like a broken down city. He crept through, making sure of everything he saw when another figure sprang up from the darkness. He went to attack, but stopped when he saw it was a cardboard cutout of an old lady.

“Guess I’m a little too jumpy,” Blaze said as he laughed at himself. He continued down the room. He smashed apart pictures of creeplings, the Metallikats, and Hard Drive and ignored the civilians.

Just as he was about to end the trial, a target shot out and surprised him. Blaze shot his fist forward and punched a hole in the cardboard, only to find it was a cutout of Commander Feral.

Chance was rolling on the floor, laughing at the scene.

“You know this means he loses,” Jake said to his hysterical friend.

“Yeah, but at least he went out with a bang,” Chance responded as he got up.

Jake hit a button on the console and spoke.
Blaze saw he had his fist in Feral.

Well, isn’t this ironic! he thought to himself when the intercoms in the room echoed Jake’s voice.

“Sorry, kid, but that’s an automatic ‘game over’,” Jake reported. “There’s a door to your right that will take you right back to us.”

Blaze looked and saw a section of the wall had opened up. He pulled his hand out of Feral and began to walk away, only to go back and deliver a high kick to the Enforcer’s head.

With a pleased look on his face, Blaze walked down the hall and back to his friends.

“I guess I failed, huh?” Blaze asked in a sad voice.

“Yeah, but you did ok for your first run,” Chance answered.

“Come on, we have some stuff to fix,” Jake said as he began climbing up the ladder. “We’ll go through the obstacle course later and then we’ll do some SK Missiles 101.”

Blaze looked to the floor, depressed that he failed his first time. His head went back up when he felt a hard smack on his back. He looked and saw Chance had gotten behind him.

“Don’t worry, kid,” the tabby said with a smile. “You’ll do better next time.”

Blaze couldn’t help but smile; he thought about something too.

“Why do you guys keep calling me kid?” the red SWAT Kat asked.

“You’re younger than us and less experienced,” Chance informed him as he walked to the ladder and began to climb.

Blaze, filled with this new knowledge, changed back into his work clothes and followed the other two, ready to start the day.

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