Original SWAT Kats Story

Black Plague

By Tigerkat

  • 10 Chapters
  • 24,155 Words

Tai begins his training to be a SWAT Kat and isn’t doing well. Meanwhile, the evil Dr.Viper has infected the city’s water supply with a horrible virus. (10 Chapters – Complete)

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Author's Notes:

Title: Black Plague
By: Tigerkat
Rating: K+
Warnings: Contains mild language, some blood and violence.
Disclaimer:I don’t own the SWAT Kats, which belongs to Hanna-Barbera. I don’t own characters or worlds. I own one character in this (Tai Crimclaw).

Note from the author: Hiya, everyone. Sorry I haven’t been here in a while. I made a new second part to the SWAT Kat Trio series (yeah I know, it sounds stupid. But, it’s the best I could come up with). I hope you enjoy this. It is doing well on the forums. I’m sorry if the first chapter is a little slow (and short). As stated before, I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1

It was a lazy morning in the MegaKat City Salvage Yard. Tai had woke to find the room void of his friends. They’re already up? he thought as he sluggishly rolled out of bed and onto his feet. He walked over to his dresser and pulled out his work clothes, about to slip them on when he felt something on his back. He reached with his paw and felt a series of lumps on his back.

Oh yeah, he thought to himself as he remembered his scars. That part of my life is over. He slipped on his clothes and strolled downstairs.

“Chance. Jake. You down here?” the red kat asked as he yawned. The only response he got was the echo of his voice.

“Must have gone out,” he said to himself as he got to the kitchen, ready to make a small breakfast. But, as he started, an alarm in the distance got his attention.

Oh crud, he thought. They’re not here. Then a thought struck him.

What am I doing standing around? I’m a SWAT Kat now!

The red kat raced for the Hangar. He ignored the ladder and jumped strait down, hitting the concrete floor. He raced for the alarm button and smashed it. He remembered what his friends told him to say.

“Yes, Miss Briggs?” he asked, only to get no answer. “Miss Briggs?”

He heard a quiet beep sound and turned to it.

“Two minutes and 59 seconds.” a voice said.

“Not bad. But, you gotta be faster than that, kid,” another voice sounded.

Tai looked around and saw it was his friends, Jake and Chance. Jake was holding a stopwatch in his hands.

“You mean it was…,” Tai said as he looked at Chance, noticing a small, white triangle communicator in his paw. “Oh, you guys SUCK!”

“Hey, it’s not our fault you’re slow,” Jake replied.

“We told you we would start your training when you were better,” Chance said.

Oh yeah, Tai thought, remembering back.

“Let’s get some breakfast,” Chance said as he put the device down and began climbing the ladder. “We’ll put you through the Reflex Room after.”

“Reflex Room?” Tai questioned, feeling uneasy about it.

“Don’t worry.” Jake said, seeing the expression on the red kat’s face. “It’s not that hard.”

“Yeah, training to be a SWAT Kat probably isn’t,” Tai replied sarcastically.

The three climbed the ladder and got into the house. Tai headed strait for the kitchen and began preparing a big breakfast for them. He enjoyed cooking and didn’t mind doing it at all. Jake had gone to the front porch and picked up the newspaper while Chance turned on the tube for the morning news. The three kats had their attention taken when they heard a car pull into the yard and a load crash followed.

“What was that?” Tai said as he walked out of the shop. He saw a large dump truck with two kats in it. Jake was over there, arguing with them.

“Why do you have to dump everything right in front of the house?” he shouted.

“We don’t tell you how to do your job,” the small yellow kat responded.

“It’s not like we care,” the large brown kat added.

Never seen them before, Tai thought as he strolled out of the house to meet them.

“Hey,” Tai said in a friendly voice. “Never seen you guys before.”

“It’s you,” the yellow kat said with a creepy smile.

“Yeah. The kid who blew up enforcer headquarters,” the brown kat continued.

Tai just stood there, unable to speak.

“Whatever. We have better things to do,” the yellow kat said as he hit the gas, pulling the car out.

“See you around, Ghostbuster,” the brown kat joked as the car left the yard.

“That was Burk and Murray,” Jake informed the red kat. “Just ignore them.”
Tai clenched his fists in anger. He was about to go off when he heard a smoke alarm go off in the house.

“Hey!” Chance shouted from inside. “Who’s making coffee in a pot?”

“Oh crud!” Tai said as he put his paw to his head. “I forgot to take the food off!”

He and Jake rushed inside, being smacked in the face with smoke. They made their way into the kitchen and pulled out the fire extinguisher. Tai turned off the burners while Jake sprayed the food.

“Not much of a gourmet cook, are you?” Chance joked, coughing as he opened the windows to get rid of the smoke.

“I’m sorry guys,” Tai said.

“It’s ok,” Jake responded. “Come on, we’ll take you to the Reflex Room.”

Jake and Chance walked out of the kitchen and into the hangar, Tai following them.

“You have to change out first,” Chance said when they got to the floor, pointing to the lockers.

“Right,” Tai said as he walked to the lockers and pulled out his uniform. The red kat quickly changed, donning his Blaze persona.

”The Reflex Room is right there,” Jake said as he pointed to a steel door.

“You’ll go in alone this time,” Chance continued. “We’ll join you the next time.”

“Ok,” Blaze responded. “I won’t get hurt, will I?”

“Not if you be careful and use the Gloveatrix,” Jake said, giving the red kat a thumbs up.

“Ok,” Blaze said, swallowing in nervousness. “Here goes.”

The red kat walked to the door. It slid open and he walked in, the door closing behind him.

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