Original SWAT Kats Story

Swat Kats: An Unlikely Hero

By Terry Houndly

  • 1 Chapter
  • 472 Words

A young boy walks into Jake and Chance’s auto-body shop asking for oil, but he has a secret. The key to 1917. Find out the mystery of this young stranger.

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Author's Notes:

Author’s Note: This story will have a sequel, Swat Kats: The Baron’s Battle.
Disclaimer: I do not own Swat Kats, the Red Baron or the Fokker Dr1 triplane. I don’t own Harley Davidson either.
Warnings: This story mentions God in it, so if you don’t like it… TOO BAD!
Rating: E
E-mail: quake_player_extreme@hotmail.com

Chapter 1:

It was an ordinary day when Chance and Jake were about to close up shop, but before they closed a boy came in wanting to buy some oil, the strange thing was, well, that he was a dog.

“I would like to buy some TW-50 engine oil, you know, the good stuff,” the dog said.

“Sure thing kid, but what brings you to Megakat city?” said Jake.

“Well, I live on the outskirts of town, and I thought if I just came to this place unnoticed, I could just buy some oil here,” the dog said.

Then Chance said,“Not to be nosy, but what kinda’ project are you workin’ on, kid?”

Then the dog said,“Just workin’ a little project, nothin’ really,” he said.

Chapter 2:

As Terry Houndly (the dog) came home to his hangar, he unlocked the huge padlock to it.

“I’ll always keep you a secret,” he said.

Terry relocked the giant door to his hangar. He looked at his hand built Fokker Dr 1 Triplane (the Red Baron). He had built this aircraft from scratch after three years of hard work. He put the containers of oil in the oil container and put in the oil filter and adjusted his aircraft machine gun (he didn’t care for lasers) checked the flaps and ailerons got it all set up for tomorrow. He prayed it would go all well and hit the sack.

Chapter 3:

The next morning Terry opened the huge door and started up his aircraft. “Oh, God help this baby get off the ground!” he prayed.

As Terry increased the throttle on the engine, the plane began to move faster and faster it went, the speedometer read 70mph.

“YES!!! It flies!” shouted Terry.

As Terry was flying, he aimed his gun for a target he had set up. It was destroyed.

“Yes! It didn’t hit the prop once! I guess I can just dub myself the Red Baron.”

Terry landed back home parked his plane and took a nap. The adrenalin rush had tired him out.

Terry knew about the Swat Kats, and he thought maybe he would possibly have an in-air visit.

The End

Fokker Dr 1 specifications:

Horse power: 110

Max speed: 120mph.

Max design speed: 200mph

Machine gun: 50 cal. semi-automatic ranch rifle modified to automatic.

Engine: Oversized Harley engine

The machine gun can be mechanically timed on the engine or removed and used as a pistol-gripped sub-gun. Fire rate: 300 rounds per minute.

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