Original SWAT Kats Story

Unexpected Evils

By Terra Chang

  • 1 Chapter
  • 2,390 Words

Callie’s evil sister Cassandra is after revenge, and she’s only going to get it one way . . . by capturing the SWAT Kats.

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Author's Notes:

This takes place about three weeks after the end of the second season, including the unfinished episodes. This story may or may not be genealogically true, but hey, it was fun to write. ? E-mail your thoughts to me!


“Computer, download all information collected on the Swat Kats.” The shadowy woman sat back to wait for the computer to comply.

“Download completed,” sang the computer in its tinny, sweetly mechanical voice.

At last. Sitting forward, one could see the unseen kat.

It was a woman.

Her hair was long and brownish blond. Her eyes were blue-green, and hardened with hatred and cruelty. Her fur was light red, and her lip was curled in a hateful, contempt-filled sneer.

“Well, computer, what have you gotten for me? I hope it’s good, for your sake.”

Unrattled the computer began reciting from the Enforcer files it had stolen from their computer. “The Swat Kats are two mysterious vigilantes. They appeared some six years ago, masked and in a jet of such advanced technology it boggled the minds of the most intelligent Pumadyne scientist. There are two of them, known only as Razor and T-Bone. They have saved the city countless times when the Enforcers were helpless as kittens. Shall I download files on Razor or T-Bone next?”

She frowned. “T-Bone, then Razor.”

“Complying. Name: T-Bone. Description: T-Bone is the Turbokat’s pilot. He is more burly than Razor, and with blond fur. He has dark brown tiger-stripes upon his arms, and appears to have a devil-may-care attitude to the most serious subjects. He pilots the jet with more skill than many Enforcer veteran fliers. He seems to have fears of bugs and water.”

“Name: Razor. Description: Razor is weapons manager. The apparent designer and builder of the Turbokat’s many numerous gadgets. He smaller, orange furred, and more wiry than T-Bone, and appears to have more weaknesses and faults. It seems like he cannot stomach g-forces very well, and seems to have an easily destroyed self-confidence. He is a better shot than many old pros, but is more polite than his partner. He seems to have fears of hurting others, and letting down his friend. Most likely a true hero with a conscience.”

She smiled. “How interesting. Now, how to use these fears against them….”


The T.V. showed Scardey Kat opening an old, rusted door. Just when they were going to show what was behind the door, the screen flickered, and went black.

“Hey! Why’d ya do that?!” Chance whirled to stare at his friend, who held the remote control in his hand.

“Chance, you were so busy laughing your head off at this stupid show you didn’t notice there was someone in the garage,” replied Jake, tossing the remote onto the couch’s arm. “And anyway,” he said, lowering his voice. “You said you were gonna help me with the Turbokat, remember?”

Chance groaned.”Okay, okay, I give up. Let’s go see this pander to this customer, then break our backs trying to do things we don’t really need to on our jet.”

A tall woman stood there. She had light red fur, hardened blue-green eyes,long brownish blond hair, and a haughty air about her. “My name is Cassandra Briggs. I expect the very best from you third-raters. You are dismissed to work.”

Chance stared at her. Third-rate? If they were so third-rate, then why did the Deputy Mayor herself come here?? Why, when told about the great condition of her car, she replied she had a couple of “great mechanics” to tune it up? If that was third-rate, then first and second rate must be pretty darn close to perfect.
Awakened from his reverie by Jake, who elbowed him in the ribs.

“C’mon,let’s get Miss High-and-Mighty a tune up. The sooner we’re done, the sooner she leaves and we can work on the Turbokat.”

When they were done, the woman inspected it. “Pretty good,” she admitted grudgingly. “Better than I thought. Very well, here is your payment.” She handed then a check of the proper amount, got in the car, and drove off.

Chance frowned. “Briggs? Wonder if she’s related to Callie.”

Jake considered the idea. “Y’know, buddy, except for her coloring, she DID look a whole lot like Callie.”

“Jake, please don’t – it makes my head hurt. Why dontcha ask Callie next time she comes for a tune-up?”

“YOU ask her. You’re the one who wansta know. Hand me a screw, ‘kay?”

Chance threw it at him.

“Ow! Hey, watch it! Boy, it’s a good thing you’re not in charge of missiles,buddy.”

Chance humphed in mock threat. “Hey! What’s that supposed ta mean?”

“Basically it means: Chance Furlong, you are a lousy shot.”

“Hey! I’m just as good as you are when I wanna be.”

“Yeah right. Suuuuuuure you are.”

Jake grinned and ducked when Chance threw the whole toolbox at him, laughing when it flew over his head.

*                                  *                                  *

Cassandra waits. Soon she would pay back her sister and all of those whom she hated. Her face changes briefly, thinking of her sister. Older, golden and happy, she had ALWAYS been more popular than Cassandra. Her face briefly shows remorse, and sorrow and… jealousy.

She had always been jealous of Calico. Now she could use her sister’s old childhood fears against her.

Life started looking better from that thought on.

*                                  *                                   *

The giant airship moves closer, closer. It’s computers scan the area,looking for one certain female kat. One of great political power. The alarm blares. T-Bone answers. “Yes Miss Briggs?”

“Guys, >zzzzzzzz< is really >zzzzz< down here. All >zzzzz< signals are getting >zzzzzz<. We’re gonna need some >zzzz< down here soon!!”

“Uhhh, right Miss Briggs. We’ll be right there,” he said hanging up and staring at Razor. “What the heck was that, buddy???”

“I don’t know, T-Bone. But we’d better check it out.”

*                                  *                                    *

Callie was waiting, her face drawn and worried. Before they could ask her, they saw her point behind them. She was obviously trying to say something, but the noise was drowned out by their engines.

Razor turned in the direction she was frantically waving at. Behind them loomed a giant airship.

“CRUD!! What the heck is that?!?”

T-Bone could see it too now.

Razor was checking his radars. “Well, whatever it is, it’s launching attack units right now. Heads up! Here they come!”

Agile drones swarmed out. They numbered nearly fifty, and it was obvious that there was many more waiting to be deployed.

Razor frowned. He would have to make each missile count. His eyes narrowed.

“Hmm…Slicer missile, deployed!”

It flew straight, and knocked out three-in-one! Then he suddenly felt a sinking feeling.  They were headed straight toward the mothership!!

“T-Bone, what the heck do ya think you’re doing??!!??”

T-Bone grimaced. “It’s not MY idea. But whoever’s firing that thing must be a pretty damn good shot. We got hit by a tractor beam.

“Oh great.”

T-Bone couldn’t help agreeing with Razor as the Turbokat was helplessly dragged into the ship’s gaping ‘mouth.’

*                                     *                              *

Callie was shocked. It had been so fast! This person must know a great deal about them to capture them so quickly…..

*                                      *                              *

Cassandra allowed herself one of her rare smiles and even one of her rarer bouts of triumph. She went into the interrogation room grinning smugly.

The one called ‘T-Bone’ looked ready to kill. He was struggling and shouting at the guards. The smaller one, it was… Razor? Yes, Razor. He was sitting there,  a dark, calculating look on his face. She made her assumptions quickly. She would use the smaller one.

She gestured. “Captain, take the larger one to a cell. Bring the smaller one to be… prepared.”

The guard saluted. “Yes, Lady Serpent.”

When he struggled, they clouted him on the head. “Be still.”

*                                     *                                   *

When he woke up, he could hear the guard’s sneering voice. “You’re lucky we didn’t kill you, Swat Kat. You’re partner has agreed to help us. Why don’t you follow his example?”

T-Bone didn’t answer. He was starting to feel sick. The guard shrugged, and left.

T-Bone was left in a whirl of questions. Why had Razor converted? DID he really convert, or were they making it up? And who the heck was this Lady Serpent?!?

It hit him like a rock. Cassandra Briggs!! Except for the different clothes, it was the same woman who had called them ‘inferior’ mechanics!!  Where was Razor? Did he know who she was?

*                                  *                                   *

Razor DID know, but the knowledge didn’t do him any good. Cassandra, or ‘the Lady Serpent’ was keeping him drugged. Some odd drug that made him sluggish and weak. It slowed his breathing and heart rate until it appeared he was dead. His normally quick and clever mind was dulled, but he still remembered where he was.

T-Bone!! Where was he??

*                                  *                                   *

T-Bone awoke to the sound of keys rattling in the lock of his cell. He felt something rather light and small tossed in on him. He lay still until he heard the guards leave. The he looked at the figure. It was Razor.

“Crud! What the heck happened to you?!?”

No answer.

“Aw, c’mon, I’m sorry for throwing that box at you, okay?”

Still no answer.

“C’mon Razor, snap outa it!!”

Still no answer. He felt like crying.

Razor could hear all this, but the drug was working on him, preventing movement.

T-Bone was checking for his pulse. After five minutes of waiting, he started to let go of the limp wrist, when he felt a beat. Holding his breath, he counted out another five minutes. The faint pulse came again.

This “Cassandra” must’ve done something to him, he realized.

He frowned. Now he had to figure a way out of here. Razor, why’d ya hafta get yourself hurt? Now *I* gotta figure out our way outta here!

*                                  *                                   *

I will not be nervous, I will not break down and cry. Callie stopped trying to pep herself. The Swat Kats had been gone for three weeks now, and many had given up hope of seeing them again. In remembrance, the entire city would go into mourning. Not even Feral had the nerve to object. She was now heading to the graveyard nicknamed “Bloodhills.” I will *not* cry. But when she saw all these others, some who had never seen the Swat Kats except for on T.V. crying, she did break down and cry.

*                                  *                                   *

“Okay, this shaft leads *here,* and that one leads to the hangar…” T-Bone was muttering to himself, considering his options. “I’ll take…*this* one!” he snapped, stabbing his finger on the crude map he had drawn.

Hoisting Razor onto his back, T-Bone began phase one of Operation Quick Escape. Silently creeping through ventilation shafts, he managed to get to the hangar. There was the Turbokat. Now if he could just get there before he was spotted….

*                                  *                                   *

“Lady Serpent!! The prisoners in cell block V829 have escaped!!”

Cassandra was out of bed instantly. “You fool! Get them!!!!”

Too late. They heard the sound of engines gunning, and triumphant laughter as the two Swat Kats blasted out of their airship prison. Cassandra hissed spitefully. “Get us out of here you fool,” she snarled at the cringing officer. “We’ll have to re-group! Now go!!!”

*                                  *                                   *

“…ashes to ashes, dust to dust…”

Callie stood there, feeling numb, when the Turbokat’s engines roared over them. All of them wide-eyed, stared at the triumphantly wheeling jet. Some were crying again, some were cheering,and others, like Callie, just stood there in shock.

She didn’t stop to think. She ran to her car and raced crazily off. In the car she contacted the Swat Kats. “Swat Kats! You’re…you’re…”

T-Bone, sounding as cocky as ever, answered. “Yes Miss Briggs, we’re both alive, and intend to stay this way. Gotta go now. Out.”

When she reached her apartment, she was laughing and crying at the same time. It was good to have things back to normal.

*                                  *                                   *

“Hey Jake! Fun’s over, you can wake up now!!”

He saw his friend’s eyelids flutter. Then he opened one.

“Gee, since when did *you* become a doctor?” he asked.

Chance grinned. “Since now. C’mon. It’s *your* turn to do garage duties. Move!”

Jake fell back with a mock groan. “Awww Chance, have a heart. I was sick!!”

“Well, you can get your system back to normal if you just follow me. Move!!”

Laughing, Chance bodily hauled Jake off the couch and marched into the kitchen. Jake was laughing too, struggling just enough to make Chance work a little, and making mock-complaints. It was good to have things back to normal again.

*                                  *                                   *

Cassandra watched the sky. She would weave her webs tighter next time. Next time she would kill the smaller one. Next time.


And that’s the end of my lovely story. Watcha think? My address has changed, it’s now kaychang@mail.eden.com.

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