Original SWAT Kats Story

Roses on Tomstones

By Terra Chang

  • 1 Chapter
  • 573 Words

Prologue for an unwritten (or at the least not posted here) fanfic. An immortal muses on her past as she sets out to find her next “host”… and MegaKat City seems perfect for the search.

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Author's Notes:

This is a prologue to my next story, “Early Dawning.” It gives you alittle backround on the villan of the story. Please tell me what you think:love it, hate, can’t really care less….enjoy!ROSES OF TOMBSTONES
prologue of “Early Dawning”

I stand on the roof of a building of immense stature and stare down on theworld, a world I have never regretted leaving. Not even when lights decktheir cities and I can see their smiling faces, and I want to weep with thebeauty of it all. No, not even then do I regret leaving. I don’t feel guiltin taking these puny creatures’ lives. They weep and beg for mercy, but inthe end, they never struggle. But my last host’s body has finally perished,I suppose from continous shifting and changing of shape. But I once was apart of the world that seethes below my feet, yes, once alive andexpiriencing all the things mortals do. The feeling of warm sunlight uponme, the sound of children laughing, the scent of the flowers for which wasnamed; the rose. I was the eldest surviving daughter of Lord Chesterine and Lady Fioana ofRose Claw Keep. Many called me “dark, aloof, with a heart of ice.” Theywhispered I had dealings with the Devil, but when they asked me, my answersfulled even more speculation. Finally my father’s steward, Gearth Ensclawwent to my parents and told them that all the peasents belived I, LadyDaughter of the Lord and Lady of Rose Claw Keep, Rose Serena, was a witchwhom had deallings with the devil.

My parents denied it, of course. There was nothing else the *could* do. Iftheir eldest daughter was found to be a witch, they too would be condemmed.It was dishonerable back then to have even the *silghtest* blood connectionto those thought as witches. Those foolish peasents were close, but notquite to the mark. Had they known what I *really* am, they would have fledthe keep in terror. I am one of the Nameless, those who are what they wishto be. The peasents demanded I be killed or at least driven away, with myeyes and tongue put out to prevent me from re-establishing contact with theDevil. How stupid they were! Did they not know all things they cut from mewould grow back in the space of a few short minutes? Ha! I still laughremembering their pitiful stupidity. Ha!

I left at seventeen, not because I feared what would happen to me if Istayed, but because they were so annoying trying to discover things thatwould link me to being a witch. I learned years later that the peasentscreated a huge story about me, it ended with the discovery by my parentsthat “their loving, yet dark daughter was one of Satan’s Emissaries” and myburning at the stake. Ha!

And now I search for the perfect host, one who will not wear out as easily.I will destroy the soul within and move my own awareness into the body. Iwill then feed, for I have not done so since the last body rotted away fromaround me. I sit and wait. It is out there, my new body. I hunger. To live Imust take another’s body, learn all their mannerisms. I *will* find thisbody. I *must!!* When I do, I will drain this city of all life, and make itmy eternal home, for it is perfect for my needs in every way.********The figure leaves now to serch for her ‘host.’ She passes unoticedby a sign that reads “Welcome to Megakat City……”


‘kay bye.Terra ChangSwat Kats fan,
nice person,
totally crazy.

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