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By Terra Chang & Ryan Kelley

  • 5 Chapters
  • 7,047 Words

None of them could know that, in just five hours, they would be leaving Megakat City on a Journey no one but the Players of the Game could fully understand.

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Author's Notes:

(Title: Day and Night part 4-Day and Night part 4: The Rainforest) (Coming After: Day and Night part 3-Crystal Caverns of Horror) (Author: Giyggas) (GVVY03@SNOWCREST.NET)


Day and Night part 4: The Rainforest By: Giyggas Aliases include: Jake Shard and B-Ko Daitokuji

Chapter 4

Part One:

Upon turning a corner, Tabby spied her lost travelers. All five that made up The Seven. Really she wondered about the seventh. It seemed strange. The Thunder Imps scanned the caverns for any sign of their master. Out of the darkness, came a set of two extremely light pink glowing eyes. “Damn! What is Obelisk doing here?”

Tabby cursed. The dark cave seemed to be at a sunset. The Night Child muttered a few words with the head Thunder Imp. Tabby took her chance to free her friends. Slowly, they crept away. “I thought we were gone for sure.”

Amber said. “We could have been held at bow point-”

“You mean gun point?”

Jake mocked. “GUN!!”

Amber squealed. “Funnier than bed!!!”

Jake moaned. “Let’s see,”

Tabby thought out loud “if the Night Child is blocking our only passage forward, and backward is stupid, then…..”

A crash from the diamonds above turned heads, maybe too many, for the Night Child had just realized his captives were gone. “GET THEM!!!” he shouted.

“Going steady…. gooda man getti man gott ascaaa?” an imp asked. “Yes, yes!”

“Mmmm!” it replied. It came back to the Night child with a load of greasy fries. “What’s this?” the Night Child asked as he looked at the grimy mess.

“Ascaaa!!!” it chirped.

Obelisk sighed. __________________________________________________________________

Part Two:

“Thanks, Nova.”

Tabby said. They were in a hidden cavern, all of dull green crystal. They walked on forever. T-Bone started to hallucinate. He heard a song, so ever clear, but somehow jumbled. __________________________________________________________________

Far Away By Ryan “Jake “B-ko “Sailor “Etc.”Moon” Daitokuji” Shard” Kelley, and so on….. Just kidding!

Far Away! In the Day The Earthbound One has the In the Sun, Flower in his hands. Far away Lies the Earthbound One. In the day Fighting evil by Daylight, He will come Winning love by Moonlight, Day and Night! __________________________________________________________________

T-Bone shook his head. “What now?”

Marrkee asked. “I don’t know….”

T-Bone replied. Marrkee grunted in disapproval. “This as far as I go, Tabby. I call you if I find anything.”

Nova said, as the crystal creature slipped away. The cavern opened up a short way from where they were. T-Bone wasn’t looking where he was going and fell down into a forest with about a foot of water in it. the world was soaked and the rain kept falling, like a forest under a waterfall. “Are you okay?”

Callie yelled over the sound of the rain. “Yeah. When is the rain gonna stop?”

T-Bone yelled back “It doesn’t!”

Tabby Yelled. “Don’t worry, the place after this is much better.”

Amber yelled. “We have to walk through this forest?”

Felina shouted. “YES!”

Marrkee yelled. “This is gonna be hell!”

Razor yelled. __________________________________________________________________

Part Three:

On they walked, thorough the night, and the day after. Their food became rotted in a matter of minutes. All the supplies they once had were with the horses, back with The Night Child. “How much longer?”

Felina yelled at Tabby. “I just hope he haven’t gone around in circles.”

“Tabby yelled back. “Far Away! In the day the In the sun, lies the Earthbound One. Fighting evil by Daylight, Winning love by Moonlight, The Earthbound One has the Flower in his hands. Far away In the day He will come Winning love by Moonlight, Day and Night!”

T-Bone muttered. Slowly, a cavern appeared. “Oh, NO!”

Tabby screamed. “No, wait!”

Felina insisted. She searched the cave. It was pitch black inside. “No, come and look!”


Marrkee Amber and Tabby yelled in joy. “Through this cavern, you’ll come across where the Circle Crystal is hidden!”

Amber said. “It feels so good to be out of the damn rain.”

Jake sighed as he sat down in the cave with the others, glad to have the pounding on their heads stopped. “I’ll never like rain again!”

“Roger that.”

T-Bone agreed. “FUNNY!”

Amber squealed.

Jake growled. “Get with the Thirtieth century, already!”

“DON’T talk to Her like THAT!”

Marrkee yelled at Razor. “It’s all right, father! He’s funny!”

Amber said “Jake, don’t take it so hard.”

T-Bone said. __________________________________________________________________

To be continued …… __________________________________________________________________

N e x t T i m e . . . . . . __________________________________________________________________

A Tribute to Ted Turner (Not part of this series) (CAUTION! Only read if you hate Ted Turner! My tributes are nothing but nice!)


Ted Yelled. “We’ll see what happens when you insult my sweet Barney.”

“Let’s all share!”

Barney said, stupidly, for Barney says nothing normally. The SWAT Kats raced through the grimy halls that make up TPS, trying to figure out some way to get out of this wacky world. __________________________________________________________________

(That’s a sample of my tributes!)

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