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By Terra Chang & Ryan Kelley

  • 5 Chapters
  • 7,047 Words

None of them could know that, in just five hours, they would be leaving Megakat City on a Journey no one but the Players of the Game could fully understand.

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Author's Notes:

(Title: Day and Night Part II- First Trials)

(Coming After: Day and Night Part I Meetings and Beginnings)

(Author: Ryan “Jake “B-ko Daitokuji” Shard” Kelley)


(Used with permission from Terra [Kay] Chang)


AUTHOR’S NOTE: I usually work on the Midnight Magic Series, but have volunteered to help Terra out, so it doesn’t look like a mistake made by Ted Turner (No offense to anyone, except Ted Turner!!!). I’ll try to be more “American” about this story with a simpler plot and not so bad of gore, perhaps even none, and no weird surprise ending!



ACT THREE: They were off! The horses galloped and seemed to be racing each other. Callie, Felina, Razor and T-Bone didn’t talk much, and the First Three couldn’t blame them. A Hawk flew overhead, it’s lonely, clear call seeming to signify the entire meaning of the Journey. For freedom and joy would be lost if the Crystal was shattered by The Night. By the light, swore Tabby, That would not happen!


Day and Night Part II First Trials By: Ryan Kelley aka: Jake Shard aka: B-ko Daitokuji Used in permission by: Terra Chang

Chapter 2


The sun shine in the sky, climbing higher all the time. The bitter cold of the snow-like substance lain everywhere seemed to be like a refrigerator. A grove of snow covered pine trees neared, and seemed to stay on their left side. This was unusual because Megakat City was built on the sea, far away from any pine trees. Amber began muttering something to Marrkee about how much better things would be when they were out of the Snowland, and away from the Crystal Caverns, and out of the Rainforest.

“What’s about a rainforest?” T-Bone suddenly asked.

“It is a place we’ll have to cross.” Amber replied.

Much later, the moon came out. The temperatures dropping due to the night, the Seven were huddled around a campfire trying to keep warm.

“Callie, I need to see you away from the rest. Your training is important.” Tabby beckoned her away from the fire. Callie got up, the rest of them moving in closer, to keep warm. T-Bone got a vision in his head again which he’d been having all day. It made no sense to him


A red bird unlike any other, flapping it’s wings slowly, emerged from the moon, it seemed like. The bird began to sing.

I am but a little bird and you can see me fly, I am just a little bird and you can see me fly. Remember your love’s power, The song of every hour. Look for the red flower. Your love’s magic lies within flower power. So never fear, if you shed a tear, you will find the red flower.

All T-Bone then saw was an alien looking, but very beautiful red flower. __________________________________________________________________

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: All of my stories from day one have “bled” into one another, so you can usually see something repeated in several of my works. The Red Flower flower and bird symbols I have used since I was six and still is a neat concept to me! Tell me what you think!!)

T-Bone groaned and hit his head to clear his mind.

“What is wrong?” the silent Marrkee asked.

“Oh, nothing. I just have had this vision of a red flower in my head all day.” T-Bone acknowledged.

“You speak of The Red Flower and its Messenger, Terrlebaum (Pronounced: Tear L Baam). Only certain individuals know The Red Flower’s secrets.” Marrkee said.

“Gee, You never speak. What’s your prob?” Razor asked.

“What is a prob?” Amber asked curiously.

With a growl, Razor clarified “I asked him what his problem was.”

“What problem?” Marrkee asked.

“What he’s trying to say is that Marrkee never speaks. He wonders why.” Felina explained

“No reason.” Marrkee explained.

“All the time I have known him, he has been like that.” Amber explained further.

“You guys are giving me a headache!!! SHUT UP!!!!” T-Bone whined.

“Get enough sleep last night?” Felina asked.

“I’m fine. By the way, I don’t see Callie and Tabby. Where did they go?” T-Bone asked.

“I saw both of them go behind some bushes. I think Tabby doesn’t want us to hear. Alas, She is sensitive about a whole lot of her knowledge and few ever hear her talk about what she knows, but do not let that fool you, She acts like she is ten years old.” Amber said “Oh, look! T-Bone looks like a cute little stuffed animal when he is asleep! Too bad he talks about weird stuff though. It makes him look like an idiot. There is no such thing as a ‘Tee Vee’ and the word jet is funny. What is really weird is him and his technology. He says everything new comes from it! I think he is too full of himself!!

“I think I’ll join him in his example.” Felina said.

“Me too.” Jake said “I’m gonna miss that ‘bed’ of mine, though.”

“BED!!! Now that is funny! Does it come from Technology?” Amber laughed.

Jake gave an agitated growl as he got into his sleeping stuff pre-packed before the Journey. Marrkee gave a grunt as he did the same. Soon after, Amber followed.

With that being all the conversation for the night, soon fell asleep. Tabby and Callie still hadn’t come back by the time the last of them were asleep.

T-Bone woke during the night. Not to the cold, but to the feeling you get when someone is poking at you. Turning over, he came face to face with Tabby. She blushed, and smiled a strangely weird affectionate smile. Not liking the strange smile, T-Bone turned back and was off asleep again. He woke up again to the feeling of a bear hug. Turning back over, there was Callie, asleep with her arms propped on T-Bone. Of course, he thought nothing of it, as there was nothing to think about. __________________________________________________________________


The day was turning into afternoon. All but Callie were talking about whatever at length. Many times, did Razor, T-Bone and Felina have to rephrase their sentences due to one thing or another, Razor kept getting very annoyed when the Amber, Marrkee and Tabby didn’t quite understand. He thought he said the sentence perfectly! Sometimes, Tabby would sing a song while waiting for a conversation that interested her. On one such occasion, she began to sing:

I am a little bird and you can see me fly. I am Just a lit-little bird that flies so high. On the appointed hour the song will never flower, when you never fear, when you shed a tear, look for The Red Flower. The flower power on the appointed hour… you can see me fly….. I am but a little bird and you can see me fly, I am just a little bird and you can see me fly. Remember your love’s power, The song of every hour. Look for the red flower. Your love’s magic lies within flower power. So never fear, if you shed a tear, you will find the red flower.

“STOP IT!!” Chance yelled at her.

“What?” Tabby asked innocently.

“That song! It’s so familiar to me… I-I can’t explain it. Just don’t sing it!” Chance said

“He has got The Flower in his heart.” Marrkee said to Tabby.

“That is just wonderful!” Tabby beamed.

“Oh, do think of his feelings! He is much rather too young to understand about The Flower.” Amber said.

Callie just looked at Chance.

A rushing noise came in the snow. Out popped a white comical character resembling a white furry pillow in the shape of a barbel with arms and legs and a face.

“What is that?” Callie completely surprising the rest of The Seven.

“Don’t worry! it is just one of my messengers, Snowball. He is my Snowland buddy!” Tabby cried with glee.

“Do grow up a bit, will you?” Amber asked.

“Tabby, I think I have found something. Something… BIG.” Snowball said in his humorous voice. “You have to come right away and see this.”

“Okay, If it is big as you speak, I will go. Callie, Please take charge. You should do well at this point. Let Marrkee guide you to and through the Crystal Caverns. I will be back as quick as I can.” Tabby said. Before long, she was out of sight. with a slight grunt, Marrkee started leading the rest of The Seven toward a forbidding mountain range. __________________________________________________________________


When Tabby was out of sight, another rushing noise came “Snowball?” Felina quavered as she looked wide eyed at a small mound of snow coming toward them. The rest saw what she saw.

Without warning, the mound threw snow substance in their eyes. revealing a huge snake with glowing red eyes. It reached out and bit Amber on both arms. It was the Night Child. After a few minutes of struggle, he was nowhere in sight. Amber was hurt badly and Callie was near death.

“Callie” T-Bone said, as he saw her. Amber was in far too much pain to even attempt to try and revive Callie. Felina and Razor stood at one side, trying to figure out what to do. Marrkee was nonverbally trying to soothe Amber’s pain. T-Bone stood, head down, slowly beginning to cry

“T-Bone, It’ll be all right.” Felina tried to comfort T-bone with. Marrkee pushed her aside. “Let him finish.” he said. One of T-Bone’s tears hit the snow. A beautiful red flower, more beautiful than anything else bloomed. It was on a slender stem, and had tiny leaves. The red petals seemed to fade out into a flower shape, becoming transparent at the ends. A white opal seemed to be in the center, glowing a soft yellow light. Heaving a sigh of relief, T-Bone regained himself and picked the flower.

“Oh, please, Red Flower, set things right.” he whispered to the flower. A soft golden light filled the vicinity. Callie and Amber recovered. The flower was gone. All stood in awe none understanding really what had happened.


To be continued in Crystal Caverns of Horror …….

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