Original SWAT Kats Story

Chaos and Turmoil

By Tazura Avery

  • 1 Chapter
  • 7,820 Words

Turmoil wants revenge for T-Bone’s betrayal, but the SWAT Kat gets some help from a relative of his.

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Author's Notes:

This story I thought up and I just want to say thank you to Jade Callan for letting me use her story line. If you haven’t read any of
her stories, now’s a good time to start. This takes place after “Enforcer Down” by about four weeks.

Chance strained to remove a chunk of metal lodged in theTurbokat’s wing as Jake examined the damage caused by the flyingmetal during their last confrontation with Dr. Viper. With a screech,the metal came free and Chance tossed it into a pile with severalother shards of steel.

“We were lucky.” reported Jake, still digging through the wires.”That one shard missed the gas line and the major controls but stillmanaged to knock out my weapons counsel.”

“But we’re still looking at several hours of work. Right?” Chanceverified, his ears drooping.

Jake nodded his head. “Sorry. You’ll have to cancel any plans youhad with Felina tonight.” he replied, starting to repair the rip inthe metal skin. “I’ve already called Sami and let her know I had towork late.”

Chance chuckled. “I imagine she didn’t take that too well.” hesaid, heading for the telephone.

“She claimed that she understood how backed up work could get butI don’t think she believed me.” admitted Jake. Chance began laughingas he dialed Felina’s number.


Turmoil gazed at the ceiling of her cell and her thoughts strayedback over her short criminal career, once more lingering on thehulking figure of T-Bone. She had never trusted he-kats since she wasbrutally raped when she was in high school, but there was somethingabout T-Bone that had awaken strange, new feelings in her. Then whenT-Bone had betrayed her to the Enforcers, she felt devastated atfirst but after he gave her the letter, she understood he was doingonly what he had to do to keep his city safe.

She reached under her pillow and withdrew a sheet of paper thathad been folded many times. She carefully unfolded the paper oncemore and read the few lines wrote on it:


Thanks for the offer but it never would have

worked out between us.

Guess I’ll always be a good guy and you’ll

always be a bad girl.

Keep you whiskers clean, Beautiful.

Your Top Gun,


Turmoil had heard about the attempt on T-Bone’s life by LeoKonclyn and was relieved when T-Bone and the female Enforcer, FelinaFeral, had emerged without serious injuries. She wanted to be the onewho took T-Bone out of commission.

Suddenly, her thoughts were interrupted by the outer wall to hercell exploding inward and several she-kats in very familiar uniformsrushed through the dust and smoke to grab a very startled Turmoil bythe arms.

“Come along, Captain.” requested one of the she-kats andTurmoil’s scattered memories clicked into place. These kats werewearing uniforms identical to the ones her old crew wore.

As she was hustled to the now vacant wall, several Alkat-trazguards rushed up to the bars of her cell and yelled for her to halt.

“Not in this century!” cried Turmoil, a triumphant note in hervoice. Her only regret was that she had left T-Bone’s letter on hercot.


Felina gazed around the ruins of Turmoil’s now vacant cell whenshe spotted a slip of paper on the cot. Carefully treading over theloose rubble, she picked up the paper and was startled to seeT-Bone’s signature at the bottom.

What in my nine lives is Chance doing sending letters to aconvict, she thought, glancing at the note. Recognition settled in asFelina remembered Turmoil reading a note when the SWAT Kats haddropped her off. Turmoil must have kept this for some reason. musedFelina, picking her way across to where Commander Feral stood.

“What did you find, Felina?” he asked in his deep voice.

She held out the letter. “This was in Turmoil’s cell.” shereported. “It’s a note T-Bone handed her when they dropped Turmoiloff. She must have kept it and was probably looking at it when thewall exploded.”

Just then Paul Lynx appeared. “Commander, it seems severalshe-kats in uniform burst through the wall and whisked Turmoil off inan unmarked jet.” he reported. “The prison officials can’t figure outwhy Turmoil would break out when she had been a model prisoner.”

“It’s always the ones you least expect.” growled Feral, turningstormy eyes on Lynx who didn’t flinch under that gaze. “Alert allEnforcers. Turmoil must be caught before she can hold the city forransom again.”

Felina gazed at the letter in her paws and felt that there was awhole ‘nother side to this story that only Turmoil knew.


Turmoil glanced around the cabin she had been locked in once thejet had landed. It was a simple room with a bed, a dresser, a mirrorand a bathroom. She had changed into a uniform much like her old oneexcept the cape didn’t have the high collar and she didn’t have thetall hat.

There was a knock on her door before it was opened by the she-katthat had stayed with her since she was brought to the floating base.”Captain, if you would follow me I will take you to the Commander,”instructed the she-kat.

“What is your name?” inquired Turmoil, stepping out into thehallway to fall in beside the she-kat.

“My name is Heartbreaker.” replied her escort with a strait face.The two walked through the huge ship in silence until Heartbreakerstopped in front of another door. “The Commander will see you now.”she announced opening the door.

Turmoil cautiously entered the room only to get the shock of hernine lives. Sitting in a chair in the middle of the room was ashe-kat with raven black hair and eyes so pale they were almostwhite. She was dressed all in black with a black cape attached to theshoulders of her uniform and she laughed at the expression onTurmoil’s face.

“Nothing to say to your sister, Turmoil?” inquired the she-kat ina rich voice.

“What do you want, Delvana?” demanded Turmoil, crossing her arms.Her sister was younger than her by two minutes and always stickingher nose where it wasn’t wanted.

Delvana looked hurt. “That’s all you have to say to me after Ifreed you from that awful prison?” she cried in mock anguish. Shelaughed again. “Actually what I want is to take over this city forstarters and then, maybe the country before I take over the world!”

Turmoil shook her head. “Why would you want to take over theworld?” asked the blond kat in disbelief. “Do you know how hard it isto run the world? I’ve already tried to take over this city andfailed. Thanks to the SWAT Kats.”

Delvana stood up and glided over to Turmoil. “Why don’t we takedown the SWAT Kats before we bring this city to it’s knees.”suggested the dark haired kat, her pale eyes glittering withexcitement

Turmoil smiled. “When do we begin?” she asked, running a pawthrough her blond hair.


Chance glanced up from the Turbokat to see Felina’s boots descendthe ladder and he hopped down off the wing to greet her properly.

“What brings you to this side of town?” he inquired, after shehad broke off their kiss.

Felina hopped up on the wing beside Chance and watched him workon the last little repair. “Turmoil escaped from Alkat-traz thisafternoon in an unmarked jet and a group of she-kats in uniformsresembling Turmoil’s old crew.” she reported. “The only thing I foundin Turmoil’s cell was that note you wrote her.”

Chance finished patching the last tear and turned to face Felina.”Why would Turmoil escape?” he muttered. “She’s the one kat we neverhad to worry about.”

“Who knows, but the Enforcers used up several tanks of gas tryingto find her or the jet.” she announced, glancing at him. “I waswondering if either you or Jake were going to take the Turbokat outfor a spin tonight and if you could…”

“We’ll keep an eye out for any suspicious looking jets orfloating air bases.” remarked Jake, descending the ladder. “I didn’tmean to eavesdrop but I was bringing Chance a letter when I heardwhat you said about Turmoil.” The gunner handed Chance an envelopwith flowing writing on it. “Has the media been alerted to the breakout?”

Felina shook her head as Chance opened the envelop. “No. That’sone good thing my uncle’s been able to do is keep the populace in thedark but he can’t keep it up forever.” she sighed. “Sooner or later,someone’s going to slip up and the word will leak out.” She glancedover at Chance. “So who’s it from?”

“It’s from my sister, Camilla.” Chance exclaimed. “She doesn’tget a chance to write much since she’s in the Special Forces divisionof the Military. She doesn’t talk about her missions and I don’t ask.She says she met some cute kat named Lucas Clawson and was wonderingif it was Jake’s brother.”

Jake shook his head. “Brother no, but he is my cousin who’s onlyabout a year younger than me.” he said, smiling at some memory of himand his cousin.

“Well, it looks like we’re going to be distantly related, becausethey’re engaged to be married.” reported Chance, a huge grinsplitting his features. “She doesn’t talk about much after thatlittle announcement except to say she’s going to be on anothermission by the time I get this letter and to keep my whiskers out oftrouble.”

Felina glanced at her watch. “I’d love to stay, but my uncle hasall the pilots on double duty until we find Turmoil.” she announced,kissing Chance before she headed towards the ladder.

Chance laid a paw on Jake’s shoulder. “Might as well take theTurbokat out for a spin and see how well the repairs hold.” remarkedthe pilot, heading for the lockers. Jake smiled and they changed intothe distinct g-suits of the SWAT Kats. Seconds later, the Turbokatroared out into the night sky, dipping over the road where Felina wasracing towards Megakat City on her motorcycle.

“Do you think we’ll find Turmoil or that jet?” inquired Razor,running diagnostics on his weapons control.

T-Bone shrugged. “It can’t hurt to look.” he replied, trying toshake off the sense of dread that seemed to fill the cockpit like aghost.


“Commander!” called a she-kat at the radar. “The SWAT Kats haveappeared heading north towards Megakat City.”

Delvana nodded. “Launch the jets!” she ordered. “I want themtaken alive.”

Behind her, the door slid open and Turmoil strolled onto thebridge. “What is going on?” she inquired, her blue eyes filled withcuriosity.

“The SWAT Kats have been spotted.” purred Delvana, her eyes neverleaving the view screen. “We’ll soon be in possession of twovigilantes.”

“I want T-Bone for myself.” growled Turmoil. “He owes me much forbetraying my confidence!”

Delvana shrugged. “As you wish.” she replied, returning herattention to the screen.


Razor glanced at his radar. “T-Bone, we’ve got some jets comingup on our tail, fast!” he announced, already keying his weapons up.

T-Bone looked at his instruments. “Are they friendly?” heinquired, just as one of the jets launched a missile at them.

“Does that answer your question?” growled Razor, launching aninterceptor missile. Both missiles exploded on contact and T-Bonesent the Turbokat into the clouds. Once he was hidden from the otherplanes, he swung around and dropped back through the clouds to findhimself behind the jets.

“Hurry up, Sure Shot.” growled T-Bone, praying that the otherpilots wouldn’t notice that their quarry was behind them.

“Slicer missiles away.” announced Razor as two missiles flewtowards two of the jets. The heads fell open to reveal several sharpblades which easily sliced a wing off of each jet and the pilotsejected before the planes exploded. “Bingo!”

T-Bone glanced at the pilots as the Turbokat flew past them.”Hey, Razor. Those were Turmoil’s pilots!” he exclaimed. “You’d thinkshe’d lie low until the heat was off.”

“Do you think we could pull the same trick on her that we usedthe last time?’ inquired Razor, scanning the skies with hisinstruments.

“Negative.” replied T-Bone. “She’s too smart to fall for the sametrick twice. She won’t trust either of us if we’re captured.”

Suddenly, a light on Razor’s weapons counsel began flashing andhe flipped a switch. A large cloud was moving towards Megakat City atan unusually fast pace and as he watched, a squadron of jets screamedout of the cloud to descend on Megakat City. “T-Bone. She’s attackingthe city!” exclaimed Razor. The words no sooner left his mouth thanT-Bone swung the Turbokat in a tight circle. Black spots danced infront of Razor’s eyes before T-Bone pulled the jet out of the turnand headed towards the city at full thrust.

“Razor. T-Bone. Can you hear me?” called a voice over theircommunicators.

T-Bone punched a button that activated his radio. “Yes, MissBriggs?” inquired the pilot.

“We’ve got fighter jets swarming around the city and theEnforcers are hopelessly out numbered.” reported the deputy mayor,her voice sounding almost desperate.

“We’re already on our way, Miss Briggs.” replied T-Bone, anglingthe Turbokat towards City Hall. “Get to a safe spot and stay there.”The transmission ended as the first wave of jets spotted the SWATKats.

Razor instantly started firing the cement guns and all the custommissiles at his disposal as T-Bone flew between the other jets. Hewould shoot one plane down with the cement guns before launching amissile at another, but after several tense minutes, he noticed thecement guns were empty and the missiles were almost all used up.

“T-Bone, we’re almost out of ammo.” he reported, trying to keepthe concern out of his voice. “And there’s no time to go back to thehanger and reload.”

T-Bone swore under his breath before he made a decision. “Let’sgo say ‘Hi’ to Turmoil.” he announced. “Save the rest of yourmissiles for the air base in that killer cloud.”

“Right.” replied Razor, his fingers already dancing over thekeys. As T-Bone steered the Turbokat towards the huge cloud, neitherof them noticed the Enforcer jet following them.


During the battle, Felina had heard her uncle swear under hisbreath.

“It’s those blasted SWAT Kats!” he snarled, firing at another ofTurmoil’s pilots. “What are they doing here?”

Felina watched as Razor shot down three jets before T-Bone flewthrough the smoke. “Helping us capture a dangerous felon.” shereplied, sending her Enforcer jet after the Turbokat. Together withFeral, Felina managed to keep the worst of Turmoil’s pilots off theSWAT Kats’ tails.

Suddenly, the Turbokat headed towards the huge cloud that washovering over the city and Felina put two and two together beforefollowing the jet into the cloud.

“What are you doing, Felina?” demanded Feral, still trying toshoot down the enemy jets.

“Think, Uncle.” ordered Felina. “Turmoil’s hid her base in acloud before and that cloud showed up along with a bunch of jets.”

Feral’s eyes narrowed. “Take us in closer, Felina.” he ordered asthe two jets burst through the cloud and flew towards the giant airship. He raked the side of the ship with his machine guns and asFelina swung around for another pass, the guns on the air shipswiveled around to aim at them.

I’ve got a bad feelin’ about this, Felina thought as a cold fistclenched itself around her stomach. She sent the jet screamingtowards the Turbokat when the guns fired. A golden beam surroundedboth jets and Felina glanced at her panel just as realization hit herlike a bucket of water. Turmoil had somehow recreated her gravitybeam and they were trapped in it!

“I can’t break free!” exclaimed Felina, her controls locking upon her. Dark spots began dancing in front of her eyes and she gazedat the g-force dial just as darkness claimed her. Seconds later,Feral joined his niece as he slipped into unconsciousness.


Delvana smiled and headed towards the door. “Bring them intoHanger 18.” she ordered as Turmoil followed her out the door.Together, the sisters strolled down to Hanger 18 where the Turbokatand the Enforcer jet were pulled into the docking bay by a tractorbeam. Twelve she-kats in security uniforms removed the four prisonersfrom the jets and Turmoil glared at T-Bone’s limp form.

“Take them to the cell and make sure they’re chained tightly.”ordered Turmoil, her blue eyes filled with hatred. Instantly, theguards scrambled to obey and drug the unconscious kats down into thebowels of the ship, where they were chained to the wall in a smallcell. The bars clanked shut just as T-Bone began to regainconsciousness.

“What hit me?” muttered Feral, shaking his head.

“I think about 8 gees.” replied T-Bone, blinking his eyes toclear them. “That was the last reading I saw before I passed out.”The SWAT Kat tested the shackles that held him against the wall.Felina moaned softly between Feral and T-Bone and blinked at hersurroundings.

“Is everyone all right?” she asked, her vision clearing up as shestared at the far wall.

T-Bone nodded towards Razor next to Feral. “Razor should be awakein a few minutes.” he stated. “He tried to hold out but the gees weretoo much for him.”

“That’s just too bad for him.” mocked a cold voice. The threekats looked up to see Turmoil and Delvana standing outside of theircell. “I’m sure I can convince him to wake up.” Delvana continued,her pale eyes cruel.

A growl started deep in T-Bone’s massive chest and Turmoillaughed. “My sister, Delvana, does have a wonderful sense of humor.”purred the blond kat. “You, T-Bone, have much to answer for and youwill know a new meaning of torture by the time I’m done with you andyour friends.” Yelling, T-Bone lunged for Turmoil only to be heldback by the metal shackles around his wrists. Delvana and Turmoilwalked away laughing, while T-Bone struggled against his bonds.

“Can ya keep it down, T-Bone?’ asked Razor in a soft voice. “Myhead’s killin’ me and your bellowing doesn’t help much.” He lookedaround the metal cell and sighed. “Doesn’t look like we have a chanceto get out of here.”

T-Bone studied his shackles and shook his head. “Those she-katsdisarmed us and took my lock picks.” he announced, disgusted.

Suddenly, the bars swung open and a she-kat with orange hairbordering on blond and fur only a shade lighter entered. She studiedthe prisoners before returning her attention to the guards.

“Leave us.” she ordered. “I want to question them in private.”

“As you wish, Heartbreaker.” replied one of the she-kats beforethey left. Heartbreaker waited until they had vanished down the hallbefore she turned to face the four shackled kats again. This time,her golden eyes were filled with humor instead of anger.

“I was wondering how long it was going to take you to show up,T-Bone.” remarked Heartbreaker, glancing at the corridor. “Turmoil’sreally mad at you for betraying her confidence. I don’t think you’llbe able to pull the wool over her eyes this time. Delvana’s not quitestable in the head and has a very twisted sense of humor.” She heardfoot steps approaching. “I’ll come back tonight when everyone’sasleep.” she whispered, before raising her voice. “Since you won’tcooperate with me, I’ll have to pry the truth from you.”

“Heartbreaker, what is going on here?” inquired Delvana in a coolvoice.

“I was attempting to learn from the SWAT Kats the schematics oftheir weapons and their jet.” lied Heartbreaker. “They don’t want totalk. But the other two are very valuable prisoners.” She waved a pawat the Ferals. “Lieutenant Felina Feral and Commander Feral, bothEnforcers and both come from a very rich and powerful family.”

Delvana wandered over and gripped Felina’s chin so she couldstare at the young Enforcer. “Such a pretty face.” mused Delvana,releasing Felina. “I’m sure her daddy would hate for anything tohappen to his precious kitten.”

Felina laughed. “Actually, my parents and I aren’t on speakingterms.” she replied in an off handed manner. “I doubt you’d get muchmoney from them.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” stated Delvana, turning to leave. “Come,Heartbreaker. We have a city to take over.” Heartbreaker winked atthe kats before following the crazy she-kat down the hall. The four’m on your side or have you forgotten that already?” inquiredHeartbreaker, creeping into the cell with a ring of keys in one paw.She quickly released the kats and checked the hall as they rubbedcirculation back into their wrists.

“What’s the plan?” whispered Razor, crowding closer toHeartbreaker.

She glanced at them. “Someone has to disable the gravity beamwhile the rest of us take over the engine room.” Heartbreakerreplied, studying them with serious gold eyes as she pulled out twogloveatrixes and two guns. “Delvana’s betrayed Turmoil and locked herup a few cells down. Delvana’s philosophy is if she goes down,Turmoil will take the fall for her.”

Feral smiled. “That’s one less problem we have to worry about.”he muttered, holstering his sidearm.

“T-Bone and I will knock out the gravity beam while the rest ofyou make tracks for the engine room.” ordered Heartbreaker as T-Boneand Razor slipped their gloveatrixes back on their paws and Felinaslid her gin in its holster. “This place has the same layout as thelast air ship so you shouldn’t have any problem trying to find theengine room again, Razor.”

“Why are you giving orders, young lady?” growled Feral, his darkeyes flashing with anger.

She glared at him. “Because no one else has a plan or even asuggestion.” she snarled, her anger out matching Feral’s. “Now let’sgo.”

“T-Bone, be careful.” whispered Felina.

T-Bone smiled at her. “Watch your tail, Beautiful.” he repliedbefore following Heartbreaker down the hall. Felina glanced up at heruncle before the three remaining kats slipped in the oppositedirection towards the engine room.


“So how long have you and Lieutenant Feral been seeing eachother, Chance?” whispered Heartbreaker.

T-Bone shook his head. “I could never hide anything from you,Cammy.” he murmured. “For about half a year. She learned about ournight lives when the Metallikats took over Enforcer HQ.” The two ofthem ducked into a dark doorway as two she-kats strolled past. Theywere silent for several minutes until Heartbreaker stopped in frontof a door.

“In here.” she hissed, sliding open the door far enough forT-Bone’s massive bulk to fit through. She followed him in and closedthe door while he examined a control panel.

T-Bone studied the control panel before pointing his gloveatrixat it. “Here’s how we do this the easy way.” he remarked, ready tofire the baby boomer missiles concealed in the back of thegloveatrix.

Heartbreaker pushed his paw down. “You do that and Delvana willhave her entire crew on us before you could say ‘Oops’.” she warned,opening a control panel. “How good are you at snipping wires?”

“Snipping wires or ripping wires?” he inquired with an amusedgrin. Heartbreaker rolled her eyes and gestured towards the door.

“I think you’d better watch my back while I do this.” sheremarked, her head and arms vanishing into the control panel. T-Bonenodded and stood with his gloveatrix ready as Heartbreaker rummagedaround and severed important wires.


Felina glanced around a corner with her gun in one paw before shegestured Feral and Razor around. Silently, the three kats moved downthe hallways like ghosts, vanishing into shadowy doorways whenever acrewmember appeared. After what seemed like several hours of sneakingaround, Razor stopped in front of a door and cautiously poked hishead in.

“We’re here.” he whispered to the Enforcers. “Be ready to takethe crew out fast and silently.” The trio crept into the room andslipped behind a large control panel. Feral gestured for Felina to goin one direction and Razor in another while he went in a third. Razorwas gone by the time Feral glanced at him and Felina soon followed,trying to stay as quiet as possible.

Feral crept up behind an engineer and wrapped a huge arm aroundher chest, trapping her arms at her sides as his other paw coveredher mouth. Less than a minute later, the she-kat was tied up andstuffed in a corner with a rag tied over her mouth. Glancing around,Feral noticed that both Razor and Felina had disposed of theremaining two crew members.

“Now what?” growled Feral, his eyes dancing around the room as hesearched for any signs of Delvana or her crew.

Razor glanced at Felina. “These controls are about the same asthe last air ship’s.” he announced. “How computer friendly are youfeeling, Lieutenant?” Felina smiled and stepped up to a controlpanel.

“What are you trying to do?” she inquired, studying theinstruments.

“Begging for you lives would seem appropriate.” called a familiarvoice from above them. The trio looked up to find Delvana standing ona catwalk that ringed the entire room and around her were severalmembers of her crew, all of whom had their guns pointing right at thenewly recaptured prisoners. Silently, Razor, Felina, and Feral raisedtheir paws above their heads in a gesture of surrender.

“It’s all up to T-Bone now.” whispered Razor as she-kats moved into disarm them.


After Delvana had left her, Turmoil slept for a while only to beawaken by stealthy footsteps down the corridor. Glancing up, sheblinked the sleep from her eyes in time to recognize the twoEnforcers and the smaller SWAT Kat creeping down the corridor.

Pull yourself together, Turmoil, and stop acting like that scaredkitten you were after that bully forced himself on you, she silentlyordered herself. She began to make a mental list of her advantagesand disadvantages. The minor disadvantage was that she was chained ina cell with no apparent way out, but her major advantage was thatonce again, some kat underestimated her.

She reached over to her complex hairstyle and removed one of themany pins that held her hair up. Placing the hairpin in her mouth,she gripped it in her teeth and quickly picked the lock on her leftshackle. Seconds later, her right shackle opened and Turmoil slid thehairpin back into place, silently thanking the she-kat back onAlkat-traz who had taught her that trick. Delvana failed to lock hercell and so Turmoil opened the door and slipped out down the hallwith her destination clear in her mind.

Soon, she reached a door that had no markings on it and slippedinside the room. Once the door was closed behind her, Turmoil got towork. She shed her bulky clothes and slipped into a black body suitbefore fastening sturdy, but lightweight armor over it. Around herwaist went two gun belts and she strapped two swords across her back.A brace of throwing knives also encircled her waist but didn’t hinderher access to the guns, and finally, she strapped two wrist blades toher forearms. She smiled as she glanced at her reflection in a nearbymirror. She hadn’t been this armed since she trained in the Commandotraining program of her countries military.

Silently, like a living shadow, Turmoil slipped down the hall andvanished in the darkness.


T-Bone glanced back at his sister as she finally wiggled out fromunder the consul. “There, I think that’s got it.” she announced,wiping her paws on her stained uniform. “We really should be gettingout of here before they decide to send someone here to guard thisplace.”

Heartbreaker started towards the door when it burst open andthree she-kats flew in with their weapons ready. T-Bone fired themini-cement guns in his gloveatrix while Heartbreaker dove towardsone she-kat with bars on her collar. The cement splashed over thenozzles of the other two kats’ guns and solidified. One tried to fireher gun anyway and was thrown against the opposite wall in thecorridor when her gun blew up. The other kat gave her gun up for lostand attacked T-Bone with her bare paws.

The she-kat swung at T-Bone with her nails trying to claw up hisface, but he easily caught her wrists and held her at bay before shetwisted out of his grasp. Hissing, she lunged at him and he dodged toone side as she flew past. Only after he had, he realized his mistakeas her paw hit an alarm button.

“Move your tail, Hot Shot!” growled Heartbreaker, catching heropponent with a vicious right hook that sent the she-kat to the floorunconscious. Turning, T-Bone sprinted after Heartbreaker as she racedout into the hall. “We have to find the others and get to the hangerbay on the double!” Suddenly, she skidded to a halt and T-Bone plowedinto her before they both fell to the floor. He looked up to findhimself staring at a legion of she-kats holding guns aimed at them.

Sighing, he raised his paws and smiled at his sister. “Looks likeyou’ll have to rethink that plan.” he stated as the she-kats enclosedtheir wrists in shackles. They were lead to a large room with severalbalconies that ran up the high walls like stairs and she-kats crowdedall the balconies except the bottom one. On the floor was Delvanasitting like a queen on a throne and chained in front of her wasFelina, Feral and Razor.

“So you tried to double cross me and help these pitiful foolsescape.” sneered Delvana as Heartbreaker was shoved to her knees.”And to think I was about to promote you.”

Heartbreaker smiled. “Personally, I can’t believe you weregullible enough to trust me as far as you did.” she replied in a calmvoice. “But, obviously, a leader’s only as good as her hired help.”Delvana’s face turned a darker shade and she back handed Heartbreakeracross the face. Before the mad she-kat could strike Heartbreakeragain, there was a muttering that rippled through the she-kats andDelvana looked up to find Turmoil standing on the bottom balcony.

“Delvana, I challenge you for command of this crew!” calledTurmoil, standing at the railing. “If you do not accept my challenge,you will appear weaker in the eyes of your crew.”

“The day I can’t defeat my little sister is the day I go tojail!” shrieked Delvana, her pale eyes filled with insanity. Turmoilcalmly leaped over the railing and landed on the floor facingDelvana. Reaching over her shoulder, the blond she-kat drew herswords and tossed one at t. “Go ahead.” ordered Delvana, raising herchin. “You’ve always hated me. Now’s your chance to get me out of youfur forever.”

“You’re not getting out of a jail sentence that easily.” repliedTurmoil. “I think I’ll drop you off at Enforcer Headquarters myselfbefore I leave. You see, dear sister, I no longer care to take overMegakat City when there are much more profitable cities in theworld.”

“Turmoil!” cried one of the spectators, pointing to an empty spoton the floor. “The prisoners have escaped!”

The blond she-kat gestured to a small group of observers tocollect Delvana. “You take her to the strongest cell this ship hasand lock her in. If I come back and find her gone, you will take herplace in jail.” ordered Turmoil, already slipping back into the roleof commander. “The rest of you, find those kats before e they get offthis ship!” Instantly, the room cleared of everyone but the groupassigned to Delvana.


Razor glanced behind him for the umpteenth time as the groupquickly made its way to Hanger 18 where their jets were and sighed inrelief when the hallway remained clear. It puzzled him that therewere no guards in the corridors but he figured everyone was in thatroom watching Delvana and Turmoil fight. Several tense minutes later,they arrived at the hanger and the SWAT Kats headed straight for theTurbokat to check it over.

“How are all of us going to get out of here?” asked Feral as hisniece checked out the Enforcer jet. “Our jet only carried two.”

“If she doesn’t mind the cramped quarters, Heartbreaker can ridewith us.” replied Razor, flashing the she-kat in question a shysmile. Heartbreaker climbed into the cockpit of the Turbokat andsmiled like a kitten with a new toy. T-Bone was already in thepilot’s seat and Razor climbed in with Heartbreaker sitting behindhim. There was a roar of engines and both jets took off out of thehanger before streaking towards the city. Behind them, several jetslaunched and began chasing the two escapees.

“Awe crud.” moaned Razor. “We’re out of ammo from the first timewe went against those jets.”

“Let me use your radio.” begged Heartbreaker. “I can getreinforcements here faster than any of those Enforcer jets.” Razorwaved a paw towards his radio controls and she quickly adjusted thefrequency before speaking into the receiver. “This is LieutenantCamilla Furlong requesting back up.” she announced in a militaryvoice. “I am being persued by several of Delvana’s crew and am outgunned. I am at the following coordinates.” She rattled off a listof numbers before severing the connection.

“So when’s this help of yours going to arrive, Lieutenant?”inquired Razor, glancing back at the persuing ships.

“How about, right now.” she replied as several military jetsappeared behind the enemy jets.

Suddenly their radio crackled to life. “Attention, unidentifiedjets.” came a masculine voice. “Surrender or be shot out of the sky.”

“Hey, Luke. Make sure you don’t hit the cool jet in the front ofthis crazy parade.” called Heartbreaker over the radio. “If you do,the wedding’s off.”

“NIce to finally hear from you, Cammy.” came the reply. “Have anyidea where my hot shot cousin is? We could really use his help rightnow.”

Heartbreaker glanced at Razor with a small smile. “Sorry.Couldn’t really say.” she stated. “Just cover our tails and grabtheirs.”

“See ya at Enforcer HQ.” Luke said, before severing theconnection.

Heartbreaker smiled at T-Bone. “Just drop me off at EnforcerHEadquarters, Hot SHot.” she requested. “I’ll be by later to briefyou.”

T-Bone shrugged. “No problem.” he stated, turning the TUrbokattowards the tall building. As they drew closer, several jets screamedpast them towards Turmoil’s crew and Razor shook his head.

“Looks like Steele’s going to be chewed out again.” he remarkedas the Turbokat landed. Once the Turbokat’s wheels touched the pad,T-Bone popped the canopy and Heartbreaker climbed out, only to besurrounded by Enforcers with thier guns drawn. Just then, a militaryjet landed beside the Turbokat and a kat with Razor’s coloring jumpedout. He strolled over to Heartbreaker and saluted her which shequickly returned.

“Lieutenant Furlong, good job.” he announced, glancing at theEnforcers. “You can put those things away. The big bad she-kat’s notgoing to hurt you macho guys.”

“Nice going, Lieutenant Clawson.” called Razor with a wave beforethe Turbokat lifted off into the sky. AS the kats watched, the jetstreaked off into the evening sky amd Heartbreaker and Luke exchangedsimilar glances.


Feral glanced between the two military lieutenants standing atattention in front of him and shook his head. Just what I don’t need,he thought. Another Furlong and Clawson pair.

“So let me get this straight.” Feral growled, glaring atHeartbreaker. “You were on Delvana’s ship as a military mission tobring Delvana in, yet when your back up arrived, they managed to grabseveral of her pilots but not Delvana herself.”

Heartbreaker nodded. “Correct, sir.” she replied still standinglike she had an iron rod instead of a spine. “When Lieutenant Clawsonand his squad arrived at the last known spot of the air base, theship had moved, probably sometime during the fight. Both Delvana andTurmoil escaped.”

“Now maybre you can answer me another question.” requested Feral,leaning back in his chair with his arms folded across his massivechest. “Why was the military involved with capturing Delvana andTurmoil?”

“Delvana is an international terrorist who doesn’t allow she-katsto volenteer all the time.” reported Luke, his bown eyes hard withfury. “She would often take the ones with potential and hold themprisoner until they agreed to work for her. She also claimed creditfor several acts of terrorism that occured around the world. The bestexample I can think of is the distruction of Katscratch City.”

Feral gazed at them in disbelief. Katscratch City was practicallydestroyed in a huge explosion that sparked a rampaging fire. Severalthousand kats were injured and almost that same numbed were killed.It was one of the biggest disasters in the country and the localEnforcers of Katscratch City were never able to determine who wasresponsible so the case was never closed.

Suddenly, the intercom on Feral’s desk crackled to life. “Sir, anunidentified ship is approaching and all of our jets are still outsearching for Turmoil.” cried a panicked voice. Instantly, the threekats were racing for the roof and were met there by Felina, whogestured to the approaching ship. As they watched with their gunsdrawn, the ship landed on the runway and several she-kats in uniformemerged from the carrier. Being escorted with her wrists and legsshackled, was Delvana, her pale eyes still shining with madness.

“Sir, we request to return to our lives.” announced one of theshe-kats, saluting Feral. “We were taken prisoner by her and forcedto work in her crew. We never wanted to become criminals orterrorists.”

Heartbreaker stepped forward. “Sir, would you allow the militaryto take care of these she-kats?” she inquired, her golden eyes filledwith concern.

Feral was silent for several minutes as he thought about thesituation. He glanced at the group of she-kats who were fidgetingnervously and sighed. “Keep me posted on their condition.” heordered, glaring at Delvana. “We can keep her in a high security celluntil your commander comes for her.”

Heartbreaker and Luke saluted him before escorting Delvana intothe building. One of the she-kats approached Felina and handed her anote. “Turmoil said that this is for T-Bone and she thought that youwould be more likely to deliver it than other kats.” she muttered asFelina slipped the note into a pocket of her uniform before followingthe other she-kats into Enforcer Headquarters.


That evening as Chance and Jake were repairing the Turbokat andreloading it, when Felina descended the ladder and strolled over toChance.

“How’s she holding up?” asked the Enforcer, nodding her headtowards the jet.

Chance sighed and ran a paw through his tousled hair. “I’m justglad she had less damage done to her today than when we went againstViper.” he replied, giving her a dazzling smile.

Felina snapped her fingers. “One of the she-kats who came to HQgave me something for you.” she stated, digging through her uniformand she finally held up the slightly crumpled note. “Here.” shehanded it to Chance who opened it up and read it out loud.


I know things would have never worked out, but as a token of

my feelings, I give my mad sister to the Enforcers. I’m afraid myparents spoiled

her too much as a kitten.

Just to let you know how I feel about he-kats, you’re theonly one I have

learned to trust since a date gone wrong in high school. I thoughall kats were like

the evil one, but you opened my eyes. You did not betray me theway HE did and

so I know that I can trust you never to betray myfeelings for you. Take care of

Miss Enforcer. You make a goodcouple.

Watch your tail, Hot Shot,


Jake looked at Chance with a look of amazement. “Well thatanswers one question that’s always bugged me.” he muttered, gettingconfused stares from Chance and Felina. He shrugged his shoulder.”The reason why she has an all she-kat crew is because she learnednot to trust he-kats because of that one date in her life.” hereplied. “Think about it, Felina. You more than either of us shouldknow what Turmoil’s talking about when she says ‘a date gone wrong’.I’m sure all she-kats have had similar fears when they start datingsomeone new, only her fears came true.”

“Of coarse,” whispered Felina, her dark eyes going wide as itsuddenly dawned on her. “Date rape. It must have been really brutalfor her to lose all faith in he-kats.”

“Poor Turmoil.” muttered Chance, shaking his head. Suddenly heglanced one more at the note before walking over to his locker andplacing it on the shelf behind his helmet. He strolled back to theothers and smiled at Felina. “Wanna help with the reloading?” heinvited. She smiled and quickly dove in, helping with the repairs andthe missiles.

Once the Turbokat had been repaired for the second time in asmany days, the trio ascended to the kitchen and sat around the table,eating pizza and drinking milk. Outside, a car drove up and Jakeheard it before the others did. He stood up and walked to the doorand stared at the two kats approaching the garage. One was hiscousin, Luke, and the other was Heartbreaker from the air ship!

“Hi, Jake!” called Luke when he spotted the kat standing in thedoor way. “I’d like to introduce my fiancee, Lieutenant CamillaFurlong. Cammy, this is Jake, my cousin.”

“It’s nice to meet the only kat who can out shoot Luke.”announced Camilla with a smile.

Jake grinned and shook her outstreached paw. “Well, Luke’s apretty good gunner too.” he replied. “C’mon inside. Chance is talkingwith his girlfriend.” The two arrivals followed Jake into the kitchenand Camilla gave her brother a big hug.

“It’s great to see you again, Hot Shot.” teased Camilla, sittingdown beside Felina. She glanced at Felina who was staring at them inastonishment. “Something wrong, Lieutenant?”

“Why were you on Delvana’s ship posing as one of her crew ifyou’re really in the Military?” inquired Felina. “And please, call meFelina.”

Camilla shrugged. “No secret now.” she stated. “My commander knewDelvana was looking for recruits for her crew and my commander wantedto take her down. So since I was the best female pilot in mydivision, I was selected to go under cover. The cover story I toldDelvana was that I had been kicked out fo the military because I wasblamed for the distruction of a hanger with several planes in it whenin reality, one of my COs knocked me ito it.”

“Sounds familliar.” muttered Chance, tossing a glance at Jake whonodded.

“Yeah, I remembered what happened to you and used it.” reportedCamilla with a smile. “She bought it, hook, line and sinker. Ofcoarse the fake military reports helped too. After that, I just hadto bide my time and wait for her to make the first move.”

“The Commander told me that we could close several terroristcases now that Delvana was in custody.” announced Felina. “He alsomentioned Katscratch City.” Jake and Chance whistled in surprise andLuke nodded.

“That was her handiwork.” he said. “She was even boasting abouther other feats in the cell at Enforcer HQ and there was an officeroutside taking it all down with a tape recorder and on paper.”

“That is one sick kat.” mused Jake. Luke glanced at his cousinand motioned towards the other room. Jake nodded and excused himselfas Luke strolled into the living room. When they were far enough awayfrom the kitched so they wouldn’t be over heard, Jake looked at Lukecuriously. “What did you wnat to talk about, Luke?” he inquired.

“Well, I was kinda hoping to see your jet, Razor.” replied Lukein a casual manner. He smiled at Jake’s shocked look. “Don’t be soshocked. Remember, I gave you that nick name when we were kittensbecause of your razor sharp aim. Cammy inquired if the SWAT Kat’Razor’ looked familliar and after I told her ‘yes’, she told meabout Chance. You actually did a good job on your disguises andthey’ve fooled the Enforcers so far, but don’t get careless.”

Jake shook his head. “I guess Camilla’s in there confrontingChance about this.” he surmised, his ears twitching.

Luke laughed. “Actually, Cammy figured it out on the air ship.”he replied. “I just wanted to talk to you in private beforeannouncing it infront of Felina.”

Jake laughed. “Felina discoverd our identities when theMetallikats took over the Enforcer Building.” he stated, laying ahand on his cousin’s shoulder. “C’mon. Let’s get bac before all thepizza’s gone.” Smiing, the two cousin’s returned to the kitchen andtheir friends.


Delvana smiled as the door to her cell was closed and lockedbefore two military police took up positions around her cell.

They think they can just lock me up and forget about me, shethought, her pale eyes filled with cunning madness. Well, justbecause you lock a kat up doesn’t make her any less of a danger.They’ll make a mistake and them I’ll be free to get my revenge on mysister, the SWAT Kats, and that traitoerous turn-coat, Heartbreaker.IWILL have my revenge one day.

The two guards fidged nervoisly as Delvana’s cruel laughterechoed in the building and hoped that their shift would be up soon.

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