Original SWAT Kats Story

Farewell Old Friend

By Tank Cop

  • 1 Chapter
  • 1,168 Words

(Unfinished) The death of one SWAT Kat and the birth of a new one.

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Channel 7 News. “We have a live report on the story of the plane collision that occurred two days ago when a Mig 29 and a SWAT Kat jet collided, both occupants are reported dead and there’s also rumor of a third fatality. We go live to City Hall, where Deputy Major Callie is going to give a statement.”

Callie slowly walks to the podium. Taking each step one-at-a-time, she’s still not fully healed from her accident.

“Thank you all for coming. We can now confirm that the third fatality is not a rumor.”

The crowds faces turn from look of anticipation to a look of sadness and shock. “Do you know who it was?” A reporter asked.

Callie took a deep breath. “The body was in such bad shape that we needed to see his dental records in order to identify the individual.”

“So who was he?” The reporter asked again. Callie was very close to crying. “Chance. He was killed when the debry from the planes feel on his tow truck on the way bake to the junk yard.”

“But what about the dead SWAT Kat and the pilot of the Mig?” The reporter asked with anticipation.

“I’m sorry, but the bodies of the two pilots were incinerated in the explosion. We will never know who the dead SWAT Kat was.”

“But if-”

“Please no more questions. Thank you all for coming, good-bye.” Callie walks off stage and heads to her car, where Jake is waiting.

“Well, I told them, they’ll never know that Chance was T-Bone, or that you are Razor.”

“Thanks Callie, its best the world doesn’t know the truth. Its a good thing that I was able to get the tow truck to the debry field and blow it up before any one else arrived.”

“What about the Mig pilot’s body?” Callie inquired.

Jake with a cold answer. “I took care of it, they’ll never find the body. Good-bye Callie.”

“Good-bye Jake.”

Jake walks back to his car and drives away. While Callie gets in her car and cries.


(Three days Later)

A funeral is held for Chance. His parents, brothers, sisters, and friends all attend the funeral.

Jake and Felina approach the coffin.

Its a white coffin with the lid closed and a picture of Chance on top.

They then take a seat.

The priest then says a few words. “We are gathered here today to say farewell to our friend Chance. A loving husband and a good friend. He is not with us anymore he is with God, and lives in infinite happens with him. Would anyone else like to say a few things about him?”

Jake and Felina stand up.

First Jake. “When Chance and I first met back at Enforcer Academy he used to tell me.” “No matter what happens, no matter how bad things get, there’s always a ray of happens in a fog of sadness.” Jake now has tears racing down his face. “God…I…wish…you…were…here…to…tell…me…that…now…Chance.” Jake is helped off stage by Callie.

Next Felina. “My husband was a kind man, a loving man, a good man.” She also starts to cry. “He always thought of others before he thought of himself. He would never take advantage of anyone. I loved him for all these things and more.” Now crying just as much as Jake did. “Oh…God…I…wish…you…could…be…here…to…tell…me…how…much.. .you…love…me… just…one…more…time.” She is help off stage by her father.

Later, Chance is buried in the Mega Kat Cemetery. His Tombstone reads. “Here lies Chance loving husband and good friend.”

Felina, Jake, and Callie stand in the rain over there friend’s grave hours after everyone else has gone.


(Two Days Later)

Felina arrives at the new SWAT Kat underground base in the desert. When she gets inside she finds Jake under the Turbo Kat 2.

“Hello Jake. I’ve come for the rest of my husband’s things.”

Jake rolls out from under the Turbo Kat 2 with grease all over his face, and see Felina standing over him.

“Hi Felina. I’ll just get cleaned up and get the box for you. Please make yourself at home.” Jake wakes over to the sink. “Did you have any trouble finding the place?”

“No. The map you gave me really came in helped. This is a nice place you’ve got here.”

Jake walks back into the room with a box marked, “Chance’s Things” on the side. Here it is Felina.”

“Thank you Jake.” She takes a quick look in the box before leaving and see Chance’s extra SWAT Kat uniform. “Oh Jake. I can’t take this.” She hand the suit to Jake.

Jake takes the suit and shoves it back to felina. “Yes, you can. I don’t need it anymore, and I think Chance would want you to have it.”

Felina’s eyes begin to water. “Thank you Jake. Maybe he would.”

She arrives at her apartment three hours later, and looks through the rest of her husbands things. “Well, these PlayKat magazines have to go! But the other stuff can stay.” The she looks at her husbands SWAT Kat uniform hanging in the corner. “Now what about you?”

For a long time she just stares at the suit, until she comes to a decision.


(The Next Day)

In the underground SWAT Kat base.

Jake is finally finished with the repairs to the Turbo Kat 2. “Chance where ever you are pal, I hope you will be with me as I fly solo.”

Suddenly a voice come from behind Jake. “Who says you have to fly solo.”

Jake turns around to see Felina in Chance’s SWAT Kat uniform, with a few adjustments to fit here better, and not be so baggy.

“FELINA, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING?” Jake asked in a surprise.

Felina looks right at Jake in a cold stare. “The names Rip Claw. I’m your new partner, and the new SWAT Kat.”



See the further adventures of Rip Claw and Razor in upcoming fanfics. Until next time I am Tank Cop.

Remember if you wish to know how T-Bone (Chance) died read “The Ninth Hour” to find out.

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