Original SWAT Kats Story

The Guardian Series

By Star Phoenix

  • 3 Chapters
  • 4,182 Words

(Unfinished) Two young princesses with a great destiny face a horrible fate. Will Queen Starla be able to save them and send them safely to Earth?

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Author's Notes:

Tell me what you think of this story. Don’t worry, the actual SWAT Kats will be in the next chapter. I had to write this one so the others would make sense. Anyway, all the characters in this chapter are mine. Especially Phoenix and Terra. Some items are from Sailor Moon and a few other are from Dragonball Z, but this is not a crossover, so don’t get the idea that it is. Now on with the story.

Chapter 1

How it all Began

Many centuries, millennia, and years ago, the asteroid belt of the Kat universe was a whole, beautiful planet. On it were the creatures Kats now consider mythical. Dragons, unicorns, griffins and many others were there. This planet was called Avalon. But our story does not begin with one of these fantastic animals, although one of them will play an important role. No. Our story begins in the den of a common wolf mother and her newborn cubs.

* * *

She was so happy. She was a mother at last. Mother to three grey pups. But the fourth one worried her. It had no color. It was white. Well, that might fix itself in time, she thought. Right now was the time to just enjoy her new family. She had been trying to have pups for some time now and these four were her miracles. Oh how proud she would be when they came out of the den and were presented at their naming ceremony in front of the pack.

* * *

Three weeks later, the four young cubs came out into the sunlight for the first time. The three grey male cubs came out first and were immediately accepted by their mother’s pack.The little white female, however, was looked upon with apprehension, until one of the bolder wolves came forward. The rest accepted her as well, but still not as readily as they had her brothers. This is how the little white cub, Storm grew up. Her color never changed, so it was a constant handicap. She was tolerated, but never fully accepted as a member of the pack. When she became old enough for a mate, she was totally rejected. Her white fur and crystal blue eyes set her apart from her family and fellow pack.

Finally, enough was enough. She ran away to the Great Cliffs of Avalon, the highest, most dangerous place to be if you couldn’t fly. She was about to jump off the high ledge when a friendly voice spoke. It was a black colored phoenix. He talked Storm into not jumping and they started talking. Storm discovered that the phoenix, Sunstar, had the same problem she had. Black feathers with brown eyes were an unheard of color in phoenixes.They were supposed to be white with blue eyes, like Storm.

Soon, Storm and Sunfire had a wonderful friendship started. They met at the Cliffs everyday and talked until sundown, when Sunfire had to go to the sun’s core for the night. ( Phoenixes used the sun as an energy source and became weakened without its light. That is why a phoenix cannot be harmed with fire.) As time went on, the two friends fell in love. They eventually became mates. ( Their equivalent of getting married.)

About a month after they had become mates, the wise, old Dragon Prophet came to them. They were honored to see him but were very confused by the prophecy he gave them. It went:

Many, many years from now A descendant of bird and wolf will dawn her crown. Black as ebony, white as snow, A powerful warrior all will know

The first thing that will be done Avalon will be destroyed and evil won She will vow to avenge her race and mother Who she loved more than any other.

Reborn as a feline on another world, She will await her destiny to be unfurled. Once more canine, she will fight And be Defender of what is right.

She will defeat the evil of the day Despite those who stand in her way. With silver jewel in hand She will restore Avalon’s land. And she will fall in love, Her heart will be as a dove. They will join forever more And new harmony will be in store.

Felines, Canines, and Birds will be joined From this couple’s joining And the Princess of Avalon and the Sun Will find her place and will finally have won.

Utterly baffled, the pair just stood dumbstruck as the old dragon walked away.

* * *

One year later, Storm gave birth to five solid white cubs. They were just like their mother except that they had long falcon-like wings growing from their shoulders. Eventually, Storm had many more children like them. All had white fur and wings with blue eyes. After many generations, they started walking upright and developed retractable, silvery claws that could cut through anything except a rare metal called Solarium, which would drain the solar energy out of their bodies and leave them weak and defenseless. They also had all the solar powers of phoenixes. They could sense the energy of other living things and gather information like age, weight, strength, power level, and if they were good or evil. These ‘upright wolves’ were called Lupixes.

Even more generations later, the Lupixes’ bodies became more conformed to upright movement. Their muzzles shrank and they lost the haunches on their legs. They looked like modern Kats only with a few differences. Their tails were longer and fluffier. Their ears were more on top of their heads and pointed more to the front and moved to show their emotion. They also had longer fangs and their silvery claws were certainly different. They developed a society that had a queen as the most powerful figure and created for her a powerful gem called the Imperium Silver Crystal. The first queen, Queen Stardust, formed an alliance with the inhabitants of the nearest inhabited planet, Earth. Queen Stardust and Queen Geia both agreed to train their oldest daughters to be the greatest warriors of their planet and that they would team up to be the elite fighting force, The Guardians. They would transform in and out of their uniforms with the aid of the two special power items, the Golden Bo for Earth and the Silver Sabre for Avalon. The dragon descended people of Earth (This race came before Kats and are an unrelated species.) became known as Terrans and their Guardian would be named Terra. The Lupix descended people of Avalon became known as Avians and their Guardian was to be named Phoenix.

As time and generations went by, the eldest princess of each planet was trained from birth to be Guardians. Phoenix was also trained to use the Silver Crystal. They officially became Guardians at the age of 13.

* * *

Thousands of years later, Queen Starla was on the throne of the beautiful ancient Palace of Avalon. She was four months pregnant and was due any day now. Her mate, King Leopold, stood by her side constantly protecting her since pregnant Avians lose all their powers during that time and were defenseless. The couple were so happy. They had wanted a child for so long. Normally, the queen had a cub around the age of 25. Queen Starla was 82 and this was her only chance. They were taking care to make sure this cub was born healthy. They wanted no chances with the next heir.

The next day, the halls rang with the sounds of a newborn pup whimpering. The mother and father were shocked when they looked at their baby. Her body was fine. She had nice wings and tail and everything, but her coloring was all wrong. Her body fur was a medium tan color. Her long, straight hair and forward spiked bangs were black as night. Her ears and tail were white but were tipped in black. Her open eyes were dark brown. Her wings were the normal solid white.

“Darling,”the Queen said, “could she be the one foretold in the ancient legend?”

“I don’t know,” he said.

* *

The young ten year-old princess was coming home after a workout in 5,000 G’s in the gravity room with her friend Amy, Princess of Earth. Amy was a Terran so she couldn’t handle Dawn’s normal workout of 500,000 G’s. Dawn smiled to herself. Her friend may have been the more outgoing and social of the two, but Dawn was definitely the strongest and the best fighter. Amy didn’t stand a chance even though she was a great fighter and future Guardian of her planet. Both Amy and Dawn were training to become the Guardians when they turned 13. Then they would be Terra and Phoenix, the Universal Guardians. They would fly the Falcon Fighter, a flying vehicle in the shape of a great falcon. It had heat lasers, freeze rays, energy nets, almost anything. The talons could be used as grapplers, the sharp ‘feathers’ on th wings were blades, and the beak could tear open things. Dawn couldn’t wait to get behind the weapons panel and Amy couldn’t wait to get behind the pilot controls. It would be AWESOME!

* *

13 year-old Dawn and Amy were getting in the cockpit of the Falcon Fighter for the first time. Amy in front, Dawn in back. In their trial run, Amy proved to be the best pilot ever seen and Dawn proved to be the best aimer and planner ever seen.

They became great Guardians.

* *

16 year-old Princess Dawn and Princess Amy were on patrol as Terra and Phoenix. They were just relaxing it now though. They didn’t need anymore training. They had mastered their powers and everything. They had their Guardian uniforms on now. Amy’s was black with gold mid-forearm length work type gloves and gold knee high boots. It had a gold belt with a circular buckle. Attached to the belt on the right side was a gold colored holster with a Crystal laser. She had a black mask on over her eyes that contrasted sharply with her aqua blue eyes, peach fur, and shoulder length pale blonde hair. Dawn’s was the same except her suit was white with silver gloves, boots, belt, holster and had a white mask that contrasted with her brown eyes, tan fur, and waist length black hair. They each had their Power Weapons in back holders.( Think ninjas with katanas). Amy had her Gold Bo in its normal length of 1 foot. Dawn had her Silver Sabre in its full length of 3 feet.

After patrol, the duo landed in front of th Palace of Avalon. They were about to go in when an attack occurred. It was so sudden that the two teenage girls were killed almost instantly. Queen Starla saw it all and used the Imperium Silver Crystal to send the girls to the future to be reborn on Earth. She hoped that they would be safe and happy there. Still she was sad that this process would leave the young warriors without any memories of who they really were. They were to become normal Kats.

Dawn had one last look back at her home planet as she was being sent to Earth. She was just in time to see Avalon explode before her eyes. She was the only Avian to be saved.

The two friends were thus sent to Earth to be reborn. They of course would have no memories, but if the Guardians were ever needed again, the Stellar Wolf, Athena, had the ability to revive their memories and then the Universal Guardians would be reborn.

100,000 years later on Earth…..

to be continued……….

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