Original SWAT Kats Story


By Billy Standaert

  • 3 Chapters
  • 2,926 Words

(Unfinished) This is a crossover. The Borg from Star Trek have been attacking Megakat City for days, recognizing its citizens as worthy of assimilation, but interference from the Swat Kats has convinced the Borg Queen, the leader of the Borg, that they must use a Kat to help them assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City. That person just happens to be Razor.

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Author's Notes:

Title: “Assimilation, Chapter 3: Loving The Queen”
Author: Billy Standaert
E-mail Address: msstandaert@hotmail.com
Date: 10-10-05
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I do not own Swat Kats; Hanna-Barbera does, which is owned by Time Warner. I do not own Star Trek or any related characters; Paramount Pictures owns it, which is owned by Viacom.
Summary: Chapter 3 deals with The Borg Queen’s selection as Razor for her mate and counterpart.

Author’s Notes: I am not perfect at writing fanfiction, but I do try.

Chapter 3

On the Borg Cube, Razor was regenerating in his alcove when the Borg Queen walked over to him. Razor could see and hear her because of his special link with her via the collective.

“Razor, I can’t tell you how happy it makes to have a Borg drone like you to help us, help me, in our goal”, said the Borg Queen. “It also serves another goal of mine”.

The Borg Queen stepped within touching distance of the regenerating Razor. “The goal of finding an equal, or you may prefer what you biologically call a mate”, said the Borg Queen, “the addition of you to our goal of perfection has made me attracted to you greatly”, said the Borg Queen. She stroked Razor’s face with her fingers as he regenerated.

“You can hear me, Razor. You can hear our harmony together”, said the Borg Queen. She backed away for a moment as Razor’s regeneration cycle ended and he stepped forward.

“Hello my queen”, said Razor. “I think I had a dream while I was regenerating”.

“What kind of dream, Razor?” said the Borg Queen.

“Well, I dreamt that you were talking to me and you were touching my face while I was regenerating”, said Razor.

“That was no dream, Razor”, said the Borg Queen.

“Then, what you said about you wanting me to be your equal, your mate, is true”, said Razor.

“Yes, Razor”, said the Borg Queen.

“And, the part of you being attracted to me?” said Razor.

“Yes, Razor, I am attracted to you both in the biological sense and in the cooperation you have provided in helping us attain our goal”, said the Borg Queen.

“Well, I don’t know what to say”, said Razor, looking a little bewildered.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you find me attractive?” said the Borg Queen.

“Of course I do” said Razor.”You’re beautiful, you’re my leader, and we share the same goals”, said Razor.

“Then, let the emotions that I let you keep when you were assimilated come through”, said the Borg Queen. “If you do find me attractive, I wish you would act on them”.

“Then, I think I will”, said Razor as he and the Borg Queen walked closer to each other and engaged in a long passionate kiss while each other were rubbing each others bodies. A combined harmonic song between the two of them could be heard throughout the collective.

Later, while Razor was in another part of the collective, the Borg Queen talked with the newly assimilated Felina. “Felina, I want you to assist me in a very important process”, said the Borg Queen.

“Whatever my queen asks of me I will do”, said Felina.

“I think Razor is ready and has revealed enough commitment to us that he will become the first Borg King. Yes, that will be his title as he will be my equal and counterpart, and my mate”, said the Borg Queen.

The Borg Queen and Felina then set about preparing to assist Razor in becoming the first Borg King.

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