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By Billy Standaert

  • 3 Chapters
  • 2,926 Words

(Unfinished) This is a crossover. The Borg from Star Trek have been attacking Megakat City for days, recognizing its citizens as worthy of assimilation, but interference from the Swat Kats has convinced the Borg Queen, the leader of the Borg, that they must use a Kat to help them assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City. That person just happens to be Razor.

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Author's Notes:

Title: “Assimilation, Chapter 2”
Author: Billy Standaert
E-Mail Address: msstandaert@hotmail.com
Date: 8-18-05
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: I do not own Swat Kats, Hanna-Barbera does, which is owned by Time Warner. I do not own Star Trek, or any Star Trek related characters; they belong to Paramount Pictures, which is owned by Viacom.
Summary: Chapter 2 tells of the further plans of the Borg for assimilating the citizens of MegaKat City, and Razor starts doing more and more of what the Borg tell him to do.

Author’s Comments/Notes: I am not a good fanfiction writer; I do try.

Chapter 2

On the Borg Cube, Razor ended his regeneration cycle and walked up beside the Borg Queen and activated the viewing screen. The Borg Queen turned toward Razor.

“Razor, I want you to help in the defense of the cube,” said the Borg Queen.

“Why me?” said Razor. “Wouldn’t other drones be better?”

“Yes, but because of your technical knowledge of the aircraft that your people use against us, you may provide an effective way to disable them,” said the Borg Queen.

“Boy, you really do know everything I know,” said Razor as he took position in front of the view screen. He used his connection with the collective to help direct the Borg ship’s weapons at the enforcer aircraft that flew like flies around the Borg Cube.


Lt. Felina Feral was flying her jet in coordination with the other enforcer aircraft leading the assault on the Borg Ship. As 2 more enforcer helicopters were destroyed, she radioed for backup.

“This is Lt. Felina Feral. I need chopper backup,” said Felina as she tried to dodge the beam weapons coming from the Borg Ship.

Back on the Borg Cube, Razor was monitoring the fight outside when he caught site of a familiar pilot in one of the enforcer helicopters. It was Felina. Razor made a decision to specifically target her chopper and focused a Borg weapon beam right on her…

Felina was still trying to dodge the Borg Beams when the Borg beam Razor targeted for her hit the top of her chopper. Felina tried to get control of it but was unable to and had to radio for help.

“This is Lt. Felina Feral. I’ve been hit and I’m forced to bale out,” she said. As she prepared to bale out of the chopper, a green transporter beam transported her from her chopper and onto the Borg Cube.

Felina got up and grabbed her weapon. She looked around to see if she could find somebody.

“Hello, is anybody there?” said Felina. She turned one direction face first into a passing Borg drone, but the Borg moved around her, not finding her a threat. Feline then decided to move cautiously around the other Borg drones so she could possibly find a way out of there.

“I have to try to find a way out,” said Felina, “while trying to keep calm at the same time”.

Meanwhile, Razor was alerted that Felina was now aboard the Borg Cube. He started to leave when the Borg Queen stopped him.

“Razor, what do you want with her?” said the Borg Queen.

“I know her,” said Razor, “and I think she will make an excellent drone”.

“Good,” said the Borg Queen as Razor proceeded towards Felina.

Felina was wandering the corridors of the Borg Cube, which were lined with regeneration alcoves, until something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention. She swung around to see it. From what she could make of the person standing there it looked like Razor.

“Razor, is that you?” said Felina as she moved closer.

“Yes Felina, I am Razor of Borg,” said Razor as he moved closer so that Felina could see him clearly now.

Felina was shocked.

“Razor, what did they do to you?” asked Felina.

“I am Borg now,” said Razor.

“You didn’t become Borg that easily though, did you?” asked Felina.

“Oh no, Felina; I became Borg at my own free will.” said Razor, “and I hope you will too”.

“I could never believe that, Razor, and I will never let the Borg assimilate me,” said Felina.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Felina,” said Razor as he advanced on Felina. “You will make an excellent drone.”

Razor cornered Felina and stuck his assimilation tubules into Felina’s neck and released assimilation nanoprobes into her bloodstream and started the assimilation process.

“No, Razor. No,” said Felina as she cried out in pain and fell to the floor.

Razor watched until it was over, then Felina rose and followed Razor to the assimilation chamber.

Hours later, Razor and another drone were watching the view screen. It was a female. It was Felina. Razor turned to Felina and proceeded to ask her designation.

“What is your designation?” said Razor.

“I am Felina of Borg, tertiary adjunct of unimatrix 001.” said Feline in her new Borg voice.

“What is your purpose?” asked Razor.

“To serve the collective,” said Felina.

Razor then talked with Felina through their collective link.

“Felina, how do you like being Borg?” asked Razor.

“It feels wonderful,” said Felina.

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