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By Billy Standaert

  • 3 Chapters
  • 2,926 Words

(Unfinished) This is a crossover. The Borg from Star Trek have been attacking Megakat City for days, recognizing its citizens as worthy of assimilation, but interference from the Swat Kats has convinced the Borg Queen, the leader of the Borg, that they must use a Kat to help them assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City. That person just happens to be Razor.

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Author's Notes:

Title: “Assimilation”
Author: Billy Standaert
E-mail Address: msstandaert@hotmail.com
Date: May 23rd, 2005
Rating: K+
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron is the sole property of Hanna-Barbera, which is owned by Time Warner.
Summary: This is a crossover. The Borg from Star Trek have been attacking Megakat City for days, recognizing its citizens as worthy of assimilation, but interference from the Swat Kats has convinced the Borg Queen, the leader of the Borg, that they must use a Kat to help them assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City. That person just happens to be Razor.

Author’s Notes/Comments: This is my first Swat Kats fanfiction story. So, I hope I don’t do too bad.

Chapter 1

The Borg came seemingly from out of nowhere. They came, announcing their intention to assimilate the citizens of MegaKat City. They met resistance from the enforcers, but thanks to the Borg’s incredibly advanced technology, they made short work of the enforcers. The only thing that was able to stand up to them was the Swat Kats.

This and much more was going through Razor’s mind before he blacked out after he was forced to eject from the Turbokat, it having been finally shot down out of the sky. He did not know if T-bone had survived. But, if Razor knew him as well as he thought, he probably would have.

Razor woke up in the middle of a dark corridor.

“Where am I?” Razor asked himself.

Razor did not know where he was until he saw several of the Borg walk by him, strange though that they did not notice him, nor attack him.

“I must be inside a Borg ship,” Razor concluded.

Razor decided to follow the corridor to see if he could find a way out. Eventually, the corridor ended in a large chamber-like room. “What is this place,” said Razor to himself.

“Greetings, Razor,” said a voice from above Razor’s head.

“Who is it?” asked Razor. “Who is there?” Razor could see a half-Borg, half-organic creature descend from above. Its head attached itself to the torso.

“I am the Borg Queen,” said the Borg Queen.

“What am I doing here?” demanded Razor.

“We need your help, Razor,” said the Borg Queen.

“My help,” said Razor. “For what? You’ve been pretty successful on your own, killing innocent Kats and causing so much suffering.”

The Borg Queen walked closer to Razor. “That is why we need your help, Razor,” said the Borg Queen. “We do not mean to kill or cause suffering. We want to incorporate your species into our collective.”

“Collective, what Collective?” said Razor.

“The collective is composed of hundreds of species consisting of billions of Borg’s minds, thoughts, voices, all unified for one purpose – to improve ourselves. There is no death or suffering here, Razor,” said the Borg Queen.

“If you are such a collective, how do you control your ships with no bridges, no centralized areas?” said Razor.

“There is no need,” said the Borg Queen. “Our collective mind can control all functions and necessities.”

“But, you still haven’t answered my question,” said Razor. “Why do you need my help?”

“We want you to be a representative of your species for the Borg. We want you to help incorporate your race into our collective,” said the Borg Queen. “If you help us, there would be no death or suffering.”

“What do you mean “Incorporate” our species into your collective?” said Razor.

“We incorporate them by assimilating them into the collective; we prepare them for life as a Borg, and make them part of the collective,” said the Borg Queen.”After assimilation, they are given a task to do that is vital to the reaching of our goal – ultimate perfection.”

“Why do you put those cybernetic devices in their bodies?” asked Razor.

“They are part of perfection, a perfect blending of organic and artificial components.”

Razor was thinking. The Borg Queen saw this as a perfect opportunity to appeal to his sense of humanity, to ease suffering and death.

“We know that it is not an easy choice for you, Razor,” said the Borg Queen. “But, think of it, if you helped us, we could peacefully incorporate your race into the collective and eliminate this needless death and suffering,” said the Borg Queen.

The suffering and death of so many kats was weighing heavily on Razor’s mind. He had seen so much death and destruction and suffering that it was convincing him that any alternative was acceptable. “What would happen to me if I were to help you?” asked Razor.

“You would be assimilated into the collective. You would become Borg, but we would leave you with some of your individuality intact, if you help us willingly, to assist us in the incorporation of your race into the collective,” said the Borg Queen.

Razor saw he had no choice. If he could end the suffering and death of so many kats, he knew he had to do it.

“All right, I’ll help you,” said Razor.

“You have made a wise decision, Razor,” said the Borg Queen.

“What exactly will happen to me?” said Razor.

“You will see. First, you will be injected with nanoprobes to make your body be able to adjust to the changes that will occur in your body. Then, cybernetic implants will be attached and, after that, all will be clear. All I ask is that you be a quiet witness and a willing participant,” said the Borg Queen.

The Borg Queen commanded a nearby Borg drone to inject Razor with nanoprobes.

The drone raised his hand to Razor’s neck and extended his assimilation tubules into Razor’s neck, and nanoprobes began to flow into Razor’s bloodstream.

As the nanoprobes began to alter Razor’s DNA, Razor felt his whole body raking in pain, but he kept quiet and it quickly subsided. A calm passiveness then befell Razor.

The Borg Queen then gestured to Razor to lie down on a big metallic table where the assimilation would be completed. Razor laid down on the table, and the Borg drones around them secured the clamps around his legs and arms. Then, the attachment of the cybernetic components began. The first one being the primary cortical node which was inserted into Razor’s right temple above his right eye. This would regulate all of Razor’s implants. A neural transceiver that would connect Razor to the rest of the collective. A Thoracic assembly was attached to Razor’s left arm which would be tools to be used in assisting Razor in performing functions. A personal shield to protect him from harm. An occipital or eye implant directly on Razor’s left eye that would give Razor the ability see more then an organic eye. A neuro-processor that would contain all instructions given to Razor from the Queen and the collective. Microtubule network in Razor’s esophageal tract. An interlink node that would allow Razor to interface with other drones. A designator interface circuit that would give Razor the information on his new Borg designation. A cortical array to contain memories. A Chronometric node that would contain physiological data on Razor. Bio-synthetic glands to replace organic glands that were removed from Razor. Biochips that would provide Razor with energy and nutrients to sustain Razor’s organic and artificial components. A vocal subprocessor to give Razor better communications ability.

Finally, the Borg armor and exo-plating was attached to protect the implants and Razor. The assimilation was over.

Razor could feel the bristling technology throughout his body. He could also hear the collective. He could hear the voices and minds and thoughts of billions of other Borg. Finally, he heard a familiar voice.

“Razor, you are now Borg. How do you feel?” said the Borg Queen through the collective.

“I feel okay, but all these voices… I don’t think I can manage them all,” said Razor.

“You will in time, Razor. Right now, I want you to access your designator interface circuit that will contain the designation I have given you,” said the Borg Queen.

Razor did, and he spoke his designation. “I am Razor of Borg, secondary adjunct of unimatrix 001,” said Razor.

“Do you like it, Razor?” said the Borg Queen.

“I guess so. It seems appropriate,” said Razor.

“Well, Razor, now that you are ready to help us, we need you to transmit a message to your people,” said the Borg Queen.

“Yes, of course,” said Razor.

Razor walked up to a platform to a viewing screen, and the Borg Queen activated it. In an instant, almost all of Megakat City could see Razor.

“I am Razor of Borg. You will be assimilated; your biological and technological distinctivenesses will be added to our own. Resistance is futile,” said Razor. Razor ended his message.

“Now, Razor, I want you to go and regenerate in your alcove,” said the Borg Queen.

“Regenerate?” said Razor.

“Yes, consider it like sleep,” said the Borg Queen.

Razor walked over to his alcove and, just before he interfaced with it, the Borg Queen spoke to him. “Now, they will become Borg,” said the Borg Queen.

“Yes, they will,” said Razor. He then began his regeneration.

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