Original SWAT Kats Story

Till the Alarm Rings Again

By Stancy McKatt

  • 1 Chapter
  • 199 Words

Whenever the alarm rings, the SWAT Kats will be ready for the job. A poem.

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Till the Alarm Rings Again

An explosion rocks the night…
I have a premonition,
that Viper’s going fish’n,
for some Katalyst tonight.

Suddenly, I hear Enforcer choppers fly by.
As they are near… Viper’s creatures appear.
Suddenly, I heard as I feared.
The sound of choppers falling out of the sky.
Over the crashes I hear a wonderful sound.
There is only one thing that sound can be..

Suddenly, the TurboKat streaks across the sky.
Viper’s creatures are no match for the TurboKat and all its features.
Viper runs with all his loot, But he doesn’t get far.
Razor gets him with a Spider missile.
It serves him right for all the plight..
that he has caused this city tonight.

For T-Bone and Razor it’s just another night.
Took Viper to jail.
The Commander blew his top.
Callie’s car is in the shop.
Nothing much new,
Just more work to do.
Till the alarm rings again….
Till it rings again.

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